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Ron Patton | May 24, 2023

Mind control is the final frontier of the technocratic revolution. Everything you do is increasingly trackable through technology.  It is unfortunate that many people are not fully aware of what is at stake because they have been mesmerized by cult-like propaganda aimed at preserving the globalist mind trap. This psychotronic push to place life under the aegis of the cyber mind has a history – one that deifies the machine and attempts to convince people they too are machines without existential freedom.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with radio personality and author, David Masters about MACHINE HEAD.





Do you ever get the feeling that we are far more adrift today — than at any other time in history?

Have you ever wondered what or who is responsible?

The truth is that we are on a stormy electronic sea where the analogical circle of life has been replaced by the digital, and “truths” like numbers click into place continuously to lead us in wrong, algorithm-controlled directions.

The trap is almost closed.

Reality and truth are moving beyond their grasp as technological forces that they voluntarily embrace push everyday life towards some spectral final act.

It is an inhuman, trans-human, online electronic life where everything is a parody of everything that preceded it. we live in a tap-and-receive existence— and it is a gratifying dopamine squirt, which most definitely puts us in a state of mind control.

Mind control is the final frontier of the technocratic revolution. What you say, do, buy, and sell is increasingly trackable through technology. Yet, so far, the human mind remains a sanctuary free from prying foreign eyes – the last refuge.

This will not last if the technocrats have their way.

Likely, the technology is actually further along than publicly acknowledged, as the technocrats tend to roll out controversial advances incrementally to slowly acclimate the slaves to their new reality.

Normal humans usually don’t think out loud about how they want to put mind control chips in their brains, but Klaus Schwab and many of his young followers are ready and willing to review and endorse the new way of expanding intelligence and allowing total control of the mind.

The only logical conclusion here is that there is something fundamentally broken in the psychological/spiritual makeup that allows them to decouple their normal human intuition from their work advancing the science–and paving the way for making people interact with the machine head.

For many people, mind control is a topic of science fiction or perhaps you might think it is a psychiatric disorder rather than science, however, in the 21st century, the advance in neuroscience leads to a scientific reality that is opposite to such perception.

The basic ideas of mind control originated in 1921, in Tavistock, a research center of the British Intelligence Service, and then they were developed in Germany, mainly in the Nazi concentration camp, Dachau.

The main mind control operations began in the 20th century through institutions like the CIA, dedicated in promoting the New World Order.

As the United States has become the first world military power; it is critical for the military to develop new weapons of war. Among the weapons that the USA has tried to develop are the weapons of mind control.

The United States, throughout its history, has developed different mind control experiments, from 1950 to 1972, with the participation of Nazi scientists recruited by the U.S. government: for the BLUEBIRD project, MKULTRA, and MKSEARCH.

With the modern advances in science, mind control could be developed with brain nanobots, microchips and implants, which have only been used in human beings to improve health.

The U.S. Department of Defense through DARPA has informed us that it has developed brain implants to improve its army health.

These brain implants and subdermal chips are a matter of security and so generally the military denies their use.

However, the existence of technology capable of creating it suggests the existence of a classified mind control weapon program.

Thus, one of the developed devices is a cortical modem that turns digital signals into analogical ones. Computers process information in digital form, the phone lines only process analog signals, thus with the implantation of these brain modems, the digital information of the human brain computer can be turned into an analog signal and transmitted by phone, and vice versa, thus images can be sent to and received by the human brain.

However, these modems could be used also as a mind control weapon; sending audiovisual signals to the visual cortex could be used as mental torture, brain mapping obtained with the modem could serve for mental reading and to steal a citizen’s private information, which could be used to extort the victim and control him, thus the great danger is that they could be implanted in citizens secretly and forcibly as a mind control weapon.

Last night I made some comparisons between Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984.

Orwell, as brilliant as he was, did not have the same vision as his contemporary Aldous Huxley did in the context of tech’s facilitation of tyranny. Orwell understood power brilliantly but not necessarily how the state would implement technology to underwrite its power.

Huxley, on the other hand, was plugged into the transhumanist, technocratic elite which even in the early 20th century had ambitions of total domination of humanity – not just physical control, but psychological as well.

Rather than Orwell’s infamous nightmarish “boot stamping on a human face forever” prophecy, the future of enslavement will more closely mirror Huxley’s vision in Brave New World, in which the state uses various technological and pharmacological implements to cull and pacify the population so that physical force becomes unnecessary to maintain control.

But like peanut better and chocolate both Huxley and Orwell seem to have devised a blueprint where both outcomes are being lived out in our everyday lives.

In fact, in 1949, Huxley, after reading 1984, penned a little-known letter to Orwell, explicating their analytical differences in their respective novels:

“Within the next generation, I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that… the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”

This is impressive foresight for a man writing in the pre-internet era when the pharmaceutical industry was still in its infancy.

Huxley then adds that The tyrants of tomorrow won’t appear in gaudy military attire; they’ll be the kind of soft-spoken HR administrator whose inflections trends upward at the end of their sentences as if commands are just questions– in other words, totally non-threatening.

The technocracy’s foot soldiers won’t goosestep in orchestrated shows of force as an intimidation tactic; they’ll coddle their charges into submission like a mother singing an infant to sleep with a lullaby.

Without firing a bullet or dropping a bomb, they’ll infiltrate and subvert the human mind with drugs and irremovable implants.

Humans are conditioned by millions of years of evolution to respond with commensurate force to clear physical threats like armed death squads rolling through their community.

And while they exist to show a theater of force — the true power comes with crowd control and sonic weapons to make crowds passive.

But something silent and subtle will more than likely trap us.

We are considerably less vigilant about insidious threats that do not rely on brute force but rather subtle psychological manipulation and unseen control mechanisms.

The US military possesses a sophisticated arsenal of psychotronic weapons which could be used both domestically and internationally.

Electromagnetic and informational Weapons can be used in conventional war theatres, without the knowledge of the enemy.

It is therefore essential that we not only take note of these findings, but we mobilize nationally and internationally against the use of brain-manipulating technologies.

It is feasible to manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either by sound or visual messages, is now generally known and acknowledged by the scientific community.

This is why in most countries, the use of such technologies, without the consent of the individual concerned, is in theory banned. Needless to say, the use of these technologies is undertaken covertly, without the knowledge or consent of targeted individuals.

Devices using light for the stimulation of the brain constitute another mechanism whereby light flashing under certain frequencies could be used to manipulate the human psyche.

The use of sound, or a device transmitting a beam of sound waves, which can be heard only by persons at whom the beam of sound waves is targeted, has been reported in several news media.

In this case, the beam is formed by a combination of sound and ultrasound waves which causes the targeted person to hear the sound inside his head. Such a procedure could affect the mental balance of the targeted individual as well as convince him that he is, so to speak, mentally ill.

In the book “Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia”, the authors propose among the basic principles of the Russian concept of defense against the remote control of the human psyche not only the acknowledgment of its existence but also the fact that the methods of informational and psychotronic war are fully operational (“and are being used without a formal declaration of war”.

They also quote the record from the session of the Russian Federation’s Federal Council where V. Lopatin stated that psychotronic weapon can cause the blocking of the freedom of will of a human being on a subliminal level” or “instillation into the consciousness or subconsciousness of a human being of information which will trigger a faulty or erroneous perception of reality.”

In that regard, they proposed the preparation of national legislation as well as the establishment of legal international norms “aimed at the defense of human psyche against subliminal, destructive and informational manipulations.”

Moreover, they also propose the declassification of all analytical studies and research on the various technologies. They warned that, because this research has remained classified and removed from the public eye, it has allowed the arms race to proceed unabated. It has thereby contributed to increasing the possibility of psychotronic war.

Among the possible sources of remote influence on the human psyche, the authors list the “generators of physical fields“ of “known as well as unknown nature”

In 1999 the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment, part of the Directorate General for Research of the European Parliament published the report on Crowd Control Technologies, ordered by them with the OMEGA foundation in Manchester.

One of four major subjects of the study pertained to the so-called “Second Generation“ or “non-lethal” technologies:

“This report evaluates the second generation of ‘non-lethal’ weapons which are emerging from national military and nuclear weapons laboratories in the United States as part of the Clinton Administration’s ‘non-lethal’ warfare doctrine now adopted in turn by NATO. These devices include weapons using… directed energy beam,…radio frequency, laser and acoustic mechanisms to incapacitate human targets,”

The report states that „the most controversial ‚non-lethal‘ crowd control … technology proposed by the U.S., are so called Radio Frequency or Directed Energy Weapons that can allegedly manipulate human behavior… the greatest concern is with systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system.”

The report also states that perhaps the most powerful developments remain shrouded in secrecy.”

One clear consequence of the continuation of the apparent politics of secrecy surrounding technologies enabling remote control of the human brain is that the governments, who own such technologies, could use them without having to consult public opinion.

Any meaningful democracy in today’s world could be disrupted, through secret and covert operations. It is not inconceivable that in the future, entire population groups subjected to mind control technologies could be living in a “fake democracy” where their own government or a foreign power could broadly shape their political opinions by means of mind control technologies.

This is partly the reason that many people are more than happy to just give away their power. I am sure that we are currently partaking of this secret tech when we look at the screens of our cell phones and the blue screens of our T.V.s.

If you really want to witness something interesting. Darken the room where your Television screen is. Turn on a random TV show. Then either step out of the room just enough to see the flashes and strobes per second.

These flashes and strobes have been known to put people in a hypnotic state. In fact, lately, there have been warnings placed on certain television shows that say they contain flash images that may cause a photosensitive trance.

Perhaps whatever messages are flashed to us and it triggers a group mind or group think. This includes friends and family wandering aimlessly with catatonic stares. You have run into them time and time again. Some can be awakened; others will sleep through their entire lives because they do not want to live their own lives.

And who controls the electronic life that we are living — the psychotronic mind control that we know has taken over every one of us to some degree?

I think we know, but some people think it is a conspiracy theory. They think that no one is influencing their choices.

It is a sad case of human estrangement. Don’t shake hands, don’t hug, do not connect, forget morality, do as you please, and then wine and cry when you don’t get your way.

Peter Koenig, one of the most astute investigators of these silent weapons of mind control and propaganda, puts it this way:

“The panacea of the future will be crowned by the Pearl of the Fourth Industrialization – Artificial Intelligence. It will be made possible by a 5G electromagnetic field, allowing the Internet of Things. ( Klaus) Schwab and Malleret [Schwab’s co-author] won’t say, beware, there is opposition. 5G could still be blocked.

The 5G existence and further development are necessary for surveillance and control of humanity, by digitizing everything, including human identity and money.

It will be so simple, no more cash, just electronic, digital money – that is way beyond the control of the owner, the truthful earner of the money, as it can be accessed by the Global Government and withheld and/or used for pressuring misbehaving citizens into obeying the norms imposed from above.

You don’t behave according to our norms, have no money to buy food, shelter and health services, we let you starve. No more travel. No more attending public events. You’ll be put gradually in your own solitary confinement. The dictatorial and tyrannical global commandeering by digital control of everything is the essence of the 4th Age of Industrialization – highly promoted by the WEF’s Great Reset.”

It is unfortunate that many people are not fully aware of what is at stake because they have been mesmerized by cult-like propaganda aimed at preserving the globalist mind trap.

Like everything, of course, this push to place life under the aegis of cyber mind has a history, one that deifies the machine and attempts to convince people that they too are machines without existential freedom.

Thus the ongoing meme pumped out for the past three decades has been that we are controlled by our brains and that the brain is a computer and vice versa.

Brain research has received massive government funding. Drugs have been offered as the solution to every human problem. So-called diseases and disorders have been created through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and matched to pharmaceutical drugs for scandalous profits. And the mind has been reduced to a figment of deluded imagination.

People are machines; that’s the story, we are called marvelous machines.

But we have no freedom.

It’s a Brave New World out there –well, at least we hope so.



Twenty years as Senior Executive Producer/Vice President TRN Entertainment – Developed six of the world’s most successful syndicated radio programs. Award-winning TV, radio, and podcasts. Multiple awards for social media created for Weta New Zealand. Executive Producer for Talk Radio Network (TRN) syndicator of news and talk radio programming. TRN consists of a number of associated companies, which have launched some of the United States’ highest-ranked talk radio shows, including The Savage NationCoast to Coast AMThe Jerry Doyle Show – Tammy Bruce – Michio Kaku, and many more. TRN was founded in 1993 and syndicated hosts from 1999 thru 2017.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Christopher Dall

    May 24, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    Mr. Clyde Lewis, I hate mowing grass. But if I lived nextdoor to you I’d mow yours anytime simply as a thank you Sir for all the years of effort you’ve gifted us. Thank you Sir.

  2. John Weiner

    May 24, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    In,” THE GODS OF EDEN,” William Bramley writes of how the Nazis, Heinrich Himler, himself sent an archeological expedition to India believing that the Aryians had settled there at one time and looking for evidence of this.

  3. Rusty

    May 24, 2023 at 8:00 pm

    🤯🧠🧠⚡⚡😂😂HaHa Haaaa….!!!
    Don’t they usually just shoot them? when people try to drive vehicles into the WH?
    That’s one reason why hard to believe

  4. John Weiner

    May 24, 2023 at 8:21 pm

    As bad as ,” THE ORG,” and some, many of the other Nazis were, it was probably better we take them than let them go overvth the SOVIET UNION and let them win the COLD WAR, which was probably the alternative.

  5. Pat

    May 25, 2023 at 5:53 am

    Interesting show Clyde video games, distractions kids, and young people on drugs for depression. It all adds up. Cell phones, computers. every day fast paced life style. I almost got killed by a girl playing on a cell phone going down the road to fast cross. The centerline ran head on into my jeep. I seen her comment so I swerved to the right and I probably saved her life. Her car was totaled. My jeep had 8000 damage. My jeep was built like a tank. It had brush bars and winch. I had friends killed, riding their motorcycles, same thing, happen, people playing with your cell phones. I wonder how many lives are lost because of technology.? I know if I watch TV too much I get a headache ? I never did play any video games. Just got a cell phone about four months ago first one I ever had. I’m kind of off the grid person. Sad to say things are probably only gonna get worse. Take care, prepare for the worst. Enjoy every precious day.

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