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Ron Patton | August 2, 2022

There is presently a war underway where monarchies and even the Vatican are hedging their best by creating a new religious cult to cover their assets and to form a pseudo-religious endorsed kind of fascism. It is called Inclusive Capitalism. The money changers have now arrived at the Temple and the Pope is heading up the charge to endorse what appears to be a socialist-communist government. This, of course, is symbiotically connected to the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, and Agenda 2030. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about 8/2/22: JESUS AND THE NEW MONEY CHANGERS.





The future is something that self-proclaimed prophets and analysts have been debating for hundreds of years. Many are filled with doomsday predictions because we move from one extreme to the next. We begin and end. The end in finite bit the possibilities that happen between the extremes are where we play, when we get to the bottom of the occult and hidden future.

The occult has always been used to try and conjure up various futures. Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards. Ouija Boards and saint’s prophecies have always been part of our lives.

However, we learn that the mots influential prophecies come from religious texts which of course give us an occult clue of what can be seen as a retro causal event where something has already happened — or has been said to have happened and so for those who are faithful the secret is no longer so secretive.

A future where a retro causal apocalypse has been placed in our religious texts. Arguably chapters in holy scriptures that paint a bleak picture are now being seen as counterintuitive as people are ever suffering and waiting for a cataclysmic apocalypse.

From the spiritual view of retro causality the dominionistic view of the future has influenced a lot of our dreams meaning that three of the Abrahamic religions have been generating a bit of retro causality in painting a picture of a dismal future and the fate of the world.

From the Bible we read the apocalypse from the Book of Daniel — it is the Old Testament apocalypse that we try to apply to our world today. The Book of Revelation is nothing more than a new Testament fulfillment and interpretation of a pat apocalypse that repeats itself through generation after generation—this would mean that the story that John left us is a an oracle that multiplies through generations and can actually be an account of “prophecy after the fact,” because by putting it in the mouth of a person who ostensibly lived a long time ago and letting that person tell the story it has the quality of predicting our fate.

That is because the end of the world has happened before, and some of us are remembering it in dreams and out-of-body experiences.

Daniel first spoke of an apocalypse that may have already happened or if you wish to speculate – it all happened simultaneously. John told us about our own future in a way that is loaded with symbolism. The symbolism was left for interpretation and some take it literally; however, the truth is that the revelation could have been a simultaneously shared experience through time.

This, of course, is unconventional thinking, but it is possible as throughout all religions a supernatural element is never explained through the possibilities of quantum entanglement.

Really, all apocalyptic literature is much more a response to a set of circumstances that seem to repeat in various times, timelines and dimensions.

Now there seems to be a debate on whether or not the Book of Revelation in the Bible should be removed so future generations will be able to progress without the worry of a biblical Armageddon.

There is also the argument that it creates an unwanted retro causal hex where we have been cursed with a biblical text that has been used and abused by cult leaders and others who wish to use it as a tool of fear and that what is said in the Book of Revelation is inevitable.

Apocalypticism has had a powerful impact on American life. It has fostered among adherents a strong sense of purpose and personal identity, however, has it become a detriment to our progress – has it laid the framework for a disastrous future that breeds despair.

Is it shaping the way we treat each other?

Although there are many kinds of apocalypticism, in the United States, Christian forms have dominated the discussion.

According to visions written down by John in Revelation, the last book in the New Testament, a global cataclysm is coming, and history, time, and the world as we know it are all coming to an end.

Apocalyptic visions, rather than fostering a sense of indifference to the coming of the end of days, have served as a call to battle. Millennialists insist that God has given them much to do and very little time in which to do it.

Millions of Christians have tried to make sense of local, national, and global events through the lens of biblical prophecy. The Book of Revelation has offered a kind of secret knowledge to those anxious about everything from their own personal problems to the most complicated challenges faced by their generation.

Many are now convinced that the world is edging closer to its end and that a messiah will arrive to save us from all of the death and destruction.

Christian apocalypticism also became ubiquitous in American pop culture. We see apocalyptic movies which some believe is part of the Revelation of the Method.

When I was a kid, the Book of Revelation read like the script of a horror movie. It was like a cinematic explosion of blood, violence, and redemption. For me, it was the scariest book ever written that has a really happy ending.

Whereas most of the rest of the New Testament talks about faith, hope and love, the Book of Revelation has been read for nearly 1,700 years as a nightmarish warning to sinners, heretics, and non-believers about the reign of terror to come for those who reject Christ.

The world’s two billion Christians read it as a holy book — laying out the trials and tribulations they will face as they wait for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Even for those who take it as more of a metaphor than a literal final battle between good and evil, few dispute that it belongs as the capstone to the New Testament.

There are so many things happening in the world today that can easily be seen as a sign or a potent to indicate that whatever is coming — it will certainly display the visions that were seen my John and interpreted by Daniel.

But what is most disconcerting is that we are seeing that most of the leaders of the world are somehow embracing their inner Satan.

Those who embrace “Satan”, who are best at utilizing it and hiding it, seem to be gaining considerable advantage over everyone else especially since this behavior is abhorrent to a regular person.

We all have this capacity, and society has developed over millennia so that the Psychopaths who are best in touch with their “inner Satan”, are the ones who get to be in control (whether overtly or covertly).

This is how it’s been for all of human history, and now it’s coming to a head.

At present there is no true balance of power – the dark forces have tipped the scale in their favor and they have got away with it so far.

The Book of Revelation reveals a time when buying and selling will be controlled by a global monetary system. No one can buy or sell without a mark, name or number of a Beast. What is a Beast in Bible prophecy? In the Bible, a Beast represents a government according to three angels in the book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation,

The beast’s deep-state infiltrators demand strict compliance. Protest is not an option. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. 

The globalists who have infiltrated most governments of the world already control the world’s banking system.

Now there is a war that is beginning as world powers wish to compete with the West’s beast system known as the Great Reset.

This war is not just a war of governments, but it also is a war where monarchies and even the Vatican are hedging their best by creating a new religious cult to cover their assets and to form a pseudo religious endorsed fascism.

It is being called Inclusive Capitalism.

The money changers have now arrived at the temple and the Pope is heading up the charge to endorse what appears to be a socialist-communist government. This of course is symbiotically connected to the World Economic Forum of course. And the idea of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030.

Socialism cannot recognize individual rights. Socialism needs a central bank. A central bank is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto.

90% of Communist power structure is in the banks, according to Lenin.

Vladimir Lenin, 1917 pamphlet, Will the Bolsheviks Retain State Power?:

“Without big banks socialism would be impossible. The big banks are the state apparatus that we need to bring about socialism, and which we take ready-made from capitalism; our task here is merely to lop off what capitalistically mutilates this excellent apparatus, to make it even bigger, even more democratic, even more comprehensive. Quantity will be transformed into quality. A single State Bank, the biggest of the big, with branches in every rural district, in every factory, will constitute as much as nine-tenths of the socialist apparatus.

This will be country wide bookkeeping, country wide accounting of the production and distribution of goods, this will be, so to speak, something in the nature of the skeleton of socialist society. We can lay hold of and set in motion this state apparatus (which will be fully a state apparatus under socialism) at one stroke, by a single decree, because the actual work of bookkeeping, control, registering, accounting, and counting is performed by employees, the majority of whom themselves lead a proletarian or semi-proletarian existence. “

Of all things this reset they propose is all based on Mammon for the world leaders – and a pittance for all the rest – and let no one fool you into thinking that this is a progressive move for the world.

We have seen what this is leading to – and we have seen how civil upheaval has been a constant and how a wailing siren could be world’s new anthem.

Someone sent me an unbelievable message the other day telling me that my absolute disdain for the World economic forum is unfounded as the email went on to tell me how important it is that we establish a world order because times have changed.

I was asked “What is wrong with having things and loving that fact that we have all things provided for us?”

I was encouraged to see the positive side to a world order and to be open minded.

I sent a simple message back.

I am sorry but I disagree.

The closest thing to the big mouthed tyrant of days of old is Klaus Schwab of the WEF and he is hardly a Hitler or Stalin type, although he certainly fits the personal, and visual image, of a James Bond villain with his odd sci-fi clothes, strange minions surrounding him, and possessing a rather unnerving accent and speech pattern.

He certainly appears to be the forbearer of the beast that is trying to take over the world.

Honestly, I am losing empathy for those who are asleep and those who do not wish to wake up. But as hard as I try to get the word out I just keep on plugging away in hopes someone decides that they no longer can sleep through the Apocalypse.

Things are different now; there is nothing more obvious than the efforts of these people to take over the world, and there is no excuse to remain asleep.

In the past a totalitarian takeover was anything but hidden. Typically it entailed a big mouth tyrant like Lenin, Stalin, or Hitler to start spouting off how he and his ideological vision were going to make the country he had targeted and everyone in it much, much better off.

It doesn’t work that way anymore — we have image and action parameters where we think we know what a fascist looks like and sounds like — but it is all based on what we have seen on the history channel.

Swastikas and the Hammer and Sickle armbands have been replaced with three piece suits and backed by an eager mouthpiece for the fascist state.

The mainstream legacy media– they are more that willing to distract us from what is truly happening.

They don’t call it a dictatorship, or a fascist state (well, they didn’t use those words exactly back then either). Now they usually call it a democracy, but that is in name only. The hidden part is demonstrated by never telling people the restrictions they endure and the loss of their freedoms are for the benefit of the state or the ideology, but rather for the benefit of the people—for the community, for each other.

Sure, Hitler, and Lenin, said similar sorts of things at first, and maybe our “leaders” are adopting the same tactics these world renown criminals throughout history did, but I do believe the current path to totalitarian rule is not as obvious and overt as it has been in the past. It is subtler now, more disguised to most.

From the Pope to the President, we now can see that the fix is in and that the people who have tried to rebel have been met with opposition because they are unaware of the hidden evil within,

Everyday the liberal side of the media will keep talking about Januray 6th and how it was a threat to our democracy — they seem top throw that term around like a dirty shirt. We never hear about how we are a republic — but we have to play in country were we are told that we live in a democracy,

There are so many people that probably couldn’t even tell you what a democracy is but they believe they are living in one.

Compliance is created through lies and subterfuge.

Although we do see the ideological creep in with these major shifts in morals, family values, “what it means to be a good person,” the Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, BLM, transphobia, etc. Don’t fool yourself, that is all part of the agenda to render all of us whacked, dazed, and confused, and it is working.

There are people that say that their politics matter and they play the game not even knowing or caring about the fact that your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, Illuminati, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable, it doesn’t matter.

They are less than the 0.0001%.

They are controlling the entire planet and the sick part is we give them power because no one is willing to fight against them.

These obscure individuals who pretend running our world have never been elected. There are countless times where I have named them — but it doesn’t matter everyone has their default Rockefeller and Rothschild answer.

But it is bigger than that.

Not that they are not having their sticky fingers pulling the strings, with Gates and Soros.

They have created structures, or organisms without any legal backing. They are fully out of international legality. They are a forefront for the Beast or the Antichrist. Maybe there are several competing Beasts. But they have the same objective: A New or One World Order.

The supremacy of these obscure unelected individuals becomes ever more exposed. We, the People, consider it “normal” that they call the shots, not what we call – or once were proud of calling, our sovereign nations and sovereignly elected governments. The Majority of people have become a herd of obedient sheep.

The Beast has gradually and quietly taken over.

We have become enslaved to the Beast. The Beast calls the shots on the boom or bust of our economies, on who should be shackled by debt, when and where a pandemic should break out, and on the conditions of surviving the pandemic, for example, social confinement. And to top it all off, the instruments the Beast uses, very cleverly, are a tiny-tiny invisible enemy, called a virus, and a huge but also invisible monster, called FEAR and the threat of death .

You have to give it them, they have been very clever with this whole virus nonsense—and all the things happening around it. People have no idea who the real enemy is. Their tactics are much more psychological than even political or ideological.

It keeps us off the street, it takes away our ability to have reunions with our friends, and keeps us from social entertainment, theater, sports, or the freedom to worship the God that we choose,

Yes , we have seen what the beast can do — and even though for a time we have felt the courage to live again — they will always find an excuse to keep us chained up as we will voluntarily put ourselves under house arrest.

Monkeypox is sure to be endemic now, polio is slowly returning and all of the so called safeguards we took for granted are no longer applicable. The cloud of paranoia is so dark that some people are unable to see through it.

Soon the Beast will decide who will live and who will die, literally – if we let it. This may be not far away as we have been told that both the United Nations and The UN have come together to speed up the process of the 2030 agenda.

Which equals the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It will focus on how to rebuild the willfully destroyed global economy, while respecting the (“green”) principles of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This includes changing the human diet, controlling food and water, basic resources and a depopulation or population reduction plan.

The quick moves according to them were mandatory because they have seen the spikes in severe weather as signs of Global warming and the moves of both China and Russia as quite possibly leading to a limited nuclear exchange.

It may all be a ruse but we have been hearing a lot of saber-rattling lately with regard to wars and rumors of war,

Their plan depends very much on the dollar supremacy which would continue to allow dishing out sanctions and confiscating assets from those countries opposing The beasts rule; a dollar-hegemony which would allow imposing the components of The Great Reset scheme.

At present, the dollar is fiat money, debt-money created from thin air. It has no backing whatsoever. Therefore, its worth as a reserve currency is increasingly decaying,

Nearly two years ago Pope Francis urged world leaders to apply principles of morality to business and investment practices, So under the direction of the Vatican some of the world’s largest investment and business leaders, launched The Council for Inclusive Capitalism.

Their purpose according to the World Economic Forum website is to join moral and market imperatives to reform capitalism into a powerful force for the good of humanity.

It is under the direction of both Pope Francis and Cardinal Peter Turkson, , the Council invites companies of all sizes to harness the potential of the private sector to build a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable economic foundation for the world.

The Council is led by a core group of global leaders, known as Guardians for Inclusive Capitalism, who meet annually with Pope Francis and Cardinal Turkson. These leaders represent more than $10.5 trillion in assets under management, companies with over $2.1 trillion of market capitalization, and 200 million workers in over 163 countries. The organization challenges business and investment leaders of all sizes to embrace the Council’s guiding principles and make public commitments to act on them.

Speaking to the Guardians, Pope Francis said, “An economic system that is fair, trustworthy, and capable of addressing the most profound challenges facing humanity and our planet is urgently needed. You have taken up the challenge by seeking ways to make capitalism become a more inclusive instrument for integral human wellbeing.”

What is suspect is the feel-good word, “Inclusive” which shows up a lot in their statements.

They assume that capitalism is a naturally selfish “look out for your own short term gain while everyone else loses” economic system.

Inclusive capitalism is just newspeak for socialism,

No one gets left behind. Just make sure everyone gets paid. And if you can’t do it, find a way to do so via some eternal font of government welfare system.

Everyone can rent their lives form the beast and the beast would be more than happy to provide for the dependent sheep.

Capitalism is part of man’s natural social order and striving together for flourishing. It’s about exchange. It’s about markets. It’s fundamentally about providing goods and services to others.

But somehow that word inclusive — just makes it all sound all feel good ans sweet.

This is how Jesus metaphorically deals with the new money changers at the temple.

It’s a shame we have to attach platitudes to the natural attributes of capitalism. We understand the Pope’s concern, since there are many false economies claiming to be “capitalism” that in effect are none other than cartels, monopolies, cronyism – all of which are built on frameworks of selfishness and ultimately self-destruction.

But I feel a bit uncomfortable when the representative who sees himself as the Vicar of Christ organizes the equivalent of a world bank — to promote socialism under the authority and watchful eye of the Vatican.

Meanwhile, China, with her philosophy of endless creation, would continue forging ahead unstoppably with her mammoth socioeconomic development plan of the 21st Century, the Belt and Road Initiative, connecting and bridging the world with infrastructure for land and maritime transport, with joint research and industrial projects, cultural exchanges – and not least, multinational trade with “win-win” characteristics, equality for all partners towards a multi-polar world, towards a world with a common future for mankind.

Today already more than 120 countries are associated with BRI and the field is wide open for others to join – and to defy, unmask and unplug The Great Reset of the West.

It is competing world orders and it appears that this is going to be the basis for the new battle — again, it is like the aliens fighting the predators where no matter who wins — we lose — because in the end, they will eat us all.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 14 comments.

  1. Wayne

    August 2, 2022 at 2:49 pm

    Money Can’t Buy Eternal LIFE. It Can Only Extend It. All You Money Great Reseters Death Will Have The Final Laugh. All That Money And You Still DIE What IRONY.


    • Tom

      August 2, 2022 at 6:18 pm

      I always thought when you get to a advanced age,one would want do things other than making money

  2. John Weiner

    August 2, 2022 at 9:40 pm

    Back in the middle of 2020, I think it was around the time he had been to Irag where he said a prayer that was not dedicated to Jesus Christ, he came out with a list of all his titles an two-Vicar of Christ and DEFENDER AND PROTECTER OF THE WEST were not included amongst them, Clyde.

  3. JOE

    August 3, 2022 at 3:22 am

    CRYPTO is fools gold needs.. electricity turn off switch. bye bye bitcoin. 666 is good for Iron Maiden records an Disney end of world movies..CASH IS KING.. read Chaos magik or PSYCHONAUT

  4. Kinky Klown

    August 3, 2022 at 5:22 am

    Be sure to check InfoWars DOT com Alex even though he is being sued by the NWO has some REAL interesting stuff on his page every day. Wish Clyde has him on, he could use the help.

  5. Jimbo

    August 3, 2022 at 10:20 am

    “Gifts” of the Holy Spirit include the word of Wisdom and word of Knowledge, which are prophetic utterances. St. Paul himself states that Christians should particularly desire these gifts, which temporarily dispense as He wills. Omniscience can be considered a quantum-chrono/temporal rather than a spacial (omnipresence) reality: being in multiple (or all) times, at once. An illustration of a Kline bottle better illustrates this perhaps than a Mobius strip, yet neither do the eternal attributes of the infinite God Christ, justice.

    I feel this unmistakable “beast system” may be a playing off of the eschaton, in the minds of those perpetrating this, who CLEARLY DO NOT BELIEVE in a Theanthropos, beyond themselves.

    -Or an historic Christophany.

    No one can serve God AND mammon. When one’s soul is sold for silver, you’ll lose your soul. In the end, you also lose your silver.

    “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” (-Jim Elliot)

    The present (Church) age of man is drawing to a close as the (Qumran) Essene’s predicted/prophesied, so long ago. It’s interesting when Saul of Tarsus encountered the risen Christ on the road to Damascus is wasn’t Damascus Syria he was headed for to persecute Christians. It was Damascus Qumran, where the “sons of light,” (Jewish 1’st Century church) were in congregation having witnessed first hand, ancient Messianic prophecies fulfillment before their very eyes!

    Blessed is he who has not seen and yet believes. Faith is the “currency” of Heaven. We will soon be entering a post-church Kingdom age. The next event on the prophetic timeline without any preliminary, is the Rapture. It’s ambiguous as to whether the scripture concerning revealing of the anti-christ, in stating there must be a “falling away first,” is better translated as “departure,” in which case the Rapture, not just a falling away from the Faith, indicates.

    The Achilles heel of capitalism occurs with violating of the 10’th Commandment.

  6. Jimbo

    August 3, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    Through PCP medical home-doctor/patient privilege, a (biblical) “white stone” new, legal cognomen issues within a 10’th Amendment framework. First to protect verity, continuity and confidentiality of patients medical data and second, to become an “individual’s cryptograph” for electronic transactions of ALL kinds. Complete anonymity maintains even where open public scrutiny is necessary to guarantee fidelity, such as in digital currency transactions.

    The implementation method generates unhackable, non-counterfeitable, self-validating/vettable ID-e, which involves both passive governmental safeguarding and personal uniquity.

    A foundational medical bill monograph revealed in the Michigan legislature as being public domain…

    ..Such implementation has potential to panoply sovereign citizens against unconstitutional usurpation by executive fiat autocracy from any quarter.

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