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Ron Patton | August 30, 2023

Last month, there were bizarre reports that residents of a Peruvian village have been living in fear because they claim to be constantly terrorized by an alien breed they call “Los Falcaras” which loosely translated means, “The Face Peelers.” These creatures have been described as looking like the Green Goblin from the Spiderman comics and can shapeshift like the aliens in “The Predator” films. Around the same time as the incident, some 87 US Marines were being deployed with the Peruvian Navy at the Iquitos Base. Iquitos is near the small village where these terrifying attacks occurred. Were these troops the so-called alien attackers? Or were these troops called in to fight these alien predators and protect the village using the joint bilateral exchange project as a cover? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about PLAKARA – ATTACK OF THE FACE PEELERS.






Since I returned, I have noticed that the media has backed off on the UFO UAP saga and has decided to push full steam ahead with politics and COVID-19. This is okay by me since it can give me some time to talk about some stories about the alien question that I have been following for weeks.

The insanity is that just when things get interesting the media backs off — mainly because if they were to report what is happening in the background, you would wonder if we have been seeing mini-invasions around the world — and an urgency to protect primitive peoples all over the world.

Either the U.S. government has mounted an extraordinary, decades-long coverup of UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering activities or elements of the defense and intelligence establishment are engaging in a staggeringly brazen psychological disinformation campaign.

Either possibility would have profound implications for democracy, the role of government, and perhaps also humanity’s place in the cosmos.

For these reasons, it is imperative that Congress and federal law enforcement agencies devote significant resources to investigating a series of remarkable UFO-related developments.

Importantly, a third explanation for recent events — that dozens of high-level, highly-cleared officials have come to believe enduring UFO myths, rumors and speculation as fact — appears increasingly unlikely.

In June, U.S. Air Force veteran and former intelligence official David Grusch alleged that elements of the U.S. government have secretly and illegally overseen a decades-long UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering effort. Two defense officials corroborated the broad contours of Grusch’s stunning claims.

Grusch has stated that he provided a wealth of highly classified evidence to the powerful internal investigative agencies overseeing the Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community, but he has not presented any such evidence publicly.

However, the officials and lawmakers who have reviewed Grusch’s classified evidence are taking his extraordinary allegations seriously.

The inspector general of the intelligence community deemed Grusch’s allegations that UFO-related information was inappropriately concealed from Congress “credible and urgent.” Senate Intelligence Vice Chairman Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) confirmed the inspector general’s finding.

Charles McCullough, III, the intelligence community’s first inspector general and now an attorney in private practice, represents Grusch and sat directly behind him during a July 26 congressional hearing. It is extremely unlikely that such a high-profile lawyer and former top federal official would represent anyone making the kinds of extraordinary claims that Grusch is without robust evidence.

When asked during the July 26 congressional hearing whether he believes that the U.S. government possesses UFOs, Grusch stated, “Absolutely, based on interviewing over 40 witnesses over four years.”

Grusch continued, “I know the exact locations [of retrieved UFOs], and those locations were provided to the inspector general and…to the [congressional] intelligence committees.” Critically, Grusch stated, “I actually had the people with the first-hand knowledge provide a protected disclosure to the inspector general.”

It is unlikely that Grusch, speaking to Congress under oath, would perjure himself so brazenly over such specific, falsifiable facts, particularly with his high-profile attorney sitting directly behind him.

To that end, it is safe to assume that more than three dozen individuals did indeed tell Grusch of a decades-long UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program and that those with “first-hand knowledge” provided corroborating information to the intelligence community inspector general.

One theory for Grusch’s allegations is that the individuals he interviewed became convinced that decades-old myths and rumors of ultra-secret UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering programs are true. However, given the significant penalties for making false statements to an inspector general, it is extremely unlikely that multiple high-level, highly cleared officials would falsely claim to have first-hand knowledge of myths and rumors.

Grusch believes the government may now be behind an effort to release his medical records in an effort to smear his credibility. Several news outlets reported that there was an evaluation published that highlights previous struggles he had with post-traumatic stress disorder, grief and depression, specifically incidents in 2014 and 2018.

Even if you don’t believe Grush — leaking documents about a soldier’s post-traumatic disorders in order to smear his credibility is a very low blow.

There need to be some realities considered here.

Either Grusch is correct and elements within and outside of the U.S. government oversee a decades-old UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering effort – a profound, paradigm-shifting development — or, to quote Grusch, “multiple esteemed and credentialed current and former” government officials “with a long-standing track record of legitimacy and service to this country” are engaging in a brazen disinformation campaign.

I know that it is up to the public to decide — and extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

On July 13, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced a measure that asserts eminent domain over “any and all recovered technologies of unknown origin…that may be controlled by private persons or entities.” It also defines and contains two dozen references to “non-human intelligence,” a term used frequently by Grusch to denote the uncertain origin of highly advanced technology allegedly retrieved. Such efforts are referred to as a “legacy program” in Schumer’s legislation.

Grusch also alleged that non-human remains have been recovered from UFOs. Schumer’s legislation requires that any “biological evidence of non-human intelligence” held by private companies be turned over to the federal government “in the interests of the public good.”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. along with Senator Marco Rubio and two other Republican senators, introduced legislation that would immediately halt funding for precisely the types of illegal, unreported programs described by Grusch.

The bill also instructs individuals with knowledge of such UFO-related activities to disclose all relevant information. It grants legal immunity if the information is reported appropriately within a defined timeframe.

Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), who spearheaded the 26 July congressional hearing featuring Grusch and two former naval aviators, are leading a bipartisan effort to establish a select committee to investigate Grusch’s allegations.

As Rubio stated, if Grusch is correct, “there’s a group of people who believe that they possess something that they don’t need to share with anybody, including elected officials, who they view as temporary employees of the government.”

Rubio likened such a dynamic to “an internal military complex that’s their own government and is accountable to no one” which, ultimately, “would be a huge problem, if it’s even partially true.”

Although such revelations would shake public trust in government to its core, that trust might be rebuilt upon the paradigm-shifting knowledge that humanity is not alone in the cosmos.

This whole ordeal, the leaks, and the disclosure have all been somewhat America-centric even though there have been many incidents being reported outside of the United States of UFO/UAP activities that have been terrifying people.

UFO sightings have increased and remote reports of strange phenomena are being reported all over the world.

A few weeks ago I had a bit of Deja vu when I read a story about a possible alien attack in Peru.

Residents of a Peruvian village known as the Haikito tribe have been living in fear because they claim to be constantly terrorized by an alien breed they call “Los Falcaras”– loosely translated “Los Falcaras” which means “The Face Peelers.”

Distraught and desperate, the villagers implored the Peruvian military for assistance, initiating night patrols to safeguard their vulnerable population from these mysterious beings. Their accounts have caught the attention of local media, recounting encounters with these enigmatic figures.

They have been described as looking like The Green Goblin from the spider man comics –and can shapeshift like the aliens in “The Predator” films.

Reports indicate that these predatory creatures are impervious to conventional weapons and have left the villagers sleepless and fearful for their safety.

A chilling incident saw a 15-year-old girl hospitalized after narrowly escaping an attack that injured her neck. Animals have also been killed in the attack.

These peculiar beings, described as possessing elongated heads and vivid yellow eyes, have been relentlessly assaulting the villagers every night.

Oddly, other  peculiar characteristics attributed to the “aliens” – circular hovering footwear, elongated heads, and their proficiency at eluding capture – resemble creatures from local folklore known as “plakaras.” These creatures are believed to feed on human flesh, fat, and organs.

Now, this story is of course extraordinary, and there are videos that have been released showing what little can be seen during a nighttime attack– including some blurred or glared images of strange anomalous-looking beings — that certainly look alien or quite possibly military.

Around the same time as the incident — Some 87 US Marines were being deployed for the joint Bilateral Jungle Operations Exchange with the local Navy at the Iquitos Base. Iquitos is near the small village where these so-called aliens attacked.

The presence of the troops, armed with rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, silencers, and state-of-the-art night vision devices, was authorized by the Peruvian Congress.

The Congressional document speaks of “benefits” oriented to “increase military capabilities, as well as to fully perform the strategic roles of the Armed Forces, allowing them to acquire knowledge on new techniques, tactics, and procedures, and to increase the level of training and interoperability of the means involved; as well as to strengthen bilateral relations with the navies involved” in “promoting the strengthening of international relations in matters of national security and defense.”

Were these troops the so-called alien attackers? Or were these troops called in to fight these alien predators and protect the village using the joint bilateral exchange project as a cover?

This reminds me of the Mage Brazil attack, where Villagers were attacked by aliens– and later it was reported that our Military had shown up to retrieve a spaceship and dead alien beings.

After the attacks in Peru, there was a story that was issued by the government — of course, they reported that there were no aliens that attacked the village.

Their story though was equally outrageous.

They believe or have claimed that the villagers were under the attack of Illegal gold-mining crime syndicates.

Peru’s National Prosecutor’s Office, which is now investigating the ‘alien attacks,’ has pointed the finger at these gold ‘mafias,’ who have been partially ejected from Brazil and Colombia by their militaries.

The Miners used Jet packs in order to fly in and terrorize the locals.

Prosecutors suspect that these illegal mining cartels first used their jetpacks to prospect for gold deeper into the unforgiving jungles surrounding Peru’s Nanay River.

Members of Peru’s small Ikitu population are surrounded by dense jungle in rural Alto Nanay, where gold has deposited itself like silt into the riverbeds along the Nanay river tributaries that flow into the Amazon.

Back in 2015, there were massive sightings of what were called “Hombres Voladores” or Flying men all over South America. Could these flying men be gold miners with jetpacks?

This was never revealed during the anomalous sightings– now it has been conveniently used to describe alien attackers in a Peruvian village.

This still does not explain the lacerations on the young girl’s neck. She claims that she was captured and was attacked and this is what triggered the alien hysteria.

The villagers demanded a military intervention they were so terrified by what they witnessed.

There are arguments over what happened. I am sure the skeptics believe that miners in jet packs are responsible. However, apart from this story is an interesting alien encounter — there have been many videos and opinions about the incident that somehow connect the incident with end times prophecies. There will be many more stories that will be called alien events that are purely demonic attacks from Satan and his minions.

There are simply too many novels and movies about the end of the current civilization, too many to list, and perhaps too many for our psychological health. It could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Aliens many times have been used as agents of the end times. Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke is a perfect example as is the blatant symbolism of demons and aliens and the coming of the apocalypse.

What most of these stories and films have in common is a basic idea: the inevitability of radical, cataclysmic change brought on by an alien enemy.

Should we manage to get beyond annihilation, apocalypse, Armageddon, or whatever, the authors predict that we are very likely to enter a new Dark Age.

Like most things, this too isn’t a new idea.

If there is a real demonic component to the apocalypse brought on by aliens it is the feeding of the hysteria and confusion that some people experience when questioning aliens.

Some people get carried away with the thought of the alien invasion, seizing on their fears and sowing doubt about their faith in doctrinal truths.

This is inevitable for those without a grounding in their faith.

This is particularly why the possibility of a Psy-op exists and it is not just an operation handed out by the government as a distraction- but an operation that is being used as a recruiting tool for evangelical churches.

Initially, the sacralization of the extraterrestrial led to an understanding of the alien as a fundamentally benevolent, messianic figure—a ‘technological angel’ that will arrive to save us from ourselves.

This type of explanation has been around since the Cold War — and certainly has made a comeback as we have edged closer to a possible nuclear war.

It certainly has been said these angels will be the answer to all of our problems by UFO gurus who speak to standing-room-only crowds at UFO conventions.

Those attracted to this philosophy look beyond a politically and militarily unstable planet to extraterrestrial saviors. This has rang alarm bells in the Christian community and so the notion is to demonize the pseudo-religious overtones of these angels by calling them fallen angels.

The newly reported horror stories like the one in Peru, harden the resolve of those who wish to identify these predatory aliens as demons.

Personifications of evil in the form of demons, devils, spirits, and malign entities can be found across the religious spectrum. However, aliens are now part of the pantheon as an invader who not only does physical harm but spiritual harm as well.

Bearing in mind that malevolent alien in both popular culture and abduction narratives owes so much to the history of Christian demonology, it is not surprising that those sections of the Christian community most vulnerable to satanic panics understand the extraterrestrial to be, quite literally, a demonic manifestation.

I guess that lately the track record speaks for itself, and those who continue to say the aliens are saviors ignore stories like the ones in Peru and decide to push the modern ancient alien doctrine where beings looking down from heaven can read the Nasca lines — and who knows why they were etched in the ground in the first place.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 6 comments.

  1. John Weiner

    August 30, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    Didn’t your reverse speech guy state that Mr. Grusch’s reversals indicated that he was being deceptive, and knew it, the last time he was on the show?

  2. John Weiner

    August 30, 2023 at 9:26 pm

    That Todd Seace case sounds like the one I wrote about two weeks ago, then there is that mysterious 1997, alien abduction video from Lake County, Minnesota, in which that whole family were abducted in one evening, during, Thanksgiving Dinner, after witnessing those space aliens performing a dissection-looking procedure in a pasture next door.
    Our country is not the only one run by a psychopath: Russia is another one as well.

  3. John Weiner

    August 30, 2023 at 9:31 pm

    Thomas Paine also found that God to be mean, nasty, abusive, and psychotic, as well, amongst other things, in his book, ” THE AGE OF REASON.”

  4. Pat

    September 2, 2023 at 3:46 pm

    Real good show tonight Clyde. Enjoyed it immensely got to have more creatures like this shows. Would love to go to Peru on a hunt with the Marines. I wish them good hunting..,. I wonder if there was any casualties of the Peruvian villagers? I don’t think all the aliens in outer space without friendly.? I just goes to show you it’s not good to go in the bush in the woods without carrying iron. A lot of people disappear in force and jungles all the time. No knows what happens to them. Owning a firearm is the difference between being a subject or a citizen……. I carry a 44 mag when I ever in the bush. Hope that’s enough to stop a face peel an alien.? if you are a man or woman, you should get a permit learn how to operate safely a weapon and take a course . Go out and buy a nice heavy caliber handgun or nice takedown rifle for backpacking in the bush. You can put it in your backpack and no one knows you even have it. It might save your life sometime or somebody else’s.? Take care enjoy life it’s way too short. Keep off on the good shows what’s happening on the world

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