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Clyde Lewis | September 3, 2021


The other night I was explaining about how many people feel their world has been turned upside down with regard to coincidences and synchronicities that lead one to believe they have reached a breaking point with their sanity.

Sometimes we have to acknowledge that the world has gone off the rails and as the synchronicities add up, you can’t help but wonder if you are in the trajectory of that oncoming train.

That light at the end of the tunnel is going to connect with you and when it does you hope you can jump off the tracks and let the crazy train go by without you getting a scratch.

Yes the world is crazy — and yes, that purple cow moment that I described the other night is happening and if you were reveal it — you would think that this is something that would be taken directly from a horror movie.

What I am about to tell you is absolutely horrifying.

Personnel at The Bar V Ranch in North Dakota found 58 dead cows and 15 other cows that suffered spontaneous abortions in a pasture near Jamestown. After testing for other causes, veterinarians believe the deaths were “caused by something not naturally occurring.”

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Association have put up a $40,000 reward for information about the deaths of these pregnant cows that were grazing on the Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge.

The cows were found dead on July 29th, 2021 on land leased by the Bar V Ranch.$40,000 reward offered in Stutsman County large-scale cattle death case | Livestock |

After testing ruled out lightning, anthrax, blue-green algae, clostridial disease, lead poisoning, lack of water or naturally-occurring nitrate toxicity, investigators have launched a criminal investigation.

At a news conference held in at the Jamestown Law Enforcement Center on Wednesday, Sept. 1st, officials with the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, Stutsman  County Sheriff’s Department and North Dakota State University joined rancher Brian Amundson to discuss the case.North Dakota officials investigate 'unnatural' deaths of 58 cows | Agweek

Amundson said he had checked the cows the week prior, on July 23. The cows in that pasture were in his fall calving herd, which would be due to calve in September and October. His crew was busy with artificially inseminating their larger spring calving herd. A crew on horseback went to move the fall-calving cows to a new pasture on July 29 and found the dead animals.

Anthrax was an immediate concern. Anthrax has been confirmed in other cattle in the state this year, and it can be dangerous to humans as well. But after anthrax was ruled out, North Dakota State University Extension veterinarian Gerald Stokka and three veterinarians from the North Dakota Veterinary Diagnostic Lab came out and did necropsies on the animals on an unseasonably warm day.

Stokka, at the news conference, said the deaths appeared to have occurred within about a 48-hour window and seemed to indicate a “point-source event,” which narrowed down the possible causes of death.

Stokka said “Without being able to stand on 100% certainty of this, it’s my opinion that somehow these cattle had access to non-naturally occurring nitrates, and that can come from a number of different sources.”

Stokka said there is no evidence at this time to definitively say where the nitrates could have come from.

“There’s no way I can know any of this for sure,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is rule things out that might be suspicious.”

Non natural occurring nitrates– that is the assessment — and they really don’t know what those nitrates are.. nitrates that cause cattle to have spontaneous abortions?


Stokka said “there are ways to accomplish” nitrate toxicity if someone were to “set out to do so.” Dry urea is one possibility, he said. He recalled an incident when he worked in Kansas where dry urea was applied to an area and some spilled. Cattle walked by and ate it and died.

Stokka said there were low levels of nitrates in the water, but not enough to have caused the magnitude of death loss as occurred. Plus, the surviving cattle were moved to an adjacent pasture with the same water source without incident, indicating that the water was not the problem.

Again, a simple explanation for something that appears to be too complex to even contemplate.

Something bizarre killed those breeder cows —causing 19 of them to have spontaneous abortions.

In times such as these, I am becoming acutely aware that when you decide to deliver controversial material it has to be served quite placidly and delicately. Recently, I have found myself in a situation where stories that I have prepared contain so much information that it is difficult for everyone to take it all in.

I want to assure everyone that the topic I wish to explore has to with rogue experimentation and what can be called second generation experimentation and Zoonosis where human diseases have a relationship with animals.

This is something that we have shown before, goes hand in hand with what the military and scientists call Gain of Function exercises.

There is one aspect of conspiracy theory that rarely gets attention as it is considered the black sheep of Ufology and that is the MILABS conspiracy. MILAB is short for Military Abduction Theory. It is the proposal that human experimentation and farm animal mutilation has been carried out by extraterrestrial intelligence working secretly with the Military Medical Complex.

In the 1970’s well into the mid 1980’s the media reported unusual findings in dead cattle. Ranchers would happen upon the dead Bovine and notice that the bodies were mutilated beyond recognition.

Usually genital organs or portions of the face and head, were missing in animals found dead on range . Characteristically, tissue edges surrounding the removed areas were described as being remarkably smooth . This phenomenon was the subject of newspaper and magazine articles, television interviews, and at least one half-hour television program called Extra.

Ranchers who were normally rational and critical, and otherwise analytical members of the media, were given to wild speculation about the possible origins of these findings. The phenomenon was attributed in the popular press to visitors from outer space , satanic cults , deranged persons and/or the military or CIA.

One particular group that seemed to be overlooked in all of the speculation was rogue labs that would observe herds, mark them and then return to take body parts that may be affected by a zoonotic gain of function experiment.

A zoonosis is an infectious disease caused by a pathogen an infectious agent, such as a bacterium, virus, parasite or prion that has jumped from an animal usually a vertebrate to a human.Microorganisms | Free Full-Text | Zoonotic Diseases: Etiology, Impact, and Control | HTML

As we have discussed the word vaccine itself is connected to the Latin word, Vacca as the first vaccines came from Cowpox materials.

The Mu variant that has been used as a Tulpa by Dr. Fauci and others has a purpose, and it certainly has origins that are coincidentally connected to decimation and the result of nothingness.

But of course, that throws everything into a paranormal bin — and we may even want to delve into conspiracy thinking as the plot begins to thicken –and it is chilling to the core.

Again, the prospect of some supernatural force that may be involved is a compelling one. It is yet to be proven and with many mysterious events there are plenty of conspiracy theories that are spun – many seem very probable while others are either too outrageous or they are being shut down on social media by fact checkers.

What cannot be shut down by any media gate keeper is the fact that we are all experiencing that moment when we realize that we cannot always count on the well-mannered experts or the biased media to give us information that does not bend politically one way or another.

I like to look at things with a different perspective– I have to dig a little deeper each time and what I find sometimes is that the rabbit hole can create a sense of claustrophobia.

There have been many shows where we have discussed a program that military carried out called MK NAOMI.

MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. Unclassified information about the MKNAOMI program and the related Special Operations Division is scarce. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKDELTA project and to have focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents.

During the first twenty years of its establishment, the CIA engaged in various projects designed to increase U.S. biological and chemical warfare capabilities. Project MKNAOMI was initiated to provide the CIA with a covert support base to meet its top-secret operational requirements.

Some of the biological tests were done on humans – huge populations of national security.

On November 25, 1969, President Richard Nixon abolished any military practice involving biological weapons testing and Project MKNAOMI was dissolved.

A few years went by and suddenly there were reports of cattle mutilations on farms all over the country.

The act of mutilating cattle and other animals was explained as an act of predators and Satanic cultists, however there hasn’t been anyone that has been convicted of mutilating a cow. In many cases farmers remain baffled and in other cases it is easy to deal the “alien” card when explaining why these animals are left to die horrible deaths.

I have tackled the issue of cattle mutilations many times on my show and while the prevailing attitude about these events is rooted directly with extraterrestrial incursion we may have to open the door to more prosaic but equally complex theories that these mutilations were carried out as an adjunct to MKNAOMI and that the attacks on the animals are part of a second generation analysis of possible toxins, radiation and or emerging diseases that can be used for a clandestine black market and illegal pharmaceutical operation conducted by a branch of the Military Industrial Complex.

Last August, there was report that at the end of July, 2019 authorities were called in to investigate the death and mutilation of five bulls on a remote Eastern Oregon ranch.

The bulls, worth about $7,000 each, were found dead and mutilated, with genitals and tongues cut out on Silvies Valley Ranch in Harney County.

Two carcasses were discovered July 30. On July 31, three more carcasses were found. The cause of death was a mystery.

Well it appears that these cattle mutilation are still happening all over Crook County.

There was also another mutilation is Wasco County.

A straight cut appeared to have been used to remove the cows lips and jaw, and hide around its mouth, the tongue and lips were also gone. And the left eye was removed, again with the hide around the socket also missing – and all done with apparent precision.

The cow had been lying dead for maybe two days.

Of course, predators are the first explanation for what is happening — but the farmers know the difference and they are shaking their heads and they need answers.

A portion of the cow’s front left leg, its udder, reproductive organs and rectum had also been removed – again without any rips or tears.

The animal’s carotid artery in the neck had been cut, and a cow that size was liable to have four plus gallons of blood. But there was no blood on the ground to be found.

Back in January Linda Moulten Howe appeared on Ground Zero and reported that 30 head of cattle were found dead in a grizzly display of mutilated carcasses peppered across the rural El Paso County in Colorado.Drained Blood, Medically Precise Cuts, And Unanswered Questions: The Cattle Mutilations - UFO Insight

The swath of dead cattle were found not far from Schriever Air Force Base.

The animals were found off Highway 94 near North Curtis Road, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jacqueline Kirby said. There was no outward evidence that they had been injured and no sign of criminal activity.

Kirby said a rural outreach deputy who responded said he’d “never seen anything like it.”

Dr. John Heikkila of Choice Veterinary Service examined the animals and said that elevated levels of nitrates were found in at least one bale of hay eaten by the cattle.

However, the rancher, who was not identified, fed the cattle the same hay for two weeks without incident before their deaths on Dec. 22.

Linda Moulten Howe said that when veterinarians are flummoxed they always say that perhaps the cows had ingested some unknown nitrate– which for some reason causes the cows to spontaneously mutilate themselves.

Which she says makes the alien connection more believable.

However, I have said that when I was younger my grandmother who worked for the Utilities and Water department of the US Department of Agriculture told me that she believed that cattle mutilations were at the time were an ill omen for a biological threat, or major pandemic.

Back then it was hard to comprehend and of course the alien explanations were easily digested.

My grandmother told me that the cattle were illegally being cut up by industrial terrorists so they can detect possible bio contamination. These professional butchers have a scientific background and analyze the removed parts in a lab. Their findings are valuable and the data is possibly sold to drug companies, the Centers for disease control, the military or investors on Wall Street for a high price.

It is a compelling coincidence knowing that after 1969 there were a rash of cattle mutilations after Nixon dissolved MKNAOMI and the focus of biological testing may have shifted to cattle.

Cattle mutilations are frightening in the time of possible bio threats and now we are seeing the onset of variants that seem to be force multiplied for political gain.

If cows go unattended and one becomes a carrier of a fatal contagion, one of the nation’s biggest businesses will suffer and so will about 1/3 of the United States populace.

Cattle are merely the four-legged canaries in the coal mine. They are the creatures we must look at for determining what is next in our biological runaway train ride into the Bio unfriendly new millennium.

Could it be that MKNAOMI has returned? Is the project still underway and are we seeing that the cattle are being mutilated for rogue labs that wish to get the upper hand in emerging diseases?

The Chinese government seems to think that the blame of COVID-19 should be placed directly upon our military and our pharmaceutical companies.

China’s ambassador to the United Nations has formally requested that the World Health Organization (WHO) include the U.S. bio-military research base, Fort Detrick, and the University of North Carolina in its investigation into the origins of Covid-19.

In a Wednesday letter addressed to WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus, Chen Xu, China’s permanent representative to the U.N. Office in Geneva, rejected the theory that the COVID-19 virus leaked from a virological lab in Central China, adding that “it is the labs of Fort Detrick and University of North Carolina that should be subject to transparent investigation with full access.”Suspect No.1: Why Fort Detrick lab should be investigated for global COVID-19 origins tracing

Two unofficial documents attached to the letter claimed that multiple “bio-safety incidents” occurred at Fort Detrick at times that overlapped the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, while alleging a coronavirus research team at the North Carolina university, led by epidemiology professor Ralph Baric, had “close collaboration” with the Fort Detrick.

Fort Detrick certainly has a past with connections to MK Naomi experiments.

A 1967 CIA memo which was uncovered by the Church Committee contained evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops that had been tested under field conditions.

In the 1970’s a presidential order outlawed all stockpiles of bacteriological weapons and nonliving toxins. However, despite the presidential order, a CIA scientist was able to acquire an estimated 11 grams of deadly shellfish toxin from SOC personnel at Fort Detrick. The toxin was stored in a CIA laboratory where it remained undetected for over five years.

Many of these contaminants were found in the soils of some farms in the United States.

If we observe the North Dakota case and assume that the cattle were somehow exposed to toxins that would cause spontaneous abortions — could this be the future for human beings?

Last year, there was news about a doctoral dissertation that renewed public interest in the military-sponsored chemical spraying of impoverished areas of St. Louis in the 1950s and ’60s has spawned a lawsuit.Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with 'radioactive' particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology | Daily Mail Online

Undisputed is that St. Louis was among several test cities chosen decades ago by government contractors for the spraying of zinc cadmium sulfide, a chemical powder mixed with fluorescent particles to allow tracking of dispersal patterns. The spraying was part of a biological weapons program, the government conceded in 1994, and St. Louis was chosen because its topography was similar to some of the Russian cities the military thought it might have to attack.

Residents were told by military scientists that it was testing “a smoke screen” for protection in enemy attack.

The result was many women having miscarriages and still births. Similar to what happened to the cattle in North Dakota.

It is important to note that Bovine were often cited in ancient texts as being sacred.

Cows and Bulls were often looked at as divine and their movements and health were always monitored because they were also oracles of what was to come.

It was known that ancient Romans would perform a religious practice that included using the entrails of cows and sheep to predict the future. This is a practice known as Haruspex.

When one writes about cattle mutilations, or mysterious cattle deaths it is always difficult to piece together a solid explanation for such a horrible act. There have been many theories as to why cattle mutilations or “mutes” happen. The idea ranges from predators to Satanic cults and while an ET explanation is considered bizarre, so are the facts that surround such occurrences. It is estimated the mutilation rate of cattle has increased to about 12,000 bovine a year.

Each one of these cows have been cut with “surgical precision” There are no teeth marks on the animal, and no predatory tracks. The animal parts taken are usually the same in every case the parts that are taken are not favorites with predators. The left ear is usually taken, and the absence of blood in the carcass would mean that whatever it is that attack has to exsanguinate the animal in question.

If predatory animals can uniformly select body parts, mainly the ones used in reproduction and excretion, and then remove all the blood from the carcass leaving the remaining good meat to rot, then we are seeing is a meticulous animal doing the killings.

There is a body of thought that theorizes that cattle mutilations are bad omens. They are simply a pretext for disease and scarcity and that if the aliens or some other force is taking the body parts of birds, domestic animals and cattle it is because they wish to analyze them for the possibility of a future plague.

Bovine blood is also used in the bioweapons industry. Bovine blood is also used to force multiply viruses that are weaponized in labs. It is also used in many vaccines.

We need to understand that cattle and other animals are exposed to all sorts of outside evils that find their way into the ecosystem.

It can be said that reports of cattle mutilations and scarcity certainly send a terrifying message.

Written by Clyde Lewis


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  1. Larry Peters

    February 8, 2022 at 6:29 am

    From 74-82 I was conducting investigations on the Mutilations. I confirmed our governemnt was conducting the experiments on animals when a man from New Jersey came to my home in Wyoming and a deal was struck that I would not tell anyone what I know, and I would be allowed to live.

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