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Ron Patton | April 27, 2023

Chupacabra is back in the news with the recent Netflix movie, CHUPA. There are various depictions of this misunderstood cryptid within folklore and pop culture. The initial sightings described it as a  demonoid blood feeder or sucker with red eyes and leather wings. It would fly and attack chickens and feed on the blood of goats. Some regard it as a swamp creature that looks like a wild dog. The Latino version of the Chupacabra appears to be more like a Skinwalker or Dogman. Perhaps this mythological creature is the “demon of the abyss” that has been spoken of for centuries. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with cryptid researcher, Aaron Deese about CHUPA DUPA.





While doing the report on the recent cattle mutilations in Texas, I was looking over so many different ideas as to who or what is carrying out the brutal slaying of these animals.

If it isn’t the government, rogue biol lab rustlers, or aliens, the other idea is that this type of attack could be carried out by an as-of-yet unknown predator.

And of course, it could always be a known predator but the exact nature of the cuts and the removal of vital organs requires a bit of intelligence.

This again brings us back to the alien explanation.

But as I said during the show we did about the mutilations, there is always El Chupacabra but as we concluded they may be too small to take down a cow,

Or maybe not.

I recently watched a very cutesy movie on Netflix called CHUPA. It was sort of a Disneyfied story of a family that discovers a Chupacabra on their farm. The need to protect it from an aggressive hunter that needs its blood to get this — a pharmaceutical company.

Apparently, the blood of a Chupacabra has healing qualities.

While the little Chupacabra is as adorable as baby Yoda, the family of Chupacabras are very big and look like mountain lions with wings.

They are terrifying — which of course is how I often pictured the creature only looking more like a wolf or a dog or what some people call a Rougarou.

The Rougarou is more like a Skinwalker, or a native version of the werewolf or dog man.

Legend says the Rougarou prowls Louisiana swamps to hunt down Catholics who don’t observe Lent and children who don’t behave.

Actually, the French pronunciation referring to the swamp monster is “loup-garou,” the French word for werewolf.

The legend or the reality of this creature sounds a bit like the Skinwalker as do most tales of werewolves — this legend goes back to the 16th century France and the French Canadians that made their way to swamps of the United States.

Could it be that the Chupacabra is similar to the swamp creature that appears to be a wild dog?

The study of monsters and crypto creatures has always been downplayed as a field where investigators are out to find a creature that might exist. There are experts who also investigate the possibility that some of these creatures are supernatural in nature or are the product of some rogue manifestation.

It is common knowledge that in shadows lurk monstrosities and souls filled with evil intent. Creatures exist that crawl from the shade, and many have been mentioned as they that live in the shadow world or they crawl out of the bowels of the abyss to attack human beings in their sleep.

This abyss is much darker, and more ominous than the Prime Material Plane. It is filled with a diverse population of creatures of its own creation or from various other planes both fair and foul.

True believers know that these creatures are called the “blood feeders” and they take on my different descriptions.

For the longest time, they wait for their moment.

Their moment to strike.

Back in 1995 when Ground Zero was still in its infancy, there seemed to be an uptick in strange stories which made my life a whole lot easier.

Now keep in mind that the use of the internet as we know it was still relatively new — and so a lot of my research was done at libraries, with my electric typewriter in tow.

The only access to the internet I had was at work, or at a coffee shop that was called at the time, a Cyber Bar.

Back when Art Bell first talked about the alien autopsy, I remember traveling across town to the Cyber Bar and Cafe to get online, find the pictures on Art’s website, and then wait a long time for them to print out.

It was like finding the Holy Grail — even though later we realized that the whole thing was later to be proven a hoax.

It was then I realized that I had to find other ways to get information from the internet. I also had to set aside money for paranormal magazines that I ordered from all over the world.

I remember buying Fate magazine, Fortean Times, Paranoia, and Karma Siete from Spain — I had an advantage speaking Spanish and knew that many UFO reports come from South America.

In August 1995, just four months after Ground Zero first started I was reading in the Spanish paranormal magazine that on the island of Puerto Rico there was a spike of very bizarre attacks on farm animals.

Much like what we have been hearing about the recent cattle mutilations in Texas, except that the farm animals were goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

These farm animals were found dead with deep puncture wounds to their necks and amid controversial claims that significant amounts of blood were missing from their corpses. Farmers were on edge, the media had an absolute field day, and the people of Puerto Rico were plunged into states that ranged from fear to hysteria.

When similar killings began to be reported in numerous other parts of Puerto Rico that fear was amplified to even greater levels.

Whatever was killing these animals, wild dogs or other apex predators like cats, the nocturnal slaughterer was called El Chupacabra.

I was so intrigued by these stories that I actually made a long-distance call to the Department of Agriculture of Puerto Rico and wanted answers as to what this thing was.

When I spoke to an official and told him who I was — he was very pleasant — I spoke with him using what little I had by way of Spanish and he then said, “I speak English” which made the conversation easier.

He confided in me that the Chupacabra was the name that was given to the predator which means Goatsucker but he explained it could be a wild dog, or a monkey that is killing the animals.

He even went as far as saying it could be a mutant chimera with wings and fangs that escaped from a experimental lab.

So the verdict was that the Chupacabra was very real, only that it was a name that was created by farmers to describe a yet unknown predator.

There really isn’t a science or academic discipline that studies or investigates strange and paranormal phenomena. This is why it is a difficult subject to report without sounding like you are embellishing a story for reasons of sensationalism.

Cultural mythology and urban legends have been of interest to a lot of people because there is the possibility that not all of God’s creatures have been accounted for.

Most monster lore is a product of wild imaginations, a little hysteria and a healthy dose of cultural mythology. Although it’s easy to dismiss such mutant beasts as purely fictional, it can be much more difficult to disprove the existence of these hidden animals, known as cryptids.

People know what they see and when they see it they spend their whole lives trying to tell themselves that they were hallucinating or that their imaginations got the best of them.

The first person – so far as we know – to see El Chupacabra was a woman named Madeline Tolentino, who lived in Canovanas, the initial scene of all the action.

She described it as a fairly compact animal that ran on two legs – in a strange hopping style and had what looked like a row of feathers running down the back of its head and spine.

Media interest grew, but for some time it appeared that other people were seeing the creature but would describe it in different ways.

It is one thing to suggest that, in the 1990s, one unknown and dangerous animal was on the loose in Puerto Rico. It is quite another, however, to suggest that multiple, strange creatures were running wild on the island. And, yet, that appears to have been exactly what was going on. Unless all of the reports were of the same monster. But, given their physical differences, how could that be? Very easily, that is how, if the Chupacabra is a shapeshifter– which would make the story of this creature even more interesting giving it a unique paranormal flair something that is already paranormal.

Although the first sighting of the creature in the summer of 1995 effectively dictated how the locals perceived the animal to look, not everyone reported something that resembled the monster seen by Madeline Tolentino.

The monster also was seen in many places all over the world. Granted the hysteria had moved all over Mexico, Central and South America— the Chupacabra was seen in southern Texas and New Mexico.

There was even a report that something that appeared to be doglike with wings attacked a farm in India.

According to the Asian Age newspaper, an “unseen creature” or unknown creature had been killing sheep and attacking humans in Niali, India.

It was reported that some “alien creature” has allegedly been killing sheep in the area at night. People who have been attacked are saying that the creature is a dog-like creature with long nails.

The paper reports that panic among locals in Niali prevails as three more sheep were found dead under mysterious circumstances with the liver of the animals missing.

Since the official reports that began in 1995-1996, there were days, weeks, months – and even years where the Chupacabra made headlines.

Countless reports of Chupacabra attacks on farm animals were reported. The problem, however, is that the descriptions of the beast varied to incredible degrees. In some cases, witnesses told of seeing an animal that did not have the feathery line running along the back of its head, neck and spine, as described by the first witness.

Instead, they saw a row of menacing-looking spikes, which stood erect and around four to five inches in length. And, of course, it would be very hard to mistake a line of feathers for a row of sharp spikes!

Then, there was the matter of how the animal ran. According to the majority of the early witnesses, it was a bipedal beast, albeit one which bounced along in a bizarre hopping fashion.

Others, however, were sure that the creatures they saw ran on four limbs only. And there was nothing bizarre about its movements: they were likened to the way in which a large cat – such as a mountain lion – would stalk its prey.

Some sightings involved creatures with bright blue eyes. In other cases, the eyes were of a piercing, devilish red and glowing variety.

Then there was a description of the creature having wings. but most certainly not all, the creatures were said to have had large and powerful-looking bat-like wings. In other words, they were black and leathery-looking. When faced with such stories, other witnesses swore the monsters had absolutely no wings at all.

This is where and apex predator began to sound more like a demon.

It has been observed that perhaps the inhabitants of hell far exceed those who reside in heaven. When the moon is full, it is written that the inhabitants of these netherworlds journey to Earth looking for prey. While animal, vegetable, and mineral are pleasing to these profane creatures, it is man who often gets in the way. When the creatures have their first taste of blood, they know what is most desirous of the planet.

However, it is not just any blood. It is the blood of the young and the only blood that is taken when the target is in fear for its life.

With the quickness of a cat, the monster attacks from the shadows pouncing on its victim, ripping its throat out and quenching its thirst with the severed vein which serves as a fountain of life. The twitching body slowly loses its life force and the creature drops the lifeless body to the ground and moves on to the next unsuspecting victim.

Ancient Navajo beliefs speak of the shape-shifter and its mannerisms. The Skinwalker wears the skin of who it wants to be and literally becomes that person or that creature. The Skinwalker often wears the skin of the wolf and of course, the mentality of that creature takes over the mind of the man, thus making him a Werewolf or Dogman.

Could the Chupacabra be the Latino version of the Skinwalker or Dogman?

It would not surprise me if it were true.

When we hear of attacks on farm animals, especially cattle mutilations I think we don’t realize how much of a grisly affair it is to find an animal slaughtered in a field. The pictures speak volumes, the loss to the farm is devastating and farmers are left wondering if they have fallen victim to some satanic plot or something supernatural.

In the early 2000s, a different Chupacabra arrived on the scene. This one shared some of the traits of earlier sightings but was a little less alien. This time it was described as a hairless, dog-like animal walking on four legs.

Some say it had a tail like a kangaroo.

In June of 2012, a policeman in the City of Carolina was attacked by a Chupacabra – he claimed he shot at it and it leaped in the air and got away.

Another witness of the creature claimed that it observed a Chupacabra sitting on a fence. The fence was above a chicken coop. The creature sat there for some time and the witness was able to snap a photo of the little beast.

Again it looked like a hairless dog and with no wings.

The original Chupacabra had spikes on its back, big eyes, and wings then over the years the idea of what it was became bigger and bigger.

Now it seems to be more pragmatic than any mangy dog can be called a Chupacabra.

People go on Google and search ‘mysterious animal attacking things’. It’s self-perpetuating.

But what about those initial sightings? The demonoid blood feeder with the red eyes and the leather wings – flying from coop to coop attacking chickens and feeding on the blood of goats?

Many people can dismiss it as a myth but recent sightings again speak of the demonic-looking creature crawling out of wells and crawl spaces.

They are now being reported as far north as Russia and as far south as the Philippines.

It goes to show, you can do all the rigorous analysis you want, all the investigation, all the science. At the end of the day, there are still those creatures that seem to crawl out of the deep bowels of the abyss and fly over your head watching for the moment to strike.

The Chupacabra has taken on many identities but what is most certain is that the creature may be the very demon of the abyss that has been spoken of for centuries.

Or it is just a wild dog — or a cat that has peculiar behaviors.



Aaron Deese is a San Antonio, Texas-based author and researcher and the former Editor-in-Chief of Paranormality Magazine. When he’s not chasing werewolves, he enjoys books, cartoons, video games, podcasting and nunchucks. Aaron lives with his wife Sara (with whom he hosts the podcast Hey Strangeness) and son Ezra along with way too many cats near the Alamo.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Karen Ann Foster

    April 27, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    DUPA…in Polish, Ass. (I always giggle here, just like a good catholic, polish girl should, hehehe). vulgar
    część ciała, na której się siada

    dostać kopa w dupę
    to get kicked in the ass
    mieć coś w dupie
    Pocałuj mnie w dupę!
    Kiss my ass!
    Just a short resource message. I love Chupa. My son and I have a shared stuffed alien that we have named, lovingly…”CHUPA”! p.s. not a real stuffed alien, just one he purchased for me 🙂

  2. John Weiner

    April 27, 2023 at 7:10 pm

    The description of red eyes and leather wings sounds alot like the description of the Jersey Devil on one of those ,”HISTORY CHANNEL or maybe DISCOVERY CHANNEL,” documentaries about the Jersey Devil, about ten years ago, except it had a head like a horse.

  3. Pat

    April 28, 2023 at 5:26 am

    Good show Clyde! Never seen chupa! Did see bear. That had the mainage, It had no hair it looked weird! A lot of mystery in life ! Never know. What. Comes out of darkness! I know out west , govt. set off nuclear blasts , Could have Caused mutations? I always. Carry my trusty. Colt 45 on belt or. Jacket! If I ever run into chupa , you will be first. To know Clyde. Take care enjoy life every day above ground is a good day!

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