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Ron Patton | July 15, 2022

Once again, we find ourselves in a COVID Reset with a new variant creating new fears and arguments over what to do next. Of course, the mainstream news will not report this until it has enough momentum to issue lockdown orders for the summer. This is the story of the ages and history will be cruel as the 21st century for a time believed in 15th-century voodoo and mind control to combat a virus with an exceedingly high recovery rate in most people. Furthermore, approximately 260,000 American service members could be discharged due to non-compliance with vaccine mandates. The unscrupulous ruling elite is obviously moving into the next phase of their diabolical plans for world domination. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about YOU AND WHOSE ARMY?





It is July 15th — the day I said that the starting gun will be fired and that we will again find ourselves in a COVID 19 reset thanks to a little something I called project Centaurus, named after the new variant that is supposed to throw us back to where we started. As I predicted the new scares and arguments over what to do next are beginning –and the mainstream news will not report this until it has enough momentum to issue lockdown orders for the summer.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer –“As of today, we have moved from the medium to the “High” covid community level.”

If the county remains in the CDC-designated High level for two consecutive weeks, it will again impose what Ferrer called “a universal mandatory indoor mask-wearing mandate.” Ferrer has warned of the prospect for weeks.

The community level is determined by hospitalization rates. The 7-day rate of 10.5 hospitalizations per 100,000 residents. A rate of 10.0 or higher is a key threshold for moving into the CDC’s highest community level.

Today, L.A. saw its highest number of daily new cases since the original Omicron wave in January. The number of new cases, 8,535, tops the previous post-January high, which was about 8,300 on Saturday. One important difference however is that, while the average 7-day test positivity in the county was just under 8.5% at the end of January, today it is 17%.

Ferrer said that the number of cases is likely to be greatly undercounted, since so many Angelenos now use at-home tests, the results of which are not reported. Anecdotally, she said that providers such as doctors, hospitals and nurses “are telling us [that they are seeing] 40% test positivity rate among patients coming in for care.”

The current dominant BA.5 or Centaurus subvariant is believed to be many times more transmissible than the original Omicron that caused the winter wave and thought to be driving the current surge.

Of course, other subvariants are waiting in the wind to make sure that the threat of lockdown still exists in the next few weeks.

In Texas, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has raised Dallas County’s COVID-19 risk level to red as cases and hospitalizations continue to climb.

Red level means that the subvariant has a high spread factor. the CDC recommends that everyone wear masks indoors when in public and on public transit. That differs from the yellow designation, which recommends indoor masking only for individuals with high risk of severe illness.

The new Centaurus subvariant represent more than 75% of samples tested by University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center researchers, according to the center’s latest COVID-19 forecast.

The CDC measures community spread level using a combination of three metrics: total new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people, total new COVID-19 hospital admissions per 100,000 people, and percentage of inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 patients.

The question is whether or not we admit that COVID-19 is endemic and treat it like the seasonal flu or continue to use it as a tool of power that is being abused by state and federal governments.

There was a time when, if you got COVID, you could assume that you were protected from getting it again for at least a few months after you recovered. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the strains that are circulating currently, including BA.4 and BA.5, both variants of highly transmissible Omicron, which seem to be particularly good at causing infection even in people who have previously recovered from COVID.

It appears that everything they told you to do to protect yourself was all nonsense and if you have dodged the bullet for three years — you may not be so lucky with the new subvariants.

“Your mask protects me, my mask protects you” is outdated.

Yeah, that was a cute idea back when people were actually wearing their damn masks. It was also the limit of our understanding in the very beginning of the pandemic.

Now it really doesn’t matter anymore — and yet it is a nice security blanket for some people.

The ubiquitous six-foot rule about social distancing was based on the splash zone for respiratory droplets. Your breath or speech are only likely to send globs of spit flying about three feet.

But then we learned that the coronavirus is pretty good at becoming airborne. If you’re in an enclosed space with other people, there’s probably virus in the air even if you never get within six feet of anybody. Keeping your distance still probably helps a little, but it’s not enough to consider yourself safe.

After a while, it looked like the vaccines did prevent people from getting infected at all, even asymptomatically. We got used to thinking of the vaccine as making us basically invincible; we were encouraged to take off our masks. But the virus had other ideas. Now, it’s very possible to get infected, and even to get sick, even if you’ve been fully vaccinated (and even with recommended boosters.

So again — why were we told to be vaccinated again? When they knew that they were ineffective?

Covid-19 continues to do more damage to people’s lives — and it is not the sickness itself doing the damage– it is the psychological warfare that is being used in order to scare people into avoiding what it means to be human — and to have human dignity.

The science is calling it the reinfection wave and it certainly defines it –as those who have been vaccinated and boostered are also getting reinfected and not with lesser symptoms either — it is a full on infection with severe cough and flu symptoms.

The new variant is spreading quickly, likely because it snakes past some of the immune defenses acquired by vaccinated people, or those infected by earlier variants. Those who have managed to avoid the virus for close to three years will find it a little harder to continue that streak, and some who recently caught COVID are getting it again.

They can’t prevent transmission anymore even with a vaccine — so again as we have reported, the vaccine was nothing more that worthless security theater–and yet there are still those who wish to push their medical tyranny and require the jab for reasons I do not understand.

Modern science is a powerful thing. Since its inception it has caused philosophers, poets, artists, and other useful humans, to abandon an age-old understanding of the human being and opt instead for a wholly material and mechanistic view of reality. Scientists have influenced generations to scorn what doesn’t register on their instruments, and so cheerily accept a cosmos without a vertical, or spiritual, dimension.

Ousting God from the stage is quite useful. It means you can play that role yourself. Experimenting with how the ‘machinery’ of nature ticks has led to a lot of dead things. Attempting to ascertain how humans tick has led to mad science and now the push for taking poison and snake oil that obviously is ineffective in combatting something that we are now debating on whether or not it was make in a lab and leaked as a biological control mechanism.

Even in the face of failure, the pharmaceutical companies have gleefully rolled out more vaccines to give to your children– and the military now faces a loss in troops because many are now refusing to take a jab for God and Country.

More than 260,000 American service members could be discharged due to non-compliance with vaccine mandates.

The Biden administration’s strict Covid-19 vaccination mandates place more than 13% of the US’ fighting forces at risk of discharge, according to Department of Defense data.

The Pentagon’s website shows 268,858 “partially vaccinated” individuals across the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force, plus another 50,710 civilian employees. However, the figures don’t include servicemembers who have had no shots at all, meaning the real number imperiled by the administration’s vaccine mandates could be significantly higher.

While unvaxxed soldiers whose requests for medical and religious exemptions are pending are supposedly exempt from the requirement.

With the possibility of over a quarter of a million soldiers discharged and the world on the brink of war — Is this even worth it?

Some 6,400 servicemembers have already been kicked out for refusing to get the shot, with the majority being Marines, according to statistics cited by Breitbart. That’s despite the fact that a court injunction has barred the Navy from discharging any sailor seeking a religious exemption. While political pushback has stopped the Pentagon from labeling the departed with a dishonorable discharge, even a “general” discharge can mean a loss of benefits and a black mark on a soldier’s disciplinary record.

The Army began stepping up administrative proceedings against the partially- and un-vaccinated last week, explaining the noncompliant would no longer receive pay as of July or be allowed to participate in “federally funded drills and training.” A statement by the military branch warns those who refuse the mandatory vaccination order “may be subject to additional adverse administrative action.

The deadline for part-time Army Reservists and National Guardsmen to receive the vaccine passed last week, leaving 12% of reservists – about 22,740 people – not fully vaccinated. Some 13.1% of the Army National Guard (44,000 soldiers) are also not fully vaccinated, a spokesperson told Army Times.

When confronted about the effect on the US’ military readiness of potentially discharging tens of thousands of unvaccinated soldiers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley downplayed the problem, insisting “the numbers are very low, by the way, of those that are refusing to be vaccinated,” calling the problem “manageable” and arguing that soldiers should just shut up and take their shots.

However, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed servicemembers are suffering serious if rare side effects from the vaccines, including myocarditis.

The US military has had a difficult time attracting new soldiers, posting its lowest recruitment numbers in decades this year. Last month, the Pentagon admitted it was 23% behind recruiting goals for the year, a problem that has been blamed on bad advertising – specifically the recent trend toward “woke” ads widely mocked on social media – and a sloppy, antiquated recruitment system that places too much responsibility in the hands of outside contractors.

Top-down control means decisions rapidly propagate. These control mechanisms spread and they are enacted by people who don’t care about the damage they cause.

Everything has a price and everything can be bought, sold, traded, or controlled  – including you if you wish to play along and abide by frivolous mandates and controls on a whim

.We might as well get use to the idea that we no longer can make decisions on our own without being told what to do or being forced into doing it.

Do not be surprised, then, if you wake one morning to discover that a wholly new system of living has been put in place. Or that you’ll need to get used to being told precisely what you can buy or own, where you can go, and what you can do. Or that the Klausian young shapers and leaders, who mushroomed in the dark of Covid, don’t see a problem with this.

On the other hand, don’t be surprised if you don’t wake up at all. Because just as you were deciding you could perhaps learn to live with all this, they were deciding they didn’t want to live with you.

Look at it from their point of view. Inundated by nearly 8 billion people, mostly ‘useless eaters’, is to watch an otherwise pleasant planet go to waste.

How much to reduce it by?  down to 500 million — but that whole idea is supposedly gone now because some nasty slabs in Georgia were blown up.

If, say, 95% eventually succumb to the ‘safe and effective’ gene therapy of the vaccines unexpectedly causing severe immunodeficiency disorders, that leaves after the bodies have been cleared away a global population of roughly 500 million.

Those remaining won’t need to make do with a deep ecological lifestyle – mudbrick huts, eggs from chickens and so forth. There will be plenty to go around in a nearly empty Eden.

Forgive my cynicism — but you have to feel as though you have been had– or lied to.

We’ve all watched in bewilderment as supposedly intelligent people – it would be unkind to name them – have swallowed the most ludicrous accounts of what’s going on.

Who has not encountered complete ignoramuses pompously discussing case numbers and  genomic sequencing, graphs and figures put out by the WHO, compliantly switching from unrememberable ‘Pango’ variants, to potentially racist variants, to the more woke Greek alphabet versions?

but is hard to believe that People still  aren’t even hesitant about being injected with gene altering vaccines . Who still recommend getting jabbed even after someone they know had died from the side effects , or they developed severe heart issues.

They are still going to have to deal with the Centaur.  This is scary isn’t it because you have been told that COVID-19 is a death sentence and now you are going to have to listen to conspiracy theorists tell you not to worry — it will all be like a bad flu and that you will be fine.

Funny how all things happen — and how your government gaslights and mocks you.

This is the story of the ages and history will be cruel as the 21st century for a time believed in 15th century voodoo and mind control to combat a virus with a 95% recovery rate in most people.

All the cocky epidemiologists, vaccinologists, virologists, immunologists, public health scholars, pandemic experts and statisticians, once basking in the  limelight are counting their cash that they made off the suffering of others.

It raises the question: what was COVID really about?

Millions have been asking that question since lockdowns and restrictions began in early 2020. If it was indeed about public health, why close down the bulk of health services and the global economy knowing full well what the massive health, economic and debt implications would be?

Why mount a military-style propaganda campaign to censor world-renowned scientists and terrorize entire populations and use the full force and brutality of the police to ensure compliance?

These actions were wholly disproportionate to any risk posed to public health, especially when considering the way ‘COVID death’ definitions and data were often massaged and how PCR tests were misused to scare populations into submission.

The unscrupulous ruling elites froze the global economy in the face of a pathogen that targets almost exclusively the unproductive — those who they see as a burden on the system – it was population reduction of the elderly and those with bad health conditions.

They are obviously moving into the next phase of their diabolical plans for control.

But how is that working for us now — when they say to jump — many will say how high and others will say you and whose Army is going to make me?

It frustrating to see how many people are still true believers after all of the evidence shows that nothing worked and that all of the marketing of fear and misinformation has destroyed us.

The failures are just screaming at the public waiting to be acknowledged but the media whose sponsors are big pharma are not going to report them — that ship has already sailed.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 5 comments.

  1. Color Me Green

    July 15, 2022 at 3:19 pm

    Maybe they will utilize the new national mental health hotline 988 . What is the natural chemical the brain produces when a human
    stays in fear? Maybe the elite have figured out that it doesn’t benefit them for the collective conscious to be furious.

  2. Greg

    July 16, 2022 at 4:54 am

    It seems like the biggest side effect of the vaccine is a blood clot. The side effects of the vaccine are not rare. They are common. I myself know several people who have had side effects. And I am sure most people know at least one person who has had side effects. Blood clots and heart problems are serious side effects. Those soldiers who refuse to get boosted or first time vaxxed have seen others around them getting ill. They would rather be discharged than jabbed. I wonder what kind of grumblings of mistreatment go on among the ranks. This is a volatile situation. The government health officials could one day acknowledge the adverse effects and tell all of those who were vaccinated to get a treatment to counter the bad effects. Imagine the psychological damage then.

  3. Greg

    July 17, 2022 at 10:53 am

    I just discovered another sign of the times. Formula E racing. It has electric F1 race cars going around a track and in certain areas they are granted a power boost. The tail lights change color when they have a boost. It looks like a real life video game. I have noticed this with other sports. Like certain strongman competitions and mma fights have 3d video models of the fighters moving around in one place with all their stats next to them. I think it looks stupid personally. It makes the sports look cheap and tacky. But its part of the effort to join the real world with the techno world.

  4. Jimbo

    July 17, 2022 at 3:05 pm

    No virus can replicate within a cell in the presence of Zinc. However, zinc does not readily enter cells UNLESS there is a facilitating ionophore. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are both Zinc ionophores. So is the common supplement “Quercetin,” found in many natural foods and as an o.t.c. supplement. DAYSTAR television network has a panoply of interviews on their Covid webpage, along with immunity protocols recommended by experts, that EVERYONE should avail themselves of AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION !..

  5. Greg

    July 17, 2022 at 4:43 pm

    Thanks for that info. I looked up quercetin and found out onions in particular the peels are the best natural source and cooking does not affect it. So onion soup is a great way to get that, many fruits and chamomile also are good sources. And zinc is found in meats, dairy and nuts and seeds. I eat all these foods anyway and I dont get sick very often. So it makes sense to me. If someone has a poor diet or health problems taking the supplement form might be the way to go. But throughout my life i have changed my eating habits and found that what you eat is foundational to your health and well being.

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