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Ron Patton | June 21, 2022

Recently, China said its giant Sky Eye telescope may have picked up signs of alien civilizations, according to a report by the state-backed Science and Technology Daily, which then appeared to have deleted the report and posts about the discovery. The signal was observed coming from the direction of Kepler-438, a star system with a habitable zone that’s home to several Earth-like planets. Why did some researchers seemingly jump the gun and deem the discovery to be a possible sign of extraterrestrial life while others said the signal came from cell phones? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Astronomy and Space researcher, Dr. Sky and Chinese UFO expert, Shao Ma, about NI HAO E.T.





Imagine the fate of the world or greater, the fate of humanity as a prevailing speck in the vastness of the universe — riding on the delivery of a single sentence, whispered at a party at just the right moment and while Americans are waiting with bated breath to hear the first sentence sent to us from extraterrestrials — the sentence is in Mandarin.

This, of course, happened in a science fiction movie called, Arrival.

The movie, while focused on alien arrival took on the topic of how we decipher alien language — because we all have been groomed into thinking that the aliens would speak English and land on the Whitehouse Lawn.

The line uttered by the alien is a twist in the story and it is given without subtitles, Later it was revealed by the creator of the film that the line translated in “In war there are no winners, only widows.”

It is a powerful line that for some reason had no subtitles and so the message was lost — it is as if it did not matter — or that it didn’t happen at all.

I see this as irony because we as Americans feel that we are exceptional and that the arrival of aliens would be for our benefit and that we have anthropomorphized them ti be sympathetic to us and communicate in our language.

But what if the message that was sent from space was not in English and that it was sent to the Chinese and then just as soon as it was detected it immediately was silenced and the whole affair is reported to be a mistake.

A huge scientific blunder — this would seem odd now wouldn’t it?

Days ago, China said its giant Sky Eye telescope may have picked up signs of alien civilizations, according to a report by the state-backed Science and Technology Daily, which then appeared to have deleted the report and posts about the discovery.

It was reported that the narrow-band electromagnetic signals detected by Sky Eye — the world’s largest radio telescope — differ from previous ones that have bee captured.

It isn’t clear why the report was apparently removed from the website of the Science and Technology Daily, the official newspaper of China’s science and technology ministry, though the news had already started trending on social network Weibo and was picked up by other media outlets, including state-run ones.

Then just like that — the report disappeared and then came the invasion of the fact checkers, and Snopes to say that the whole thing was a mistake.

Dan Werthimer, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, who has worked on Sky Eye research made a statement that corrected the findings of an ET signal to be very human.

Werthimer said the profusion of signals from cell phones and satellites are making it difficult to determine whether signals are coming from Mars or Milwaukee.

“All this television and cell phones and satellites now are getting worse and worse and it’s hard to figure out what’s interference and what might be from a distant civilization,” he said.

But not everybody involved with the project agrees with that conclusion.

The signal was observed coming from the direction of Kepler-438, a star system with a habitable zone that’s home to several Earth-like planets

So, this begs the question: Why did some researchers seemingly jump the gun and deem the discovery to be a possible sign of extraterrestrial life?

As we have always said “timing is everything” and after the announcement there were many UFO sightings all over the United States, From Washington state to the Midwest there were strange lights and even an appearance of what inly can be described as a portal or tear in the sky that was filled with stars.

Some are connecting it to the launch of Space X Falcon 9 from Florida. However the anomalous hole in the sky was seen from Arizona to Georgia.

SpaceX launched a two-stage Falcon 9 rocket from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The rocket carried a communications satellite for the Louisiana-based company Globalstar to orbit.

People on the ground saw a ring in the sky that opened up –and an object or UFO went into the ring and then vanished.

Scientists pointed out that what was seen was the orbital insertion of the Globalstar FM15 satellite as it separated from the Falcon 9’s upper stage.

Alasdair Burns of Twinkle Dark Sky Tours said, “It looked like a beautiful galaxy appeared in the sky. It was a very slowly rotating spiral that started small and gradually expanded. Eventually, it became so large and faint that it could no longer be seen. A group of us was on our balcony watching it, and none had ever seen anything like it.”

In Western North Carolina, witnesses report seeing the hole open up in the sky but extending from it was a red band of light — like a beam pulling an object into it.

It left a swath of a red glow though the twilight sky.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness recorded a UFO fleet appearing in the sky over the water of Narrows Channel, near Tacoma, Washington.

These UFOs were  huge, about the size of two 747 jets and they are waiting for the whole group to gather before they took off. Some believe that they are coming from an underwater alien base, 5km below the floor of the Narrows Channel.

It is also interesting that after the announcement and then the debunking of alien signals the U.S. Space Force reported that they wll formally establish the National Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Wright-Patterson Air force base is well known by UFO researchers as the place where alien bodies and crash debris was sent from Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th 1947.

Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s plan to investigate UFOs was also Headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Wright-Patterson is also the home of the Infamous Hangar 18 where the wreckage and bodies are stored.

Now get this: The Space Force Special l Unit will be called, Delta 18.

Space Delta 18, will be responsible for analyzing foreign or Unknown threats to the United States in the space domain. The space intelligence center will be co-located with the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

It sounds like they will be looking for UAP both foreign and alien.

The center will be formed by transferring NASIC’s Space Analysis Squadron and Counter-Space Analysis Squadron to the Space Force. Col. Marqus Randall will serve as commander of the NSIC.

Standing up a separate organization focused on space has been a priority of the Space Force since it was established as an independent military branch in December 2019. Space Force intelligence analysts are responsible for discovering and analyzing raw data, recognizing and assessing usable intelligence from a variety of sources.

The Space Force has an intelligence unit, Space Delta 7, at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, responsible for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance that support military operations. The Space Delta 18 will support the space intelligence community that includes the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office.

Delta 18 will officially open its doors on June 24th, 2022.

The timing seems to be very telling as to what is going on — a space signal reported form China, the report is debunked, and Space Force sets  up their new base for UAP surveillance at Wright Patterson air force base — an infamous base of old school UFO horror stories.

Not suspicious at all right?

Not only that but June 24th, is a day where a unique planet alignment is going to take place,

This rare planetary parade has not been seen since 2004 and won’t happen again like this until 2040.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have lined up in the early morning sky, a planetary procession that can be seen above the eastern horizon every morning through the end of June. This long-lasting event will give early risers plenty of opportunities to look up.

A telescope is not required to see this month’s unique grouping of planets, but it could still be difficult to spot all five, even if the weather is perfect.

The parade of planets will be best seen about 45-60 minutes before sunrise on cloud-free mornings through the end of the month. Since June features some of the earliest sunrises of the entire year, this translates to heading outside before 5 a.m., local time, to look skyward.

Mercury is the most elusive of the planets that can be seen with the naked eye due to its close proximity to the sun. The tiny planet will remain very low on the horizon, so seeing it requires an unimpeded view of the eastern horizon as trees, buildings and mountains all could potentially get in the way.

Venus will be a guide to spotting Mercury, glowing brighter and appearing just above and to the right of the closest planet to the sun. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be much easier to find as they will be higher in the sky.

You cannot argue that a space race of a different kind is underway now. it is a science fiction enterprise that becomes more nonfiction by the day,

The science-fiction enterprise ‘invaded’ outer space long before the space race during Cold War days brought about guesswork and research into the possibility of alien civilizations.

We are now in sort of a historic parallel with the space race being more than just who can put a man on the moon — it is a race to fins out if life is out there and who will be the first country to answer the phone when ET calls.

Will the greeting be an English Hello or a Chinese Ni hao?

Probably neither but if you look at history — it was first worried that the greeting would be in Russian.

The long-lasting Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union from 1957 to 1975 was initiated by the launch of the first intercontinental ballistic missile, R-7 Semyorka and after just six weeks, release of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into orbit by the Soviet Union in October 1957.

It put America into a state of panic. To counterbalance Soviet space programs and regain the confidence of American people, NASA was established in 1961, and massive funding for space-related projects from the US Government was available. In 1961, US President John Kennedy said that the USA should put a man on the Moon by the end of the decade.

This was achieved in 1969, largely putting an end to the Space Race when it was sealed by the first joint USA-USSR mission in July 1975. The USSR and USA were competing to outdo each other in the amazing field of space exploration, ultimately to prove that which political system, Communism or Capitalism, was superior. The Space Race was essentially an extension of the Cold War and thus was intimately connected to military-industrial superiority to be shown the world. If the Cold War turned hot, intercontinental ballistic missiles and suborbital launch units had to be disabled by spy satellites of the other side.

Communication satellites (comsats) handled more than half the world’s communications traffic in 1979.

The 1970s was a period of intense concern about natural resource shortages. The dire predictions of Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb and the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth report, the 1973 and 1979 oil price shocks and the films trans-creating those horrible futures like in the movie Soylent Green, Logan’s Run and others.

It seems that nothing has changed and the same concerns have been revived only this time we see that the solutions are either breakaway civilizations on Mars, mining asteroids — or calling out to an alien civilization to rescue us form our peril.

The renewal of “limits to growth” argument is often coupled with a vision for overcoming those limits by going into outer space. The Chinese space agency and a private Russian firm have plans to mine the moon for helium-3, a potential fuel for fusion reactors. United States and Japan also have plans to establish lunar bases by the late 2020s.

Over the long-term the energy, raw materials, and space of the solar system and beyond will be critically needed if humanity is to go on multiplying. If space colonies possess the ability to produce new space colonies, and travel long distances to obtain resources for this purpose, the eventual result could be the colonization of the entire inhabitable universe. This process would begin with the creation of the first self-sustaining space colony, an event many see as likely to happen in 2030s.

Simply put — the actions and plans for space enterprise seems to be happening at a rapid pace and some people believe it is because the aliens have finally made contact and now we on earth have to be prepared for the disclosure.

This is why we are seeing the rush to space, the increasing reports  of UFO;s and the Military claiming that they are being watched by unknown objects that may have been there all along – it is just that we did not have the hardware available to detect these intruders.

Again, the race  is on and now we have to contend with whether or not the Chinese actually picked up a signal and that there is a cover-up because it would distract the world from the war and the global world order making its final push for domination.

But again it can be argued that the country with the vast knowledge of the motive of alien beings would be able to have the power to unite everyone under one flag.

It would be terrifying to think that it would be the Chinese flag.

It is no easy thing to search for signs of intelligent life beyond our solar system. In addition to the incredible distances involved and the fact that we really only have indirect methods at our disposal, there is also the small problem of not knowing exactly what to look for. If intelligent life does exist beyond our solar system, would they even communicate as we do, using radio transmitters and similar forms of technology?

Such has been the preoccupation of groups like the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute and, more recently, organizations like (METI) Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence International.

SETI deals with searching for messages from aliens. METI science deals with the creation of messages to aliens. Thus, SETI and METI proponents have quite different perspectives. SETI scientists are in a position to address only the local question “does Active SETI make sense?” In other words, would it be reasonable, for SETI success, to transmit with the object of attracting ETI’s attention?

METI looks for ways in which we might be able to contact aliens instead of waiting to hear from them. However, this does not mean that organizations like METI International are without ideas on how we might better listen to our potential extraterrestrial intelligence. After all, communication goes beyond mere messages, and also requires that a medium exists with which to convey the message.

You have the need for multiple methodologies to increase the odds of finding something. There’s also the problem of knowing what to look for.

It is a matter of eavesdropping on the conversation rather than getting a message in an earthly language.



“Dr. Sky®” is President/CEO of Dr. Sky Inc.; a multimedia company, with expertise in the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather. Dr. Sky is a locally and nationally known broadcaster, with his own branded shows. The Dr. Sky Show, cleared on the big KTAR/NEWS, 92.3 FM. He appears with regular commentary on FOX 10 in Phoenix and AZ TV, with legendary broadcaster, Pat McMahon. His college mentor was Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of the then known “planet” Pluto. Steve Kates, “Dr. Sky R®”, continues to educate and entertain the public, on the science of Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather, as a true; EDUTAINER!

Shao Ma is a Chinese ufologist and a researcher in consciousness studies. She has extensive contact experiences with non-human intelligence (NHI) through various paranormal contact modalities. Shao has been invited to various media platforms, channels, conferences in China that focus on sharing and discussing ufology and spiritual information with the Chinese. Based on the feedback and discussions through Chinese social media platforms and her Chinese viewers, Shao has gained much insight into the Chinese Ufology and spiritual communities. Western media also often invites Shao to share and discuss how the Chinese ufology and spiritual communities survive under China’s tightened political control and how Chinese people react to paranormal contact modalities.

Written by Ron Patton


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