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Ron Patton | July 1, 2022

The preponderance of the evidence is building and we are seeing what can only be described as incremental disclosure of the UFO/ UAP reality. The government has gone from covering up the truth to owning one version of it,  making it the ministry of truth. The Roswell “incident” is the most celebrated event for UFO researchers and the military wants it to disappear. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with space researcher and author, Mike Bara and independent filmmaker, Paul Davids, about ROSWELLIAN – EXPOSING THE MINISTRY OF TRUTH.


I have in the past talked about how the summer of 1947 was sincerely the summer of saucers stories, from the Maury Island Incident, to Kenneth Arnold’s now famous saucer sightings over Mt. Rainier which eventually brought is to the apparent saucer crash in Roswell, New Mexico reported on July 8th, 1947.

The radio reports stated that a flying disc was in the possession of the Army/Airforce at Roswell New Mexico and was sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio for further inspection.

Prior to 1947, UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects (a term coined by the military) didn’t exist in the common cultural vernacular. At that time, Soviet Russians were the aliens that Americans were being told to be afraid of, not extraterrestrials. Today, of course, everything has warped into an unreality as UFO’s are no longer a taboo subject for the military, science is taking seriously the reports of unidentified craft and the newly formed Space force announced that on the 24th of June 2022 they will open the National Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Space Delta 18, will be responsible for analyzing foreign or Unknown threats to the United States in the space domain. The space intelligence center will be co-located with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

Ironically after 75 years of the Roswell cover-up, they will be looking for UFOs both foreign and alien. It is also ironic that the fear we had for Russia has returned and we are certainly keeping an eye on China, which recently reported that there big eyes telescope picked up alien signals form the Kepler region. The announcement form their ministry of science was later removed and erased.

The claim is that the signals were microwaves or cell phone interference in a place where the Chinese took great pains to move out anyone who would have microeaves or even cell phones to use.

Between 1947 and now, we have seen 75 years of cover-up, we have somehow, some way, decided that the UFO phenomenon has become a threatening thread woven into the fabric of contemporary American folklore.

As our Federal Government has lifted off further from its rhetorically democratic matrix, or bio-political seed-pod, the popular belief in UFOs has both broadened and deepened — incredibly!

Fairly recently, in fact, it has been revealed that the Pentagon maintained a top-secret program specifically obsessed with extraterrestrials. This clandestine DoD desk, known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, operated from 2007 to 2012, gobbling up over $20 million along the way.

Not to mention various documents that have been released through freedom of information requests indicating that after the Roswell case there were several reports of human abductions, injuries from UFO’s and alien pregnancies.

A cache of documents includes reports on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, studies on advanced technologies such as invisibility cloaks, and plans for deep space exploration and colonization. Some portions of the documents were “withheld in part” for privacy and confidentiality concerns, the AATIP told The Sun.

One standout document from the collection is a report titled Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues, dated March 2010. The report describes alleged injuries to “human observers by anomalous advanced aerospace systems,” some of which may be a “threat to United States interests,” according to the document.

The report describes 42 cases from medical files and 300 “unpublished” cases where humans sustained injuries after alleged encounters with “anomalous vehicles,” which include UFOs. In some cases, humans showed burn injuries or other conditions related to electromagnetic radiation, the report said — some of them appearing to have been inflicted by “energy related propulsion systems.” The report also noted cases of brain damage, nerve damage, heart palpitations and headaches related to anomalous vehicle encounters.

The report also includes a list of alleged biological effects of UFO sightings on human observers between 1873 and 1994, compiled by the Mutual UFO Network. The reported effects of UFO encounters include “unaccounted for pregnancy,” “apparent abduction,” paralysis, and experiences of perceived telepathy, teleportation and levitation.

The report concludes that there is sufficient evidence “to support a hypothesis that some advanced systems are already deployed, and opaque to full US understandings.”

The preponderance of the evidence is building and we are seeing what can only be described as incremental disclosure of the UFO/ UAP reality.

The government has gone from covering up the truth — to owning one version of it, making it the ministry of truth.

However, as the military has been granted immunity from psych evals from reporting UFOs buzzing our navy ships — there seems to be no effort to go back and give apologies to to the military that was the 509th bomber group that were ridiculed for saying that they recovered a disc and were forced to claim that it was a weather balloon.

The entire UFO event 75 years ago created the need to separate the Army and the Air Force and to give birth to the National security matrix in the country.

Groups like the CIA and the NSA were brought in to look into UFO’s and it was eventually realized that some of these intelligence agents were former Nazi agents– it was vey telling how far a country would go to get down to the bottom of what came from outer space.

Project Blue Book, the Air Force entity studying the UFO story, investigated over 12,000 reported UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969, before Blue Book was terminated in 1970.

Of course, the home base for Blue Book was Wright-Patterson Air Force Base — the time of the Roswell debris and preserved alien corpses.

But has Blue Book or the many incarnations of it gone away?

The government has always wanted to own the narrative when it comes to aleins and UFOs.

Unidentified Flying Objects become Unidentified Federal Objects and a new American political flying saucer circus.

Frankly, since at least 1947, we’ve all been not exactly sujre why the government tends to ignore the Roswell incident — and maybe it can still be a bit terrifying to realize that something can come down form out there and there is no one to protect us if it turns out to be hostile.

Now the so-called X-Files and intelligence operators have a labyrinth of tentacles beyond tentacles with reach and over-reach.

Even with all of the traps of official disclosure, the complete negation of the Roswell event is very suspicious even after 75 years.

In 1997, they went out of their way to debunk the Roswell event, with their case closed paper that said the Roswell event was connected to Project Mogul — a weather balloon test and the aliens were nothing but dummies that were dropped from planes in 1956,

The Roswell event happened in 1947 and in 1997, the military decided to smear many events together to indicate that the military men who are responsible for the nuclear weapons –were all mentally challenged and many were somehow mixing dates and events together.

Even such vague concepts as the idea the government might publish misleading statistics or that there could be people running investigations to fit an agenda sometimes is lost on most Americans that believe their government will not or would not lie to them.

Keep in mind there is no space given over to the raft of historical “conspiracy theories” which turned out to be completely true. NSA mass surveillance. The “sexed up” dossier. Iran-Contra. The DNC rigging the primaries. The Gulf of Tonkin incident.

They are disregarded, ignored because they do not serve the narrative.

It is so blatantly dishonest it needs, and merits, no refutation. An alleged “academic” should know better, should be better.

Leaving aside the cod-psychological waffle, the frankly offensive assumptions, the frequent lies by omission and the constant conflation of all “conspiracy theories” as broadly the same thing, (People who believe aliens crashed at Roswell are filed alongside people who debate Global Warming, 9/11, and vaccination). What we’re presented with is a five-point plan to make sure we stop thinking outside the box

. The unrelenting denial of possible extra-terrestrial or ultra-terrestrial activity on this planet by the U.S. government has precipitated an uninterrupted deluge of accusations, acts of COINTELPRO, and cover-ups. This contributes to conspiracy theories, fringe speculations, faux scientific inquiries, and a growing multitude of reports of unacknowledged encounters and abduction cases.

In addition, the subject has become so thoroughly inundated with obvious disinformation, hearsay, manufactured artifacts, forged films, hoaxed film and video of alien autopsies, misunderstandings by media, missing information, added inapplicable information again provided by the media, and a myriad of other conflicting data which have made the subject hard to grasp for those who consider themselves skeptical.

When you try to break through misinformation and disinformation, it has always been wise to realize that, no matter how smart you think you are, if you are operating with erroneous or incomplete information, you will never uncover or find a solution to any issue.

That is why I find it so discouraging that there are certain individuals that tend to have a myopic view of what is around them and who fear the idea of opening their minds to a new understanding of historical data pointing to UFO incursions of the 20th century.

Especially the Roswell incident and other incidents that involved the military prior to 2017, when the military had no choice but to reveal that Tic Tac UFO’s are buzzing our naval ships and nuclear silos.

But the fight for the truth continues and some people in places of power give subtle hints that they know that there is at least something to be said about alien interactions with human beings.

This is a subject that has been an enigma for well over 80 years. The technology witnessed was as advanced then as it is now. You have naval pilots coming forward stating that this is technology that is in nobody’s inventory. It’s not Russian, Chinese or the US. If any nation had this type of technology, it is a game changer. These are craft that can defy our conventional understanding.

The US isn’t the only country to come forward on this subject. The French in 1999 released a document entitled COMETA. It came to the conclusion that UFOs or UAPs as they are called now, are extraterrestrial in origin.

UFO’s have evoked strong opinions and emotions. For some, the belief in or study of UFOs has assumed the dimensions of a religious quest. Others remain nonbelievers or at least skeptical of the existence of alien beings and elusive vehicles.

However, Roswell is the most celebrated event for UFO researchers and the military wants it to disappear evidently.

What is most frustrating is the documents report numerous witnesses, including former military personnel and respectable members of the local community, have come forward with tales of humanoid beings, alien technologies, and government cover-ups that have caused even the most skeptical observer to pause and take notice. Inevitably these stories coming from the desert have spawned countless articles, books, films, and even museums claiming to have proof that visitors had come from outer space.

It happened so long ago — that the event is becoming more of a legend now that most of the witnesses have died — some of them giving death bed confessions about what they saw and that they handled some of the crash material.

To attempt to limit unauthorized disclosure of what happened in Roswell, the Air Force employed a security mechanism known as compartmentation. Compartmentation controlled access to classified information by dispersing portions of the research among several facilities and institutions.

The issue of compartmentation was significant because some UFO researchers assert that the persons who reported the saucer event , members of the 509th Bombardment Group stationed at Roswell Army Airfield, should have been able to recognize the debris collected at the crash site as that of a research balloon.

But that is the key — the 509th possessed high-level clearances, and they were not privy to the Project Mogul or even the Dummy drops because the Dummy drops were not even an issue till the 1950’s

They were given the job of delivering nuclear weapons, and that should include being aware of what they might hit when doing tests or flights.

I do not doubt that perhaps there was an unusual combination of experimental equipment that they were exposed to and were later briefed on but a saucer, alien beings, and oaths to keep quite would be a clever psychological operation — what would be the motive?

What would be the motive in humiliating the men who loaded the Enola Gay in World War II? the men responsible for having a hand in ending the deadly war with Japan.

Why is the military doing an about-face 75 years after Roswell and now that they have maybe we should petition them to apologize posthumously to those who came forward to tell the truth about Roswell?

Many claims of a flying saucer crash at Roswell rest on the description of debris collected at the Foster Ranch site. UFO researchers, including those who are said to have known all about MOGUL, apparently did not compare the descriptions of the suspect debris with that of the components of Project MOGUL.

In fact, what was seen in the desert and what was unloaded by General Ramey in front of reporters were two different things entirely.

However, after independent investigations of the so-called 1997 case closed documents it becomes painfully obvious that the witnesses did not witness a plane crash, a missile crash, a nuclear device or even the crash of a balloon.

If a Top Secret balloon operation was underway there was no indication in official records from the period that there was heightened military operational or security activity which should have been generated obviously the 509th was not informed and so whatever it was that crashed there was unidentified to them

Back then, I am sure there was a lot of critical thinking that would be important for national security reasons so military men saying they have a flying saucer in their possession wouldn’t make sense — unless they all though that they were dealing with something not of this world.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. John Weiner

    July 1, 2022 at 7:37 pm

    Clyde, it isn’t Russia who is the enemy, it is your boy Putin, and those who are carrying his orders in Ukraine and any where else out who are the enemy.

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