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Ron Patton | April 5, 2024

The April 8 solar eclipse is being treated like the pandemic — there are striking parallels as the government is wrapping the totality of this event into a psychological operations package. The spectacle of watching the sun darken is usually pretty routine all over the world — here in the United States, it is an event worthy of declaring a national emergency. And while the mainstream media and all their affiliates prattle on about the dangers of looking at the sun as the moon crosses it, there are synchronicities of biblical proportion being pushed into the eclipse’s shadow that should make us wonder about a dispensational apocalypse. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with space and science analyst, Richard C. Hoagland and astronomy enthusiast, Dr. Sky about DARK MOMENTS IN THE SUN.



I know that we have been focusing a lot on the esoteric nature of the solar eclipse on April 8th– but you have to indulge me as the mainstream media is trying harder to be paranormal reporters and is coming off creating a familiar psy-op.

One that I thought was too obvious for everyone — but not — I need to get this off my chest before someone else sees all this the way I do.

Sure enough, I see a lot of dispensational clues like every good Christian should — but many out there don’t want to hear those fanatics out there are already trimming their wicks and kicking against thr pricks for a good old-time second-coming celebration.

But your government, state government, and the mainstream media are back with some ideas you may remember from 4 years ago.

Please bear with me.

The April 8th eclipse is being treated like the pandemic — I see parallels of this as the media is wrapping all of this event into a psychological operations package.

Never since COVID-19 has there been such a campaign to close schools, shut down businesses, families to be ordered to lockdown, and like the mask mandates wear special protective plastic glasses that sell for more than $20.

I don’t know if you see the comparison– but it is becoming familiar territory — none of this happened during the eclipse of 2017 or even the annular eclipse of 2023.

This one however has something darker being infused in it for some reason and I am still trying to figure out why. The event of watching the sun darken is usually pretty routine all over the world — here in the United States it is an event worthy of declaring a national emergency.

Are we so infantile as to be treated with kid gloves about a scientific event?

While the mainstream media and all their affiliates prattle on about the dangers of looking at the sun, as the moon crosses it, there are many, many more events of biblical proportion being pushed into the eclipse’s shadow.

Many other things are happening too that are synchronicities — that make us wonder about the dispensational apocalypse.

Remember four years ago when you stayed locked in your home to save granny from a seasonal cold? Well, the test is over and you failed.

Now everything from heat waves to rainy afternoons and even smog will have your “elected government “planning to keep you home to keep you “safe.”

They have declared a national emergency to keep you safe and they have urged people to stay indoors — why? To flatten the curve of the shadow spreading everywhere?

Maybe they are getting us prepped for the bird flu something they are telling us is worse than Covid 19.

With mandated lockdowns happening in a ton of states and cities out of an abundance of caution around the solar eclipse, you can be pretty sure the government won’t get up to anything sketchy during the cover of darkness.

Sure — we believe that — said no one.

The rare phenomenon of 4 planets lining up has both Christians and Jews wondering if Jesus or the real Messiah will choose April 8 to return to rule the Earth. The sight that won’t be visible for another 32 million years of Venus, Neptune, Saturn, and Mars perfectly aligned is said to be a holy sign of End Times and the Great Tribulation, as ushered in by a wise and just ruler from the heavens– well we already have Trump — that is something.

But when the Jews sacrifice three red female cows to fulfill the prophecy of rebuilding the 3rd Temple could it be the beginning of WWIII? Do the rabbis and the clergy feel the energy of the possible return of a messiah?

The kohen (Hebrew for priest) was recently shown in a picture posted to Facebook looking over the red heifers in their secret location in Shiloh. The cows, which were imported from Texas, will be ritualistically sacrificed and it looks like it will be soon.

April is going to be buzzing when millions of cicadas surface from the earth in biblical proportions on the lawns and farms of the American Midwest, namely Little Egypt in Southern Illinois right in the path of totality– this is what true pestilence looks like.

NASA is preparing to launch three giant rockets toward the sun on the same day as the sun will be fully eclipsed by the moon to millions of people in North America. The out-of-this-world occult-obsessed space agency insists that this is all normal stuff and it’s not some giant Satanic demon summoning thing –even though the project is called APEP –named after an ancient serpent God.

It appears the wild ride before the eclipse has already begun. The Power that eclipses has certainly had a window where things begin to demonstrate how fragile they are and how we need to pay attention and prepare for some interesting times ahead –at least for a little while.

There are two highly influential threads woven through this month—a divine one and a satanic one. The eclipse alone is divine; whereas, the many mundane machinations carried out during the totality are evidently of satanic origin.

The intentional nudging of the eschaton is a brilliant Luciferian psy-op that appears to be timed perfectly.

It’s the precise timing of so many cosmic and manmade events during a very small window of time that has majorly turbo-charged the potential for HUGE things to happen– as I have said it will create a domino effect — or perhaps a butterfly effect that will challenge us both mentally and physically.

On the political website, State of The Nation, I was surprised to find commentary, that leaned towards a more paranormal view of what the earth will experience.

It spoke of a critical time window where activities happen that shock the planet.

The critical time window of this eclipse, when instant karma is likely to strike without warning, is from April 5 through April 11.

The article states:

It is always the time in between the eclipses, which invariably come in pairs when it’s important to exercise heightened situational awareness. The lunar eclipse on Monday, March 24 began that period. However, for various reasons beyond the scope of this essay, the most potentially fateful days will be from 3 days before Monday, April 8 to 3 days after the same day. Notwithstanding, the whole month of April could turn into a global blockbuster where “The Greatest Show On Earth” takes place in the USA.”

Today of course is April 5th –and to kick things off we are seeing earthquakes in diverse places. Taiwan, Japan, and now New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

A rare earthquake rocked the New York area Friday morning, shaking buildings and sending terrified residents into the streets.

Just before the earthquake, there was a photo taken during storms in the Tri-state area on April 3 that showed the Statue of Liberty’s torch getting zapped by a bolt of lightning.

A large dip in the jet stream will linger in the Eastern states this weekend in response to a Nor easter that brought cold temperatures and snow to some areas.

The East Coast — and some areas of the path of totality are seeing a lot of storms. Meteorologists say that in some areas the skies will clear, in just enough time to view the eclipse but you are pressing your luck either way.

On March 22nd the same anomaly occurred where a front moving from west to east parked itself over the path of totality, and later triggered severe weather and Tornadoes.

The key to this sort of jet stream pattern, which resembles the Greek letter Omega, is the weather tends to change slowly, rather than be highly progressive.

The result will be temperature departures below the historical average of 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit. Where the sun is out, it may ease the cold a bit during the day, but in the shade and during totality temperatures will plummet.

Even though it will be a chore to find the perfect spot for viewing this event — astrologers are saying that regardless there will be energies that will be felt for days and even weeks to come.

What we are seeing with the April 8th total solar eclipse is a withering campaign of predictive programming and social engineering the likes of which the US citizenry has never been exposed to. The entire Mainstream Media has never been so determined to get every single American outside to watch this quite dramatic daytime blocking of the solar rays.

It has unwittingly become ritualized and, remarkably, so many state governments have declared a State of Emergency.

This does not mean that the world will end in America on April 8, 2024, or on any other day following.

Only this eclipse will serve as a point of no return when it concerns the inexorable evolution of the American Republic as a viable nation-state. State Secessions, Civil War, an American Bolshevik Revolution, and many more Gladio-style mass shootings are all on the table as never before.

Of course wars will escalate in Ukraine and Israel and we will continue to edge toward a third world war.

All things considered, going forward, anything goes in the 50 states which especially includes the following:

Calamitous Earth Movements (Earthquakes & Volcanic Eruptions)

Terrorist Attacks such as Mass Shootings, Bombings, and other Mass Casualty Events

Market Collapse, Financial Breakdown, Currency Meltdown, Commodity Scarcity & Economic Depression

Devastating Weather Warfare and Pyro-Terrorism

Engineered Food Shortages and Supply Chain Disruptions

Bioengineered Epidemics and Pandemics, Pestilence and Plague

In light of the slow-motion disintegration of the Global Economic & Financial System, all it takes is a single bubble to burst to trigger a domino effect which will then ripple throughout the whole world.

Anciently the darkened sun — with its ring of light was seen as the eye of God passing judgment on the planet. Others described the sighting as the Dragon eating its tail — a symbol of death and decay, that eventually transcends its blight and resurrects to a paradisical glory.

In the time when the sun grows dark, we see it as a harbinger of a great cycle to end. The symbol of the Ouroboros or Great Dragon eating its tail hangs above us in the heavens and the signal is there to understand how the Gods plan our fate.

The mythology scriptures and ancient writings all are congruent. Rare eclipses and the darkening of the sun are powerful times for the elite to plan the fate of their world. It is a time to decide if it is the end of an age and if judgment should be at hand.

It is strange how today people revel in the darkness even while fearing it. Sunsets are far more popular than sunrises, even while death is the great bogeyman and birth deserves cigars and champagne. Crowds regularly gather in the evenings, cell phone cameras raised, to laud the death of the light.

And now the upcoming plunge into the night for the day with the solar eclipse is the next big thing to see.

There are many instructions on how to look at it — but never are there instructions on how to see it — how to see it for what it represents to the primitive senses of mankind.

The sun going dark reminds us that we live in a flicker.


Richard C. Hoagland is the Principal Investigator and Founder of The Enterprise Mission as well as the Vision and the Voice of The Other Side of Midnight. He is the recipient of the Angstrom Medal, the former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite, and the author of best-selling books, “The Monuments of Mars” and “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA.”

Together with Carl Sagan, Mr. Hoagland co-created, the “Pioneer Plaque;”  and predicted life on Europa in his groundbreaking paper, the “Europa Proposal” published 37 years before NASA’s announcement.

Richard’s show, The Other Side Of Midnight, airs Live Saturday & Sunday from midnight to 3am, Eastern, 9pm to Midnight, Pacific time.

Steve Kates / Dr. Sky is a science journalist with expertise in the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation, and Weather. A true New Yorker, he got his start in broadcasting and television as a child actor in many commercials and print media. During college, his mentor was Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of the then-planet Pluto. Continuing with his own broadcast shows, the Dr.Sky Show is heard on local Arizona radio and television stations around the nation! He continues as the “Astronomy/ Space” correspondent for the popular NYC radio station…Talk Radio 77 WABC, with his commentary and podcast – The Dr. Sky Experience. His email is For details about Dr. Sky’s “Shadow of the Moon” event in Texas, April 6-8, including the Texclipse Music Festival, go to You can also order certified eclipse glasses and receive a 10% discount.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Pat

    April 8, 2024 at 8:53 am

    Interesting Clyde. I live in Western Pennsylvania not too far away. All I have to do is drive about 1.5 hours away north and I’ll be in the path I’m going to go see it. I’m an ex welder and I have a couple welding helmets sitting around me and my wife with number 11 lenses I watched them before like years ago. Take care enjoy the solar eclipse. I know a lot of people are going up to Erie PA. Take care enjoy your freedom and every day above Ground is a good day

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