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Ron Patton | July 28, 2023

Although there have been significant advances in neuroscience, our innate and organic ability to access and utilize the powers of our minds has diminished over the years. This is mainly due to insufficient nutrition, toxic buildup, and our obsession with electronic devices. If we resolve those issues that impede our cognitive clarity, using the communication method of “Mindspeak” can enhance our mental imagery and thought reception while bringing harmony or balance to the logical and creative sides of our brains. Tonight on Ground Zero, David Masters talks with paranormal researcher and author, Dr. John Stamey about SPEAK YOUR MIND’S EYE.




WHAT IS MINDSPEAK? by Dr. John Stamey

Mindspeak is a term many people have heard of but are not quite sure of its meaning or how it works. We have interviewed a Mindspeak practitioner, Robin McCray, who has given us some insight into this interesting form of mental communication.

Mindspeak communication is a phenomenon of mental imagery and thought reception. Messages can come as pictures, sometimes showing individuals in action or maybe just their faces. Images can be of your pets. The mental images can also show locations or events.

Sudden feelings or emotions that seem to come right out of the blue can be forms of Mindspeak. This interesting communication form can also be in the form of music or voices (either random voices or the speaking of a message that could be important to the person receiving the Mindspeak message). The voices can be either loud or soft. In a discussion, Robin agrees we could think of the

Mindspeak model like a blank message board upon which these images or messages are placed. Anyone who is adept with Mindspeak can essentially pick up the messages. The message board is like an open forum.

Robin believes that everyone can perform and receive Mindspeak communications. In fact, most all people have received messages and images through Mindspeak and failed to recognize the form of communication. People can discount the suddenness of the communication and don’t know how to separate these occurrences from standard internal thought.

Have you ever been doing something (an action) or thinking about something (a thought) and then suddenly realize you are doing or thinking something different – as if a different thought or action has come to you from out of nowhere? For example, if you are in a good mood then have an overwhelming sadness. These types of occurrences are indicative of some form of Mindspeak communication you are experiencing. Mindspeak can come with a Blast of energy that goes right through you. These blasts can you an entire picture event.

Another Mindspeak practitioner recognizes Mindspeak communication as the nature of receiving fully formed ideas out of the blue. These communications can be quite complex and seem to have been well thought out. Many different aspects of the problem and/or solution have already been put together. For example, the idea of a new invention – how it works and different uses for the invention – would likely be a message you are receiving through Mindspeak. Other examples would be when a composer hears a complete piece of music in their head, or when a visual artist sees a completed painting in their head and simply transfers the vision to canvas. These moments of inspiration can be instances of Mindspeak communication.

Another form of Mindspeak is that of goal setting. When you can actually see the result you want (like seeing a picture) and act on that. The father of this discipline, Napoleon Hill (author of the book “Think and Grow Rich”) wanted us to write down our goals in very concrete, step-by-step terms, and then visualize these steps and the ultimate goal. This type of visualization is a good way to see what you want and direct your thoughts and actions to accomplish the goal. Visualization can certainly be a form of Mindspeak, especially when you are visualizing something that has not yet been created.


Back in the middle ages, there were usually one or two seers that people would go to for information. For example, has my father died (perhaps 30 miles away which was, at that time, a very long way to go). Perhaps it was a trip that could be made in a week. For this service, locals might pay a few pennies or whatever they had for the information. We might say that all of these communications from non-physical channels are a form of INTUITION. The knowledge if based on feelings rather than PHYSICAL FACTS.  So, many times, people would go see a seer who would likely do one of two things.

They would clear their head and try to see images of the person in question.

We might consider this to be VISIONS.  REMOTE VIEWERS use this type of technique when they lock onto an image to examine in their heads.

DREAMS which would then be interpreted following the dream for guidance on the problem.

Seers would hear voices in their heads telling them what might have happened to the person in question.

This method of Mindspeak is akin to the concept of TELEPATHY, which is defined as the transmission of information from one person’s mind to another without any known physical transmission channel.

As we move through the middle ages, many seers such as Nostradamus, St. Germaine, and others used abilities such as these, as a  way to keep favor with ruling classes. They would either give their prophecies verbally or, as Nostradamus did, write mystically coded and sometimes vague poetry to record their predictions.


Some people hear voices all around them as if they are in the middle of a session. Some people hear voices from one side of their heads or the other. I myself have a cluster of voices to the right of my head. The metaphor I use is a Tic-Tac-Toe board (like the old Hollywood Squares) with, for me, Bigfoot in the center.

The typical person using Mindspeak will ask a  question and await an answer they hear in their head.  This is NO DIFFERENCE from people who pray and then hear a response. There was an old article in Psychology Today that compared brain activity during meditation and prayer. The brain, during meditation, remained quiet.  During prayer, with communication going out from the person praying,

brain activity acted just like it would in a typical conversation with another person.


There can be false or bad spirits that try to contact us during Mindspeak. Always use your best judgment as to whether or now you are getting Mindspeak from a reliable source such as a deceased person or a cryptid. If something “doesn’t feel right” then it is likely not. End your session, say a prayer, and move on.  Some instructors in Mindspeak suggest the exercise of closing your eyes, seeing yourself walk into an empty movie theatre, sitting in a chair and looking at a blank movie screen in your head. Then, you wait for images and sounds to appear. Other instructors, like Robin, believe the images, sounds and emotions are more spontaneous -happening to you in real-time as they occur through other people or based on other events that are happening, some in real-time. A premonition is somewhat different than Mindspeak. It is a message (again, images or voices) that indicates a future event. Some would say a premonition is a glimpse of the grand cosmic records, known to as the Akashic Records. A few people suggest premonitions are a result of viewing a time skip or a brief shift in the timestream in which you are located. The tricky thing about premonitions is that they might come true, or they might not come true if the glimpse was of a possibility that was changed or avoided by actions that take place before the event was to occur.


Children are known to have interesting or odd thoughts that parents regard as fantasies of young children. Most all parents do not investigate or probe into these thoughts – such as a child who suddenly reports an invisible friend that accompanies them. If the child is assured by their parents the invisible friend is not real, it will inevitably go away. With the vast majority of people not believing or understanding Mindspeak, children and young adults are never told or encouraged about using Mindspeak communication. However, it is a natural skill that has existed since the dawn of civilization, says Robin McCray. We have been told that “seeing is believing.” More valuable is the converse that Robin shares: “Believing is seeing.”

If you are aware of Mindspeak communication and believe it can happen, then you have a far greater chance that images, voices and emotions will come to you “right out of the blue” with important messages. A few Mindspeak practitioners have reported receiving smells of familiar people or places.


One interesting way is to begin by honing your intuition using a technique called STICK. Pete Radotti has an excellent essay on this technique which I used when I was trying to learn skills such as Mindspeak. I did an example in front of my attorney at lunch where I selected his Cheeseburger from three identically foil-wrapped sandwiches.   The next step is to relax, clear your mind, and begin listening to voices that answer questions you might pose.




Dr. John Stamey is the lead host of ScaryCast Podcast which focuses on paranormal topics such as Bigfoot, ghosts, and UFOs. ScaryCast is now available on YouTube at

He received his doctorate from NC State University in Technology Education and Computer Science. While on the faculty at several universities, he published over sixty research articles and has written four books.

Dr. Stamey has founded and runs several cryptid conferences and comic cons in the South.

He has been a featured speaker at a number of paranormal festivals and events, and, was a guest expert on William Shatner’s UnXplained in June of 2022. Tonight marks his second appearance on Ground Zero. Feel free to contact Dr. Stamey at


David Masters was Senior Executive Producer/Vice President for 20 years at TRN Entertainment and developed six of the world’s most successful syndicated radio programs along with award-winning TV, radio, and podcasts. Masters won multiple awards for social media created for Weta New Zealand. Talk Radio Network consists of a number of associated companies, which have launched some of the United States’ highest-ranked talk radio shows, including The Savage NationCoast to Coast AMThe Jerry Doyle Show – Tammy Bruce – Michio Kaku, and many more. TRN was founded in 1993 and syndicated hosts from 1999 thru 2017.

David is host of the podcast, Spooky Action At A Distance, on the Ground Zero Radio Network and can be heard at

His book is titled, How To Escape The Prison For Your Mind

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. John Weiner

    July 28, 2023 at 7:39 pm

    Those ,” free,” coins for getting microchipped, sounds like the same deal, ie., bribe they offered to get ,” the shot,” for Wuhan Flu, which was a lethal injection for more, far more than enough.
    Universal Basic Income, is hardly a new concept. None other than Thomas Paine, proposed a very similar sounding thing in,” THE RIGHTS OF MAN.”

  2. Rusty

    July 28, 2023 at 8:58 pm

    I think of Hendrix at least once a week, a song spontaneously pops up in my head. I think of Jethro Tull, Beautiful Day, Joan Jett & Blackhearts, Savoy Brown, Peter Green…. where would we be without them?. Who is here today?

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