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Ron Patton | April 27, 2022

Yesterday, it was announced that China has recorded the first human infection with the H3N8 strain of Bird Flu. We should conclude that this is yet another Gain of Function experiment underway since the spread of these pathogens from animals to humans is very rare. The latest Bird Flu reports are just like COVID-19. The same people, telling the same lies, for the same reasons. The history of force-multiplying Avian Flu has been part of the agenda – to wipe out major protein sources and perhaps cripple humans with a disease that has a higher mortality rate than COVID-19. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about CHICKEN DICTION II – CHINESE CHICKEN FLU.





There are so many things that seem so out of place right now that I am curious as to whether or not people are waking up to the truth.

The truth is simple –the people who do dismiss warnings of treachery, the mocking class, need a history lesson about evil and how they tend to dismiss the warnings as a mere conspiracy theory.

The more common picture of evil is, perhaps, rather childish in comparison. The cartoon bad guy who simply enjoys being mean. The sadistic psycho who gets his kicks peeling off people’s skin. The Bond villain who rejoices in being bad. The cackling witch who’ll get you and your little dog too.

t’s almost reassuring to think of villains that way. Caricatures who possess traits we can’t imagine in ourselves. But that’s not the real nature of true evil in the modern world. Evil is beyond sadism, beyond malignity. The greatest evils of our time weren’t done with wicked smiles, but by the sigh of a work-a-day clerk.

Evil is quite banal and curiously impersonal.

Chaos is welcomed by this who wish to see the world burn — their goal is to make people suffer — those who commit acts of evil do not see the faces of those who suffer so they pay no mind to the consequences of what they do — it is done for what they see is necessary.

If you recall in the Avengers films, Thanos thought that wiping out half the planet made him a humanitarian, thinking that the world would thank him for removing the surplus mouth that needed to be fed.

He could not be bothered by the tragedy that it would bring to a lot of people.

This is the kind of evil I am talking about .

Not because those that commit these acts or treachery think it’s right, not even because they secretly enjoy being wrong. They don’t see right or wrong any more. Only opinion polls and balance sheets. They serve the machinery of power now and have lost themselves completely.

Why is it that otherwise perfectly intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people balk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them? And why will they defend this ill-founded position with such vehemence?

Thinking outside the box or in the margins is what a lot of people do to try and explain the bizarre nature of evil, treachery and banal criminal activity.

Evil that is carried out at the stroke of a pen or the push of a button. evil that happens because of negligence of ignorance.

Then things just happen — where there is no clear reason for it — call it an act of God if you will but when a series of coincidences seem to come from out of nowhere it is time to pay attention and to investigate the various theories and connect the dots — what follows may surprise you.

The other day when I was talking about the coincidental destruction of food processing plants — I received a few e-mails telling me that i was looking for a conspiracy that was nonexistent — that fires happen all the time.

That I took more than a dozen random acts and implied that there was a conspiracy of intentionally destroying food the starve the nation.

Well — in my defense I said that there is a pattern happening where it seems that more and more coincidental disasters and problems are affecting the consuming of meat and poultry and other foods –and there are other problems that are affecting public health and wellbeing.

For example it was reported yesterday that about 120,000 pounds of ground beef products sold to stores across the country were recalled. Federal food regulators warned that contaminated meat could be in people’s freezers.

More than 40 ground beef products that were produced from Feb. 1 through April 8 and sold nationwide may contain bacteria that can cause diarrhea and vomiting,

The products from New Jersey-based Lakeside Refrigerated Services bear “EST. 46841” inside the USDA mark of inspection, regulators say.

The recalled products, under a number of different brand names including Thomas Farms and Nature’s Reserve, should be thrown away or returned, the USDA said.

Inspectors discovered the problem during routine testing of imported products, regulators said, offering no more details about the issue. Lakeside Refrigerated Services did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

E.coli in small amounts is considered harmless, but it leads to diarrhea and kidney strain and this is why you are told that eating undercooked meat may harm you.

The best advice is to cook your burger thoroughly.

Bit this strain seems to be a bad one where people have claimed bloody stools and severe vomiting.

The pattern never ends — it is becoming dangerous to eat anything beef or dairy.

Last week you may remember that we covered the story of the Avian flew that has forced farmers to cull their chickens and turkeys. This of course has caused poultry and eggs to go up in price and shelves seem to be empty as we see another disruptive pattern in food chain scarcity.

US officials believe over 24 million poultry birds, mostly chickens and turkeys, have died of flu since virus strain identified in February–although those numbers are debatable since many birds have been culled without testing positive for Avian flu.

It appears to be another scare to push the starvation agenda for the great reset.

Bird flu is just like Covid. The same people, telling the same lies, for the same reasons.

We all know where it goes from here.

I reported that if we see a transmission of this Bird Flu to humans then we should conclude that this is yet another Gain of Function experiment underway since the spread of these pathogens from animals to humans is quite rare.

Well apparently, it has happened –and you can guess where they have found patient Zero.

In China of course.

Yesterday it was announced that China has recorded the first human infection with the H3N8 strain of bird flu. A four-year-old boy from central Henan province was found to have been infected with the variant after developing a fever and other symptoms on April 5.

No close contacts were infected with the virus, the National Health Commission (NHC) said in a statement. The child had been in contact with chickens and crows raised at his home, it added. The H3N8 variant has previously been detected elsewhere in the world in horses, dogs, birds and seals, but no human cases of H3N8 have been reported, said the NHC.

The commission said an initial assessment determined the variant did not yet have the ability to effectively infect humans, and the risk of a large-scale epidemic was low.

This is what they said about COVID-19 — because they didn’t want any panic.

Many different strains of bird flu are present in China and some sporadically infect people, usually those working with poultry.

This again is another grim coincidence –and this again shows us a pattern of treachery — but none dare call it conspiracy — because Barack Obama has warned us that conspiracy theories and misinformation can kill people.

So can Gain of Function exercises — and it is not out of the question that science has proven once again that they are not at all against using their mad science to crimple the world for their own benefit.

Another highly coincidental event is that on April 9th, 2022, Former CDC Director Robert Redfield stated that the Bird Flu will jump to humans and be highly fatal in the coming “Great Pandemic,” for which Covid 19 was a mere warm-up.

In the meantime, TASS news reported on March 10th that the Russian Defense Ministry obtained information about US Project UP-4 on research of particularly dangerous infections of migrating birds, including H5N1 flu and Newcastle disease, which had been developed in Ukrainian biological laboratories.

According to Igor Kirillov, Ukraine has a unique geographical location, where transcontinental migration routes intersect, a total of 145 species were studied.

A few weeks ago before the announcement of patient zero in China,

UK researchers announced that they have already developed potential avian flu vaccine– however this vaccine has awaiting approval for use on poultry and not humans.

Good luck being an “anti-vaxxer” when they make it law to literally inject all your food with spike proteins or experimental mRNA modifiers or who knows what else.

The public is less aware of “animal Pharma”– and the breadth of livestock diseases that are treated with drugs. For example Merck markets 49 vaccines for poultry alone to prevent diseases like fowl pox, turkey coryza, bursal disease, coccidiosis, laryngotracheitis, hemorrhagic enteritis, avian encephalomyelitis of course salmonella and E. coli. Yum.

More than 90 percent of broiler chickens in the US are vaccinated “in ovo” against diseases like Marek’s, Gumboro and Newcastle meaning they are vaccinated as embryos, though the public is largely unaware of this…

The use of tons of antibiotics on your chickens and turkeys. This is why we keep hearing of antibiotic resistance in humans– we are all little by little taking part in the culling game and the Chinese Chicken Flu is the cherry on the top,

As the drugs cease to work in people and animals from their farm overuse, Pharma is pushing vaccines to replace them. Meat producers like the fact that if they use vaccines, they can actually say they use “no antibiotics” and play to health-conscious food buyers.

With all of the so-called protections that are injected into your beef and poultry this should be a foolproof enterprise to ward off bird flu– but something has changed.

Of course it has — this is the plan.

Pay attention because this is a perfect example of yet another Gain of function exercise that could go horribly wrong.

In fact it probably already has gone wrong as the history of force multiplying Avian flu has been part of the agenda ti wipe out protein sources and perhaps cripple humans with a disease that has a higher mortality rate than COVID-19.

The reason is because it have been created to kill –and this is the one disease that you will not want to pass off as something to ignore.

The question is how many more mutants and variants can they get away with releasing and creating poisonous vaccines for?

We have attacked Syria for releasing lethal toxins on their own people — We blamed Saddam Hussein for doing the same thing to the Kurds and now it is happening with the blessing of mad science –and we now have no one who is going to protect us or punish the guilty.

How are we allowing this to happen –and when we trace the origin of thes experiments –it all goes back to China, and even Ukraine.

But Ukraine is off limits as we are involved with a Proxy war –and it is anathema to point out that there is a rich history of experiments that force multiply the effects of diseases that were only affecting animals — now they seem to be passing from animal to human more rapidly –even though in the past it has been a rare event.

When COVID-19 began spreading throughout China and the rest of the world, the “official” story was that the virus had jumped species (from bat to human, perhaps with an intermediary host) in a wet market in Wuhan. Very quickly, some writers pointed out that the city of Wuhan had an international virology institute. And that bat viruses were being studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And that scientists who worked at WIV had published papers in which they described genetically manipulating those viruses to see if they could be made to “jump species” (so-called gain of function research).


Information continued to leak out. State Department memoranda from 2018 were discovered, warning that research into zoonotic bat viruses being conducted at the WIV lacked adequate safety protocols. Those memoranda mentioned funding by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, the organization run by Fauci. Fauci was called before Congress and insisted that the NIAID had never funded “gain of function” research. An October 2021 letter from the NIH proved that this was untrue; the NIAID and the NIH had funded gain of function research in Wuhan.

A Washington Post article from 2005 opens with this statement: “The United States and Ukraine agreed yesterday to work jointly to prevent the spread of biological weapons, signing a pact that clears the way for Ukraine’s government to receive U.S. aid to improve security at facilities where dangerous microbes are kept.” The two U.S. senators spearheading that initiative were Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana, and Barack Obama, then a Democratic senator from Illinois.

So, “dangerous microbes” are at these Ukrainian laboratories, and the United States government has been providing funding.

I must remind everyone that pointing this out — makes me a person who spreads misinformion and that misinformation can kill people according to the Barack Obama.

If I wanted to talk about this on You Tube — I would get a strike — and now with Twitter who knows what will happen next now that the tolerant left has sent death threats to Elon Musk.

To be balanced i have to report that when the information about Ukrainian biolabs and gain of function programs hit the internet — the controllers of the narrative went into a pancic with an article published on cue in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists quotes Robert Pope, director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, a “30-year-old Defense Department program that has helped secure the former Soviet Union’s weapons of mass destruction and redirect former bioweapons facilities and scientists toward peaceful endeavors.”

According to Pope, “the labs in Ukraine are not bioweapons facilities … They are public and animal health labs” that “conduct peaceful scientific research and disease surveillance.”

Yea — sure — anything you say. Because Barack Obama says that if you report anything else you are killing people.

Any suspicions about the work conducted in Ukrainian laboratories and funded by the U.S. government are now being dismissed as “disinformation.” Foreign Policy published an article  insisting that the “Ukrainian lab bioweapons” claims are just “conspiracy theories” being advanced by of the Russian and Chinese governments and QAnon supporters who are spreading misinformation on social media as part of the “dogma for the right wing of the Republican Party.”

This type of statement is becoming an absolute cliche and is an over used acronym that should be akin to the government trying to cover up their crimes against humanity.

If you want any truth at all you have to do research –and while most people do not have time to brush up on history — it is important that the media takes responsibility and report the truth.

But that does not happen either because they are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the state.

In 2012, the National Institutes of Health organized a meeting after two laboratories independently reported eye-opening results. In both labs, researchers had managed to alter the avian H5N1 flu virus so it could spread through the air among ferrets.

Ferrets are  often used in virology to model the development and spread of pathogens in mammals. This particular flu virus kills 60 percent of the humans it infects, but the virus’s spread is limited to those who eat or handle infected poultry. The new lab-altered viruses, on the other hand, had been mutated in ways that allow them to spread on air droplets like seasonal flu.

At the NIH meeting, researchers applied the term — gain-of-function — to this type of high-risk research, which can have the effect of making viruses more deadly, more transmissible, or otherwise more able to flourish. Proponents say this research is essential for developing new therapies and vaccines and understanding how viruses cause pandemics. But critics say any insights from these experiments aren’t worth the risk of a lab-created virus reaching the outside world.

he debate has only grown more heated in the context of this current pandemic, with some asking whether SARS-CoV-2 could have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, where researchers studied coronaviruses.

In the most basic sense, gain-of-function, research refers to the introduction of a mutation that enhances a gene’s functional properties — farmers have arguably practiced it for thousands of years through plant breeding. But definitions applied in virology have also narrowed over time, such that some researchers now maintain that in the strictest sense of the term — increasing virulence or transmissibility in humans .

due to safety concerns, the government suspended dangerous research that could make the bird flu virus more easily transmitted to humans.

However in 2018 the suspension was lifted.

They actually want scientists to figure out how to make the avian flu more likely to kill birds and eventually humans.

The experiments, which were conducted by teams led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the University of Tokyo and Ron Fouchier at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, sparked worldwide fears when they were first revealed in 2011.

Last month , it was announced that the activities of over 30 biological laboratories working for the US Department of Defense’s Threat Reduction Agency had been exposed during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

According to the publication Science an unearthed US project at a veterinary medicine institute in Kharkov assessed conditions under which the transmission of highly pathogenic avian influenza might become unmanageable and create risks to food security.

It was reported that The US project at the Kharkov Veterinary Medicine Institute studied wild birds as vectors for transmitting highly pathogenic avian influenza. Simultaneously, conditions were assessed under which the transmission processes could get out of control, cause economic damage, and create risks to food security.

The Russian Defense Ministry continues to study documents concerning military biological programs that the US and its NATO allies implemented in Ukraine, which were provided by Ukrainian lab personnel.

This is not Russian propaganda — this is truth.

During the H5N1 research, Ron Fouchier, from Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Yoshihiro Kawaoka, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the University of Tokyo, both virologists, wanted to understand how pandemic flu viruses might evolve. Working in biosafety level-3 labs used for studies of dangerous pathogens that might transmit through the air, they used a variety of techniques to alter the virus’ genome, introducing changes that altered its behavior. The results from both labs showed that with only a few gene mutations, H5N1 could become an airborne spreader in mammals without having to go through the typical process of combining with other viruses in an intermediate host, such as a pig or rodent.

Although the changes to the virus also appeared to make it less virulent — none of the ferrets infected with the viruses through the air died — the finding confirmed that H5N1 poses a pandemic threat; it also created an international uproar, and many scientists were divided over the experiments. Some expressed support. Dr. Anthony Fauci, for instance, during a press conference marking publication of the Fouchier paper, acknowledged the possibility that a scientist working with an altered virus might become infected, causing an outbreak or even a pandemic.

Still, the benefits of “stimulating thought and pursuing ways to understand better the transmissibility, adaptation, pathogenicity” of H5N1, Fauci  added, “far outweigh the risk.” Others accused Fouchier and Kawoaka of being reckless, prompting the two virologists and their colleagues to agree to a temporary moratorium on the research.

Then in 2014, in the wake of a series of biosafety incidents involving microbiology experiments at U.S. government facilities, including one in which samples of a relatively benign avian flu virus were inadvertently contaminated with H5N1 by influenza researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the NIH announced a pause on new funding for gain-of-function studies.

According to the U.S government’s phrasing, the pause was specifically directed at “gain-of-function research projects that reasonably may be anticipated to confer attributes to influenza, MERS [Middle East Respiratory Syndrome], and SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome] viruses such that the resulting virus” is either more deadly or better able to spread in mammals.

In all, 18 laboratories were affected. Their new grant funding was frozen, and researchers in these labs were asked to put their gain-of-function work on hold while a team of experts undertook what became a three-year effort to craft new federal oversight policies.

During this time, however, and with Dr. Fauci’s approval, the NIAID continued to supply funding to the Wuhan investigators, who were trying to predict where the next coronavirus outbreak might come from.

As we now know Wuhan was ground zero for COVID -19 and now patient zero for a new Avian spread has now been discovered in China.

Are we even surprised anymore?



Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Timothy Bonnin

    April 27, 2022 at 8:40 pm

    Tomorrow, everyone is at the risk of having the best day of their lives! Can it be worst than talking to the birds, to get them to have the a great day, Too? WOW! Walk in the will, to get to know what you eat. If not, don’t eat, fast. Gain the strength to help the birds, Clyde.

  2. Timothy Bonnin

    April 27, 2022 at 8:47 pm

    How far did,” The Covid Pandemic”, be the main stay, for the people that didn’t get the vaccine? No one can enter the the First Resurrection, if you are vaccinated with any of it.

  3. Greg

    April 28, 2022 at 4:33 am

    Quality control in the food industry has gone downhill. Its becoming more common for me to throw away food because it tastes off. There are food recalls on a regular basis. They wash beef in ammonia and chicken in chlorine. I am able to buy naturally grown local meat sometimes. I am very cautious of what I buy at the supermarket. One of the biggest and most common health hazards is mold. Nearly all indoor areas have a certain amount. Leaky roofs let water in then mold starts growing. Many foods have mold in them but takes a little while to grow. Cheese or bread are examples. It gets in your lungs and on your skin. Summer sun kills it but in the winter it causes many health problems that are blamed on colds or other ailments. Extra virgin Coconut oil is one of the best cures. Whoever can should learn to grow their own food.

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