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Ron Patton | June 15, 2022

More than 125 million Americans are under heat warnings and advisories — power is also being shut down in many areas as authorities cite that the use of air conditioning is taking its toll on the electrical grid. There are places in the United States, however, that are being deluged with rain — Yellowstone Park has been closed because of massive flooding. Again, we see the pattern of what geoengineering can do — if you engineer a drought, or even a rainstorm in order to weaponize the weather, strange anomalies take place. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about HI MY NAME IS – SLIM BUT NOT SHADY.





I know that there have been reports about a giant heatwave that has spread across 27 states in this country.

More than 125 million Americans are under heat warnings and advisories — power is also being shut down in many areas, authorities cite that the use of air conditioning is taking its toll on the power grid.

This is the top weather story in the nation even though there are places in the United States that are being deluged with rain and Yellowstone Park has been closed because of massive flooding.

There is also another weather anomaly that seems to have been overlooked and that is in a place where it is considered hot all the time experienced a huge hail storm that forced them into plowing the roads.

Mexico City was pummeled by an intense hailstorm on Sunday. There was chaos on the roads as a thick blanket of ice formed over the asphalt. Several homes and business were damaged by the severe weather.

The storm affected 10 boroughs of the Mexican capital as a yellow alert was issued by the mayor.

Again we see the pattern of what Geoengineering can do — if you engineer a drought, or even a rainstorm in order to weaponize the weather strange anomalies take place — it looked like Christmas in Mexico City but the media wants you to focus on the heat waves all over the planet and the idea that places all over the country are running pout of drinking water.

It is most definitely a disaster but it really does not fit the matrix of Climate Change especially how it was first proposed by the IPCC.

Sure, it is all about the warming but can it explain cyclone bombs, Derechos and force multiplied tornadoes in various places where air masses are unstable.

Freak storms can happen anywhere but this is becoming more and more indicative of geoengineering.

In the pasts Ionospheric  heating  has induced high pressure heat domes are baking parts of the Northern Hemisphere while chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations cool-down parts of the Southern Hemisphere. Climate intervention operations continue to wreak havoc on ecosystems and populations all over the world.

Listen to weather reports — they are just too intense.

They appear to be just another form of psychological warfare as the weather has become another silent weapon in the arsenal of the technocrats.

When we think of weapons, our minds usually conjures up images of military hardware. From tanks to guns, to nukes are image and action parameters go to these definitions and of course this is normal.

But arguably one of the biggest weapons of all are weapons we cannot see.

Weapons like psychological warfare that can conjure fearful scenarios where people are harmed or die in various ways.

In cognitive psychology there are two brain routes. The central brain route and the peripheral brain route. When people receive new information, they have to decide how seriously to take it.

When people are experienced in a subject, they have a great stake in the outcome. They have some training in the subject and the problem may be complex but comprehensible. They are likely to use their full deliberation and critical thinking processes central brain route.

However, when people don’t have experience or training in a subject, they have little personal stake in the outcome and the problem seems convoluted. They are then likely to use what is called the peripheral brain route. This is also called using mental shortcuts.

Many people out of fear take the mental shortcut and those who wish to groom a target use sensory orchestration.

Sensory orchestration is the manner in which the senses are controlled to create altered states of consciousness.

This type of mental hijinks was evident during the pandemic.

We have been conditioned to be afraid because of COVID-19 but as we have predicted, the next strategy of tension is the tools that will be used to scare people about Climate Change, especially the idea that the planet is heating up.

Beyond the usual issues that are considered imminent threats to human survival – particularly nuclear war, ecological collapse, vaccine side effects and geoengineered climate catastrophe, we start to see a pattern of denial based on dysfunctional political, economic, legal and social institutions. We also see that again there is no room for debate and so the idea of discourse on such matters becomes a mute issue.

Most people do not have access to alternative explanation, nor do they take the time to look.

This is the advantage that the technocrats have over us. if you don’t have the information — They do and so your mental shortcut is to trust what is being reported to you –even if it is a lie, or even psychological warfare.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I have been noticing that weather control goes far beyond geoengineering and chemtrails. Information about the weather is also becoming a serious tool for propaganda, especially when it comes to the agenda of Climate Change. and the idea that the planet is heating up.

All forms of information control except entertainment have bad reputations and are mostly used for political purposes — now we see that when the temperature reaches 80 degrees we hear reports of panic regarding how hot it is and how we should check in om the elderly, because grandma or grandpa can die from heat exhaustion.

Gone are the days of the 10 minute forecast sandwiched between headlines and sports — now weather reports have become a strategy of tension weapon as we see heatwave after heatwave being reported — and while some places are getting hit with unseasonably hot temperatures, there are other places that get hot all the time, like Arizona, Nevada, and California and they too are reported in the clique along with reports of extreme drought conditions and lack of water.

There is also various reports of power companies that are cutting power in some areas. This contributes to the fear and send the message that the current legacy system for heating and cooling cannot hold.

It is the build up for the Hegelian solution of Solar, Nuclear, and wind power solutions in the New green Normal.

The technocrats have a plan: a step-by-step procedure for how to get from where we are now to where we want to be. This includes process for putting the claim into practice, including a timeline.

We know that the timeline has a final date of 2030 and between now and then we will start to see the rhetoric fly in the face of evidence and every anomalous heat spike or climate anomaly will be considered a product of Climate change —and every news cast will assume that everything from heavy rain, flooding, tornadoes hurricanes and heat waves will all be branded and marketed as a product of Global Warming.

To throw every anomaly in the same bin is not science — it is propaganda.

For example, last year California’s heat wave broke records across the state, with Sacramento hitting 109 degrees and the Coachella Valley having its hottest year on record with temperatures reaching 123 degrees.

It was after this that California Legislators proposed legislation that would name and rank heat waves in order to address extreme heat induced deaths and better leverage public health resources.

The idea comes from how hurricanes are named and ranked by their intensity and severity. However, for heat waves, experts hope to name and rank them based on their projected public health outcomes, over meteorology.

However, it is also a way to brand a weather pattern for purposes of scaring people into thinking that these weather anomalies are out of the ordinary and it is all based on opinion and not on science.

When meteorologists classify a disturbance as a hurricane, they arrive at this conclusion based on sound scientific evidence. They look at wind speeds, wind direction, pressure gradients, and cloud patterns to determine if a system has achieved sufficient strength and organization. In both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, a storm receives a name from a predetermined list once it reaches tropical storm strength.

On what criteria are we going to name a heat wave?

This is yet another example of how those who push the climate emergency have a hard time getting people out of their passivity about an issue that the technocrats feel is a real threat.

The Climate agenda has a branding problem –and so they want to make everything sound more threatening than it really is — or more threatening than most people are used to.

Climate Change pushers believe that naming a heat wave  would better “convey the urgency of the situation, while also encouraging folks to take action.”

The failure of the Climate Change/Global Warming movement to persuade is not, however, due to its brand name, but its brand story. A new shade of lipstick will not change the appeal of the pig. The global warming side of the debate has suffered real damage to its brand story that a name change can’t fix.

When dire predictions of a climate catastrophe, dating back to 2006 have largely not come to pass – the public tunes out the escalating hyperbole after awhile.

Every possible cause and effect has been linked to Climate Change – which is ludicrous and intelligent people pick up on it and when they do – they become cynical.

Not only that but there have been “Climategate” data manipulation scandals and high profile climate study errors that have undermined perceived credibility.

Weather anomalies are not a sign of Climate change — it is gradual and it would be hard to summarize the heating of the entire planet but showcasing a heat wave in the days before summer is just as bad as saying that snow flying just days before the first day of winter in Montana is something to worry about.

Naming the storm is just as alarming and of course, it is all in the branding of storms and how they can anthropomorphize them so people will pay more attention to the threats — or the threats that they create to ensure that people will panic and do whatever they are told.

There has never been a time in modern human history when our planet has been changing as rapidly as it is changing right now.

People can see this as a natural occurrence but if it is branded correctly — if a flood for example gets a name, or even a heatwave — people will look at it differently.

It will carry more importance than it should.

Crucial analysis of true climate trends goes anywhere from 10 years to 105 years and while some science papers are saying that the past few years  have been the hottest years on the planet – there is still the possibility that there will be a substantial drop in core temperatures within the next 5 years.

However, if the anomaly of extreme cold arrives with a vengeance, it will be spun for the benefit of the Climate money changers –and there will be plenty of geoengineering projects that will cool and warm the planet indefinitely.

Global Warming which has been the subject of so many discussions in recent years may give way to global cooling. When this happens Climate watchdogs my lose faith in the 53 scientists that weighed in on the global warming trend — that was the alleged sample of scientists asked if global warming is a threat — and the myth goes that 99% percent of the sample agreed that the planet was warming when in the 1970’s the majority of scientists were pushing the dead certain model of a mini Ice age.

Yes we are being told that has been an unbearably hot summer but don’t forget the unbelievably cold autumns and the bomb cyclones that appeared out of nowhere that indicate that high pressure systems were fighting the cold air masses that were developed using all kinds of chemicals left behind in stratospheric aerosol injections.

Injecting sulfate aerosols in the stratosphere above the Arctic to mimic volcano clouds, for example, can disrupt the monsoons in Asia and increase droughts, particularly in Africa, endangering food and water sources for two billion people.

This is being done now and we are seeing the deadly results — with droughts, heat domes and lakes drying up.

The heat wave that is effecting the Southeast may have been engineered which could be the reason we are seeing horrible hail storms in Mexico city and flooding in the west and northwest. Microclimate engineering can be a factor but it will certainly be ruled out because there is no branding term for geoengineered weather patterns.

Remember Dark Winter? There was a branding term — a colder than normal winter, again, the result of Global Warming.

Now we are about to name heatwaves in order to brand Global Warming exaggerations.

The Climate Change agenda and those who push it are desperate.

Again the justification for doing so lies primarily in the body count — and that people use recall to remember the deaths and damage that this weather anomaly has caused.

If asked to recall a hurricane, odds are you’d immediately invoke memorable names like Sandy, Katrina or Harvey. You’d probably even remember something specific about the impact of the storm.

But if asked to recall a heat wave, a vague recollection that it was hot during your last summer vacation may be about as specific as you can get.

This is their excuse — they even include the idea that heat kills more people than any other weather disaster.

Another excuse is that if heat waves received as much public attention as hurricanes, lives could be saved?

Not likely and their statistics about how more people die from heat is merely confirmation bias.

In most places, cold temperatures were linked with more deaths than heat, with a 31% increase in cold related deaths since 1990. In contrast, deaths attributable to heat during the study period increased by 74%, suggesting a growing of extreme heat mortality, particularly in hotter regions of the world according to the medical paper The Lancet.

But that does not stop Global warming fear mongers to use past heat anomalies to make their point — they quote scary numbers and statistics to make their point.

In 1995, a scorching heat wave in Chicago left 739 people dead.

Heat waves are even more impactful overseas, partly because people there are less likely to have air conditioning. The European heat wave of 2003 is estimated to have caused an astounding 70,000 deaths. In 2010, 56,000 people died in a heat wave in Russia.

Heat happens but should we name heat waves?

The initiative is being led by the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center. They, along with 30 global partners — including the cities of Miami, Mexico City, and Athens, Greece — announced the formation of the Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance.

While the United States has an elaborate system of warnings, from the National Weather Service to national and local media, including TV meteorologists, much of the developing world does not have that luxury.

They believe that naming heat waves will generate interest in saving lives.

The naming and ranking heat waves all over the world by the Extreme Heat Resilience Alliance will, for the first time, convey the true nature of the threat heat poses, essential to protecting vulnerable people who are increasingly more susceptible to its harmful effects,” said Rockefeller Foundation president Dr. Rajiv Shah in a press release.

I think the only time I remember a heat wave being named was when a Heat wave hit Europe in 2017.

The press named it, Lucifer.

Tell me that naming a heatwave Lucifer is not divisive.  Scientists claimed that Lucifer and heat waves like it are 10 times more likely to happen because of Climate change.

Their point has been made — I remember Lucifer from 2021.

Lucifer was major factor in the wildfires seen so far in Greece, Turkey and Italy – and will likely lead to more in Spain, Portugal and France.

Lucifer was also part of the heat dome that sat in the pacific northwest.

Lucifer is a powerful name to make a point –and then run off a list of scary stories about people dying in their homes complete with the catch phrase “What can be done?”

I think you can figure it out.

The solutions seem to be evident, reduce fossil fuels, push electric cars, forced people to eat vegetarian and all sorts of other weird proposals that if the crisis is so bad will not do much to change the trajectory of our climate fate.

There is no consensus regarding the time frame in which this climate catastrophe will cause human extinction. This lack of consensus is primarily due to the global elite controlling the public perception of this time frame with frequent talk of ‘the end of the century’ designed to allow ongoing profit maximization through ‘business as usual’ for as long as possible.

Climate Change is a phantom issue because we know that climate always changes but the thing most hideous is that those who push the Climate Change issue tend to ignore that many of these weather anomalies are effects of geoengineering.

The evidence is officially suppressed and only made available by conscientious investigative activists and which, either separately or in combination with other threats, significantly increase the prospect of extinction for humans and most and possibly all life on Earth.

It all seems to be part of the existential threat of world control brought to us by some clandestine enemy within.

I see the enemy within as those involved in a form of psy-ops that is not easily detected because it operates so brazenly.

Our Climate overlords explain that our certain extinction will occur from a rising sea level and changing regional climates. That these changes will cause mass migrations, ecosystem collapses, agricultural failures, famines, and disease. They also inform us that those who will suffer most are the most vulnerable inhabitants of the planet, as though this were a new feature of the effects of natural disasters.

Therefore, they urge, we must tax carbon emissions, apply cap and trade, and create a global carbon economy to limit CO2 in the atmosphere. And who better to coordinate it all than the World Bank, IMF, and such, given their stellar records in managing equitable development on this little rock.

Doesn’t all sound like a scheme?

Using what little information we have –we can ask oh why, are we pretending  that humans can manage global carbon fluxes, manage the radiation balance of the planet, and control climate?

In a normal world they most likely can’t but of they have found a way to control it — they can make it look as though everything is out of control and when we acquiesce to their climate agenda — they can just put everything back to normal.

But there is always the possibility they can’t — that the genie is out of the bottle and their geoengineering experiments have now disrupted the natural flow of everything.

It is in our fiber to look ahead and to plan ahead, especially in the face of foreseeable or detected dangers but that is what we are supposed to do — use critical thinking and adapt.


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Bret

    June 15, 2022 at 4:46 pm

    Damion, until more people get off their fat, lazy asses and say NO, this bullshit will keep flowing.
    The shit being put out by all media outlets (FOX at the top of the list) is the wedge. The hoofbeats are getting louder, yet many refuse to see. Our pillars are being destroyed, Our identity condemns us…a green light for abuse and violence. Darkness comes for our children and grands. I’m not a religious man but the Apocalypse approaches, our so called “leaders” making it inevitable. The fight has been on for some time now. We have been too tied to our gadgets and gizmos to realize the golden chains being placed upon our necks but they are chains nevertheless.
    Big changes are coming and many will not be ready.

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