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Ron Patton | June 21, 2023

Archaeologists have recently unearthed a horrific mass grave of 450 desecrated remains thought to belong to those accused of “vampirism.” Throughout history, vampires have been considered real and today with all of the talk about the trafficking of humans and the drinking of Adrenochrome by the elite, vampire stories have leaped from mere fables to harsh reality. Some wealthy older people are using the blood of young people as a type of youth serum. The transfusion procedure is called “parabiosis,” where the blood of the young is used to prevent aging. The underlying theme of this practice also has strong roots within the occult. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal author, Steve Stockton about VAMPIRE STATE – BLOOD BATH AND BEYOND.





I watched the movie Renfield last weekend. It was available on a no-pay site and I thought it would be fun to see Nicholas Cage play the Count. It was campy and fun — but it just seemed as though no matter what happened to him, he would always find a way to come back but that is the way all serial killers and scary movies are — you never can get rid of those evil people that seem to permeate throughout history.

Maybe vampire fables are just metaphors for bad ideas or dark tendencies that are hard to kill or get rid of.

Today, we may laugh at the idea that vampires exist — I am sure that many only see the role-playing vampires as fashion victims that have been misunderstood by society — but throughout history that Vampire has been very real and today with all of the talk about trafficking of humans and the drinking of Adrenochrome by the elite – Vampire stories have lept from mere fables to harsh reality.

Archaeologists have recently unearthed a horrific mass grave of 450 desecrated remains thought to belong to those accused of “vampirism.”

The mass burial was discovered by construction workers in Luzino, northeast Poland, and was packed with a plethora of skeletons, many of whom had been beheaded and placed in unusual configurations.

Additionally, a good portion were discovered with coins and bricks in their mouths and skulls placed between their legs, which were historic “cures” for vampirism practiced by Europeans in the nineteenth century.

Sometimes the corpses are found with metal rods nailed through their chests to hold them in their coffins — different from the trope of a wooden stake that pierces the heart of the Vampires in most horror films.

Maciej Stromski, an archeologist who had overseen the massive dig, told the press that beliefs surrounding burial were very popular centuries ago.

It was believed that if a member of the deceased’s family died shortly after the funeral, then he or she could be a vampire. Therefore, after burial, the grave was dug up and the deceased’s head was cut off, which was then placed in the legs,” Stromski said. “We also discovered an example of a woman after decapitation. The skull of a child was laid on her bosom.”

According to Matteo Borrini, principal lecturer of forensic anthropology at Liverpool John Moore University, the “undertakers” did this because they believed that these bodies were responsible for spreading illnesses — these illnesses were believed to be passed into the blood and thus the vampire was born.

The people of the time were worried that bodies would tear through the dirt and spread terrible diseases “in a sort of black magical way” due to “demonic influence.”

Whether or not one believes in vampires, in the past many serial killers were labeled as such due to their sick, twisted methods of killing people and drinking or bathing in their blood.

Vlad III, known as Vlad The Impaler, was a Wallachian monarch in the 1400s and is still undoubtedly the most renowned “vampire” murderer. Vlad’s background is rife with political intrigue, espionage, and treachery. He was infamous for impaling his opponents’ armies and consuming their blood. Anyone found to have plotted against him or his family was sentenced to death.

Elizabeth Báthory, a Hungarian female serial killer that was historically labeled a vampire, lived during the late 1500s and is thought to have held prisoner, tortured, and killed hundreds of women and young girls. She was suspected of being a vampire after allegations that she not only committed to cannibalism but also bathed in the blood of her victims. Báthory’s standing as a noblewoman allowed her to get away with these crimes for a long time.

However, the fear of vampires is not just a relic of the past.

A senior politician in Malawi named Eric Chiwaya was nearly stoned to death in 2003 by an enraged mob of at least 100 people who were accusing him of hiding vampires at his house.

He luckily survived the ordeal, which saw protesters voice their suspicions that he was conspiring with vampires and the nation’s government to gather human blood for international aid agencies.

But of course, we see these stories from time to time in the tabloids and think to ourselves that people in Africa are superstitious and so grizzly vampires are not among us in our sophisticated world.

A nurse and nature lover in Canada reportedly captured footage of what she said appeared to be “two scantily clad women holding a carcass-eating ritual” with a camera she set up near her home.

Corinea Stanhope, of Powell River, British Columbia, told Kennedy News. “It really freaked us out, it’s not something you see every day.”

After coming across a deer carcass in a garden on her property, Stanhope explained that she set up the camera to surveil any animals that might take interest in the dead deer.

At first, they caught a bobcat on camera but Stanope added that her 76-year-old grandfather Bob was horrified when he checked the footage and saw what appeared to be scantily-clad women chomping down on the carcass at night.

Stanhope noted to the outlet that the carcass-chompers emerged about 10 minutes after sunset looking “disheveled” and like they were wearing wigs.

Social media erupted after Stanhope posted the photos online, with some claiming it was a prank, while others speculated there was a satanic or other paranormal element at work.

Some were saying they were witches while some saw it as some sort of Vampire cult initiation.

Others theorized that the figures were “skinwalkers” or “wendigos,” both of which are malevolent supernatural entities associated with Native American folklore.

In Landover Maryland police were sent on June 2 to check in on 71-year-old Margaret Craig after a concerned individual called 911, worried after being unable to reach her for days.

Police were allowed inside the Landover, Maryland, home the three women shared, and “they immediately smelled the odor of decomposition.”

In the basement, police discovered three bags of decomposing remains.

Candace Craig, and her 19-year-old daughter, Salia Hardy, were the suspects arrested in the case stemming from the May 23 murder of Margaret.

Based on additional evidence gathered at the home, as well as multiple interviews, the preliminary investigation suggests Candace Craig murdered her mother on May 23, 2023,” reads the statement. “The following day, Hardy helped her mother attempt to dispose of the remains.”

No motive was identified in the police statement.

A chainsaw was used to dismember Margaret Craig and some of her remains were barbecued in the backyard grill.

Candace Craig was charged with first- and second-degree murder while Salia Hardy was arrested on a single accessory after the fact count.

In Scranton Pennsylvania, a former manager at the Harvard Medical School morgue, his wife and three other people have been indicted in the theft and sale of human body parts.

55-Year-old Cedric Lodge of Goffstown, New Hampshire, stole dissected portions of cadavers that were donated to the school in the scheme that stretched from 2018 to early 2023, according to court documents. The body parts were taken without the school’s knowledge or permission, authorities said, adding that the school has cooperated with the investigation.

Lodge sometimes took the body parts — which included heads, brains, skin and bones — back to his home where he lived with his wife, Denise, and some remains were sent to buyers through the mail, authorities said. Lodge also allegedly allowed buyers to come to the morgue to pick what remains they wanted to buy.

Bodies donated to Harvard Medical School are used for education, teaching or research purposes. Once they are no longer needed, the cadavers are usually cremated and the ashes are returned to the donor’s family or buried in a cemetery.

In a message posted on the school’s website entitled “An abhorrent betrayal,” deans George Daley and Edward Hundert called the matter “morally reprehensible.” They said Lodge was fired on May 6.

Paula Peltonovich and her sister, Darlene Lynch, said they were shocked to learn that their father’s remains were among those said to be stolen. They said their parents were both police officers in New Hampshire who wanted to donate their bodies to science.

While the woman fear they may never know what happened to their father’s remains, they have asked the school to return the body of their mother, who died in March. Their father died in 2019.

The indictment charges the Lodges and three others — Katrina Maclean, 44, of Salem, Massachusetts; Joshua Taylor, 46, of West Lawn, Pennsylvania; and Mathew Lampi, 52, of East Bethel, Minnesota — with conspiracy and interstate transport of stolen goods.

According to prosecutors, the defendants were part of a nationwide network of people who bought and sold remains stolen from the school and an Arkansas mortuary. The Lodges allegedly sold remains to Maclean, Taylor, and others in arrangements made through telephone calls and social media websites.

Taylor sometimes transported stolen remains back to Pennsylvania, authorities said, while other times the Lodges would mail remains to him and others. Maclean and Taylor resold the stolen remains for profit, authorities said.

Much of what has been reported in many of these cases that are similar is that those who kill now have a curiosity. That is the curiosity of what human blood tastes like and what human flesh tastes like.

In most modern cultures, mass murder and human sacrifice still take place out in the open under the cover of warfare, while many argue that cannibalism also still takes place but behind closed doors.

The thought of true vampirism had an upsurge just before the pandemic — where the irony of the historic parallel has not gone unnoticed.

Vampires of old were said to be superspreaders of the plague and consumption –which was later found to be Tuberculosis.

By 2020 there was a super spreading of information about the elite harvesting adrenochrome from children. Some were calling it a new form of Blood Libel.

Dr. Phil featured a woman on his show who claimed that her missing daughter had been kidnapped and tortured for her adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is a chemical that’s a byproduct of adrenaline. It is supposed to be a psychedelic.

Back in the ’50s, scientists speculated that adrenochrome caused schizophrenia.

The population of Adrenochrome arguably came from the Movie “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas,” in which Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson’s “attorney,” says adrenochrome “makes pure mescaline seem like ginger beer.” Later, it is explained that “there’s only one source for this stuff—the adrenaline gland from a living human body.”

Actor Jim Caviezel, famous for his role as Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ, joined Steve Bannon on War Room to talk about his new movie Sound of Freedom.

It is about a federal agent who tries to save a child from traffickers.

In the interview, Caviezel also talked about adrenochrome.

He said adrenochrome is 10x more potent than heroin.

The whole adrenochrome empire. This is a big deal. It is listed under the NIH. It is a chemical compound. It’s a molecular structure. C9H9NO3. It’s an elite drug that they’ve used for many years. It’s 10 times more potent than heroin. It has some mystical qualities as far as making you look younger,” Caviezel said.

For a barrel of body parts and what’s going to be adrenochrome…that’s $77,000. That gets sent into these Biolabs. $77,000,” he added.

There are many news organizations that claim that spreading the conspiracy theory that the elites are using adrenochrome to get high or to trip out is a dangerous one. However, it does not rule out the idea that blood from the young is being used in order for the elite to hang on to their youthful looks.

Bryan Johnson, the 45-year-old tech tycoon who wants to keep his internal organs, including his penis and rectum, functioning youthfully — enlisted his son 17-year-old Talmage to provide him with blood transfusions.

He spends $2 million a year in a quest to turn back time and now he has dragged his teenage son into being his personal “blood boy.”

Johnson usually receives plasma from an anonymous donor, but this time Talmage provided a liter of his blood, which was converted into batches of piece parts — a batch of liquid plasma and another of red and white blood cells and platelets. The fitness nut then undergoes the same procedure, but there’s one key addition — after having his own blood drained, Talmage’s plasma is then fed into Johnson’s veins.

He reportedly screened anonymous donors as “blood boys” to ensure he was receiving blood from a person with an ideal body mass index who lived a healthy lifestyle and was free of disease.

Using plasma as an anti-aging technique caught the attention of wellness junkies when scientists literally stitched young and old mice together so they shared a circulatory system

Apparently, Talmage’s grandfather also uses him as a blood boy.

While awake, Johnson follows an ultra-strict routine that begins each morning at 5 a.m. with two dozen supplements.

He then strategically exercises for one hour, eats a low-calorie vegan diet and even brushes his teeth in a calculated manner, with a tea-tree oil and antioxidant gel rinse.

Then while sleeping, Johnson is hooked up to a machine that counts how many erections he has throughout the night.

At bedtime, Johnson wears blue light-blocking glasses for two hours.

The goal for Johnson: to have all of his major organs — including his brain, liver, kidneys, teeth, skin, hair, penis and rectum — functioning as they were in his late teens.

He claims these pricey treatments have already brought him closer to the fountain of youth, with the heart of a 37-year-old and skin of a 28-year-old.

Vanity Fair reported last summer that a company called Ambrosia buys blood from blood banks and that there are clients that pay big money to take infusions of blood taken from young people.

It was suggested in the report that aging elites are using the blood of young people as a type of youth serum. The transfusion procedure is called “parabiosis,” where the blood of young people is used to prevent aging.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with willing young adults selling their blood to the elite, the underlying theme of this practice has strong roots in the occult.

Isn’t the idea of immortality from sucking the blood of the young a definition of a Vampire — or is this a case of Blood Bath and Beyond — may be future medical procedures that will guarantee a longer life through the harvest of the blood of the young — or the creation of young embryos for their blood cells.

Scientists have created synthetic human embryos using stem cells, that sidesteps the need for eggs or sperm.

Scientists say these model embryos, which resemble those in the earliest stages of human development, could provide a crucial window on the impact of genetic disorders and the biological causes of recurrent miscarriage.

In other words the stem cells could be harvested from these embryos to eliminate the things that age us, and handicap us.

Stem cells of course are special human cells that are able to develop into many different cell types. This can range from muscle cells to brain cells. In some cases, they can also fix damaged tissues.

Red blood cells are formed in the red bone marrow of bones. Stem cells in the red bone marrow are called hemocytoblasts. They give rise to all of the formed elements in the blood. If a stem cell commits to becoming a cell called a proerythroblast, it will develop into a new red blood cell.

The synthetic structures do not have a beating heart or the beginnings of a brain, but include cells that would typically go on to form the placenta, yolk sac and the embryo itself.

There is no near-term prospect of synthetic embryos being used clinically. It would be illegal to implant them into a patient’s womb, and it is not yet clear whether these structures have the potential to continue maturing beyond the earliest stages of development.

The motivation for the work is for scientists to understand the “black box” period of development that is so called because scientists are only allowed to cultivate embryos in the lab up to a legal limit of 14 days. They then pick up the course of development much further along by looking at pregnancy scans and embryos donated for research.

Can anyone fathom the reason these synthetic embryos are developed in the first place?

I would say that the embryos and the stem cells they have cultivated may be the answer to keeping people looking young and perfecting the bodies of those that can afford treatments that can guarantee them a long, youthful and healthy life.



Steve Stockton is a veteran outdoorsman, author and has been investigating the unexplained for over 35 years. Originally from the mountains of East Tennessee, Steve has traveled all over the country and many parts of the world and now makes his home in the high desert of New Mexico, near the Four Corners area and the land of Skinwalkers, Shapeshifters, Dogmen, and tribal magic. Steve cites as his influences his “gypsy witch” grandmother who told him multitudes of legends and stories as a small child, as well as authors such as Frank Edwards, John Keel, Charles Fort, Loren Coleman, Ivan Sanderson, Colin Wilson and Nick Redfern. His published books include Strange Things in the Woods (a collection of true, paranormal encounters) as well as the autobiographical My Strange World, where he talks about his own experiences dating back to childhood. Steve has written National Park Mysteries and Disappearances, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. He is also co-owner and narrator of the wildly popular Missing Persons and Mysteries YouTube channel.

Steve’s website:

Steve’s books:


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Jim Pancaro

    June 21, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    I wonder if there is a market of sorts that gives transfusions , I am sure many people would want to indulge in the service. I personally would never be interested in doing such a thing. I’ll be listening.

  2. John Weiner

    June 21, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    The amount of money we have given to help defend Ukraine, only recently passed 150 billion dollars, no where near the trillions you make it out to be.
    Vladimir Putin is the one who introduced depleted uranium weapons into his war of aggression against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. If it weren’t for that, nobody else probably would have introduced them into Ukraine, or elsewhere.

  3. Rusty

    June 21, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    I guess these new age NWO types, WEF and eugenics followers are just sick of the Renaissance ideals and want us all to revert back to an earlier Satan worshipping way of life. 666 all over their buildings and logos.
    Our concern must be for all the young and the future generations

    • Joe

      June 21, 2023 at 8:08 pm

      well who wants too die . but for years now Dr Frankenstein and Dr Jeckel have been working on life immortal drugs it’s funded by billionaire

  4. John Weiner

    June 21, 2023 at 8:22 pm

    That prince from the Russ tribe from which Russia got its name, and who settled in Kiev for a few years around 880 AD., making it his capital, was a pagan, which means he engaged in ritual blood sacrifice.

  5. Joe

    June 22, 2023 at 6:11 am

    well who wants too die . but for years now Dr Frankenstein and Dr Jeckel have been working on life immortal drugs it’s funded by billionaire

  6. Jimbo

    June 22, 2023 at 12:35 pm

    Man will never be able by bio-engineering to reverse the Fall, thereby removing God’s curse on sin {Gen. 2:17} through fallen man’s efforts. Only by one proxy unfallen Man, is that accomplished for all those who will accept Him, both savior and Lord.

    Prov. 21: 30

  7. Pat

    June 23, 2023 at 9:18 am

    I know you better be wary in other countries, you could be kidnapped or snatched and sold for your body parts. Kidneys liver who knows what body parts. I know in United States and national parks in parks, and in the Wildwood lots of people disappear, and I never hear from them some I got ate by animals, but no trace sometimes never found. No clothes no body parts just disappear.? People need to be aware of the surroundings. Be careful tell people where you’re gone when you’re coming back. If you’re over 21 get yourself a carry permit. Get yourself a nice hand gun learn how to train how to shoot properly and carry it all the time. Might not ever need it but when you need it, it’ll save your life and maybe the life of somebody else Take care enjoy life is way too short

  8. Joe

    June 23, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    satanic cults… illuminati.. vampires gangs .. wiccan sperm drinking. sodomites BDSM beastiality pedophiles they are all out there’s in a world of 8 billions people’s how many disappear everyday

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