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Ron Patton | August 25, 2023

As President Biden declared War on Climate calling it an existential threat, we now see that the war’s crucible was Maui. With Maui and more specifically, the historical and sacred town of Lahaina, they have proof – they have the dead and the missing to exploit. They have the pictures to show what hell looks like — hell for the carbon sinners who have doubted their prophecies. While Hawaii officials call this a “natural disaster,” locals call it a “land grab.” How they rebuild will provide the truth. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Maui resident and citizen YouTube journalist, Eric West about, MAUI – THE CLIMATE CRISIS CRUCIBLE.







Back when I was in high school, I was one of those jocks who eventually became a drama geek. Our school took pride in their school plays with elaborate sets on a stage that was actually built to be similar to a Hollywood soundstage.  We later had a little theater that was constructed in the drama room where we could perform smaller plays, ones that needed less scenery like Our Town, Ten Little Indians, The Lottery  and The Crucible.

Our Town will always be one of my favorite plays, but The Lottery and The Crucible have always haunted me because of the political message they send.

The Lottery” is a short story written by Shirley Jackson. It is about a group of people who gather around in the middle of town for a deadly lottery that occurs annually. In the lottery family members, each receive a paper and the one who has the black dot on their paper is stoned to death.

The reason the lottery was created was to try and maintain population control in the best way possible. If the population were to grow any faster, they would run out of food for the whole village. So, to slow down the growth of the population they created the lottery and began hosting it for generations. The fact that the villagers have been doing the tradition for so long they just do it without a thought.

It is a play that certainly can be seen as a metaphor for our times, as we hear from unelected leaders of the world is that population control is the key to eliminating scarcity and mitigating Climate change,

Then we have the powerful political message from Aurthur Miller in The Crucible.

When it debuted in 1956, it was blatantly obvious to all that Miller was taking on Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Miller recognized similar fanaticism in 1692 Salem. After being called to testify before the committee, he was convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to identify other entertainers present at communist meetings that he had attended in the 1930s. As a result of failing to name names Miller was blacklisted in Hollywood for several years.

n his play, Miller used factual names and the trial records from 1692, namely the judges, clergy, and the accusations of several teenage girls and Tituba (Tia Elisha Hill), a slave who was tortured until confessing to being a witch.

Bearing witness to a society in crisis and hidden agendas that have devastating consequences, “The Crucible” is a timeless parable that is still relevant (if not more so) in the 21st century.

Coincidentally a Crucible is a ceramic or metal container in which metals or other substances may be melted or subjected to very high temperatures.

It is sometimes used in alchemical fire rituals.

We can all attest to the fact that we are seeing political witch hunts happening now, and sadly we have seen one of the most horrific fire rituals of our time with the flames that consumed Maui.

As President Biden Declared war on Climate calling it an existential threat — we now see that the war’s crucible was Maui.

The people who have perished will be used as examples in the war that they have created.

We have had the War on Drugs”, “The War on Terror”, “The War on Covid” and, now, the war on climate change. Watching over the charred remains of families huddled together, it is an opportunity to push this agenda — and to show that war does have collateral damage, a war of their own making.

Essentially, every few months they trot out this idea of “declaring war on climate change”, get almost no engagement from the public, and then go back to spouting alarmism and fear porn for a while before trying again. They have been doing this for years. So far it has not worked.

Outside of the media echo-chamber and the virtue-signalers, all the “terrifying” temperature maps, the experts warning that “millions will die instantly” if they turn their air conditioning off, the new buzz phrase of “global boiling” sounded so silly that many people wanted to flee the propaganda where spiking temperatures in the summer, meant a Armageddon heat wave.

Unfortunately for them, because they’ve set themselves a deadline. Every year that passes without catastrophic climate breakdown, every summer the ice caps don’t disappear, every unseasonably cold or wet July is another nail in the coffin of their narrative, a few more normies disengaging from the story.

But this time with Maui they have proof, they have the dead and the missing to exploit. They have the pictures to show what hell looks like — hell for the carbon sinners who have doubted their prophecies.

The Goal is to make “climate change” frightening enough that people will beg them to completely reshape the world as they see fit.

People will beg for their 15 minute Smart cities and allow the Billionaire class buy up the land and then sell it back at a very high amount of Money.

There have been many conspiracy theories being thrown around about the fire — and I am sure that many of them  have a kernel of truth, but what we need to understand is while a fire can be sparked by anything from electric wires to direct energy weapons — a fire does not grow unless it has the right kind of fuel for it to burn.

What was the fuel that flash-lit the fires to burn across different mediums and materials? It is obvious that there was some sort of fuel that burned — an accelerant of some kind something that would burn houses and businesses and yet avoid some trees.

What ignited the fires that burned metals and plastics, superheated block and brick, melted windshields and wheel-rim metal alloys and the fiberglass boats pulled out of the harbor?

I have an idea — it is remote but it checks out.

For more than a decade, the  people of Maui fought to bring clear blue skies back to the island by banning the geoengineering of their skies.

In 2011, a host of initiatives, from “Maui Clean Sky Ordinance” to “Maui Sky Watch,” tried in vain to stop the spraying of  what they claimed were  metals nanodust over the area . But the military-contracted planes continued to rain the metal shavings down on the island.

The three main elements used in the chemtrail cocktails include barium , aluminum ), and Strontium-90 , a radioactive isotope.

n 2015, Maui resident Michael Murphy got together with the mayor to stop the aerosol spraying with the bill “Blue Sky Ordinance” that sought to ban geoengineering the skies.

All such efforts, whether in Hawaii or mainland United States never succeeded in stopping the weather modification, the Strategic Aerosol Injection (SAI), and the Solar Radiation Management (SRM) programs that account for many of the chemtrail planes in the sky, but not all of them.

On the surface, the government and its captured agencies run the cover story of climate change, but the spraying of Ba’al+ chemtrails around the world serves a different purpose. Chemtrails dry out trees, bushes, and vegetation while making the land arid, and poisoning the air and water.

As we all know, there is a long history of forest fires in the United States.  We can say that these fires seem to be a chronic feature of the summer.

Particularly in drought-stricken areas or California with its infamous Santa Ana winds. But there is not only an uptick in such fires this summer—Canada, Louisiana, Texas, Pacific Northwest—but also a surge in the ferocity of the firestorms that nuked Santa Rosa in October 2017 in the “Wine Country Fire,” and the Campfire inferno that burned Paradise, California, off the map the following year.

Lately there has been an upsurge in theories about Direct Energy weapons that have been used to spark the fires, and what is most frustrating is that the “evidence” that is spreading on the internet are freeze framed rocket launches, and a popular one is a substation explosion in Chile — that sent a bolt\ that looked like a laser firing.

With so many pictures and videos this should be a case closed scenario– but for me it isn’t.

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) or the HAARP array or military-grade lasers might be able to superheat an area — but it does not explain the intensity and swift spread of the fires, nor does the high winds.

There may have been another ingredient that was at play.

In May 30 tons of ammonium nitrate—fertilizer—disappeared off a train in California. Since ammonium nitrate has been used previously in car bombs from the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to the Oslo, Norway, blast in 2011, many researchers wrongly suggested that the fertilizer component turned the Canadian fires toxic cloud, which hung over New York City, a deep orange-reddish hue. But that wasn’t the case since ammonium nitrate rarely burns red.

Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) burns or decomposes. By itself, it’s not flammable and cannot combust. Most often, when it does burn, ammonium nitrate produces a white or light-colored smoke. Not blood red. Why would the Deep State transport the 60,000 pounds of stolen material across the country to New York State?

Shipping or flying the stolen ammonium nitrate to Hawaii from California follows the principle of Occam’s razor. Proximity with the fewest moves needed to complete the mission.

Ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer; it supports the combustion of other materials. When a violent reaction occurs, such as a bomb blast or explosion, the ensuing cloud is made up mostly of nitrogen oxide and water vapor. In essence, ammonium nitrate releases oxygen. Oxygen is the fuel a fire needs to burst and spread.

Now add the coatings of the nanodust metals from years of chemtrails with a new layer of ammonium nitrate and all the Maui firestorm needed was the spark.

Could have been DEW , whether a laser from a passing plane, satellite-based, or Chinese spy balloon. It wouldn’t take much to blow the inferno wide open at night.

We are fully aware that Hawaii has been plagued with sightings of Chines Spy balloons, and laser scanning.

Back in February you may remember that just after the Chinese Spy balloon fiasco, astronomers reported that a Chinese satellite was caught on video beaming down green lasers over the Hawaiian Islands.

But the astronomers were baffled and just stated that a Chinese satellite was the most likely candidate for creating the laser sweep.

Others speculated that it could have been thought to be from a NASA altimeter satellite.

This again raises the question about directed energy weapons and the creation of lightning or lasers to affect the environment, triggering earthquakes, bad weather  huge fires or even triggering volcanic activity.

The Chinese satellite they are talking about uses lasers for topographical scanning, or they’re also used for measuring toxins, metals and chemicals in Earth’s atmosphere.


The Deep State created the perfect fuel, which explained how the boats, vehicles, and structures all burned at once, and why the trees survived for the most part.

This is just a theory — and just like any other theory, it should be pondered — and not always emotionally pushed as truth.

Although it could be — that is the beauty of conspiracy theory.

But the media spins their own conspiracies, echoing the war of Climate Change. They report that an increase in earth’s greenhouse gases caused the massive inferno, that targeted only one of Hawaii’s 137 islands and atolls.

One island — no other island and no other American city has been firebombed like this– yet.

Drone footage of the disaster has now been banned and for good  reason, they don’t want people to see the residue of what accelerated the fiery deluge.

There are also some other coincidences to take into account.

In January, Maui, had a Smart City Conference to turn Maui into an entire Smart Island — changing everything to electric. Renewables. Solar panels. And pushing everybody into electric vehicles. 15-Minute Smart Cities.

So now what’s also interesting is next month, in September, Hawaii is hosting the Digital Government Summit, utilizing AI to govern the island.

Now they have an excuse to Build Back Better.

Remember, the Biden regime and bureaucrats in the Pentagon blocked the U.S. Army from responding to the search for bodies and aid to the survivors on Maui.

Maui’s top emergency officials were on another island when the wildfires begun,  – and did not join a call about the response until five hours after the blazes broke out.

Dozens of senior bureaucrats were gathering on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, on August 8 for the annual meeting of FEMA coordinators in the Pacific region.

A state emergency management spokesperson told Hawaii News Now the ‘coordinating call about 11am’ was held to discuss multiple wildfires that had sparked on the Big Island and Maui.

FEMA confirmed the fires were part of discussions during the conference, held at the Alohilani Beach Resort in Honolulu.

The first fire on Maui, the Upcounty Fire, broke out in the early hours of August 8.

Around 6:40am on that day, a school near Lahaina was evacuated, but an emergency response call was not held until nearly five hours later, at 11am.

The fire was declared ‘contained’ by 9am, CNN reported.

Yet by 3:30pm the fire had spread so significantly around Lahaina that an evacuation order was given for the town, and Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke, Hawaii’s acting governor, activated Hawaii’s national guard.

We keep hearing the update of death tolls — but there are sure to be thousands dead, and they have not reported the deaths of Children.

‘There were consultations about the fires among local, state and FEMA participants,’ said FEMA spokesperson John Mills.

It was unclear when the Maui officials made the decision to return home and deal with the disaster, or who was in charge when the fires broke out.

Those attending the conference included Herman Andaya, the then-director of Maui County Emergency Management Agency, who defended the decision not to activate emergency warnings.

Andaya resigned on August 17, nine days after the wildfires, citing his health.

Those attending the conference included Herman Andaya, the then-director of Maui County Emergency Management Agency, who defended the decision not to activate emergency warnings.

Andaya resigned on August 17, nine days after the wildfires, citing his health.

Was this more than just a meeting or was it a briefing on what was about to happen, and the plans were already being executed for a scorched earth policy in Maui?

It reminds me of FEMA rolling into New York the Monday before the attacks on the World Trade center.

Maui’s officials are facing mounting questions about their handling of the disaster, including why sirens were not activated and why no warning was given.

As flames tore through a West Maui neighborhood, car after car of fleeing residents headed for the only paved road out of town in a desperate race for safety.

And car after car was turned back toward the rapidly spreading wildfire by a barricade blocking access to Highway 30.

One family swerved around the barricade and was safe in a nearby town 48 minutes later, another drove their four-wheel-drive car down a dirt road to escape. One man took a dirt road uphill, climbing above the fire and watching as Lahaina burned. He later picked his way through the flames, smoke and rubble to pull survivors to safety.

But dozens of others found themselves caught in a hellscape, their cars jammed together on a narrow road, surrounded by flames on three sides and the rocky ocean waves on the fourth. Some died in their cars, while others tried to run for safety.

It is believed that those people who followed orders died.

Who gave the orders?

Maui Police Chief John Pelletier. If his name sounds familiar it is because Pelletier was the incident commander covering the Las Vegas Strip when a gunman unleashed a hail of bullets on a country music festival, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more.

Pelletier explained at a Press conference how the painstaking task of Identifying remains is nothing new for him as he recalled the mass shooting.

Again this can  be  an uncanny coincidence — or Pelletier is an agent — That has the training to create chaos during an already chaotic event,

If you ever see Pelletier coming for your city — I would move away immediately.

The cause of the blaze remains unclear, but a lawsuit has been filed against Hawaii’s electric company, accusing them of failing to shut down their grid, despite hurricane tail winds and tinder-dry conditions.

Officials in Hawaii implored residents to submit DNA samples to help in the identification of human remains.

Two days after the blaze began there was a 44 page book for sale on Amazon.

The book is called “Fire and Fury” The story of the 2023 Maui fire and it’s implications for Climate change. People were alarmed and concerned about the book being published so soon — but liberal news outlets were saying that to question the book and its validity makes you a conspiracy theorist.

Here is what MSN said about the controversy:

“Since the onset of wildfires in Hawaii earlier this month, outlandish conspiracy theories involving ‘space lasers’ have proliferated across social media platforms. Now, the internet is questioning the veracity of a book published soon after the fires began.

‘Fire and Fury: The Story of the 2023 Maui Fire and its Implications for Climate Change’, authored by Dr Miles Stone, has recently garnered significant attention. The curiosity is largely attributed to the fact that the book was published a mere two days after the fires started on August 8.

One thing that is odd is that the author is Doctor Miles Stone– Milestone  is the name of one of the contractors seeking to rebuild Maui into a smart city.

MSN apparently also doesn’t think it strange that nobody knows anything about the author of the book, Fire and Fury.

This reminds me of how the Georgia Guidestones appeared out of nowhere in a cow pasture in rural north Georgia in 1979 and nobody knew how it got there. One day it was a vacant field, the next day there was a giant granite monument testifying to the goals of the climate freaks, including their desire to dispense with 90 percent of the people living on planet earth.

Then one day, on July 6, 2022, the Guidestones disappeared as fast as they appeared and neither the local cops nor the Georgia Bureau of Investigation seemed the least bit interested in finding out who destroyed the monument or why. Case closed. Nothing to see here. Don’t ask any questions.

We are also not supposed to be curious about why the Deagel Corporation, whose founder Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr., had ties to the Rockefeller Foundation, the military-industrial complex and the CIA, issued a population forecast in 2014 showing that 68.5 percent of the U.S. population would be wiped out by the end of 2025. Deagel forecasted that the UK would lose 77 percent of its population, Germany 65 percent, France and Spain over 40 percent, and most of the rest of the NATO countries losing 30 to 50 percent of their populations by 2025.

Now we are supposed to accept the fact that a mystery author wrote and published a book about the Maui fires that have killed an estimated thousands , the most deadly U.S. fire in a century, just two days after the fires started.

I suppose it’s also a conspiracy theory to question why this fire destroyed buildings but left many of the trees, or why police formed a blockade of trucks to trap victims in the flames, or why the emergency sirens didn’t work, or why the fires happened to break out on land that was already in dispute, or why the governor of Hawaii has been in discussions about remaking Maui into a “smart Island” in accordance with surveillance-state technology advocated by the World Economic Forum.

Locals are saying this is a “land grab” and NOT a natural disaster.

I’m sure it’s also a conspiracy theory to question why a woke Hawaiian official stalled the release of “revered water” until it was too late to save Maui.

Here is the lunatic Hawaiian official talking about how water is something to be “revered” not “used.”

He resigned as well.

But we are told that it is a disgrace to the dead top ask these questions. They want to shut us up.

Only crazy people question their overlords.



Ranked #1 Realtor on Maui with Keller Williams. Eric West along with his wife, Lisa, are a highly-successful agent team licensed since 2006 with 13+ years full-time selling real estate on Maui, Kauai, Big Island & Oahu. Their website is

Eric has been covering the devastating Maui fires with compassionate and objective citizen journalism through his YouTube channel: He asks if you feel inclined to give to those in Lahaina who lost everything, go to

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. John Weiner

    August 25, 2023 at 7:40 pm

    Vladimir Putin is making it all possible by doing his part, carrying out the agenda, doing the bidding of the WORLD ECONOMIC FOORUM.
    Lurch, THE ADDAMS FAMILY Butler does not fulfill your archetype of zombies.

  2. John Weiner

    August 25, 2023 at 8:22 pm

    Not to mention all those legacy Soviet era biolabs from all over the former SOVIET REPUBLICS that Judith Miller mentioned in her book ,” GERMS.”

  3. Jimbo

    August 26, 2023 at 7:42 am

    Putin will never join/cooperate with the NWO globalist cabal UNLESS he heads it, with a hat tip to China as co-Regent of course. It would be interesting to see who would win out in that eventual power struggle, Russia’s nuclear superior military or China’s vastly greater economic strength and considerable military ?

  4. Pat

    August 29, 2023 at 5:10 am

    Interesting show Clyde it’s sickening that that many people had to die in a fire and no way out. And the road blocks. It’s like sheep lead to the slaughter.? There’s a lot more that far than people believe I think you’re right The deep state wants to push the agenda Take care of yourself Clyde Life way too short. Enjoy every day.

  5. Jimbo

    August 29, 2023 at 11:12 am

    Wasn’t it Oppenheimer (or Teller) who echoed on Aug.8 (’45) after the bombing of Hiroshima, an ancient Sanskrit verse: “I am become death the destroyer of worlds..”

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