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Ron Patton | June 22, 2023

The U.S. Coast Guard says the missing submersible, Titan, imploded near the wreckage of the Titanic, killing all five people on board.  Over a hundred years later since the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic, we are learning the lesson all over again but this time there are plenty of creepy coincidences and synchronicities that make you contemplate the possibility of a curse or some other vexing that comes with using the name, Titan, for a marine vessel—or maybe, there is some cosmic trickster at play. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about TOMMYKNOCKERS – THE CURSE OF TITAN.





Have you ever learned a lesson the hard way?

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a disaster to teach us to properly plan for danger. Sometimes our hearts and our gut tells us that maybe something just isn’t right and that we should avoid taking that flight, or not go down that dark street at night.

We all have that sixth sense — that actually gives us that feeling of repelling when we sense dangers.

The Titanic is one of those stories that we read about and have seen in movies–where many people died –and there are stories of those who would have died had they arrived in time to take off on the doomed voyage.

Over a hundred years later we are now learning the lesson all over again — but this time there are plenty of creepy coincidences and synchronicities that make you contemplate the possibility of a curse or some other vexing that comes with using the name Titan — for a marine vessel—or maybe there is some cosmic trickster at play.

The U.S. Coast Guard says the missing submersible Titan imploded near the wreckage of the Titanic, killing all five people on board.

Coast Guard officials said during a news conference that they’ve notified the families of the crew of the Titan, which has been missing for several days. Debris found during the search for the vessel “is consistent with a catastrophic implosion of the vessel,” said Rear Adm. John Mauger of the First Coast Guard District

Ocean Gate Expeditions said in a statement that all five people on board, including company CEO Stockton Rush, are believed to be dead. Rush, Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, Hamish Harding, and Paul-Henri Nargeolet “have sadly been lost,” Ocean Gate said in a statement.

Ocean Gate did not provide details when the company announced the “loss of life” in a statement or how officials knew the crew members perished. The Titan’s 96-hour oxygen supply likely ended earlier today.

The Titan was estimated to have about a four-day supply of breathable air when it launched Sunday morning in the North Atlantic — but experts have emphasized that was an imprecise approximation to begin with and could be extended if passengers have taken measures to conserve breathable air. And it’s not known if they survived since the sub’s disappearance.

Rescuers have rushed ships, planes and other equipment to the site of the disappearance. On Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard said an undersea robot sent by a Canadian ship had reached the sea floor, while a French research institute said a deep-diving robot with cameras, lights and arms also joined the operation.

Authorities believed that they heard knocking sounds in the water however they would be phantom sounds if the Titan Imploded.

This brings to mind old legends of the Tommyknockers — a myth about strange beings that appear after the deaths of miners or those submarines that make phantom knocks so people can find them.

One interpretation holds that they are mine-spirits, believed to be the ghosts of those who have died in mines or in underwater caves.

Tommyknockers may always have been subterranean spirits.

The Titan was reported overdue Sunday afternoon about 435 miles south of St. John’s, Newfoundland, as it was on its way to where the iconic ocean liner sank more than a century ago. Ocean Gate Expeditions, which is leading the trip, has been chronicling the Titanic’s decay and the underwater ecosystem around it via yearly voyages since 2021.

By Thursday morning, hope was running out that anyone on board the vessel would be found alive.

After hearing about this tragedy, I remembered many stories that I have read in the past about a curse that has been said to have surrounded the area near the Titanic. There are many people that believe the lost continent of Atlantis was there — not in the South Atlantic but the North Atlantic and that anyone who goes into those icy waters may not live.

Now we know that these subterranean expeditions have been going on for some time but there are some paranormal coincidences that cannot be ignored about both the Titan and the Titanic disaster.

One story deals with a cursed Egyptian mummy that was allegedly on board the Titanic when it sank.

William Stead, a British editor, was a first-class passenger on the ship and while on board he entertained other guests by sharing stories about his work.

For years he had been documenting “Egyptian curses” and writing about “Native American burial grounds”, and claimed that a “mummy” was causing destruction in London.

\Some claimed that documenting the mummy had caused the curse to follow Mr. Stead, and others claimed that it was on the ship.

Several survivors later said they heard Mr. Stead share stories about a “mummy’s curse”, and word of the story made it back to The Washington Post which ran the headline: “Ghost of the Titanic: Vengeance of Hoodoo Mummy Followed Man Who Wrote Its History.”

It is said that Amen Ra took a mortal to be his wife. The Princess of Amen Ra allegedly was found buried deep in a vault at Luxor, on the banks of the Nile. Her mummified corpse was in an ornate coffin and was purchased by four rich Englishmen that died mysterious deaths after they purchased the artifact. There were at least 20 others who died mysteriously after coming in contact with the Princess. American archaeologists who dismissed the happenings as coincidence, paid a high price for the mummy and arranged for its removal to New York.

Egyptian artifacts were found on the ship, but Paul Burns, vice president and curator for the Titanic Museum Attractions in Missouri and Tennessee, said survivor Margaret Brown had the historic items with her as she was due to deliver them to a museum in Denver.

The Mummy was transported to New York on the Titanic. The Titanic hit an Iceberg and sank. 1500 people died in that disaster.

But the coincidences do not stop with ancient folk tales of mummies and curses.

It was reported that last Sunday there was a rare planet alignment in the sky– The planets Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury lined up and you needed binoculars or a good telescope to see Uranus and mercury.

But even if the planets were lined up straight like a row of dominoes, an alignment would be completely harmless– except for the fact that sometimes they cause minute gravity effects on the planet and some scientists fear that it affects the sun and also the oceans of the earth.

In astrology, there are seven planets that have a great deal of influence to our life. These are Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, the Moon and the Sun. The names of the seven days of the week come from these planets, however amongst all these planets and stars, the real major influences are; Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Saturn is known as the destroyer and rebuilder. Saturn can manifest in many forms, Lord Shiva (The Hindu Death God), Shabbathai (The Hebrew equivalent of Satan or Shatain) and Satan or Baal both lords of the air and the waters.

Saturn’s Influence has inched closer by the day to align strongly with the group of planets that combine that control the movement of large objects, the sea and maritime issues, accidents and trauma.

The alignments started the Saturday before the submersible Ocean Gate Titan went missing in the Atlantic Ocean. Saturn’s power grew stronger and of course if you believe astrology and some scientific theorists — Saturn was a powerful influence on the seas of the earth.

The Titan, which disappeared on Sunday while attempting to see the wreckage of the Titanic, had a maximum of 96 hours of oxygen– time has now officially gone up for the doomed crew.

The submarine that disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean while descending to the wreckage of the ill-fated Titanic ocean liner seems to have gone missing and now it appears that submersible robots have detected a debris field near the Titanic wreckage.

The ill-fated Titanic was named after the largest moon of Saturn, Titan and bankrolled by none other than JP Morgan for the White Star Cruise lines. The Ocean Gate Titan was also named after Saturn’s moon.

Titan of course is the fifteenth of Saturn’s moons and is the largest. It is also the second-largest moon in the Solar System. Titan was named after the ancient race of giants in Greek Mythology. They were the children of Uranus and Gaia, who sought to rule the heavens but were overthrown by the family of Zeus.

Titan is the only known moon with a fully developed, planet-like atmosphere.

The Titanic sank on 15th April 1912 killing 1517 people. That was 111years ago.

It was also discovered that perhaps the influence of the sun may have had a part in the sinking of the doomed ocean liner.

The new study’s key finding is that the northern hemisphere was in the grips of a “moderate to severe” magnetic storm that night, which could have altered the Titanic’s navigational readings, affecting both its planned course and the information the crew shared about their location during SOS signals.

Two of the Passengers on board the Titanic were Isidor and Ida Straus who choose to remain onboard the sinking Titanic together so that others could escape to safety in their place.

They were the real-life inspiration behind the heartbreaking scene in James Cameron’s movie in which an elderly couple embraces in bed as water rushes into their room.

The Ocean Gate executive who was piloting the submersible on its fateful Sunday dive is married to the descendent of that doomed couple. Ocean Gate founder and CEO Stockton Rush is married to Wendy Rush, the great-great-granddaughter of Isidor and Ida Straus. Rush is Ocean Gate’s communications director and has been involved with its Titanic expeditions since they began in 2021, according to her LinkedIn page. She is also a direct descendant of Minnie Weil, one of the Straus’ seven children.

A grim coincidence that would leave you wondering if all things and people who have connections to the Titanic are cursed.

Another prominent passenger who died on the Titanic was John Jacob Astor IV where he wrote a science fiction novel called “A Journey in Other Worlds: A Romance of the Future” where he described the world of 2088, a time when the world would be able to use anti-gravity ships to go to Saturn and Jupiter.

In 1898, a man named Morgan Robertson penned a novel titled, The Wreck of the Titan: Or, Futility. The story was that of a man named John Rowland, an alcoholic and disgraced former Naval officer, who takes a job aboard the Titan, the world’s largest vessel. Robertson describes it as “unsinkable,” and “among the greatest works of men.” The Titan sinks after slamming into an Iceberg.

The tale could almost be an exact retelling of the Titanic tragedy, if not for its release date. In fact, that’s what makes it even more eerie.

The similarities between the Titan and the Titanic go far beyond a name and an iceberg. The length of the Titan was 800 feet, and the Titanic 882. The speed at which the Titan cruised into the iceberg was 25 knots. The Titanic’s was 22.5. The Titan held 2,500 passengers. The Titanic held 2,200, though both had a capacity of 3,000.

The book was written 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic.

The fact that 125 years later we would also be hearing of another Tragedy where the Titan, a submersible sinks and is destroyed in the same area as the Titanic.

It takes a while to begin to understand the twilight language– that exists in synchronicity and the power and influence of certain planets. There are striking synchronicities that can only be discovered if you really look at what the universe is trying to tell you.

What is most disconcerting is that now a debris field has been found there are worries that the whole submersible imploded.

The only saving grace is that it would have been immediate, literally in milliseconds and the men would have no idea what was happening. In fact, in gruesome detail, it was said that if the hull imploded that the passenger’s spins would have snapped in 4 milliseconds and so they would have died instantly.

Some of those on the Titan have some interesting connections –which makes it a conspiracy theorist’s gold mine.

Hamish Harding, a British businessman, and French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, are members of the Explorers Club. Peter Strzok Sr. was a member of the Explorers Club in Africa and was believed to have been involved in a number of coups. The Explorers Club is called both the Old Spies Club and Spies R Us. The club has been the center of a number of infighting and paranoia as some members believed their phones to be bugged and that their positions have been compromised.

Shahzada Dawood, a billionaire Pakistani businessman, with interests in fertilizers and biometric surveillance systems.

Dawood, a British Pakistani businessman, is a longtime supporter of King Charles’s charity The Prince’s Trust and the British Asian Trust. His son Salaiman was also on the Titan.

Shahzada Dawood is Vice Chairman of Dawood Hercules Corporation, part of the Dawood Group, which has been a family business for over a century.

Shahzada is a leading voice for the institutionalization of key international networks, including the World Economic Forum biometrics operations. He also has interests in Fertilizers and GMO foods.

The fact that the Pakistani billionaire is connected to the development of a state-of-the-art biometric surveillance system is enough to suggest that maybe the disappearance of the Titan is no accident.

However, there is no proof of this but the connections are intriguing. The question is who gets the patents after his death? How coincidental that the UN and the WEF wish to roll out the Digital ID in 2024.

Swedish biometrics company Fingerprint Cards has taken a big step into the WEF’s New Champions Community, an assembly of mid-sized enterprises.

The WEF is keen to promote biometric forms of digital ID and claims the technology would serve as a steward of “social inclusion.”

Experts from within and outside Ocean Gate raised concerns about the safety of its Titan submersible as far back as 2018, years before the tragedy.

Ocean Gate’s own former director of marine operations also flagged potential safety issues with the Titan around the same time — and says he was fired after doing so.

David Lochridge, himself an experienced submarine pilot, alleged in a 2018 lawsuit that he was fired after raising concerns that the company wasn’t properly testing the vessel’s carbon fiber hull. He had also pushed for the company to utilize a classification agency to inspect and certify it.

Lochridge said he first raised his safety and quality control concerns verbally to executive management, which ignored them. He then sought to address the problems and offer solutions in a report.

The day after it was submitted, the lawsuit says, various engineering and HR executives invited him to a meeting at which he learned that the viewport of the submersible was only built to a certified pressure of 1,300 meters, even though the Titanic shipwreck lies nearly 4,000 meters below sea level.

So are we to believe that very rich billionaires paid $250,000 to go on what would eventually be seen as a suicide mission?

The whole event was doomed from the beginning. The curse again is in play as yet more victims fall prey to the icy watery grave.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 11 comments.

  1. Karen Ann Foster

    June 22, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    And do we know that they no longer exist? How does the captain of the submersible get lost on his way to the Titanic? What if the rich and famous just wanted to “suicide” themselves (so to speak) and aren’t on their way to a safe underground bunker? Kinda off the subject; I’ve listened to your show for so long I automatically consider other angles! I’ll be listening. Should be really interesting!

  2. John Weiner

    June 22, 2023 at 8:40 pm

    The persecution of President Trump, the tap on the wrist to Hunter Biden, plus the release of the tape of him threatening Chairman Xi, of China by the Inspector General, in which he is quoted as saying ,” his father,( the then Vice President is in the room sitting next to him), “were all well reported today, especially by Mark Levin, so what would milking this story out distract us from?

  3. Frogman74

    June 23, 2023 at 9:24 am

    Many thanks for the manuscripts you churn out after the live podcast , it sure enhances my understanding of anything I may have overlooked listening to the podcast .

  4. Pat

    June 23, 2023 at 9:36 am

    Interesting show Clyde there’s a lot of danger at 12,500 feet below sea level . What I heard is that it imploded? Gravity 400 times more at that depth. It only takes a crackers weakness in the shell of that small crop submarine and within, and within a second it could’ve been crushed. He could’ve bumped into something or got a puncture or a crack in the steel, or a defect will probably never know. That’s definitely weird. They were both called titan.? Take care Clyde enjoy life is way too short.

  5. Frogman74

    June 23, 2023 at 9:50 am

    CLYDE IS WAS A GOLD MINE OF A SHOW. some of the guess who called it really sparked a vast conspiracy concepts as well as insights …..

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