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4/8/22: FOOD 4 FASCISM

Ron Patton | April 8, 2022

There are many indications that a food war is underway, even to the point of whether or not a person has a right to consume a cheeseburger. Another example is a school district in Pennsylvania, inspecting and scrutinizing what students bring for lunch. Additionally, food shortages and the inability to afford the food will certainly spawn more acts of violence in neighborhoods and stores, as indicated in recent new stories. Food fascism will soon be another thing that the technocrats wish us to acclimate to…or if not, force us to accept. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about FOOD 4 FASCISM.



4/8/22: FOOD 4 FASCISM


I have a neighbor that from time to time comes by and asks my wife if she wants to go to the Goodwill or to the Dollar Tree to find inexpensive things to shop for.  Some people can’t get enough of shopping and always want a bargain. My producer, Ron likes to go to a store called Grocery Outlet that sells relatively cheaper foods and discontinued case lot brands to save a buck or two.

I used to shop at a place called Food 4 Less and the food is not necessarily less – it’s just that you have to bag your own groceries and well I would rather have someone do that for me. I was a bagger in high school – and it is not a job I am fond of.

Lately, the neighbor hasn’t come by to go shopping with my wife. I asked the neighbor why and I was told that Dollar tree is not fun anymore –because things are no longer a dollar.  They have been marked up.

Dollar Tree threw away those green “Everything’s $1” signs at stores, ditching the brand identity it created and stuck to devotedly for 35 years.

Dollar Tree was the last of the major dollar store chains that actually sold stuff for $1 and was defined by its prices. In 2015, Dollar Tree boasted that it was “the nation’s leading operator of fixed-price point stores.”

So, its move to walk away from that image was a significant shift for the company and a sign of how rising inflation and the supply chain crisis is pushing retailers to adjust long-running strategies.

Dollar Tree’s model may have worked over the past couple decades when inflation was practically nonexistent. But the $1 strategy didn’t work for the current moment. The company finally walked away from $1 because it was hurting business.

They held their Dollar gimmick of 35 years—and now they can’t anymore.

It sucks – it really does. It bothers me that this is happening and every time I gas up my car I keep hearing the words of Joe Biden questioning my patriotism because I hate paying at the pump for a war that I am forced to care about – a war that I know is the tripping of the first domino in leveling the economy for the Great Reset.

Every once in a while, I wake up realizing that it is at times aggravating to fathom the sheer depth of insanity that exists our time, the terrible wars, and the confounding information that whizzes by without the majority questioning what they are being fed.

There is more than a famine of food there is a famine of sound information that can be used in order to make everyday decisions. The local news tries to appear as if they care about you and the issues you really care about –but if they did they would be more aggressive in exposing the people that control everything and how they have a lack of accountability and no respect for the people they are allegedly leading.

This goes form the president down to the various mayors and governors of the states.

Certainties that flood the airwaves and the internet are easy to come by the irony is that much of what is certainty can always be said to be uncertainty.

Malcom X expressed his belief that one day there would be a clash between the rich and poor of the world, and, in all likelihood, details of how it may or may not play out aside—, we are headed towards such a clash.

So, before we starve or have no money to buy the things we want  now is the time for us to reconsider our goals and desires.

We have to start focusing on the things we need — want will have to wait.

There are many indications that a food war is underway — and a couple of the local news stories seem to back up what I am saying.

For example:

An Arizona man was stabbed to death following a dispute with his son over paying for groceries. The incident took place during the early morning of Friday, April 1.

Mesa police responded to a call from a concerned witness who reported that the victim had yet to return home after going to meet his son on Thursday afternoon to take him grocery shopping, according to court documents obtained by AZ family. The documents also stated that the suspect, identified as Jason Todd Jeschor, 43, suffered from schizophrenia and had not taken his medication.

When authorities arrived on the scene, police said they discovered Jeschor with a knife on his waistband, which was quickly confiscated. According to court documents, the suspect informed officials that his dad was not doing well, before admitting that he killed him.

Jeschor told police that while he and his dad were at the store, his card was declined and his dad refused to pay for the groceries for him, according to the department.

Jason then admitted, according to court documents, that when the two returned to the apartment, he stabbed his father with homemade “spear-like object,” in addition to stabbing him in the neck with a switchblade knife – the one taken from him when police arrived. Jeschor later cleaned the victim’s blood from the floor and moved his body.

According to court documents, Jeschor believes that the murder was justified and he did not feel any remorse.

A card declines, a son does no get the food he wants and so he stabs his father.

Food shortages and the inability to afford the food will certainly spawn more acts of violence in homes and neighborhoods.

Food shortages and food fascism will soon be another thing that the technocrats wish us to acclimate to– and if you don’t believe it — just remember what Vice president Kamala Harris said at a townhall meeting when she was running for President:

During the Democratic National Committee debates there were people planted in the audience asking questions about how new guidelines for the green economy would affect meat eating and what the candidates would do to curtail meat consumption. Most everyone who were behind the campaign to vilify meat eating were greatly exaggerating the studies linking meat eating to poor health. The studies vilifying the health effects of meat were based on observational epidemiology, which can’t show actual cause, only associations.

The conversation turned to the discussion of whether or not a person has a right to consume a cheeseburger.

While discussing red meats, dietary requirements, and beef production, it seemed they were debating whether the Democrats would uphold the right to backyard barbecues or require draconian enforcement of meat rationing to save the planet from greenhouse gasses.

Asked about climate activism and her stand on the beef and cheese industries, Amy Klobuchar, went out big. “I am hopeful that we’re going to be able to [cut carbon emissions] in a way—especially when I am president—that we can continue to have hamburgers and cheese.”

Kamala Harris, lest Americans think otherwise, conceded she loves cheeseburgers. She didn’t seem too proud of it—feigning her meat guilt in front of some militant climate change vegan.

But she went even bigger stating if she were president she would definitely change the dietary guidelines “to reduce red meat specifically or to ban its consumption all together.”

She then later stated that meat production has a detrimental impact on the environment and that there should be plans in place to curtail the consumption of meat so that it will improve the environmental impact.

She even intimated that idea of behavioral laws to be implemented to force people into dietary fascism.

Before people tell me that this is not happening in our reality — let me inform you about a strange story out of Pennsylvania where young people are being forced into behavioral changes with regard to snacks and the intake of soda pop.

Parents are calling it a case of the food gestapo after a school in Pennsylvania said on Monday that it would be searching the lunches of its students and tossing away “excessive amounts of outside snacks.”

A Facebook post from Aliquippa School District posted last week said that Aliquippa Junior/Senior High School students had started bringing an “excessive amounts of outside snacks,” like shopping bags full of chips and canned drinks.

Because of that, students’ bags will be searched, the district said in the post. Anything more than one 4-ounce bag of chips and one beverage up to 20 ounces will be thrown out by security.

Students who pack lunch will not get an allowance for additional snacks and will also have their lunches opened and inspected, the district said.

The post had hundreds of critical comments the next morning, but was deleted shortly before 7:30 a.m. A district spokesperson did not respond to a request for further comment or answer why the post was deleted.

District Superintendent Phillip Woods told NBC affiliate WPXI of Pittsburgh that the decision to limit snacks was made because students were selling and trading food, causing distractions.

Again school authroties seem to act like wardens at prions limiting what a child can eat — or bring to school in their lunches.

Students are taught when they are young to adapt to certain behaviors and it appears that those behaviors now are related to food eating behaviors and the idea that some may have mire food than others — some go hungry and some don’t and some sell their food to kids who don’t get their food from home.

Again this may be evidence that a food war is in the works and that leaders will consider certain behaviors and food consumption unacceptable –and will make it a point to make certain foods unaffordable or unavailable.

There is also a worldwide issue of food equality where the idea of sacrificing our food stores will be encouraged as poorer nations will starve because of famine and since we are now in this altruistic phase of giving supplies and money to countries at war — the trend will not stop and there will be a number of people who will gladly make the sacrifice and encourage law makers to force others into doing the same thing —

It would be national rationing of food for a continuous war effort — in Orwellian parlance keeping the population on the brink of starvation.

Here is the quote from 1984:

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.”

America cannot be considered a free society with a straight face unless the choice of what we put into our own bodies and what we do with our consciousness is considered part of our innate free will as conscious beings on this planet.

We are being robbed of the right to choose how to treat and care for our own mental and physical health over the nonsense government and corporate overreach promotes.

The system they endorse seeks to use us for profit rather than help us, this is not symbiosis between government, business, and the people, this is top-down parasitic behavior.

Look at the Food and Drug Administration.

Their tactic is not only to control the drugs we take, the supplements we use, the CBD we use to relax — it is the idea that certain foods will have to be consumed — most if not all will be GMO foods provided by chemical companies that not only gassed the Jews with Zyklon B  at Auschwitz, but maimed soldiers in Vietnam with Agent Orange

It is like getting tainted Halloween Candy from a child killer.

Drug schedules could soon be accompanied by food intake schedules — classifying certain foods as approved — and offerings of generic hybrid foods that would best be described as of benefit.

Again, creating behavioral changes and demanding that foods be consumed or avoided.

In the 1930’s, Hitler had completed a four-year plan to boost the German military and the domestic economy to be ready for war by 1940. He put Hermann Goering in charge, and then he developed a “German Fat Plan” to enable Germany to improve the efficiency of its domestic consumption of butter, milk, cream, lard, cheese, bacon, margarine, and salad oils.

The idea was to find substitutes for these oil- and fat-based products in case imported sources were cut off.

Fat programs and meal substitute requirements would be like drug schedules that creates its own language and redefines words at a whim to find some ridiculous narrative to cower behind so they can continue to enforce policies that are arbitrary, deeply authoritarian, and paternalistic even in their euphemistic Orwellian dialect.

Again regulating and enforcing behavioral changes infantilizes the public.

Government officials hide behind podiums at fabricated press conferences with false time restraints and if they are forced to briefly confront the issue of famine and economic downturn they will lie directly, possibly not allow for rebuttal, and walk away with their socio-economic power like a child who doesn’t want others to play with their toys.

they could actually sit down and have an in-depth debate about these major issues we face, but you know, there is a fundraiser to get to, and a narcissists anonymous meeting they have to attend where they are fed extravagant dinners with wine and cheese.

The logic is unimportant to why elites are enacting outrageous policies, as there is no logic pertaining to the public good. Their actions only make sense when viewed with a lens of self-promotion, profit-seeking, venality, and exploitation.

The green deals are no longer about the climate — they are about creating new businesses, buying up farmland, creating lab meat and GMO foods and force-feed the populace their poor excuse for school lunch.

Not to mention injecting us with their pharmaceutical poisons.

People will be brainwashed into accepting the unacceptable, the imperceivable — the unthinkable.

They would even eat their own excrement if it was shown to be nutritious.

Believe it or not The Japanese have now isolated proteins from bacteria in sewage and have pioneered a way to make it into meat.

The poop-meat concoction is prepared by extracting the basic elements of food — protein, carbohydrates and fats — and recombining them.

The meat is made from 63 percent proteins, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids and 9 percent minerals, according to Digital Trends. Soy protein is added to the mix to increase the flavor, and food coloring is used to make the product appear red.

The researchers came up with the idea after Tokyo Sewage asked them to figure out a use for the abundance of sewage in mud,

Oh how or lives are so much better because of these amazing scientific breakthroughs.

How desperate have we become — how gullible — this is the future?

All we need now are the green crackers made form people. Then we would fulfill another science fiction prophecy –and the scary part is that Soylent Green is set in the year 2022.

We are now paranoid, and emotionally invested in our paranoia. We ritualize everything and demand that others participate — if they don’t, they are ridiculed and told that they do not belong — it continues even after all of the so-called precautions to flatten the curve have literally flattened our economy.

I really do not think that people understand economics and how sanctions are an act of war and create a domino effect.  Are people aware that  the sanctions against Russian banks now afflicts approximately thirty countries?

Are you aware that  the horrific reality of hunger  has increased due to this war and the sanctions? It appears that much of the ‘certainties’ are caught up in the ‘Cold War mentality’, which views humanity as irreversibly divided on two opposing sides. However, this is not the case; most countries are struggling to craft a non-aligned approach to the US-imposed ‘new Cold War’.

Russia’s conflict with Ukraine is a symptom of broader geopolitical battles that have been waged over decades.

However, as we are exploiting this war as an excuse to continue to level the world economy, there are so many questions that need to answer and there is also the question of whether or not food supplies will be affected — or will the famine of the future mean that foods will be unaffordable?

The answer is both.

The outlook for food yields is dismal: Many analysts have warned of a 20 to 40 percent drop in agricultural production, depending on the harshness and duration of the current global drought.

Two years ago, however, Science published predictions of “permanent drought by 2050 throughout the Southwest of the United States, and forecast levels of aridity akin to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s that would envelope swaths of land from Kansas to California.

It is almost as if this was a perfect set up — a well-planned starvation project that certainly will have to force lawmakers into mandating behavior changes in the way we consume.

I know there are people who will say “Fine let it all fall apart, I am going to live in an old school bus in Montana” — but for most people that isn’t always accommodating. There are many people that would die without modern necessities that provide them the sustenance they need– they unable to live eating tins of tuna and smoking cannabis.

Escaping the cities has been the war cry for those who see themselves as patriots. But I can be patriotic without having to live in a compound where I have to do my human business in an outhouse

But who knows– they say never say never.

Maybe it will be total mayhem followed by the takeover fascist corporate (redundant) technocratic super state surrounded by oceans of slums and ten cities.

But wait — isn’t it happening now?

It is if you open your eyes and wonder if you could become that statistic.

Hope’ we are told by philosophers is something which always comes tomorrow, but when tomorrow arrives having hope is like trying to catch the wind.

Maybe we can reeducate ourselves and learn that even in uncertainty there may be a point where we have to determine absolutes – where it is do or die– or give up.

The global economic collapse is designed to trigger a stream of ‘benefits’ to the Great Reset agenda. It will be advantageous for the elitist globalists to use this as an excuse to impose a global economic dictatorship controlled by a world central bank. But there are many other ‘solutions’ and connected ‘benefits’ that are planned to be exploited and we need to be streetwise to them.

They want you to riot in response to the unfolding economic catastrophe and we have already seen people do it in places like France as they rioted because of 25 cent increase in gas prices.. the difference between France and the United States is that there are people willing to pay more an more and sacrifice more for the Ukrainian cause.

Which this over caring is becoming unhealthy and counterintuitive. Even if  you think these sacrifices are for the common good — have you figured out yet that none of it is working and in the end we will all be losing our ability to feed our families nutritious foods?

There seems to be an underreporting of all of the looting and the chaos that goes on evey day as people walk into supermarkets grab their food and just walk out. Nothing can be done the police won’t respond.

Stores are now hiring security and are locking their dumpsters in order to keep people from pilfering through the meat and bread that they throw away.

In real life, poor people cannot live under confinement, under lockdown. Not only have many or most already lost their meager living quarters because they can no longer pay the rent – but they need to scrape together in the outside world whatever they can find to feed their families and themselves.

They may resort to ransacking supermarkets in the city or farms in the countryside. Food to sustain life is essential. Taking the opportunity to level an economy for some New World Order agenda is a crime against humanity -and while you may think you are still leading a life of abundance — know that at anytime all of it can go away at the stroke of a pen at the drop of a bomb and a world war.

They are committing mass genocide on a worldwide scale in proportions unknown in recent history of humankind.

And this to dominate a world under a New World Order, aiming at a massively reduced world population.

So far I guess, we all have hope in knowing that in the end we can always subsist on snickers bars and a box of macaroni and cheese.

Thank you President Biden and Vice President Harris.













Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 2 comments.

  1. Greg

    April 9, 2022 at 11:13 am

    You are what you eat. Something I avoid is sucralose. Look up the history on wikipedia. Its chlorinated sucrose. All diet sugars are poison. The most dangerous thing in the world is a smart and healthy human. It always brings me back to Gnostic literature. The created man was superior to the ones who created it and they were jealous and afraid. They dumbed him down and weakened him by many methods. The main method was forgetfulness, putting a type a fog in his head. Growing in knowledge and wisdom is a type of awakening. If people don’t wake up they are doomed. A proper diet of healthy natural food is extremely important.

  2. jimbo

    April 11, 2022 at 7:26 pm

    The Progressives (Dems or Rinos) are the minions of the true insurrectionist deep state globalists with their anti-Constitution, anti-Bible, anti-Judeo Christian, “Reset.” -Putin isn’t the only one who qualifies over escalating crimes against humanity. (Check out my comments on Need to Know website under the alleged Whitmer kidnap plot..)

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