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Ron Patton | September 9, 2022

The death of Her Majesty the Queen at the age of 96 is a symbolic Black Swan event that has synchronistic repercussions on the world. Queen Elizabeth passed away during the Year of Jubilee and the end of seven cycles of Shmita. She spent 70 years on the throne and some people believe that her death may represent the dawning of the seven-year tribulation. Seven years from now will place us at a year before 2030 – the year the Global Reset is supposed to take place. Furthermore, what roles will King Charles and Prince William play within the End Times/Antichrist script? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with filmmaker, Chris Everard and author, Tim Cohen about REGINA MORTIS.





The endless reaches of time bring to light startling things and there are times when detours and obstacles open your eyes to a very peculiar future where elites play their ritualistic games and cast even darker spells in the Eschaton.

We always seem to think we know how the world works. However, we are now in a unique position in the timeline where it is easy to somehow dismiss the messenger who says that something is highly peculiar now.

As I contemplated an approach to reporting on the death of the queen I had an epiphany. The death of Her Majesty the Queen at the age of 96 is a symbolic Black Swan event that will have repercussions on the world.

There are events in life that are nearly impossible to predict or incredibly rare. These traverse all subjects ranging from math and science to history and finance. These moments, while they may even seem tiny at first, grow in magnitude to the point where the lasting effect, even if not directly recognized as such

The Black Swan Theory is a metaphor about surprises that have a major effect but become rationalized, so they seem insignificant.  However, the event continues to echo and influence time into the future and for the sake of the monarchy it will have a major influence on Kingdom Come.

The reason is because of numerical synchronicities between other known Black Swan events and their observances. The Queen died 8 days after the the 25th year anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.

This too was a Black Swan event for The United Kingdom. Diana was known as the Queen of hearts and the Rose of England. She carried in her womb the royal heir to the Kingdom — but his reign would be bridged temporarily by Prince Charles who at 73 years of age has now become King Charles the III — however there is still speculation on whether of not he will be crowned King George or King Arthur.

Other Black Swan events that happened in the world were both Covid 19 and the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11th, 2001.

The Covid-19 Pandemic was announced on 3/11/20… And with the Queen dying on 9/8/22 we can count 911 days between those dates.

Vigintriplicity of 3 — gives us just 3 days after the death of the Queen where we remember the dead on September 11th arguably another black swan event.

It was reported that On September 12, 2001, the day after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon  Queen Elizabeth II allowed her troops to play “The Star Spangled Banner”, during the changing of the guard.

This is the first time a reigning monarch did this.

Tourists and onlookers at the ceremony joined in and sang the anthem, many with tears streaming down their faces.

On the 8th of September onlookers at Buckingham Palace saw a double rain bow in the sky. Those in mourning of teh Queen’s death were singing God Save the Queen with tears streaming down their faces.

The death of Queen Elizabeth the II has given Europe their first in a number of black swan events as it can be determined that God is not finished with England yet –nor is the devil for that matter.

It has already been speculated in Millennial dispensationalist viewpoints that her death can be seen as a a pre tribulation warning.

Queen Elizabeth  Passed Away During The Year Of Jubilee and the end of seven  cycles of Shmita. She spent 70 years on the throne and some people believe that her death may represent the dawning of the seven year tribulation.

Seven years from now will place us at a year before 2030. This is The year the Global Reset is supposed to take place.

The Seventh Shmita is also known as the times of Judgement or the times of the scales.

The Third Horseman of the Apocalypse rides a black horse and is popularly understood to be Famine, as the Horseman carries a pair of balances or weighing scales.

In the times of Shmita, all debts will be settled and farmers may not be able to till their land and so there will be a need of a savior to rise up among the people to feed the people who are needy both physically and spiritually.

Conspiracy history has its roots in Biblical overtures and ancient ritualism. World events are not simply circumstantial, but the result of an organized campaign by an elite group of unseen and widely unknown world leaders.

Their belief in ancient symbolism, secret societal occultism, and ritual magic affects us all regardless of religious beliefs or practices. They answer to other philosophies secretly, outwardly using new age and biblical symbolism to exercise absolute dictatorial control over the world.

The Priory of Zion has been the controversial secret agenda of the masters which indicates that there is a plot to create a Monarchial government led by a charismatic leader who possesses a bloodline allegedly directly linked to King David.

While it has been said that the Priory is a threat to Christianity and major religious groups, the plot to create the new Kingdom,  the new Jerusalem or the new Roman Empire  has not ceased and many of the secret order of Masters have now infiltrated governments and religions in order to bring about a new kingdom that will attempt to obliterate the prevailing controls and dominance of the European Union only to fall under attack, fragment and then United again under a powerful and charismatic king .

The stage has been set and the triggers are in place for the great revelations of old to be exposed and unraveled in an apocalyptic finale.

By way of looking into the adherents of secret societal conspiracy theory the evolution of any kingdom or ruling party has to include evolution or change.

That change needs assistance.

Through societal intervention, socio-political architects believe that humanity can facilitate its own evolutionary development and eventually “immanentize the Eschaton or bring about their own apocalypse by playing in the realms of end game strategies, using religious and mythological ideologies as blueprints for fulfilling prophecy.

A core doctrinal precept of the secret societies is the alchemical mandate for the conscious engineering of humanity’s apotheosis.  In other words, the world in the future will have no more tolerance of external saviors and so it becomes necessary to create rulers that can be considered “divine” or “perfected.’

And while a blow to an established order appears to be a heavy thrust towards the fabled eschaton, the nature of what this means for conspiracy history is far more compelling and creates a bridge to what can lead to the crowning of Rex Mundi or the king of the world.

While we may not know the Fate of the newly called King Charles the III we know that the namesake of the King has never been seen as wholesome or even benevolent.

On January 30, 1649, King Charles I was beheaded outside Banqueting House in Whitehall. The assembled crowd is reported to have groaned as the axe came down. Although the monarchy was later restored in 1660, the execution of Charles I destroyed the idea of an all-powerful and unquestionable monarch.

After the execution of his father, Charles II lived in exile until he was crowned King of England, Ireland and Scotland in 1661. His reign marking the Restoration period, Charles was known for his cavorting lifestyle and feuds with Parliament.

Many considered him lustful and under the grip of some demonic power.

The Great Plague of London came a mere five years into his rule. Followed by the Great Fire of London the following year should surely have seen off the King but with guile Charles survived these events. As well as this the English lost the Second Anglo-Dutch war in 1667.

The choice of Charles the III keeping his name as King may not be at all advantageous if history attempts to plague him with similar disasters.

Much of what we are seeing with the great reset is to continue to hold in secret the doctrines of Luciferianism.

You need to understand that the new Apotheosis of the King is the revival of the doctrines and practices of the Roman Empire in its later and worst stages.

It is, in short, an absolute and irresponsible despotism, which loves to display the prowess of its powers by abusing the trust of the people, and marching their armies and enforcers through cities in order to deter any and all civil unrest towards their grip and power grab.

There are many people who see the lifestyle of living in a divinely inspired Monarchy as a tranquil experience. The truth is that in this future Monarchy if you are not genuflecting for the greater good, you are a nobody doing nothing.

There really is no change in the chronology of prophecy only competition  as the people have spoken, but this is most certainly going to be the crucible in which  the world will come to understand who  the true players are in world control and how a move to World Reset will be crucial for the fourth industrial revolution.

The leaders of the World economic forum need a savior to unite the people again whether it be once again under the umbrella of the European Union, U.N. or NATO – or a new Kingdom that will ruled by a new Caesar, or Monarch establishing a new Roman empire,  called the New Jerusalem or Zion.

A hymn sung in British Churches called “Jerusalem” is based on a poem called “And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time” by William Blake. The poem and song is linked to an idea in the Book of Revelation ( 3:12 and 21:2) describing the Second Coming, where in Jesus returns and establishes a new Jerusalem or Zion in England . It also implies that Jesus visited Europe after the crucifixion. This has been the agenda for a long time. A meme that is encouraged in Europe by secret societal control of the churches.

It must be pointed out that this hymn literally invokes the physical presence of Jesus in England. That he walked the green fields, the green and pleasant land and that in a perfect European vision of utopia, Jesus or the messiah returns and builds the new Jerusalem or ZION in the place where the kings and rulers are now dead and buried. From there a new order will be in power with the government on the shoulders of the messiah.

The most esoteric knowledge about the possibility that Jesus walked the lands of Europe with Joseph of Arimathea is considered Apocryphal there are those who believe that the legend of Christ escaping his crucifixion and settling in Gaul with his wives are a matter of fact and that divine bloodlines were passed on through the crowned heads of Europe including the British Royal family.

Which once again brings us back to the Priory of Zion.

The mainline churches have discredited the Priory stating that they are a heretical group that want to destroy Christianity. The Priory along with the Knights Templar kept a secret about Jesus Christ.

They claim to have knowledge and proof that Christ did not die on the cross. They also claim to have evidence that Christ was taken down from the Cross, was revived and fathered children with Mary Magdalene. This secret would make the crucifixion invalid and the cornerstone doctrine of salvation in the Catholic Church a mockery. It would not however invalidate Christ’s blood lineage through the house of David. If Christ indeed had children, their bloodlines would still be here today. Merovingian legends about the blood of Christ and his descendants have given us our monarchs throughout history.

It is at this moment we reveal to you the mission of the Priory of Zion. Their attempt to create a one world religion based on the secret. The secret of the Holy Grail, the alleged bloodline descendants of Christ and that according to these secret societies Christ’s death was not divine nor an atonement for Salvation.

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II claim to be of the Blood line of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. They believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and sired a number of children in a continuous “bloodline”. This bloodline is referred to as the “Holy Grail”, with those possessing it believing themselves the rightful heirs to the throne of  the new Jerusalem or ZION . They believe that a new king of “the holy seed of David” will preside over the new “Messianic kingdom” of Israel and the world.

Therefore, the secret that is being held by the elite of this world is that through the myth of righteous blood they hold the power to bring into the world a man that they can purport to trace the bloodline’s to the house of David and call him the Divine Ruler of the new age. A new age that will create a counterfeit Zion on earth, a New Age that will see the return of the “Once and Future King” and aphorism found in the Arthurian legends, where King Arthur returns on a white horse to save his Kingdom and to renew Camelot.

This time, the once and future King will rise to say that he has found the Holy Grail inside himself. That he is Rex Mundi – the world’s king.

If we are to believe William Blake and his interpretation the bible the Messiah will return to England’s Green and pleasant land. There are some who interpret the passage “Green and Pleasant Land” as being that of Glastonbury the place where King Arthur was buried.

When Arthur ritualistically resurrects and incarnates in the body of an anointed man he will be the holy ruler of a United Kingdom – he will be Resitiutor Orbis.

The question is whether or not this King is Charles or his son William.

It can be theorized that Prince William will be the new presumed king of “the holy seed of David” presiding over the new “Messianic order” of Israel England and Europe, uniting a Kingdom that’s future at the moment in unknown.

Prince Charles’ link to the bloodline of Christ is allegedly through the Merovingian Kings of France. He is descended from the Merovingian Hildegard. Princess Diana’s Bloodline can also be traced back to the Merovingians. This is why Prince Philip selected her to mate with Charles in order to produce a child destined to Unite the people of Europe and perhaps the world.

It is unfortunate that lady Diana will not see the reign of William as King Arthur – her life was cut short in what can be seen as a sacrifice that happened in the area of a sacred Merovingian sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana.

Princess Diana was killed (murdered) in a Car Crash at Pont D’ Alma tunnel in France.

Point D’ Alma means “Bridge of Souls” The area of Pont D’ Alma was an ancient Merovingian sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana.

Anyone who died there while in the service of The Priory had their “calling and election made sure.” This means that upon death their souls would be taken directly into heaven. The descendants of these divine souls would also become divine on planet earth, the equivalent of a saint or a anointed savior. Does this mean that both Harry and William are seen as divine replacements for Jesus –like a prophet or Pope?

Diana was killed during the festival of Santa Rosa or the festival of the Rose. The Rose was a symbol that The Knights Templar would use to indicate the Holy Grail or the carrier of the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

The pregnant Mary Magdalene (The alleged carrier of Christ’s Bloodline) was symbolized using the Rose and Princess Diana was known as England’s Rose.

Could it be that she was considered England’s Holy Grail? This would mean that her progeny already in divine sight of the Priory also claims to have a bloodline through Jesus.

The body of Diana lies between the two pillars of a sepulcher in the middle of a lake. The center is the place prepared for the “secret” god. The center of the tomb has the body of Diana being the sacred feminine beacon of God. Through the pillars is the portal to the other side or the underworld. It represents the secret. Diana is not dead; she only sleeps until the King returns to bring her spirit forth in a ritual to possess an avatar or proxy.

That could be done in a ritual with Kate Middleton his wife—or has it already been done?

William did give Kate the same engagement ring that his father gave to his ill-fated mother.

The idea that their wedding was somehow planned around the sacrificial pagan holy days of Walpurgis and Beltane was a turn off to the royal romanticism.

Many theologians talked about the so called antichristian themes surrounding the wedding, the sacrificial death cakes, and the marriage that was held on what is known as the Cosmati Pavement which was set aside only for sacred kings.

The Cosmati Pavement represents the center of the Universe, the moment of creation. It contains a coded message that predicts the date of the end of time. It has only recently been re-discovered underneath the carpet at the spot where the coronation traditionally takes place.

It was put there to represent the notion that the king was a living embodiment of God on Earth.  A ritual, like a marriage or a coronation on that mosaic speaks volumes.  It would not be too far of a leap of logic to see William crowned the king of the universe at that spot.

Prophecy is a hard thing to master. So many variables exist and things drift and drift again to unknown ends.

Religious leaders from the UK’s main faith communities – including former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams –says that the move will mean war for Europe and the destruction of the United kingdom.

They say that Europe has enjoyed 70 years of peace and now will come many years of war.

At least until one man rises up and unites his people in peace and prosperity. He shall be a King, seen as a new savior a new King – or maybe this will be seen as the return of the once and future king.

But now it is time to mourn the queen the Regina Mortis and there will be 10 days of morning and months before King Charles has his coronation.

The passing of a Monarch has protocols that have been in place for and orderly moving of the body and the continuity of the procession for the next in line for the throne. For Queen Elizabeth the II there were plans known as Operation London Bridge, Operation Overstudy and Operation Unicorn.

Each one dealing with different scenarios and locations where the queen may die.

Britain’s plan transporting Queen Elizabeth II to London was code-named “Unicorn” because she died in her Scottish castle, Balmoral, and her body will travel to London on the royal train. The code name for her transport would have been “Overstudy” if the queen’s body needed to be transported by plane.

London Bridge was first reported by The Guardian News paper in 2012. It suggested that the prime minister will be alerted by a phone call from a civil servant telling him or her “London Bridge is down,” to reports the death will be announced via a newsflash on the Press Association wire.

The new King Charles to embark on a tour of the U.K. in the days before the funeral.

Announcements about a Monarch’s death have been less complicated in the past,

“The Queen is suffering from great physical prostration, accompanied by symptoms which cause much anxiety,” announced Sir James Reid, Queen Victoria’s physician, two days before her death in 1901. “The King’s life is moving peacefully towards its close,” was the final notice issued by George V’s doctor, Lord Dawson, at 9.30pm on the night of 20 January 1936. Not long afterwards, Dawson injected the king with 750mg of morphine and a gram of cocaine – enough to kill him twice over – in order to ease the monarch’s suffering, and to have him expire in time for the printing presses of the Times, which rolled at midnight.

According to the protocol London Bridge : Her eyes will be closed and Charles will be king. His siblings will kiss his hands. The first official to deal with the news will be Sir Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s private secretary, a former diplomat who was given a second knighthood in 2014, in part for planning her succession.

A formal statement from Buckingham Palace also confirmed the widely anticipated decision that Charles’ second wife, Camilla, duchess of Cornwall, would be known as the “queen consort.” Ultimately up to Charles upon his ascension, the royal offices at the time of their marriage in 2005 had indicated the former Camilla Parker Bowles would only adopt the style of “princess consort” instead of “queen,” the historic title for the wife of the king.

That decision changed earlier this year when, on the date marking the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, her message included a “sincere wish” that Camilla be known as queen consort when Charles became king.

When people think of a contemporary royal death in Britain, they think, inescapably, of Diana. The passing of the Queen will be monumental by comparison. It may not be as nakedly emotional, but its reach will be wider, and its implications more dramatic.

This is why I am saying that this is a Black Swan event.



Chris Everard is a British author & film director. He has written books & magazine articles about Politics, Revolution, Egyptology, Secret Societies, Suppressed History & Space Research. Chris has directed numerous motion picture documentaries and TV shows. His websites are and

Called by God in 1987 to be “him who has understanding” (Rev 13:18)—while a USAF Academy cadet—Timothy Cohen is today an internationally known Christian author, speaker, and teacher. He has researched and written what many are now coming to view as Christendom’s foremost prophetic and ­theological works (Rev 19:10), to ­include “The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea”; “Israel, ‘Peace’ and the Coming World War: The Great Tribulation is Near”; and the “Messiah History, and the Tribulation Period” multi-volume series, as well as others. His books can be found at  His YouTube channel is

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. John Weiner

    September 9, 2022 at 6:28 pm

    King Charles and Prince William should not have any roles in the end times, at least not as royalty. The British Parliament should abolish the monarchy lead by their new PRIME MINISTER, who con be heard on tape dating to 1994, when she was a member of their LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY, calling for the abolition of the monarchy. At the very least the British Parliament should throw the corrupted HOUSE OF WINDSOR out and declare Diana’s side of the family the Spencers the legitimate holders of the throne, sans her two sons, William and Harry, as they are too corrupted by their father, Charles and grandfather, Philip’s GLOBALIST influences. Don’t be fooled by Charles remarks about him stepping back from his CLIMATE CHANGE advocacy, afterall, a little later in that Yahoo, article he talks about other people stepping up to fill that void, and he doesn’t mention anything about his advocacy and support of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM and their destructive agenda, Clyde. Hopefully these two guests will get even more airtime on your show, tonight, Clyde than they got last week with the 25th year passing of Diana. You frequently have great guests like these onthe show, but only give them a few segments, except for David John Oates and maybe Dr. Sky. I think it could only increase our knowledge of the subjects you cover, Clyde.

  2. Brittany

    September 9, 2022 at 7:53 pm

    It’s funny he mentioned the queen being reptilian bc I have always followed along the royal family and everyone I see her close up pictures or videos I’m waiting for a tongue to slither out 😆🙈

  3. mark

    September 9, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    Interesting how the new king (Charlie) the 3rd (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie), presented itself to the world on 9/9/6 (the year 2022 is a 6 year). The previous caller had it almost correct. The day it revealed itself, the moon was at 96% illumination. Charles is known as the one who is always fighting carbon (the 666 molecule), which sustains all life one Earth. Great analysis by Clyde and the guests.

  4. Cookie

    September 9, 2022 at 9:20 pm

    Again thank you Clyde for all you have done and do along with your guests, … when Waco was taking place , … we were called into the conference to watch the NEWS as it was going down, in Calif. … standing besides me was a young man Jim from a southern state and he said while we were watching ” follow no man … follow God”, and I looked at him thinking what a wise statement, and he said … my Dad told me that ; and I said who was your Dad ! … (like he got some wise intelligence ) and Jim said a Preacher. Well here we are today, looking at these kings and queens like idols, … besides all the Hollywood (b.s) Stars , … the Bronx never left me what can I say time to wake up and follow John 3:16-17 and thank your guest for me . Bless you all so much Clyde .

  5. Cookie Tricari

    September 9, 2022 at 9:38 pm

    Follow no man … follow God . Quoted from a preacher. John 3:16-17 .
    The kings and “goddesses” of this world including all Hollywood’s Idols are as they are, on stage. We truly are at the end of this age as we know it in history, and so “when we see all these things” look up … 2 Doors … Rev.3:20 Rev. 4:1 . Thank you and thank your guests Clyde

  6. joe

    September 10, 2022 at 2:58 am

    A Black prince or princess too be sacrifice ? Obama ? or Megan. MARTY LEEDS The numbers master should be on next

  7. Greg

    September 10, 2022 at 5:11 am

    The ruling elite use the bible especially the Book of revelation as a spellbook and script to follow in order to bring about the kingdom. Its hard to convince a religious person of this truth. The bible is not a nice book. Its full curses, references to vampirism and raising dead. Spreading plaques, condeming others to hell and the lake of fire. God tells abraham to cut the skin off his penis if he wants to follow him and all who are chosen must get theirs cut too. I have heard most Christians never read the whole bible. It reads like people are stuck between demons above and demons below and god is vicious. If it was never written we would be better off. The biggest part is if your a follower the kingdom is a form of communism.

  8. Cara

    September 10, 2022 at 5:32 am

    Even if he did choose Arthur announcing it now would take away from the queen and the family’s mourning. Putting more attention on himself would at this time would be in poor taste.

  9. Sarge

    September 10, 2022 at 1:20 pm


  10. joe

    September 10, 2022 at 8:16 pm

    6 & 9 Diffrent directions & changes , transformations… RAINBOW COVENANT NOAH..DOULBE ?? BUT IN OCCULT FINANCE MONEY =Equals Crash DOW JONES Oct 21 to 26 ..signs solar-lunar…eclipses & HIGH HOLY DAYS ROSH HASNA JUDGEMENT DAY END-TIMES

  11. Y

    September 11, 2022 at 2:58 am

    Mani, mani Tekel Farsi…….(you have been measured and found wanting……)
    What would happen if the WEF, Builderburg group and Golem (Uval Noah Harari) ceased to exist?
    Should that become the goal of the Priory of Scion, it would happen in a ‘twinkling of an eye’. What future events would face the world then? What group is giving the WEF their marching orders? I find it hard to believe that they could orchestrate all the current events on their own………

  12. John Weiner

    September 11, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    Of course Greg has a good point about the Bible not being a nice book, but according to your former boss, Dr. Michael Savage, the Koran is the most violent book he has ever read, at least up to that time, and I imagine he has read the Bible, but at least for the most part it is not Christians committing acts of terror around the world in the name of God, such as the one that happened 21 years ago today on, Tuesday, September11, 2001. IT was done by members of that religion who call it ,” the religion of peace, even though I understand, again from your former boss, Dr. Michael Savage, that Islam, means to surrender, not religion of peace .” Afterall, Clyde, you remember that dinner party tape of Osama bin Laden bragging about planning the attack that was captured and released about two months after that notorious ,Tuesday, September 11, 2001, attack, in which he was quoted saying he only thought it would only take out the top three or four floors, that I mentioned a couple months ago here in the, ” comments section,” that you have been ignoring, I do hope you will address it in the event you do another show about the ,Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks. Let’s not forget that the Barbarie Coast Pirates who were involved in the slave trade were Muslims, too, which lead to our first use of troops in a foreign conflict by President Thomas Jefferson, and when he met with their leader their leader gave President Jefferson a copy of the Koran, telling President Jefferson, ” this is why we do what we do.” Even today Muslims are involved in the slave trade. I understand that U.S. REPRESENTITIVE ILHAN OMAR’S family back in Somalia were,/are still involved in the slave trade, Clyde. Let’s not forget the kidnapping of all those schoolgirls in Migeria, in 2014, and all the Obama Administration did at the time was have Michelle come up with a hashing. Further, let us not forget, nor continue ignoring that quatrane of Nostradamus, I also wrote about two month ago, stating ,” from greater Arabia, will come a strong master of Mohamadan Law. He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban, then my recounting that the last week of November or the first week of December, 1994, at the height of the war in Yugoslavia, then U. N., Secretary General Boutrous Boutros Ghali made a trip to Yugoslavia and in his delegation there was an Arabic looking man wearing a blue turban, with an evil expression on his face. I think this description is more specific than any of those in the Bible those two great guests, with those books and videos to sell you have had on your program in one week have quoted, afterall a red dragon could have been someone’s description of a meteor streaking through the sky with its flaming tail. I do recall another commenter, on about, September 1, 2022, saying that he has studied the Bible, and all 1500 plus verses describing the ANTI-CHRIST, and stating that based on that he has a specific idea of who the ANTI-CHRIST is , yet you don’ t seem the least bit interested in either having him on your program, nor talking about Nostradamus quatranes. You’re not afraid that either discussing Nostradamus quatranes-which by many accounts have an over 80 percent accuracy rate, nor having that other ,” commenter,” as a guest will cut into whatever cut of their sales they may have promised you and or GROUND ZERO, are you, Clyde? Overall, since the Trump Years, with him taking out the Iranian General Sulimani and ISIS, things have been quite quiet on the ISLAMIC TERROR FRONT, until biden got into office and lifted the sanctions on their nuclear weapons program. Another point about religion in general, is how many millions of deaths it is responsible for, from the way Islam was first spread through northern Africa and into Europe, quite violently, as your former boss, Dr. Michael Savage, documented, and doing it in a 25 year period, only stopped by Charles Martel. Then there were THE CRISTIAN CRUSADES and INQUISITIONS to today’s religious violence between the Hindues and Muslims in Kashmir and in the Philippines between Catholics and Muslims. Is it just me, or does it seem that for the most part that where ever Muslims encounter anyone else largely there is violence and strife, except where they decide to follow the old adage that, ” when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do? such as around my neighborhood, there are Muslims around here and yet there is no strife. Those who have emigrated here from other Islamic countries have not attempted to impose their culture or beliefs on the community, and I nor anybody I know of have attempted to impose my,/our beliefs, or culture on them and they are great people. We all seem to get along well as far as I can tell, Clyde. Maybe if they had a pope-like character- no, Clyde not like that Mahdi with whom the pope cut that Faustian deal far that new Global Religion that excludes,/ precludes Jesus that you recently talked about. That is apostasy on Francis part. The Muslim version of pope would have to be able to mete out discipline up to and including excommunication to naredowells like bin Laden for those who would use the religion as a tool to harm people, the way Catholic Pope’s should have been doing all along with child abusers and those who subjugated indigenous individuals and anyone involved in the slave trade. As for Greg’s reference to Communism, just look at the 14th Proverb: Chapter1,” cast in thy lot, let us have one purse.” When I was a teenager, I remember shortly after I read it, telling my friends about it, and telling them ,” that it was Communism.”

  13. Greg

    September 12, 2022 at 5:35 am

    We will all know the antichrist when he appears, the antithesis of something is the opposite which brings balance and completion. As we know the jews generally speaking did not and do not believe in christ. They are still waiting for him. The next coming of christ will be the savior acknowledged by Judaism. It is said that this antichrist will bring order to the world. It is possible there will be 2 different messiahs coming, one the true the other the false but the false will be more like the equal opposite. In the bible christ says when he returns he will bring the sword and cause division. The worst horrors in the world have been commited by organized religion, all of them. Literally billions have been killed since the beginning in religious wars and persecutions. The battle of the 2 christs will be unfathomable.

  14. Greg

    September 12, 2022 at 5:45 am

    Joe by WHO did you mean world health organization. It seems like they are the ones handing out the mark. Like a sacrifice to moloch the owl god. The owl says who.

  15. jimbo

    September 12, 2022 at 2:43 pm

    The great Tribulation begins when the antichrist signs a peace treaty with Israel, guaranteeing their protection. It lasts for 3.5 years, then all hell breaks loose when he enters the rebuilt 3’rd Temple in Jerusalem and declares himself to be God.

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    Episode 388 – TSUNAMI BOMB

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    Episode 385 – A FIST FULL OF TREMORS

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    Episode 384 – EARTHQUAKE: AS SEEN ON TV

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    Episode 383 – THE SERPENT’S SHADOW

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    Episode 382 – LA LUNA SANGRA

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