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Ron Patton | July 13, 2022

A major outage of Rogers Communications mobile and internet networks in Canada last week caused widespread disruptions that affected online services, police emergency lines, and financial institutions reported problems with everything from ATMs to cashless payment systems. Well, in a cashless world, where your money is entirely digital, you’re never more than a computer glitch or a power outage from going bankrupt, a hack away from identity theft,  a forgotten pin from being locked out of your own money, and, a clerical error from the complete collapse of your finances. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with financial analyst, Alan Johnson about ROGERED – TAKING IT IN THE ATM.





One of the things I notice when I travel is that while there are ATMs all over the country — there aren’t as many as there are in my home state of Oregon. Everywhere you go in the Pacific Northwest there is always an ATM you can use to get cash. In big cities like New York or Seattle, you can find ATMs everywhere as well.

At my bank, they even encourage you to use an ATM for your transactions and online banking — or you may be charged a teller fee. A fee to actually work with a real person to help you with your transactions.

Sometimes electronic banking is convenient in many ways — sending money online, doing transactions, paying bills, and direct deposit, saves you from the hassle of having to stand in line waiting for someone to help you at a banking branch.

Yes, the cashless society is being encouraged and the dollar is no longer paper, but just a few numbers, some jots, and titles on an electronic ledger.

We spend at the click of a button or a stroke of a cell phone and we take for granted that if we need cash we can always find and ATM that will print money for those who need cash transactions.

Last Friday, there was an event that happened in Canada that reminded me of the fact that the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon exercises are certainly worthy of talking about again as they reported that the next cyber-attacks will affect the banks and how we transfer monies electronically.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, of course, is a bright new leader selected by Klaus Schwab to do the bidding of the masters of the great reset, His country experienced what can only be called a cyber polygon incident.

A major outage of Rogers Communications mobile and internet networks caused widespread disruptions that affected police emergency lines and customers in the second outage to hit one of the country’s biggest telecom providers in 15 months.

Customers gathered at coffee shops and public libraries to access alternate networks, while financial institutions reported problems with everything from ATM’s to cashless payment systems.

Rogers  has about 10 million wireless subscribers and 2.25 million retail internet subscribers, is the leading service provider in Ontario, and along with BCE and Telus, controls 90% of the market share in Canada.

Interac, which operates an email money transfer service used by several Canadian banks, said the outage was affecting its services. Toronto-Dominion Bank said it was facing system issues with Interac e-Transfer service.

Bank Of Montreal said the outage was affecting financial institutions, toll-free numbers as well as transactions, while Royal Bank of Canada said its ATM and online banking services were affected.

It was the second major outage for Rogers in a little more than a year. In April last year, thousands of its customers reported intermittent interruptions to wireless voice and data services for several hours before the company was able to restore full operations to its network.

In Ottawa’s downtown core, cafes and other businesses were not accepting debit and credit cards, and turning away customers who did not have cash.

Toronto residents crowded into and around a midtown Starbucks coffee shop offering free Wi-Fi on a network unaffected by the outage.

This situation should be a special warning to everyone who on average carry 20 dollars in cash at any moment, and where 1/4 of us will leave a store if paying by card is not an option.

I am sure many of us don’t carry cash — or even think of having any form of hard currency in our hands.

As someone who has simply gotten completely out of the habit of carrying cash at all, this news is an eye-opener.

I have gotten into the habit of relying on electronic money to the point that it just does not seem real until I have no control over it or if I am kept from having access to it.

Well, in a cashless world, where your money is entirely digital, you’re never more than a computer glitch or a power outage from going bankrupt. A hack away from identity theft. A forgotten pin from being locked out of your own money. A clerical error from the complete collapse of your finances.

That’s just minor accidents. There’s the more insidious side, of course, the side of the state. That is if the state controls the currency and tell you how and when to spend it or even gives it an expiration date.

As I have said many times we are vulnerable without any type of assets in our possession.

This vulnerability is undeniable, and yet it is being actively encouraged all over the world. The “war on cash” is a fact of life. Hard currency is undermined at every opportunity.

In a cashless world, no one has anything, except what the bank says they have. And banks can lie, or make mistakes, or cheat, or steal. It’s practically all they do.

In a cashless world, every single payment you make can be traced, reported to the IRS, used to surveil your behavior, pinpoint your location or even create what the Russians call “Kompromat”. Blackmail material, real or invented, it makes little difference these days.

Deeper than that, in a cashless world, where your money is entirely digital, the state can take your money via the bank without your permission or even knowledge. Claim “back taxes” or levy fines or punish you for whatever petty reason they can think of.

And that’s just what they take out, but what about what they put in?

In an entirely cashless world, where the digital bank balance is the only truth, the state could cooperate with big banks in digital entrapment, or full-on digital “framing”.

Framing you by somehow depositing 100.000 in your account saying it is from some well known cartel king pin — a terrorist group or the Kremlin.

This tool could be used to demonize, undermine or even arrest anti-government voices in the media, or anti-establishment politicians.

Granted, every single one of these things is possible today, and might well be happening. But the danger of a cashless world would be that everyone was trapped. There would be no work-around, no safe-guard, no way to get “off the grid”.

Money of course is not the only grid offered service that can put is in jeopardy if the digits go dark.

More people than ever are on food stamps and welfare; the Government is fudging the figures to hide the real number of unemployed; and the Government has no real way to pay pensions and social security going into the future.

With the food crisis being manufactured and the currency crisis on the way — we will see just how much power the state has in using food and money as a weapon in a crisis.

.When the currency crisis does hit, the dollar will either crash to zero or be severely devalued – and it could all happen in a matter of hours, not days, weeks or months. It could get ugly. When prices skyrocket, pensioners and others on a fixed income will be the worst affected, since the same amount of income will only buy a fraction of what it used to. A bank holiday may be declared to stop a run on the banks; ATMs and other ways to access cash may be shut down; there may be riots and social unrest; martial law may be declared.

It is not out of the question — all this has happened before but back then we weren’t as reliant on electronic transactions and digital currency.

For far too long, the US has been living in a fake, fantasy economy. The coming currency crisis represents the tipping point we are about to reach when a critical mass of people, investors and nations completely lose confidence in the dollar. At that point, the cost of financing the debt becomes too much, interest rates start to rise again, prices skyrocket, there is hyperinflation and – all of a sudden – people’s life savings are worth a portion of what they used to be worth. It’s a scary scenario but the natural, inevitable consequence of the reckless borrowing and money-printing the US Government has engaged in for the last decade or so.

Remember, the US Government can declare fiat or paper money as legal tender, but it can’t legislate confidence or generate trust in it.

Ever since the end of World War II, the US has enjoyed tremendous prosperity, partly due to the US dollar acting as the world’s reserve currency, and also partly due to the institution of the petrodollar, the system whereby nations must trade oil in US dollars. However, both of these are starting to break down.

The US has gone from the world’s largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor nation. Since all this debt is denominated in US dollars, the elite cabal in charge of the US dollar, the Rothschild-Rockefeller Federal Reserve cartel, decided to do what any criminal would do: water down the debt so as to not have to pay back as much. Think about it: if you owed money in a certain currency to someone, and if you were in charge of determining the value of that currency, and if you had no scruples, wouldn’t you just make the value of that currency worth less to save yourself money?

This explains the disastrous rise in the US money supply we have witnessed in the last 10 years or less, so extreme it is without historical precedent in America.

Health, oil, food and money are all legacy systems that have been weaponized according to plans set forth for the great reset. The agenda is to tear down basic systems and replace them with new systems under the control of a well tooled world system.

Henry Kissinger once said who controls the food supply controls the people. Who controls the energy can control whole continues. Who controls money can control the whole world.

After nearly three years of COVID hysteria, lockdowns, economic disruptions, and schizophrenic government responses, the United States as a whole as well as the rest of the world is facing a food shortage, higher gas prices and the continued devaluation of the US dollar.

Claims that once belonged only to “preppers” and “conspiracy theorists” are now mainstream news items, with corporate media outlets reporting that some items may be in short supply or simply not available at all. All that is necessary is a brief internet search to see a myriad of mainstream reports of shortages of meat, vegetables, baby formula and many other staple items. Just a cursory walk around the local grocery store will reveal a fairly obvious shortage of many items though the pain is now mostly at the point of being an inconvenience more so than a reason for panic.

For now anyway — maybe we should be in a state of heightened awareness as we can see that bit by bit the powers that be wish to control everything we do and in essence wish we could all be under voluntary house arrest.

Without gas, you can’t travel, without travel, there is no transport, with no transport there is no way food can get to the stores — and for some reason most Americans are tolerating this type of lifestyle.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the war in Ukraine has added to the disruptions caused by climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and inequality to produce an “unprecedented global hunger crisis” already affecting hundreds of millions of people.

“There is a real risk that multiple famines will be declared in 2022,” he said in a video message to officials from dozens of rich and developing countries gathered in Berlin. “And 2023 could be even worse.”

Guterres noted that harvests across Asia, Africa and the Americas will take a hit as farmers around the world struggle to cope with rising fertilizer and energy prices.

“This year’s food access issues could become next year’s global food shortage,” he said. “No country will be immune to the social and economic repercussions of such a catastrophe.”

Notice that Guterres also mentions the rising prices of fuel and fertilizer. This is something else that is being experienced worldwide, not just in the United States. Of course, Western media and the ruling party would have the population believe that Vladmir Putin is hoarding all the world’s gas via Ukraine, imposing restrictions and taxes on the vulnerable people of the United States who were on their way to energy independence just three short years.

Now, however, they somehow woke up begging other countries for fuel, licking the boots of the Saudis, and blaming Vlad for the doubling of the price at the pump. Clearly, it has nothing to do with intentionally shutting off oil pipelines and punishing businesses and working people on behalf of the climate and faulty notion that man-made CO2 is causing temperatures to rise and the planet to reach a point of irreversible calamity.

Whatever excuses they have — it doesn’t improve conditions.

Again, we can look at other nations to see how they are holding up. Places like Sri Lanka are completely out of control. Britain’s Prime Minister has been forced to resign. The former prime minister of Japan was assassinated and world leaders in India are also resigning.

This is beginning to show signs of s world decapitation exercise and here in the United States, congressmen, Supreme Court judges and others have been threatened with assassination.

What happens when entire governments are upended? Would we see bank runs, and food wars?  It is important to be prepared.

To all of those that say there is no conspiracy to throw the entire world into a great reset ask yourself  if we  are we expected to believe that every government across the world simply made the same stupid decisions at the same time? That none of them could figure out the source of the problem?

Shouldn’t at least one of them have stumbled on the right path forward and lead the others through the quagmire?

They are all failing all at once — it is like a symphony of destruction with every nation playing and instrument loudly for the great crescendo.

Should we assume that there are more factors at play here and remember that anytime we see the same thing happening across the world at the same time agendas that are global in nature and have no respect for national boundaries are marching forward?

Keep telling yourself there is no New World Order — keep telling yourself that your political allegiance is going to get you a special place in the hearts of the demons that are pushing us towards extinction and depopulation.

Keep in mind, all of these “global crises” came to be out of the “global pandemic,” itself at best an opportunity that was not allowed to go to waste.

All part of the plan to usher in the fourth Reich or the fourth industrial revolution.

The overall goal of the WEF’s so-called great reset agenda has always been to reshape the global economy and revamp every aspect of society, with or without a plague or Nuclear war or some other crisis but things that make people sweat is what they are good at and fear triggers some great results — like everyone is part of some grand Milgram experiment.

Now that information and communication technologies permeate almost every aspect of our lives and forms of social participation, any digital experience that we have can be turned into a “product” destined to monitor and anticipate our behavior.

This includes what you spend your digital dollars on.

Now keep in mind what I am saying should not be taken as  fatality but a warning of what can lead to a mass fatality – something that we have been promised by Malthusian bankers for decades.

Most people take our monetary system for granted, and are shocked to learn that the government doesn’t issue our money. Almost all of it is created by loans made “out of thin air” as bookkeeping entries by private banks. For this sleight-of-hand, they charge interest, making a tidy profit for doing essentially nothing. The currency printed by the government – coins and bills – is a negligible amount by comparison.

But money is too important to be left to the bankers. Your financial situation should be under your control– do you control your finances or do they control you?

There is no good reason to give any private group a lucrative monopoly over the creation of money; or how you handle your personal finances and what you choose to invest in.

If we had a truly democratic government actually accountable to the public, perhaps the banking system would work but we don’t.

In fact, governments in the United States and most developed countries are oligarchies controlled by special interests. A centralized public bank—without a political revolution–would likely favor government contractors and continue to squeeze borrowers for interest payments, now supposedly directed to “the public good.”

This is curiously reminiscent of the system in the old Soviet Union and today’s China, where a political nomenclature ends up calling the shots and enriching itself.

Our current system of centralized private finance, as well as the “progressive” proposal of centralized public finance, are no more than twin versions of top-down financial control by an elite.

Just like a fish it all rots from the top down and most people have no control of their financial futures — in fact out of all the things I dream for in the world is to be free from financial pain — being in debt, creating debt, avoiding debt, and trying to get extra cash of various side hustles that in the long run are too much work for the reward.

To coin a phrase looking back at the Roger’s outage in Canada people are literally getting Rogered.

Any top-down system of financial control—private or public—presupposes some kind of control by elites, that is, some kind of central planning, whether in corporate board rooms or in the offices of government agencies, or some combination of both. The historical record suggests that such top-down decision-making is inevitably self-serving, distorted, and socially counter-productive.

Indeed, whether public or private, it is the love of money empowered by centralized finance which creates an economy of exclusion and inequality.


If you would like a financial consultation regarding precious metals and IRAs, contact our sponsor, Alan Johnson at (800) 753-8534. His website is and his email is


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Greg

    July 14, 2022 at 4:42 am

    Something is happening that I never expected. Regular people that I know that have hardly ever talked about anything of depth are now talking about preparing for the end of civilization. People I know who have money are talking about how expensive everything is and they cant afford things anymore. The past few weeks where I am food prices went way up. I think the old stocks that were cheaper were all bought and now the average price is around 25% more for most items and beef is way up. Wait untill winter hits. Heating prices are way up and that cost will be extreme for government funded buildings. Think about the cost of one city. This winter could be a budget breaker for most and magnify the downward economic spiral.

  2. R.C. Gallagher, ME

    July 17, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    For enterprise and markets to be “free,” they must also essentially be private, -anything else is top-down control in the guise of whatever soup du jour it’s being labeled as.

    The beauty of “non-centralized/distributed” digital cryptographic currency based economy, semi-linked to a commodity such as precious metal so as to not become too fiat, speculative and volatile, is in being self validating (much as a credit card number is, otherwise anyone could use random sequences until one clicked) back to its Creation point, rendering counterfeiting a functional impossibility.

    However by that very open public nature, it ceases to be private within such an open scrutiny. So how can sovereign citizens have their cake and eat it too, with so competing and contradictory functional service requirements?

    I believe an answer can be found in Rev. 2:17.

    What’s required is a uniquely incepted new identity assigned – rendering only once via appropriate panoplied registration protocol safeguards – and which only that citizen “knows.” No further id association say to any actual name or SSN. So made intrinsically outside unknowably private, a personal cryptograph exemplifies and comprises a white-stone type of new cognomen.

    A logical place to implement initially would be digital medical records, within a PCP-centered medical home. The initial registration protocol facilitates under a physician-patient privilege. Various one-way databases at a state level insures non-duplicate registrations, with contiguous verity.

  3. John Weiner

    July 18, 2022 at 7:34 pm

    One thing you didn’t mention in your opening paragraph ROGERED, about ATMS, and debit,/credit cards is their vulnerability to being hacked using devices called skimmers. I was recently the victim of a hacking of some sort when my Social Security issued debit card was somehow hacked. We-my Representitive Payee and I-don’t know how, yet, nor caught anyone, nor been reimbursed for the $997 worth of funds stolen and used to buy video games from GOOGLE PLAY of Mountainview, California and STEAM GAMES of Belleview, Washington, but I still had enough money left over, and transferred to the new account with a new card, after canceling the old one to order some books from Amazon, unfortunately two of them were not yours, both volume ones one was out of stock and they didn’t know when it would be back in stocks, the other out of print. I think that one was the ufo disclosure book , yet, but we will not give up on this case, especially since I discussed this skimmer scenario with my borough police chief. He immediately gave it short shrift, yet just a few weeks later, the second week of July 2022, there were radio and newspaper reports of a ring using skimmers on ATMS in the area. Another scenario I discussed with him was the use of the same technology police use to scan license plates. He bristled at this suggestion. Another possible scenario I think could be the YACS-short for Yougoslavs, Albanians, Croats, and Slavs- groups that a local FOX reporter, Rich Noonan reported on in the 1990’s, and that I have not discussed with anyone else, until now. In your show,/transcript you seemed to mock the idea that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is responsible for the rise of oil prices, yet in that Gmail to me a few weeks ago you seemed to blame it for the increase in oil prices. Unfortunately, once again, Clyde, you came up short on offering a comprehensive, big picture solution to the situation, while doing a good job defining the problem, while the caller who suggested the Christian Malitia-although I am not a religious person-may have given us a piece of the puzzle, while once again you managed to exploit a,/ the situation by getting a plug in for one of your sponsors, nomatter how good, and or helpful, and or well meaning the advice is, and I do hope it benefited a lot of people, Clyde.

  4. R.C. Gallagher, ME

    July 20, 2022 at 12:26 pm

    More thoughts on crypto-currency “soft linking” to Gold. There are bullion , coin, and numismatic markets. What’s interesting about the last one is it incorporates a base-metal value like bullion, and imposes another speculative market level of “collectible worth,” on top of that. To be a numismatic coin it meets criteria of historic, rare/limited, production. It’s MS graded by TWO (not one) independent agencies. The higher the MS grade, the more rare/collectible its additional value (such as a 16’th century Spanish doubloon has beyond mere base-metal value).

    Many people avoided FDR’s gold confiscation by purchasing or rather “converting to” numismatic coins, which were exempt.

    The volitility issues with cryptocoin significantly mitigates by soft numismatic mating with a more stable, historic coin base.

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