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Ron Patton | April 22, 2022

We are always defining and redefining the sexual nature of humans. However, we need to now ask ourselves what is a peculiar and normal definition of gender and mental makeup in a human being with real feelings that they can’t define or put into a box. We also have to decide when using gender as a political tool or a reason to abuse children by forcing them into gender reassignment programs becomes predatory. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with an expert on transgender issues, Dr. Erica Anderson, about DRESSED TO KILL – TRANS MURDER EXPRESS.





I wanted to breach a delicate topic and know full well that there may be some hostility towards it but I have noticed that there are other talk show hosts that want to use the topic as a political cudgel — simply because it is a triggering topic for many people.

When I was first learning the ropes as a talk show host, I was told that the tricky subjects were always based on religion and politics. Every topic that you would bring up could have an element that could be discussed without dragging in the religious or political component.

As I grew into my career, I realized that the religious and political discussions could not be avoided because it seems that people usually identify or define themselves by their political or religious affiliation.

However, the topic that was never discussed that has now become another form of identity politics was the sexual orientation or gender identification. Even when we were in broadcasting school we were told that sexual discussions on-the-air had to be handled carefully because people were uncomfortable with the topic.

Since that time, sexuality and sexual preference have now become political topics. The issue of LGBTQ always seems to creep into political discussions and eventually it becomes a religious issue as most Christians will narrow all things down to man/woman–Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

My mother used to tell me that labels were for canned vegetables and that human beings are different and that in the future there will be so many different types of people, including people who are half-human half-machine or even hybrid human animal – or even alien.

Part of the future shock that what we are enduring is finding the definition of what it means to be human. Another part of it is what the definition of gender is. We have always been used to the notion that gender is decided by what is between the legs. However, now we are evolving into individuals that are realizing that gender is what is between the ears.

Another trait that differentiates us from the animals is our thoughts of exceptionalism and superiority. We also have a tendency to over-complicate things. We have been having some very interesting discussions about transgenics and transhumanism and there always seems to be a tendency to vilify the notion but what we seriously overlook is what H+ or our transhuman counterparts will require sexually and how will we define them in the future.

Well, while I see myself as a person that is trying to adjust to the future — I am still trying to figure out the 50 some odd genders that we now have to acknowledge in order to avoid being insensitive — it is quite a feat –and some people will not even bother to understand it — and in reality they have a right not to.

But somehow, we all have to get along and this is the problem.

When a wannabe Supreme court justice is asked to define a woman and she comes back by saying she isn’t a biologist– we have a problem, that alone should tell you how delicate this is and how stupid answers are given for stupid questions.

This is more of a problem than people realize.

Alvin Toffler coined the term ‘Future Shock‘ in the early 1970’s in order to describe how people may react nervously to the perceived notion that the world is going through too much change in a short period of time.

The idea of many gender options being offered has made me realize that the future is now and that people may have ready-made answers for something they really don’t understand and probably won’t until humans change after so many generations and that the changes become less in the closet and more out in the open.

First of all i want to say for the record that we are all biological creatures that have to find a way to live with one another.

Like any other organism, our genetic code sets parameters within which we live.  Everything around us is governed by laws of physics and chemistry that set the parameters within which all organisms exist. And we encounter the world not as isolated, independent individuals but through social systems that affect how we understand ourselves and the possibilities for our lives.

The  social system as we see it now has been condensed and filtered through social media and in some cases by the media itself as it attempts to shape society — telling us what is trendy, what is taboo, and what we should believe and put into practice.

Much of what is said to shape our existence becomes shocking and we see that there are a majority of young progressive individuals that show their disdain for those who they believe are not woke and they feel they don’t have to wait for others who are having a hard time coping to catch up.

Contemporary high-energy high-technology society ignores and in some case ridicules those who are experiencing what is called future shock.

People routinely endorse weird and unusual practices—or ignore the need to change practices—this leave some people dramatically out of sync with the larger living world.

Or, so it seems.

There are limits, to our bodies–at least for now. We get older and sometimes the body reminds us of it — we have to get knees replaced, heart valves repaired, and some bodies succumb to cancers.

But then there is the one topic that creates hostility whenever it is brought up and that is gender reassignment.

This has been part of our reality for sometime but now it has become a political movement that if you blinked you could swear it comes off as being a little cultish and in some ways horrific.

Now, I am not a transphobe but that does not mean I have mastered this trans etiquette process that we have been pressured to adhere to. I have known many trans individuals in the business, I have a niece that is trans, and there was a time that I would hang out with a trans sword swallower that for all I know has joined the circus.

I know that critically that wouldn’t mean squat and I know that I sound like that guy who says “I have a lot of Trans friends … but ” and that is the point where what you have to say would definitely reveal why you haven’t spoken with your trans friends and relations for a long time.

I had a coworker that upended a company thanksgiving get together when he revealed he was Trans — this immediately cleared the room and turned into a huge HR problem. I felt bad for him because he felt it was okay to say who he was — but others were not happy with that.

I actually talked to him on the train ride home –and he decided to quit the job.  He said that this was normal for him — but unfortunate.

People with gender dysphoria often feel that they were born in the wrong gender. A biological male may identify more as a female and vice versa.

The fact is the majority of creation is male/female, but not all. The arguments over the use of gender definition can get heated and many forget that there are conditions like genetic mutations, extra chromosomes, hormone excess, hormone receptor defects and other factors that make sexual definitions not so clear.

The mind-body sexual conflict, framed by real love, will be the core struggle for humans of the future and now we are beginning to see that human beings are capable of finding new ways of defining self-discovery.

Technology is heading towards a suspension of disbelief; definitions of life and even gender are now blurring and perhaps are in need of upgrades. However, there will be a lot of obstacles along the way as prejudice and insensitivity always seem to find their way into the mix.

We are always defining and redefining the sexual nature of humans. Technology and biological changes will do it again. It is not at all unbelievable to understand that people define themselves in ways that are considered peculiar. However, we need to now ask ourselves what is a peculiar and normal definition of gender and mental makeup in a human being with real feelings that they can’t define or put into a box.

We also have to decide when using gender as a political tool or a reason to abuse children by forcing them into gender reassignment programs becomes predatory. There is also debates about whether trans females should be able to compete with other females in competitive sports.

But to bring up any of these issue created a hostile response form those who see themselves as progressives — many of them are not trans — but are trans fetishists who see this as something that  is hurtful and insensitive.

But there is something wrong here –and I believe it needs to be addressed.

Certainly those that constitute the more radical activists in the transgender movement behave just like cultists  and are just as willing to ignore reality as any member of even the most bizarre religious cult.

There are a great deal of questions regarding just who is behind the international trans agenda and what their end game is, or why almost every organ of power is supporting the mass delusion that is the new transgender movement.

It is becoming an obsession, which is too overreaching for such a small group of people in this world.

What is facilitating transgender youths to become part of radical transgender activism?

It is difficult to address this issue without investigating and speculating on the reasons why governments all over the western world are pushing this so hard.

It appears as if the creation and promotion of trans cult activism and ideology is part of a larger social engineering agenda, and one that requires everybody’s attention. Governments that engage in social engineering using deception and propaganda do not tell people why they are doing it.

Hopping on this new and interesting turn in our culture is suspicious. I don’t see it as a Woke movement but it is a movement of abuse that takes young people who are confused about their gender and puts them on the docket for some sort of warped recruitment scheme.

This is called being gamed.

Most, young trans are social outcasts–many have been abused and insulted and spat upon.

As social outcasts, many of these individuals have been subjected to non-stop insults and profanity from their peers in their daily lives in some cases for years, thus that part of the transgender “Game” has already been completed by proxy.

Transgender leaders and activists can thus just swoop down  into the lives of these troubled, wounded minds and start rebuilding them with their new “trans identity.” I am sure some feel they are acting like saviors –giving them hope, but it can also be said that they are acting like vultures waiting to pounce on what is left of a human being that is unhappy and abused.

With all of the non-stop propaganda and pro-trans coverage in the media and Hollywood swooping down anymore is not even required, because brainwashing and suggestion are constantly being broadcast on almost every TV channel.

In these cases outside intervention is not necessary to break down the ego, the person has already attacked and broken down their own sense of worth.

Before you criticize someone for complaining that their child is being indoctrinated — you need to acknowledge that it is happening and it does not make any sense.

Trans activism today is largely connected and organized via various online social media sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

The internet has become the primary engine for non-clinical programming of confused young minds, not just via mind warping gender politics, but also via exposure to new and increasingly debauched “tranny pornography.”

The “Gender Identity Clinics” are a new phenomenon that are busy indoctrinating and conditioning children as young as three, thus we can expect a totally new and totally different generation of trans to emerge in the near future, all chemically dependent for life, all likely to seek out surgery to alter their bodies, and all likely to be all-in members of the radical trans generation.

It will become as routine as getting a tattoo.

It would be tempting to simply regard all of this as merely absurd and comical, were it not for the fact that the trans is allowing for grown men in swimming pool changerooms with women and young girls, and allowing men to take part in women’s sports and programs, all justified by this impossible suggestion that some men are in fact “real women.”

But it can get darker and darker as the trend can be like that of a grind house horror flick.

From movies like Psycho, Dressed to Kill and Silence of the Lambs we have been introduced to trans killers — and of course this is now a trigger point of activists that claim that this is bigotry and it has been common place to vilify trans individuals.

But to ignore the fact that these things happen is equally as suspicious and cult like as no one even trans people are above deadly criminal activity.

A story buried by war coverage has been discussed –about having a trans women –male to female being transferred to  women’s correction facilities.

Perry Cerf was arrested for the brutal rape and murder of 47-year-old Ecuadoran immigrant Flor Andrade in 2002. Cerf, who now goes by “Michelle Hel-loki Angelina,” was found wearing his victim’s clothing and driving her car. He had also placed his own photograph over hers on Andrade’s driver’s license.

Cerf was charged with murder, felony murder, robbery, aggravated sexual assault, possessing a knife, providing false information to police, and various motor vehicle offenses.

While awaiting trial, Cerf penned a letter to The New York Daily News confessing to the crime and boasted about drinking the woman’s blood.

“The truth about my case?” he wrote. “Yeah, I killed her. I punched and kicked her to death, crushing her skull in the process. One of the kicks landed in such a way that it broke her neck and all of a sudden her head was on backward.”

His letter continued: “Since I have a most unusual taste for blood, I drank and licked and lapped up my fill … Let it be known: I am Lucifer’s Maiden servant, sent to earth born of sin, to bring suffering and pain, darkness and evil.”

Cerf, who was 19 at the time of the murder, had just been released from Bergen County Juvenile Detention where he was being held for an unspecified sexual offense.

The state Parole Board would later admit to mishandling his case. Rather than being transferred to an adult facility, Cerf was released without being assigned a parole officer or requirements to adhere to a supervision plan. Possible requirements of supervision would have included a curfew and psychiatric counseling. Within 17 days of his release, he murdered Andrade.

Cerf said he drank her blood “so he could allow this woman to live vicariously through himself.”

Throughout his adolescence, he was described by psychologists, educators and social workers as “uncontrollable.” Cerf had allegedly been diagnosed with mental health conditions by the time he was 8 years old.

During his childhood, Cerf would batter his adoptive mother, Mary, and at one point threatened to kill her. As a youth he spent time in state custody for a variety of crimes, including sexual assault and violation of probation. He also admitted to lying to counselors about having been sexually abused as a child “to get attention.”

In April 1997, Cerf was placed in St. Peter’s Village, a specialized residential treatment program in Denville, New Jersey. He was expelled from the facility after two months due to “sexual acting out” and “assaultive behavior,” according to the probation report.

During his trial for the 2002 murder of Andrade, prosecutors initially offered Cerf a 40-year sentence if he pleaded guilty to rape and murder. However, Cerf told authorities he didn’t want to enter prison on a sex-related charge and accepted a 50-year sentence to avoid a rape conviction.

“Going to prison on a sex charge would be a safety concern for me,” Cerf said at the time.

A 2003 report from local outlet The Record depicts a photo of Cerf smiling for reporters and claims he “appeared to enjoy his time” in front of the Bergen County Superior Court Judge.

While incarcerated at New Jersey State Prison, Cerf assaulted other inmates and at one point was placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours each day. He had initially been placed in the mental health ward but was moved because of “aberrant behavior” against others.

In 2005, he told his prison psychiatrist, Dr. Marina Moshkovich, that he wanted to murder the Associate Administrator Michelle Ricci by breaking her neck, hitting her in the head, beating her up, and choking her.

He had also grabbed his psychiatrist by the hair and attempted to beat her. He was served with a disciplinary report for threatening another person and for assault, and for fifteen other offenses which were ultimately either dismissed or for which he was found not guilty.

During this same year, Cerf began to identify as a woman.

According to the website of the New Jersey state Department of Corrections, Cerf is now listed as “female” in official documents and has been transferred to New Jersey’s only correctional facility for women, Edna Mahan.

The date of his transfer was not specified, though it may have occurred some time during the past year. In June 2021, New Jersey adopted a policy allowing for male convicts to be housed in the female prison estate following a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union.

On April 13, 2022, the New Jersey Department of Corrections confirmed that two female inmates at Edna Mahan women’s facility  had become pregnant after sexual encounters with trans-identified male inmates housed there.

This person drank the blood of women. claimed to be a maiden for Satan, identified as a woman –was transferred to a women’s facility where he can terrorize other women.

All because of gender sensitivity and civil rights issues.

The explosion of the Trans Identity campaign has to face a lot of realities that are not mere novelties that can be covered up by make up and wigs.

It is not insensitive to question the motives of those who wish to buck the system and use loopholes to advance their mental cruelty.

We need a bit of honesty here — how can those in the LGBTQ community expect to be met with open arms by the 95+% of the population that do not and cannot relate to them?

It is not insensitive to ask this question. Especially when we are seeing abuses going on and people who encourage the warping of the order of things for an agenda that affects less that 1 percent of the population — we get that human beings of all sexual orientation be recognized and respected as human beings — but we also have to understand that there are bad actors that will exploit the system as it goes through it’s future shock.

We need to put an end to this ‘conscious” gaming and call out the abuses or there will be absolutely no support form the community — in fact people attack what they fear –and they fear for their families and their way of life — but it is important to understand that most Transgender individuals are not militant and they just want to be left alone.

More disturbingly, what we see in extreme transgender activism is what in previous generations would have been considered unthinkable: modern social outcasts, instead of being turned into the government and pop culture-abhorring Goths or punk rockers of the past, are instead now being repurposed to actually support official government lines and agendas regarding gender, the breakdown of families, and the erasure of sexual distinctions and associated protections.

The aggression of the outcasts, which used to be turned against the state, is now being turned against perceived  enemies of the state and anybody that opposes its new reality warping transgender theories and laws.



Erica E. Anderson, Ph.D. is an accomplished clinical psychologist, academic administrator, healthcare executive, professor, and consultant. During a career that spans 4 decades, she has held academic appointments in health psychology, public health, clinical psychology, healthcare management, and pediatrics.

She has consulted with transgender and gender creative children, adolescents, their families, and other healthcare professionals and supports the training of healthcare professional students, residents, and fellows in the rapidly advancing field of transgender healthcare.

Her special areas of interest include sexuality, gender issues, identity, and trauma.

In her private consulting practice, Dr. Anderson provides consultation to corporations on issues related to sexual and gender diversity and inclusion and success ( including gender transition) of transgender and gender nonconforming leaders. Her website is

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Greg

    April 23, 2022 at 4:27 am

    There is a book titled Transhumanism a grimoire of alchemical agendas, written by Joseph Farrell. I read it when it came out in 2011. It is being fulfilled. The author writes about the different ways people are being transformed. Animal man, plant man, mineral man, androgynous man and more. The goal being a man like the angels that is both male and female. He includes ancient texts and modern day fulfillment with the use of technology. The old stories all contain tales of male and female being one in the same body. Eve came out of adam. Another one says humans use to have four legs and arms one side male the other female, they were so powerful god was afraid of what they could do, so he split them apart. This book will dispel much confusion on the topic. It reveals the mind of those who are pushing the lgtbq agenda.

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