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Ron Patton | June 22, 2022

Over the last few years, there has been a growing feeling that the world has gone wrong. It seems like something has somehow pushed us into a retrocausal Dark Timeline. With politics running amok, geoengineering causing massive weather anomalies, confusion about sexual identities, racism, a global pandemic, mass shootings, and a proxy war in Ukraine, there appears to be a certain Orwellian vibe to it. Is it an indication that the timeline is running out or is the final event just the ending? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about MODAL REALISM – THE FUTURE AFFECTING EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE.





I have received e-mails in the past where people say to me, does every paranormal show you do take its inspiration from a movie? Well perhaps there are movies lately that take the notion of paranormal activity up a notch but I have mentioned many books that I have read that give me some insight as to the power of telling a story to illustrate a very important reality. I also have a few songs that inspire me to. I rarely bring them up because a lot are heavy metal punk songs — but I do from time to time pull inspiration from some Pink Floyd album that I played over and over again.

When I lived in South America the Pink Floyd album The Final cut was certainly an inspiration to me as it seemed as though I was living in the world that Roger Waters envisioned. It certainly had a few digs towards the Falkland Island Malvinas Conflict.

But one song in particular struck me as a song that sings about a retro causal event that would be similar to the holocaust.

The song is called Possible Pasts. The lyrics begin like this:

“They flutter behind you your possible pasts

Some bright-eyed and crazy, some frightened and lost

A warning to anyone still in command

“Ranks! Fire”

Of their possible future to take care

In derelict sidings, the poppies entwine

With cattle trucks lying in wait for the next time.”

The Cattle trucks certainly stirred images of the trains that carries the Jews to the death camps in World War II — but it wasn’t about World War Ii — it was about a future event where the World would be at war again — but this time all of the countries who boldly marched into war and would look back and see that all of the anthem, banners and flags of each nation would no longer mean anything.

The final words of the song say:

“Strung out behind us, the banners and flags

Of our possible pasts lie in tatters and rags.”

Our Possible futures and pasts are all based in the final event that we have been rehearsing for many years.

I guess the song pretty much summed up the multiverse where war is the final word and a scorched earth policy makes everyone equal as they become charcoal in the nuclear fire.

Yes there are many things that spark my imagination — and it appears that the multiverse seems to be a trend in movies and retro causality is a fascinating leap into watching the present in order to understand how we are reacting to an echo from the future.

The multiverse concept has exploded in popularity recently with movies like Everything Everywhere All at Once and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The multiverse is a theory that has always had a wide appeal among a certain type. The term was first coined by Michael Moorcock in 1963 and has shifted and changed a lot in its interpretations throughout the decades. Sometimes it just means “lots of other universes existing outside our own” with their own laws of physics. However, a very common interpretation is a (probably wildly inaccurate) reading of the “many worlds” theory of quantum mechanics where each probable outcome of random chance spawns an alternate timeline.

I watched the movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once — I was surprised at how much of a tear jerker the film was and how it approached the multiverse in a way that is confusing only because it deals with something more chaotic and that is Modal Realism,” which was proposed by philosopher David Kellogg Lewis. This concept argues that “possible worlds” are no less real than “actual worlds.” If it’s possible to think of it , or imagine it you realize that your brain signals to yoy that it exists.

You think it and then it happens.

It is that thought that takes you to the Land of Oz — the vortex opens up, you encounter strange and interesting people — you go on your heroes journey trying to find wisdom, heart, and the courage to face anything, you then go back to the present and use what you have learned from the journey.

Whatever the scientific or philosophical background of the idea, however, these are usually just hand-wavy excuses to get to the old question of “What if things had turned out differently?”

It’s a classic story we see at Christmas time with Clarence and George Bailey in Frank Capra’sIt’s a Wonderful Life.”

But — I have concluded that the reason we are being exposed to these new firms of though is because we have a arrived at a time when the crisis of many earths has become a torrent in the space time continuum.

The idea of a retro causal event affecting the past and the present is part of what can be called “The Darkest Timeline.”

The point is that over the last few years there has been a growing feeling that the world has gone wrong. That something has somehow pushed us into a Dark Timeline.

It can be said that it is evident with politics run amok, geoengineering causing massive weather anomalies, people confused about sexual identities. racism, a global pandemic, mass shootings, and a proxy war in Ukraine that has a certain Orwellian vibe to it.

Is it an indication that the time line is running out — is the final event just the ending of our time here on earth.

Something is off.

The sun doesn’t shine the same way — people are easily triggered. They are emotionally invested in political show trials and soon you realize that your coffee just doesn’t taste the same, your hair is falling all the wrong way. Our institutions are crumbling. Nobody trusts their neighbor anymore.

And you stay up at night wondering to yourself how are we ever going to get back to normal?

If you haven’t noticed this then perhaps your Modal Realism is in a timeline that is comfortable for you — but of course the majority of those experiencing the dark timeline will tell you that you are in complete denial.

Something earth shattering is coming. You can feel it in the marrow of your bones, you an almost smell the sulfur from the nuclear fire– it is so real that you dream about it –and the demons are waiting at the gate to make their move and reveal themselves to the world.

It’s not just that bad things keep happening, although these stories do reach for that lingering sense that things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to. But it is also that there are people around us who seem to exist in completely different realities.

In a world of constantly conflicting narratives, when the pandemic has isolated each of us in our own bubbles for a long period of time, it’s not hard to see why this perception of a fractured reality has resonance.

The New Normal as they call it is purely and indication of Modal realism — a choice to be in a deadly timeline because there has been a triggered response of self destruct that can be seen as suicidal adolescence. Or it can be seen as the death rattle — it can be heard as the inevitable future that plays with our possible pasts.

Today, you are “normal “if you make choices against your common sense. People are being coerced to just go with the lunacy — because they think it is what they are supposed to do. They are listening to the wrong people.

We have developed this habit of conforming because we are told that we know nothing and that experts should dictate choices– we are told not to listen to our hearts — and disconnect from critical thinking.

Once you reach that point of conformity, or “normalcy” there isn’t much else you need to do if you are an authority trying to pressure people into compliance.

In fact, it can often work against that authority — getting people, through a coercive fear campaign, to comply because it can then become impossible to get these masses to let go of the thing that makes them feel “normal” — it has been an easy task for the technocrats to compliance with the majority.

It is like we have been groomed and trained like monkeys to go against our self interest. If you do you are selfish, a racist, a nationalist, a tin foil hatter — just go down the list of smug things that are said to people that refuse to play in the dark timeline and wish to break free.

For example we are now in a world that is slowly losing their fears over the pandemic. Since death tolls are no longer reported like the weather and we have realized that the vaccine did not effectively contain the threat there are still those who are going to vaccinate their children now that they have approved the vaccine for infants and young children and even when authorities have lifted mask mandates [people are opting to ignore the relaxation of mask compliance, and deciding on their own, or within their organization such as a hospital or doctor’s office to continue requiring them.

There are many things in our culture that have become normal that in previous years, or decades, or even centuries, were not normal. We are continuously experiencing a wave of “abnormal or nonexistent to normal” flowing over us as the years pass.

Things that were not consensual, or embraced by the majority, did not become normal until they were.

I still see people from time to time wearing masks when they jog or when they are outdoors and I wonder why — paranoia is something that is hard to kick.

It also bothers me to see that even though te pandemic is passing into historyrepercussions are still evident and bosses at jobs are demanding compliance as if everything is normal again — many employers are already guilty of coercion when they forced medical treatments on their employees — now they want even more out of people even though they don’t pay enough to even keep the gas tank full — if there is no money for fuel, how can you expect people to be on time or even present?

These new obstacles have to be figured into the daily routine because — this is what we chose to do — we haven’t fought it off and when we do we are subjected to ridicule and shoe trials.

This is not the America we are used to — and people are either going tio fight to get back to normal or continue to do a haphazard job at living through a dark time line.

The New Normal does not mean “right” or “healthy” …far from it.

But people gleefully accept it because we are told it is patriotic, and that the powers that be are changing lives — well, lives are not being changed for the better and its time we acknowledge it and demand better.

We may see, today, many things we are not happy about becoming normal, “things” like drag queens reading to school children, critical race theory. school shootings but the real damage we are, and will, experience is not so much the physical aspects to these things, but the psychological and spiritual implications.

God is no longer a concern of young people today and it can be argued that when God no longer has meaning in the lives of the young — then morality can go away eventually.

The deeper issues of this assault on humanity are far more devastating, works its evil over time, and is much more difficult to see.

Some knowledgeable people, apparently including the Pope, are beginning to suspect that there may be more going on in the world than just the war in the Ukraine. They say that World War 3 has already started and things will get worse from now on. This can be difficult to determine while we are participating in the unfolding events and do not have the benefit of the historical perspective. It is doubtful that people back in 1939 realized that they were looking at the start of a major worldwide conflict, although some may have suspected it.

The current global situation is in many ways like a giant jigsaw puzzle where the general public only sees a tiny part of the complete picture. Most don’t even realize that there may be more pieces and don’t even ask these simple questions: Why is all this happening and why is it happening now?

Things are more complicated than most people realize. What they see is the evil villain Vladimir Putin invading innocent Ukraine with his evil army – for absolutely no reason.

This is a simplistic view, to say the least because nothing happens without a reason.

But what if the secret lies in the idea that we are being blackmailed because our President and his son Hunter have done so many evil deeds in Ukraine that the Oligarchs are holding us hostage?

We are told to make sacrifices for a war that is about to be lost . History dictates that this will be the case, that is if the timeline holds true for the ultimate end — it will all be about the restructuring of the new order — the reset is not just a world wide occurrence but a newly established timeline where the small group of plutocrats think it into existence, slam some particles together in a supercollider and create a new world.

I know that sounds too simplistic and crazy but how else can we describe what will lead us to the nuclear event that has already happened in the future, or the alien invasion, or extinction-level event from space?

Everything is a blur in the future, but we have been ritualized and groomed for things like lockdown, and the eventual ennui with regard to how we live in the new timeline.

We will have no need to go anywhere — just stay home, work at home, pay your bills with no cash. Own nothing and be happy.

What and existence — we think it and it happens.

The he mill has been greased for a cashless society for easy, normal, insertion into our culture and society. Online learning, is now trendy with all levels of education.

Online work as well is becoming more and more common, therefore is being “normalized.” In fact, any sort of gathering now seems to be relegated to a Zoom session, destroying any psychological and spiritual need to touch shoulder to shoulder with other human beings, physically look into their eyes rather than looking into a camera that then creates a digital representation of an eye to gaze into.

The more subtle “normalities” being afflicted upon us include a general fear of nature and our natural environment. Children are clearly being taught to fear other children, teachers, and the unvaccinated.

We are being trained to believe that to fear life itself is normal. Certainly, a totally irrational fear of death is being made normal.

And slowly we are being introduced to the normal idea that quite possibly, if we play our cards right and support the efforts to do such a thing, technology will bring us a deathless experience of life.

No need to worry about a nuclear war — science can lift your charred remains and give you a breathing suit and apparatus that would be as cool as what Darth Vader wears on the Death Star.

So true to form, so science, fiction so obviously confining — they will also throw in the mask as we have all been normalized to breathe with something blocking our nose and mouth.

It is being promoted that if you are not on the list to be culled by the Malthusian billionaires, the true meaning of life lies in some artificial, and technological, way to keep life eternal with wires, plastic, metal and artificial intelligence.

Humans have always gone through weird ventures into strangeness and we have seen that a lot of these fads do not work but now it does not work that way it is normal to identify as anything — if you’re a man, you can be a woman, a woman can be a man, you can identify as black or Asian even if you are Caucasian. you can even think you are napoleon now and no one will stop you and say — are you crazy?

These things are not normal. They go against the fabric of nature, of spirit, and if you believe in such things, God Himself. We seemed to have lost sight of this measure of normalcy, and only see “normal” as “majority” and thus believe it is simply no big deal

This is why the idea of Modal Realism seems so evident and the mode we have chosen is the darker timeline.

It will eventually lead to us all conjuring a dark and hideous creature raising its head out of the muck of human shadow. Much like what was talked about in the science fiction film Forbidden Planet.

Western societies have moved from a state where people could be reasonably confident that what they were being told by Governments and the media had at least some basis in reality, to one where we now live in.

The reality itself was being shape-shifted and manipulated to such an extent that it is now largely impossible to be sure of what is and isn’t real in the civic sphere any longer. World of unreality, where truth is buried and obscured by a quite obscene mountain of lies and deception.

Although the average person knows at some level that they’re being constantly lied to, the lies and deceptions are so great that most people actually find it more comfortable to go along with them than to consider the deeply uncomfortable truth about the nature of the society they now live in. Comfortable lies are easier to cope with than uncomfortable truths – that is if you are using your reptilian reasoning.

And therein lies the problem.

We have already begun to displace certain attributes typically characterized as human into all of our technology. Our memories have been on the decline since the invention of writing when remembering whole stories became unnecessary. Now, our memory has been almost entirely displaced onto our smartphone calendars and search engines like Google.

Transhumanism is killing us emotionally and psychologically – it is like death from 1000 paper cuts. The emotional rollercoaster that technology gives us, especially social platforms, is taking its toll on us psychologically.

Society has recently become so aware of emotional well-being and how to achieve it. We are constantly surrounded by campaigns that encourage us to take a break from work, clear our heads, and purify our minds to relax.

We are coerced in developing an online identity – pick a side politically, share your religious beliefs and your sexual orientation. Then there are hashtag activists that bombard you with causes to joining and petitions to sign.

It truly is taxing on our brains.

It is effecting everything everywhere all at once.

Algorithms can arguably steer the timeline into a brick wall —aand soon we will hit it hard.

Technology does not portray emotion or intent clearly, yet society puts an emphasis on emotional awareness. It is a technological paradox that brings with it a new type of anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

We become tired and physically ill – we feel our immunity slip as we shapeshift into programmed and fearful pawns.

Only until a majority agree they are normal are they declared normal. But these things are not normal. They go against the fabric of nature, of spirit, and if you believe in such things, God Himself.

We can only assume that there will be seekers of the truth amidst these lies, but there are many ignorant souls that will be left floundering as they continually attempt to subject yesterday’s narrative to scrutiny, while the reality shape-shifters have pulled the rug from under their feet by moving the narrative onto tomorrow’s barefaced lies.

Meanwhile, we have to contend with inhuman infiltrator s that have invaded or universe and have forces us into a time of Modal realism and the coercion of living in the darker timeline.

The success of these human infiltrators or these “reality creators”” is entirely reliant on one thing: that the number of people judiciously studying their actions remains small.

If it does, they can continue playing their sick game of treating people like human cattle with impunity, labelling those who are studying and questioning their actions as cranks and conspiracy lunatics.

It will be the event where as the Pink Floyd song says the cattle tricks will lie in wait for the next time.

Only if a critical mass of people start questioning theory actions and their ability to get people to be less human then their despotic and demonic project can be undermined as they now find themselves subject to critical scrutiny by people with their eyes wide open, their neo mammalian cells engaged, and sufficient numbers to expose their agendas.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 5 comments.

  1. Tim Bonnin

    June 22, 2022 at 9:27 pm

    Your God pushes alcohol, “like a loaded gun”, to people like you and Just wash the product, before you drink! Take me seriously, Clyde.

  2. Timothy Bonnin

    June 22, 2022 at 9:48 pm

    Clyde,you don’t know what the Good Book says. But, with you being groomed by CNN, I can see why. Now if you don’t know, when I will ask of you, what has been written in it, like it to walking grace fully into all the pillows on fire, beneath your head. Spared the fired basket , from on high!

  3. Greg

    June 23, 2022 at 5:11 am

    I watched the new doctor strange movie last night and it was more for adults. Sam Raimi was involved in the movie. He brought elements of his evil dead movies into the marvel universe. A book like the Necronomicon which is the book of the dead has spells and incantations which summon demons and open portals to other worlds. This book has been spoken of for quite some time in our reality. You can buy a necronomicon by an author called Simon. This book uses the Sumerian language and is an actual workable magic book. It can be used to summon plague demons. The true Necronomicon is found in the dream world, many people have seen pages of it in their sleep.

  4. David

    June 23, 2022 at 4:25 pm

    As much as I would wish otherwise, I’m coming more and more to the realization that humanity will never be able to return to what was, but will have to face and go through what is coming. Every major religion, past and present has an end-times scenario where humanity goes through great tribulation (sorry no rapture) and the remnant that survives evolves into a higher state of consciousness. We subconsciously portray that in our art, our literature, plays (film, opera, etc) and our music. Deep down we know what is coming. For me, I am of an age where I might not survive to see it, but my children will. Just for your consumption, the year 2046 keeps coming up in my mind. Whether this means anything or not, time will tell.

  5. joe scotto

    June 23, 2022 at 11:50 pm

    SIMON NECRONOMICON AKA Peter Lavenda. yes nightmare on elm st, evil dead.INCEPTION..Matrix,,Dark cities,Alan Moore,Neil Gaiman, yes dream chaos MAGICKS ..MY satanist cousin Mark Passio .

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