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Ron Patton | April 16, 2024

There are proposals for what is called the Flexitarian Diet Plan which is based on reducing meat consumption and adding more plant-based food. Just weeks ago, the media managed to up the fear porn against poultry, beef, pork, eggs and dairy products by mentioning ‘diseased’ birds, cows and pigs. Recently, however, there’s been silence from news outlets as the Donald Trump trial and Israel are the topics for their agenda. Weaponizing food through the promotion of agroterrorism is only part of the UN and WHO sustainable goals. Those who wish to push GMO vegetables and lab-grown meats will profit and their investments in bug meal or insect foods will also flourish. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time) Clyde Lewis talks with organic food consultant and activist, Amber King about EVE OF DISTRACTION – WARNING OF THE FLEXITARIAN AGENDA.



Reality or the alleged reality we live in is hard to keep up with and top-of-the-mind awareness is being controlled by the mainstream media, giving you themes and talking points that you should get over-excited about –while others are given, and then are left to simmer for a while until it is advantageous to re-focus on it again.

I feel that much of what is happening with the Trump trials and even some of the country’s protests against Israel are getting too much attention — and not enough news focuses on what we know is coming — but the constructed media matrix devised by the network keep people in the dark until it is too late.

The good thing is that scary realities are now much more broadly recognized than they were a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, we see conditions that are deteriorating even faster than we expected and that the cause/effect relationships and how they progress are not well understood.

Nothing much is being done to halt their progressions.

I along with many, sometimes get caught in the wars and rumors wars trance — and so at times it is therapeutic to back away and ask what else is going on –that the media is overlooking to continue with their activist election meddling and war reports.

Just before the world was distracted by the Middle East problems, we were having a very bad situation at home regarding the food supply and the hinting of another disease outbreak. Again the timing is everything when you realize that the World Health Organization is about to ask nations to sign a pact requiring their new health ID or passport.

Just weeks ago the media managed to up the fear porn against poultry, beef, pork, eggs and dairy products by mentioning ‘diseased’ birds, cows and pigs.

Bird Flu had spread from a cow to a human and from there came the warnings of a spread. So far there has been silence from the media as the Donald Trump trial and Israel are the topics for their agenda.

When conspiracy theorists love to cry out “distraction” when it comes to stories that get neglected this one is the one that is still in the background ready to be resurrected when the media runs out of ways to keep the anti-Trump election meddling interesting.

Again we are going to see prices soar at the supermarket for meat and dairy — and an excuse for the World Health Organization to turn the world into a medical police state.

The World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty “Judgment Day” is May 24, 2024. Everything is on the line in this historic, unprecedented, global power grab.

President Biden backs the Global Health Security Strategy, His administration will help 50 countries identify and respond to infectious diseases, to prevent pandemics.

The Biden administration plans to move forward with its new strategy to prepare the world for the next pandemic, regardless of whether a treaty is hammered out or not, a senior administration official told reporters on Monday.

The U.S. program will rely on several government agencies — including the U.S. State Department, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health and Human Services, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, or USAID — to help countries refine their infectious disease response.

The White House released a website with the names of the countries that are participating in the program. Biden officials are seeking to get 100 countries signed onto the program by the end of the year.

The U.S. has devoted billions of dollars, including money raised from private donations. Biden is asking for $1.2 billion for global health safety efforts in his yearly budget proposal to Congress.

It is not just a pandemic prevention plan it also appears to be a plan for the modifying of the dietary guidelines as well.

There are proposals for what is called the Flexitarian Diet plan.

We all know that researchers are now dissing meat as a contributor to Climate change and so there are authorities that encourage the global adoption of a diet low in meat that would aid health, land, and food systems as well as reduce emissions.

It is called the Flexitarian Diet.

The Flexitarian Diet is based on reducing meat consumption and adding more plant-based food.

Taxing or putting an explicit price on meat and poultry would eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. The higher prices would according to the researchers — reflect their true economic costs and could incentivize polluters to reduce their carbon footprints, though governments have had little success in attempts to bring in such policies.

So, it appears they are culling two birds with one stone. Ratchet up a Bird Flu scare, cull the cows, cull the chickens, and destroy the eggs.

Then they can guarantee that the World Health Organization accords rip away the sovereignty of any free-thinking or free-eating democracy.

It would give the WHO near-total authority to dictate America’s policies during a pandemic. This includes vaccine policies, lockdown policies, school closure policies, the contact tracing of U.S. citizens, and even the monitoring of online speech if that speech goes against the official narrative.

Food directives for a more Flexitarian diet include:

“Whole, plant-based proteins and other minimally processed foods, while enjoying meat, dairy, eggs, and fish in moderation.”

It’s basically how they are going to pitch quasi-forced vegetarianism to people who don’t want to stop eating red meat.

We have always warned that weaponizing food is only part of their sustainable goals — and now those who wish to push GMO vegetables and lab-grown meats — will be profiting and their investments in bug meal or insect foods will also be flourishing.

Another year, another “reason” we should all stop eating red meat. Oh, and another reason food prices are going up too.

Right now, it’s just part of the ongoing fearmongering and the worldwide war on food. The bird flu scare is still being held on the backburner, ready to be unleashed again when the commotion of politics and the war settles again.

I am sure many other pandemic disease scares including farm animals will increase.

They’re going to forcibly reduce the amount of red meat people eat to the point of near-rationing, and then you will see that later they’re going to stop “excess production”.

In the meantime, we will see from time to time signs of agroterrorism as meat processing plants and poultry farms will either be destroyed or farmers will be forced to cull their herds because of possible contamination from some other pathogen that has been synthesized in a lab somewhere in China.

Many are unaware that the one-time lab leak “conspiracy” with reagrd to COVID-19 has come full circle with the revelation that 15 federal agencies, from the National Institutes of Health to three Cabinet-level departments and multiple components, could have warned the public as early as 2018 of the research planned by China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and EcoHealth Alliance, its nonprofit conduit for federal funding.

The Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), part of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases led by Anthony Fauci for four decades, was even listed as a “partner” for the WIV project known as DEFUSE, for which EcoHealth President Peter Daszak sought funding at an interagency pitch day for the Preventing Emerging Pathogenic Threats program.

This means that more than a dozen federal agencies asked to fund the creation of a “novel chimeric SARS-CoV spike protein” with a highly infectious furin cleavage site, two years before COVID-19 emerged.

Rand Paul, asked the 15 agency heads in separate letters for more information by April 23 on their “knowledge and involvement” with projects DEFUSE and PREEMPT.

Paul identified other listed partners including the University of North Carolina Baric Lab run by Ralph Baric, who collaborated directly with WIV. Baric said he discussed “the outbreak and chimeras” with Fauci in February 2020, according to a former colleague recounting a conversation with Baric.

Another is the Columbia University Lipkin Lab run by Ian Lipkin, who originally told Fauci there was a “nightmare of circumstantial evidence” tying WIV to SARS-CoV-2. Lipkin then coauthored the Proximal Origin paper dismissing lab leak, which Fauci and then-NIH Director Francis Collins covertly shaped.

While Fauci denied under oath that EcoHealth’s Daszak was even an “acquaintance,” he gave a half-hour presentation in a workshop session moderated by Daszak on “emerging viral diseases,” according to a former New York Times drug industry reporter named Alex Berenson.

NIH, NIAID, the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, U.S. Agency for International Development, and seven others “with knowledge of this project have continuously refused to release any information concerning this alarming and dangerous research.

Besides the pandemic plans for further terror operations — The treaty proposed by the World Health Organization also points out that there has top be a focus on Climate science as well.

The World Health Organization dares to claim that it is in a position to also rule on climate issues. So its ‘Pandemic Treaty’, if approved by The World Health Assembly next month, looks like being the basis for placing both climate change and world health under its United Nations/World Economic Foundation-backed despotic mantle.

Let us be in no doubt that the depopulation agenda is at the forefront of these maneuvers.

The WHO’s pandemic treaty is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian regime, a one-world government. The reason we can be sure there will be additional pandemics, whether manufactured using either fear and hype alone or an actual bioweapon created for this very purpose, is because the takeover plan, aka The Great Reset, is based on the premise that we need global biosecurity surveillance and centralized response.

Covid, Climate, Food, and Health Care are now all weaponized by the elite Big Finance cult that pulls the strings of puppet political chiefs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and all operatives that toe the line of the top-down status quo.

At this point, it’s quite clear that “biosecurity” is the chosen means by which the globalist cabal intends to seize power over the world. The WHO is working on securing sole power over pandemic response globally through its international pandemic treaty which, if implemented, will eradicate the sovereignty of all member nations.

The WHO’s pandemic treaty is the gateway to a global, top-down totalitarian regime, a one-world government. Ultimately, the WHO intends to dictate all health care. But to secure that power, they will need more pandemics.

Biosecurity, in turn, is the justification for an international vaccine passport. The New Biometric ID that reveals all of your health problems and vaccine records.

They will need more agroterrorism or a Zoonosis event to lower food demand, especially red meat, poultry, and dairy. They will force farmers out of their farms and reduce meat production — which will then create a reason to inflate prices based on lower supplies and bigger demands. The alternatives will be provided by companies like Bayer/Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer, and Syngenta.

WHO is more than 80% funded by private sources, mostly from the pharmaceutical industry, the Gates Foundation, and other private sponsors like George Soros. WHO is clearly working for the interests of its donors, mostly the pharmaceuticals and Bill Gates, also a eugenicist – not for the people.

Bill gates and George Soros’ nongovernmental organizations (NGOs are making health care decisions that should be left to individual nations and/or states, and they’re making decisions that will line their own pockets, regardless of what happens to the public health-wise.

They coordinate and synchronize pandemic communication during simulated practice runs, and then, when the real-world situation emerges that fits the bill, the preplanned script is played out more or less verbatim.

Between the G20 declaration to implement an international vaccine passport under the auspice of the WHO, and the WHO’s pandemic treaty, everything is lined up to take control of the next pandemic, and in so doing, further secure the foundation for a one-world government.

This WHO power would be expanded as an International Law, or rather as a “rules-based order”, the new tyrannical term was chosen by the elite, to circumvent any national and international laws.

The medical system and health concerns have been used in the past to drive forward a New World Order agenda — now rebranded as “The Great Reset” — and it’s now being used to implement the final stages of that longstanding plan.

The elimination of populations of animals and humans is on the agenda and I don’t understand how no one can see this as being a viable way to redistribute the wealth and resources to those the new government feels are worthy.

If accepted, the new IHR and Pandemic Treaty would become law to be enforced by every country by WHO in 2024.

If approved, the members of WHO would just have passed a ”rule” eliminating a key human right, people’s right to decide over their bodies.

There is not much time to lobby against this “rule-based order”. Do whatever you can to have your government vote against this tyrannical power grab — which would put humanity into a worldwide open-air Health Prison.

If the new IHR and Pandemic Treaty are approved, We, the People, must take the necessary action and massively, in an organized and peaceful fashion, but relentlessly and decisively requesting our governments to back out — but how do you get a group or protestors to fight for their own lives instead of the lives of Palestinians?

Again we go full circle to what I call “the distraction.”

Tens of thousands of protesters swarmed the streets of Japan over the weekend to stand against the World Health Organization’s sweeping pandemic treaty.

The protests reportedly emerged in multiple locations on Saturday, including the “streets of Ikebukuro to the gatherings at Higashi-Ikebukuro Central Park”, with video showing the massive crowds peacefully protesting.

According to reports, the protest not just opposed potential mandatory vaccinations but also the perceived overreach of health authorities and their ties with global pharma, echoing a distressing sentiment of disenfranchisement among the populace. Demonstrators criticized the lack of explanations for a sharp increase in excess deaths and demanded accountability and clarity on vaccine-related casualties.

There is growing global opposition to the proposed accord and IHR amendments: Iran, New Zealand, Slovakia, and the Netherlands recently rejected IHR amendments proposed in 2022, while in South Africa, a “WHO Withdrawal Bill” has been proposed.

But so far our country is on board, with a President that signs anything and then claims that he doesn’t recall signing anything.

If you want a distraction watch the mainstream media — if you want the truth — you have to lay in the margins.

I only hope you see it my way — as this will quietly be supported and soon we will face many more restrictions –as the Great Reset makes its bold moves to eliminate billions of people by starving them and then feeding them poisons by injecting them into their bodies.


Amber King grew up in the forests and waters of Southeast Alaska. She began working on commercial fishing boats at a young age, she is a passionate community organizer and global activist on health and wellness, chemicals and toxins with a professional background in medical billing, government contracting, and higher education.  A regional founding leader with Moms Across America, Seattle March Against Monsanto, former board member of No Nukes Northwest, and Principal in the contracting firm Social Educators Empowering Democracy, Bandit Springs Botanical and Clean Food Consulting in Washington State. Amber is also the Executive Producer and Host of Brave Nu Future on ROAR Media. You can follow her on Twitter @akamber  @roarmedialive or @nu_brave. Her websites are: 


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Pat

    April 16, 2024 at 4:41 pm

    If people want to eat bugs, have it? I know I won’t quitting eating meat and poultry. I have my own chickens. I know they’re good and healthy and if I put two or three deer in the freezer, I know that’s better in store-bought meat. It’s spring time now people need to plant gardens even if you live in apartment get some buckets of dirt and sit on top of the roof and plan some lettuce and tomatoes I feel sorry for the people on a big said he would drive me crazy? Advice out of the city get a few acres of ground you can always plant fruit trees and berry bushes and chickens. Take care every day Ground good day.

  2. Rusty

    April 16, 2024 at 8:29 pm

    They can KMA. I will start ordering all my food from Omaha steaks. Also buy olives, and add to ketogenic. Your early caller was great. I been sending into social media many timed to warn people. Both of my state Senators are progressive socialists. I have contacted several conservative – type representatives who recognize this demented danger. Everyone should try to do that.
    Ecohealth&Daszik, our agencies have been all in to fund them before and facilitating the outbreak. Citizens must wake up, and
    forget the distractions. The heavy inoculations proposed nullifies the immune system and our hormones. Their coming at us from all angles

  3. Joe

    April 16, 2024 at 11:29 pm

    😂😆 lol too much steak is brain food.eggs are best for heart mass tissue. Dumb down people be a vegan or gluten LoL .weak people sick men of Asia oops 😬 wrong movies.. Soylent green … But let’s see the war eclipses earthquakes I really want to see so call antichrist 666 fake messiah.. BS UFO 👽 end time’s all fakes… See a movie.please . cause it’s all a stage sports this world 🌎 a stage..

  4. Jimbo

    April 18, 2024 at 6:15 pm

    Behind it all is a Demonic, euthagenic-quell paradigm. As globalists’ expendable lab rats getting experimental science correct for them, and in the process making many (intentionally) sterile, derelict, or defunct.

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