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Ron Patton | April 15, 2022

A controversial video asserts that many people who have been treated for COVID-19 and have died are victims of venom poisoning. Dr. Bryan Ardis claims that people were given synthesized peptide proteins of venom from snakes in the form of Remdesivir. While he may be on to something, the message gets drowned out by a lot of speculation and sensationalism that is great for storytelling but bad medicine for those who believe it on face valor rather than objective investigation. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Ryan Gable and Dr. Kevin McCairn about HISS – ALL COILED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO.





After more than two years of non-stop bombardment with Covid “news” the war in Ukraine appeared to give us a break.

Through the immaculate erasure of the ‘Covid Crisis,’ those responsible for the harm they have caused are attempting to make us forget what they did to us, our families, and the permanent damage they caused to society.

What is done is done –and no matter how much we tried to tell people that the policies and measures were failing, I am sure that there are the true believers that feel that they did their part by not only following orders — but ordering followers

Remarkably, the public health orders moved quickly from “flattening the curve” and “slowing the spread” to containment, suppression, contact tracing, social isolation, quarantine, face coverings, de facto house arrest aka “lockdowns” , and mandated experimental injections.

In order to “keep us safe” government policies mushroomed from innocuous instructions into draconian decrees.

The institution of a bio-security police state was birthed according to health authorities and others the power to quarantine someone considered “infected” or simply to have been in contact with a purported “case.”

it was indeed a full-fledged psychological assault on the world and as we are slowly pulling out of the COVID fear it appears that it may not be all together gone — those who just can’t handle losing their power over the people are trying to resurrect COVID from the dead.

I had hoped that COVID magically disappeared. But apparently, COVID-19 stories are still creeping in past the war rhetoric and for the first time in a long time I have become resentful of a topic but I have to address it because there are so many people that want to hang on to it because they are losing their power of control over others.

The government can’t get enough of their power and so they are hard-pressed tp let go of their mandates and their mask-wearing and proposals for more draconian measures.

Even as we see the cases drop, the death toll dropping– people hear the word COVID and they freak out thinking that a disease that has had two years to reach herd immunity and also was said to be eradicated by vaccines is still a major threat to their way of life.

It is time to get over it and get on with you lives because as I have always said — it is becoming endemic like the flu; in fact, it seems like the flu has been rebranded as Covid and there are a number of other disinformation campaigns going on as well.

This is the impetus for what is happening in Shanghai.

The terror propaganda begins in China and as the 100th monkey tends to imitate and mirror the activities of their counterparts — we need to take fresh caution towards any of the fear-mongering that is starting again and be aware of just how ugly a government can be to its people –when the resurrect and invisible enemy.

As we can now see China has declared war on its people because of Zero Covid policies. They are literally locking down, jailing, and starving people.

Residents stuck in Shanghai, which has been locked down since April, have flooded social media with complaints of food shortages and over-zealous official which has forced them into an ineffective state quarantine.

Footage has even shown desperate citizens bursting through barricades demanding food.

Shanghai first implemented a phased lockdown from March 28, with just parts of the city being shut down.

A full city-wide lockdown was implemented on April 3 as cases continued to rise.

Despite the drastic action, the vast majority of virus cases detected each day are in people with no symptoms which is very suspicious.

China has also reported no deaths with this latest outbreak.

Some Shanghai residents have poured their anger at the handling of the virus onto the internet.

They have ripped into authorities for allowing food shortages as well as heavy-handed controls, including the killing of a pet corgi by a health worker and a now-softened policy of separating infected children from their virus-free parents.

There have been videos online of kids being put into cages and being separated form their parents — some are carted off to concentration camps.

Shanghai health official Wu Qianyu said on Thursday that there were only nine severe Omicron cases, mostly among older patients with underlying health conditions.

Yet authorities have vowed the city ‘would not relax in the slightest’, preparing over a hundred new quarantine facilities to receive every person who tests positive.

These scenes have been going viral online– much like they did in the beginning where people were vomiting blood in subways, dropping dead on sidewalks –and being ushered away by officials wearing hazmat suits.

The cycle is starting again but it would be hoped that we here in the United States would know better. What is most interesting is that with all of the commotion in China — we are throwing away any logic and it appears that some people have lost all their faith in the vaccines they received.

With all of the claims being made about the vaccine being a cure or a preventive measure, the Covid creep is slithering into the zeitgeist like a snake.

As I had pointed out last night — there seems to be a shaping of perception with media and social media that is making it difficult to hold on to a thought without it being thrown into a river of doubt.

Television programs and social media do not simply provide entertainment, they also greatly influence our ideas about the world and provide a model for our attitudes and behavior: certain individuals and their actions are presented approvingly and in a positive light, while others are presented negatively, with disapproval.

Some behaviors and opinions are shown to be typical, normal and to be emulated, while others are shown to be strange, problematic and to be avoided. As such, TV shows and social media provide a powerful example of what is acceptable in a society and what is not.

And far from simply reflecting reality, these forms of media are instrumental in the building and shaping of it.

If you are somebody who has questioned the mainstream narrative about COVID — you will find so many outrageous stories about the vaccines and the disease itself. While much of what is being said in the alternative discussions ring true — there is always wise to err on the side of caution because many that listen to alternative views forget that even those who spin conspiracy theories or ideas that are different form the mainstream have an agenda.

Some of them are not too savory and some are downright dangerous.

Again — the truth is a casualty and there needs to be accountability for what is being said and we should not jump to outrageous conclusions.

Doctors call it the Zebra Theory.

Simply put – it is outrageous to claim that zebras are galloping by when they are really horses.

I have had a number of e-mails and messages that have been filling my que asking me about a video that has inexplicably gone viral.

Dr. Bryan Ardis is in a new video called Watch the Water — it is an interview with talk show host, Stew Peters. The video, while full of truthful information, falls into some sensationalist claims that is sending a shockwave through the internet –even though most of what he says is really not all that new or even innovative.

In a nutshell, Ardis is saying in the video that people who have been treated for COVID-19 and have died are victims of venom poisoning. He claims that people were given synthesized peptide proteins of venom from snakes in the form of Remdesivir.

His emotional interview is compelling as he goes on to say that Veklury or Remdesivir is the only drug to be used in hospitals and now out of hospitals for adults and children down to infants.

Ardis could not help but get emotional over the danger of giving infants what he is claiming to be snake venom.

The problem with this emotional theory is that when it is expressed it appears to be a bit premature. The reason is that it is well-known that there are derivatives of snake venom that are used in many treatments of diseases and it used in vaccines and drugs.

Dr. Ardis is connecting dots but while he on to something, the message gets drowned out by a lot of speculation and dime store sign seeking that is great for story telling but bad medicine for those who believe it on face valor rather than investigating.

One of the biggest red flags that were in the video was when Peters and Arids say:

Whatever the FDA, CDC, NIH tell you to do you should do the opposite. Rather than urging people to use discernment we are being told to ignore what the health organizations tell us and do the exact opposite of what they tell us — this is not sound advice and should immediately be criticized because this can be dangerous.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Greg

    April 16, 2022 at 3:35 am

    Cities themselves are like concentration camps. They are dangerous to live in. Chlorinated, flourinated water. Surveillance everywhere. Gangs and police answer to higher ups and act as enforcers. Homeless people and drug addicts are sent there to get help. They are sent to shelters, many of which are like prisons. Poor people are put through a dehumanizing system to get assistance. Since covid its gone to the next level. Genetic testing and biological experimentation. What’s next? When they are done will they purge the cities?

  2. Jimbo

    April 18, 2022 at 10:06 am

    Remdesivir was shown in a Fauci critique to have a high mortality index with his recommendation it not be used.
    He flipped. Why??
    Regeneron monoclonal antibodies are shown effective and safe

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