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Ron Patton | July 22, 2022

While some people are concerned about the climate, many are suffering from crisis fatigue and are immediately shutting down when presented with yet another doomsday prophecy that has been spit out by algorithms and educated guesses. It is not about Climate Crisis, really – it is about Climate Damnation – a religious ploy to keep people in line and to again force more controls on people. Is it any wonder we are in an era of a so-called Climate Breakdown where the elites continue business-as-usual characterized by short-term corporate greed, compliant mass media, and careerist government politicians? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with anti-geoengineering activist, Dane Wigington about CLIMATE DAMNATION.





We are told ad nauseam that global warming is “settled science”; that there is an overwhelming consensus among scientists as to the reality of human-caused global warming. Figures such as “98% of scientists”, even 99.5%.

We have to ask: 99.5% of what?

It cannot be 99.5% of all the scientists in the world – how could all of them have been canvassed? Perhaps 97.4% of ‘climate scientists’? But there are relatively few of these.

Today’s “climate scientists” are primarily biologists and geologists and mathematicians and physicists who happen to have brought their varied scientific training to bear on the issues of weather and climate.

Anyone who questions this “truth” is immediately vilified as a dangerous “climate denier” – one of the many derogatory accusations that have been used to belittle those who have questions of motive and who is making money off another so called crisis.

While some people are concerned about climate many are suffering from crisis fatigue and are immediately shutting down when presented with yet another doomsday prophecy that has been spit out by algorithms and educated guesses.

It is not about Climate Crisis really it is about Climate Damnation — a religious ploy to keep people in line and to again force more controls on people.

The many voices of dissenting scientists have been drowned out – at least until recently – by the constant repetition by politicians and the media of the ‘human-caused global warming’ myth, and by biased sources such as Wikipedia, which uses the “climate denier” slur to attack anyone who challenges the official myth.

I am sure all of this sounds hollow to some and maybe insensitive as we are told that parts of the planet are now baking in a massive heat wave.

But for nearly 3 years and counting, we have been robbed of the ability to live our lives fully, to make meaningful choices for ourselves, and to express our values the way we see fit.

It is “just” the inability to express our humanity and the total negation of our very selves. All of these measures have served as a prohibition of expressing outwardly one’s valid and complex internal reality. This kind of suppression of self does violence to one’s very soul.

All of these supposedly little and supposedly short-lived “justs” have transformed us into totalitarian states from which there appears to be no endpoint.

The people have permitted government such control over our daily lives that we have to ask it for permission to control our bodies, to move freely, to practice religion, to educate our children ourselves, to protest–to say no more.

Now they are speeding up their fascist agenda and teaming up on a world scale — to create that New World order that people like to call an unfounded conspiracy theory.

Soon Biden, Trudeau, and other world leaders are going to clamp down on our ability to be sovereign , independent and to speak our minds.

I do not want to live in the society that is being created by extraordinary submissiveness to government. I do not want to be complicit in this era’s atrocities.

What is the point of living if one merely exists to obey the elite to one’s own detriment? Is it even living if one lacks the agency to direct one’s life?

is it a life worth living if all we are hearing that everything we do can kill us and that there is a master plan to wipe away our tears and eliminate our victimhood?

We are not victims — and the world is just doing what it does, and for some reason the elite are engineering opinion again with manufactured fear.

Submitting only validates tyrannical displays of power and ensures that there will be more such displays in the future.

The political climate has become so censorial, authoritarian, and generally toxic.

People who find it worthy of being a political animal are beginning to look like tamed bears waiting for someone to tell them to jump through hoops.

Just crack the whip and they will behave –and some of these bears don’t even need the whip — they will jump voluntarily because they trust these so called leaders with great zeal.

Their world order sustainability  religion is not my religion, and I refuse to submit to their cult – and people should understand how dangerous and power hungry they have become.

Freedom is more important than convenience and ease.

We live in a society where the public is trained to respond to loud, shocking alarms punched by politicians in positions of authority backed to the hilt by powerful media.

Be in no doubt that authority is a very big deal indeed for modern men and women – we are relentlessly trained to defer to people in power.

When the lab coat elite and three piece suit authoritarians  hit alarm buttons, which ring loud and clear across the society and globe – across every newspaper, every website and TV channel – the public listens and reacts.

State-corporate interests generate and galvanize public fear into action with great efficiency when they want to. We need only think of World Wars I and II when millions of people were mobilized to kill and be killed to defend ‘democracy’, the ‘Fatherland’, the ‘Motherland’. After 1945, public fear and outrage were similarly brought to fever pitch by ‘red scares’ insisting that ‘The Russians are coming!’

As everyone can see those cards are being dealt again in hopes that the post 9/11 generation who does not learn history will fall for the old propaganda with a fresh coat of paint.

Climate scientists are warning that ‘every heatwave occurring today is more intense due to climate change.’ Heatwaves linked to climate change reportedly killed 157,000 people worldwide between 2000 and 2020, with four-fifths of those deaths during the 2003 European heatwave and 2010 Russia heatwave.

In the past when temperatures soared into the uncomfortable century mark there were no death tolls reported. It was a given that there would be deaths from severe weather just as we see many people die from exposure form the cold.

The killer U.S. heat wave of 1936 spread as far north as Canada, led to the heat-related deaths of an estimated 5,000 people, sent thermometers to a record 121 degrees Fahrenheit in Steele, N.D., and made that July the warmest month ever recorded in the United States.

But there were no alarm bells going off, no punch in the gut climate change panic — people adapted to it, some even suffered– but so goes the planet as we know it can be a hostile place.

I don’t want to sound insensitive about the heat.

I know that the country and much of the world are currently baking in a brutal heat wave. I know that people are dying, but a relentless reminder that life is fragile has been the reason why so many people are being duped into the climate panic.

What the media fails to do is remind people that this will pass and that there are ways to combat the heat. Again the media sells an emotional bundle of fear– and that is what kills a lot of people as their fears get in the way of practical common sense.

But looking back at 1936 the facts are a bit daunting compared to a fluke heat wave that we are experiencing now.

in much of the central United States, the summer 1936 was even hotter. At their peak, temperatures in North Dakota were warmer than midsummer Death Valley, and hot enough to cook rare steak on the pavement .

The heat wave struck during the Great Depression, six years into a sustained period of crop failure and economic hardship.

The North American heat wave of 1936 followed one of the coldest recorded winters in the same area.

In North Dakota, February temperatures at Devil’s Lake plunged to minus-21 degrees. Channel ice in the Illinois River at Peoria grew 19 inches thick. The Chesapeake Bay froze entirely, something that has happened only seven times since 1780. Schools closed in the Pacific Northwest, the Great Plains and the Midwest, with rural schools in Cottonwood County, Minn., losing almost a month of class time.

At the time, 1936 had such a frozen start that the idea of a heat wave would have seemed like wishful thinking.

if we need to reminded the weather patterns for the last winter, were called Dark Winter by the President as temperatures would be well into the 80’s and 90’s and within hours drop into the 20’s and 30’s because of bomb cyclone activity.

No one wanted to acknowledge that this was evident of geoengineering — and even one can suspect that not only are the geoengineering this heat wave but they are also engineering public opinion — so that people demand that our leaders do something.

Well the people have been victimized and their response is to demand that world groups band together, sign treaties and in the case of our President threaten to use emergency powers without congressional oversight,

It has now been done as members of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations have decided to speed up agenda 2030 — an agenda that controls food, water, and land and decides on who will get these resources and who will starve and die.

It is a sustainability plan where one option is depopulation.

However history is showing that this knee jerk reaction and the climate crisis — is manufactured.

As documented in “The 1936 North American Heat Wave: The History of America’s Deadly Heat Wave during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression,” temperatures began to climb rapidly in March, with rainfall becoming scarce. Occasional storms would give farmers hope that the early high temperatures would break. Instead, they kept ascending.

By June, a drought was consuming the Northeast, causing a feedback loop where the hot, dry ground further heated the air. Soon, the West and the South were experiencing the same conditions.

Back then they had less resources than we do — and no one was claiming that greenhouse gasses were a nuisance and that we needed to be at carbon zero.

I am sure the argument here would be that they did not have the scientific information we have now — but does that really matter?

It is evidence that what we are going through is no different than before.

The truth is that yes heat is a weather killer. causing more fatalities in an average year than tornadoes, hurricanes or flooding.

But keep in mind that  CO2 emissions in 1936 were less than a sixth of what we are being told we have now.

So why is there so much urgency to move heaven and earth to guarantees sustainability as if they have some magic wand capable of controlling the weather?

The only conclusion is that they do have methods of controlling the weather, from the simple laying down chemtrails or stratospheric aerosol injections, to magnetic manipulation of the jet stream.

It is also necessary to point out that  every problem in society, including Earth breakdown and extreme weather , comes down to the ultra rich controlling everything and making self-dealing decisions.

Remember they are purely philanthropaths that claim that they are helping humanity — but only if there is a financial gain for them.

There is always the possibility that within a few years the earth can become uninhabitable — but no one wishes to speak of the resilience of this planet and how on its own it is able to rehabilitate and it is always in transition.

After all back in 2006 we were that if we did nothing to combat global warming we would have to invest in waders — now we are begging for air conditioners — but last I checked we are currently heading towards the dog days of summer — where heat always increases before we see a cooling trend towards the autumn and winter months.. I guess that is overly simplistic, it is even ludicrous that one has to point out the obvious.

When I was a kid there was never a heat advisory when temperatures started to climb towards 90 degrees — now we see heat advisories when temperatures are in the mid 80’s

It is also okay to admit that this so called consensus science never was to begin with.

It goes without saying that scientists are radically divided on the issue of abrupt climate change and few predict an upsurge any time soon.

Nevertheless, it’s the scientists who base their opinion on first hand knowledge, “boots on the ground,” who are screaming the loudest. They do not let the “ computer models” override what they personally experience.

Science of course is certainly analyzing the trends in climate, and this of course created an environment where the elite can push what i call the sustainability cult.

It is an excuse to create their New World Order. The whole green utopia they promise is like a new Garden of Eden a religious vison that I certainly think is unattainable.

But it all sounds like a religion, when you are told that you must comply and pay for your carbon sins against humanity.

Primordial religions have always been about avoiding the calamities of climate: drought, fire, disease, war… But religion has also always been more that an individual alleviation of insecurity and guilt. It has been a stabilizing force of society’s dominance hierarchies.

Look at who is officiating over the world order, look at who is putting money into their coffers and using Climate Change as an apocalyptic outcome of our own making.

Clearly, if a system can combine individual-identity-creating beliefs with the impression that the state is vital in defending those beliefs against outside threats, then one has a powerful entity that is directed and centralized, as long as it can all be maintained.

The climate crisis and the organized solutions by the lite serve as a sort of state religion. Back to the worship of earth, the planets and the sun.

There is no lack of public funding for climate researchers in all areas, from policy to economics to biology to medicine to even climatology, who devise ways for society to avoid “climate liability”. This army of protectors of humanity are the so called  “97%”, who don’t expressly denounce the climate change god.

The degree to which professional scientists find it difficult to resist wearing the certified climate-change glasses is easy to see for anyone who is looking.

From a religious perspective we see the Vicar in Prince Charles or Klaus Schwab. Both have helmed and have spoken with authority about a militant sustainability — and have eluded to another authority that they serve.

The priests and vicars can also be the “scientists”. But the bishops and cardinals are the elite science-policy leaders and world-finance directors.

Many free thinkers are deeply irritated by this new state religion with global ambitions. We are irritated by human stupidity, and we are disenchanted  at how easily the citizens of modern societies are corralled into the latest project to direct humanity for the benefit of a few manipulators.

Against the religion of climate change, common sense and logic seem to have no weight whatsoever.

If the news media were not owned and run for the benefit of state-corporate elites, we would take this heatwave in stride and would adapt without being told that it is a death sentence not to go along with what the Climate gods tell us.

The Pentagon has long viewed climate change as a ‘destabilizing force‘ and a ‘threat multiplier‘ – increasing the risk of war in the Middle East, Africa and around the globe as food, water and other resources diminish.

Other so called leaders in the climate religion like Hillary Clinton boldly say that Climate change is not about the environment but a health risk — like COVID-19 or Monkeypox.

Is it any wonder we are in an era of so called climate breakdown where the elites continue business-as-usual characterized by short-term corporate greed, compliant mass media and careerist government politicians?

It should be obvious to people who can think and understand how these operators are selling fear and death unless you comply –and what is most sickening is that their plans also lead to more deaths and more pain for the majority of this planet.


Dane Wigington is the lead researcher and administrator for the website, and is the executive producer for the groundbreaking climate engineering documentary, “The Dimming”. He has a background in solar energy, was a former employee of Bechtel Power Corporation and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. Dane has devoted the last 20 years of his life to constant research on the issue of covert global climate engineering operations and the effort to expose and halt them.

His personal residence was featured as a cover article in the worlds largest renewable energy magazine, “Home Power”. He manages a wildlife preserve next to Lake Shasta in Northern California. Dane has appeared in numerous films and interviews in his effort to educate the public on the extremely dire environmental and health dangers we face from the ongoing global climate intervention operations.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Greg

    July 23, 2022 at 4:51 am

    Carbon is the basis for organic chemistry. Carbon bonds with other elements and can form over 10 million compounds. It is the king of elements. No other element can do this, thats why carbon based life occurs. Carbon based fuels are abundant and include gas, oil and coal. They claim the vapors from burning these fuels collect in the sky and heat up. But the carbon credit scheme allows corporations to buy permits to pollute by burning the fuels and they can buy, sell and trade this right to pollute. It is a pay to play scheme. Carbon has the atomic number 6. Ancient Mesopotamian math was based on 6 and 10. Thats where 12 months and 360 degrees in a circle came from. Carbon has been known by man since ancient times.

  2. Greg

    July 23, 2022 at 5:28 am
    This site has an in depth explanation of Babylonian and Mesopotamian mathematics. They were more advanced in may ways than us. Besides the 6 and 10 based system they also had a 60 based one. Thay were good at making easily referenced tables. They used their math for complex construction projects as well as different branches of science. I believe that the true powers of this world use this math as well as a different language. The common people use the common tongue English and basic math and science.

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