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Ron Patton | June 2, 2022

Of all the crises that can be manufactured, nothing demoralizes a person more than the feeling of starving. Even in times of famine, there is often more than enough food; it comes down to who’s in control of it and its distribution.  Presently, the high inflation caused by huge influxes of fiat currency means families are spending more money on less food. We are watching the process of breaking down the structures already in place so we can “Build Back Better” with a more controlled and corporatized food system. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about STARVATION NATION OBSERVATION.





Of all the crises that can be manufactured, nothing demoralizes a person more than the feeling of starving.

When Stalin starved millions to death, when the people of Ukraine were starved to death, and when the Irish and Indians were starved to death in “manufactured famines” it was later shown that countries still had so much food.

The British were able to export hundreds of tons of food to feed the British military outposts around the world, during this manufactured famine.

Which tells us that even in supposed famines there is often more than enough food, it comes down to who’s in control of it and it’s distribution.

This knowledge though does not change the situation we are in and the fact that all of this inflation and the food shortages have been designed so that you will beg for the solution they have in store for everyone.

Henry Kissinger is well known for his remarks about population control and food control– he stated: “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

We see that the agenda to collapse the food supply and the energy supply is well underway and it is not without precedent.

I think that President Biden revealed that this is the mission when he said recently:

“When it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an INCREDIBLE transition”

He then said ”and then God willing when it is over we will be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels“

There you have it — Biden just said that this is partly why we are paying so much at the pump — it is a transition so that everyone will come begging for the use of electric cars and not fossil fuels.

Remember he also said “It’s going to be real” — he will be remembered for taking something totally innocuous and making it real — in order to secure the globalist stronghold.

This explains why the gas prices continue to climb — soon we will all be forced into driving electric cars or taking public transportation so that we can become part of the green new deal — the build back better crowd.

Nobody knows how bad it could get, except the people who are creating it.

I am worried that what I am doing for my family will not be enough. I am storing as much food as I can and yet — it seems like no matter what I save, it will eventually be eaten in desperation — peanut butter and jelly sandwiches eaten every day for dinner doesn’t sound that bad anymore.

That is, of course, that the peanut butter is not recalled because of some health threat.

Jif Peanut Butter and all of the products made with Jif are now being recalled.

Federal health officials caution Americans against eating a range of baked goods, sandwiches, candy, trail mix and ready-to-eat salad products made with recalled Jif peanut butter, with a growing number of snacks pulled from stores and vending machines nationwide amid a multi-state outbreak of salmonella.

At least 16 people from 12 states have been infected, with two hospitalized, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday in an update on the outbreak. Five out of five people reported eating peanut butter and four of the five reported eating Jif before becoming ill, according to the CDC’s review of epidemiological information.

Now they are calling it the Great Peanut Butter Shortage of 2022.

You can add this to the list of coincidental disasters that continue to plague the food industry,

We have Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine driving up the price of staple foods, wheat and sunflower oil, as well as fertilizer.

 How is it that fervor for Ukraine, or “Ukraine War Fever!”, can so instantly inundate our psyches and senses, especially after our 2-year long struggle with Covid Disorder, or whatever the “Experts” are calling that Thing now?

Look at what it has done to us—the high prices, the Baby formula shortage—how are we so gullible and so willing to sacrifice our lifestyle for a country that months ago no one cared about?

Have we as a collective lost our mind? Do we no longer wish to survive?

The economic boomerang of “sanctions” against Russia is already being felt — everywhere!  

This was a completely stupid idea, and severely questions the sanity of any so-called Western leader.

President Biden is the first such leader, manifestly, to lead the roll call of Western “leaders” to be called to account, especially considering his weird dealings in Ukrainian corruption schemes.

But we are being distracted by the media and told to forget this – this is dismissed as some MAGA political tool or disinformation campaign.

When will this end?

Do they think we are that stupid?

Connecting the dots in the continuum leads us all to suspect a bit of foul play.

We have the sudden “bird flu outbreak” driving up the price of poultry and eggs.

We have had fires, explosions, and other incidents that have shut down operations for beef, poultry and we are also seeing food distribution centers for Walmart and Whole Foods being destroyed by fire.

In Minnesota recently massive flames burned down a barn with tens of thousands of chickens inside. They said the barn went up in flames rapidly — it was unbelievable how fast the fore spread.

The price of oil of course isn’t helping matters either — The soaring price of oil is driving up the cost of food distribution.

The inflation caused by huge influxes of fiat currency means families are spending more money on less food.

And as all this is happening, the governments of some western countries are literally paying farmers not to farm.

It is very clear what is happening here — and even though we can say that it is a manufactured crisis — it is being done at your expense.

We are watching the process of breaking down the structures already in place so we can “build back better” with a more controlled and more corporatized food system.

This is what the World Economic Forum has called legacy systems. These systems according to the world leaders are old and need to be reset or recalibrated.

Just as the Covid “pandemic” was said to highlight “weaknesses in the multilateral system”, so this food crisis will show that our “unstable food systems are in need of reform” and we need to ensure our “food security”…or a thousand variations on that theme.

As you probably of guessed this is not theory — this is not supposition.

The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems & Community Developments published a paper in February 2021 titled:

Dismantling and rebuilding the food system after COVID-19: Ten principles for redistribution and regeneration

In an interview from July last year, Ruth Richardson the Executive Director of the NGO Global Alliance for the Future of Food literally said:

“Our Dominant Food System Needs to Be Dismantled and Rebuilt.”

Later, in September 2021, the UN convened the first-ever “Food Systems Summit”, whose mission statement included the line:

“Rebuilding the food systems of the world will also enable us to answer the UN Secretary-General’s call to “build back better” from COVID-19.”

How do you build back a food system that has collapsed?

Well there is an agenda that was spoken of at the recent meeting at DAVOS.

The EAT forum or commission laid out their plans for the ideal Planetary Diet.

The EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health brought together 37 world-leading scientists from across the globe to answer this question:

Can we feed a future population of 10 billion people a healthy diet within planetary boundaries?

Well they say it can be done — however they point out that they will be transforming eating habits, improving food production and reducing food waste.

Yes and it included the plan of conditioning children to eat bugs and seaweed.

In a recent headline provided by Environment, the agenda is already in play in the United Kingdom.

Scientists hope to feed primary school children edible insects to make the UK greener.

Children are to be fed bugs as part of a plan to get a new generation to switch from meat to insects – and potentially persuade their parents to follow their lead.

Pupils at four primary schools in Wales are to be offered insects to eat as part of a project to gauge children’s appetite for “alternative protein” such as crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms.

Researchers hope their findings will give clues as to how best to educate children on the environmental and nutritional benefits of edible insects across the UK, and potentially overseas – and, in turn, their parents, as the world looks to help the environment by cutting meat consumption.

The project, which starts this week, will use surveys, workshops, interviews and focus groups to explore young people’s understandings and experiences of alternative proteins.

The researchers have teamed up with teachers and hope many of the five to 11 year old’s in the study will be willing to taste some edible insects to see how they find them.

Imagine a world where your children will be eating bugs like reptiles — this is the plan — teach kids how to find grubs to survive.

This is like a nightmare.

But they hope to be able to offer a range of alternative proteins to try, if children wish to do so, as long as they have written parental consent.

These will include plant-based foods and may involve edible insects, depending on whether they have received ‘novel foods’ approval by the Food Standards Agency by that point.

They hope to offer them a product called VeXo, which combines insect- and plant-based proteins.

Is Soylent Green in the future as well?

There are also plans to push a diet of culture meats — meats that are made in a lab using animal cells and a vat of some nutrients.

In Helsinki there are experiments being carried out where water is eventually turned into a sort of baby food supplement that can provide nutrients and sustenance.

It’s a primordial soup of bacteria, taken from the soil and multiplied in the laboratory, using hydrogen extracted from water as its energy source. When the froth was siphoned through a tangle of pipes and squirted on to heated rollers, it turned into a rich yellow flour.

The flower can be used to create pancakes. Pancakes made from dirt. It is like a mud cookie. When you are dirt poor — I guess you can eat a nutrient filled mud cake or cookie.

Such flours are likely soon to become the feedstock for almost everything. In their raw state, they can replace the fillers now used in thousands of food products. When the bacteria are modified they will create the specific proteins needed for lab-grown meat, milk and eggs. Other tweaks will produce lauric acid–which will be a substitute for palm oil.

The carbohydrates that remain when proteins and fats have been extracted could replace everything from pasta flour to potato crisps all made from rich nutrients found in dirt.

There is also the push for gene edited foods that do not need fertilizers or water in order to grow.

And while prices of meat continue to soar there is a proposal that will increase the price even more with something called the Meat tax.

A recent survey has found that many people would support a meat tax if it meant reducing the consumption of red meat.

A new survey found that 37% of participants said they would support an extra 10% meat tax to cut consumption.

Gen Z showed greater interest in government policies to reduce meat consumption, with 62% supporting a meat tax, and 71% advocating subsidies to reduce prices and stimulate innovation.

The survey from Veylinx, a consumer research company, was conducted in March among 3,538 US consumers over the age of 18.

In 2011, the Danish government implemented a saturated fat tax, which raised prices on items like meat and eggs, but the plan was scrapped a year later over concerns about food prices and jobs.

A study published in Nature found that the Danish tax reduced saturated fat intake by 4%. Since then, cities like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Berkeley, California have passed soda taxes, and the experience has taught public health groups how to more clearly communicate what taxes on food would mean for US consumers.

The idea is that higher taxes on meat would cut consumption, which would be good for the environment and improve individual health. To reduce meat consumption in the US, substantial public policy measures need to be put in place, nutrition experts say.

Curbing consumption would mean less production, but the revenue the government raises from the tax could be used to compensate farmers or help livestock producers diversify their businesses.

In the US, opponents say that a meat tax could disproportionately hurt low-income communities where access to fresh fruit and vegetables is limited, and for whom meat is more accessible.

More broadly though, the survey findings suggest that many, especially young people, believe the government should take more responsibility when it comes to reducing meat consumption rather than relying on individual choice.

It looks like the education system has programmed them well — it is again a clear case of infantilizing the youth to become dependent on government to make choices for them.

They just announced the building of the largest “cultured meat factory” in the world. Fake meat, of course, can’t be raised at home and is subject to patented processes of creation. Genetically edited or modified plants and animals are likewise subject to patents.

Almost all of these are stories from just the past month or so, many of them talking points at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Conference.

As is almost always the case, the problem to which they’re currently “reacting” already has a series of pre-ordained solutions.

It is the Hegelian food dialectic — Starvation Nation Observation — Starvation Reaction Solution.

Supranational companies, with profits larger than the budget of some nations, are developing carbon footprint tracker apps that reward people for making the “right decisions”. That could easily be applied to food.

These tracking apps were mentioned at the World Economic Forum as a tool to manage the carbon footprint of every individual.

It is the 666 to the beast system of consumption — where everything is their stock and trade — something that was predicted in the 18th Chapter of the Book of Revelation.

The scriptures deal with the commodities that were sold amongst the leaders of Babylon — cinnamon, and odors, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men.

The food cartels of the Bible also were into human trafficking and thereby showed they totally disregarded human beings as God’s creation. Slaves were made to starve and many soldiers also were decimated to make a point of showing power.

Right now they’re getting ready to tear all our old food systems down, with the stated aim of building them back better.

But better for them, not us.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Greg

    June 3, 2022 at 4:38 am

    There is forgotten or hidden knowledge on eating. Sugar lowers testosterone, its like an addictive drug that feminizes a man. Bitter foods like greens raise your testosterone. Spinach or broccoli as a side to meat and potatoes is the most anabolic meal you can eat. Fish and eggs are some of the fastest digesting proteins. Stop drinking soda. Its chemicals and acids. People who drink coke their whole lives have no teeth. Natural sugars are good like fruit, honey and maple syrup. But drinking high fructose corn syrup drinks every day will cause health problems. Grow a garden if you can.

  2. Jimbo

    June 3, 2022 at 8:49 am

    Egg$ yes, broccoli spinach somewhat less, as has moderately high oxalic acid content (also found in rhubarb leaves that must not be fed to horses)

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