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Ron Patton | April 12, 2024

On April 9, the day after the Solar Eclipse, an ocean wave monitoring system called Ventusky registered an abrupt anomaly on its real-time map. This huge mass appeared just north of Antarctica and was growing in size, from the southwestern tip of Africa to the Northeastern side of South America. At first, some observers thought it was a glitch but then there were other strange anomalies happening at the same time this peculiar object was spreading. Could this be evidence of a dent in the electromagnetic field, similar to the South Atlantic Anomaly? Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks about MAGNETIC EDDY. 



Even though we are assured that the planet is in no danger there are certainly some coincidental events that have you scratching your head.

I wanted to address an elephant in the room about the eclipse and how there was a whole lot of panic and the world did not end.

Well, the world didn’t end — but I have been getting e-mails reminding me that the three-days-later model that was proposed did not happen — I said 40 days — but hey, all the information smears when there are so many different sources on the internet.

But overall I think the consensus is Eclipse Day happened, and nothing went wrong.

We did not hear of anything except for a few religious fanatics killing each other and one who said that God told her to kill.

All the planning, all the fear, all the disaster declarations, mobilization of National Guard units.

Nothing bad happened right?

Well not to you — and the media wouldn’t report anything if there was an event.

Well, the whole “nothing happened” scenario is not necessarily true.

On April 9th it was reported that there was an asteroid that was being tracked by NASA. It was called 2024 GV2. It was reported to be only 0.3 LD or Lunar distance from planet Earth, A rough estimate of about 60- 90 thousand miles out.

NASA was monitoring it as it was one of over 2000 potential threats to planet Earth.

It was moving at 4.7 kilometers a second and about 5 meters in diameter. It was one of the small rocks in space that was not seen because of the shadow of the eclipse. It appeared and then it disappeared — it was like it either disintegrated or it came close to the planet and burned up.

Its trajectory was near the northern region of Antarctica.

Nothing was reported — no air burst, no direct hit nothing.

This incident is similar to what happened in the Atlantic ocean in February of 2016.

On February 6, 2016, a chunk of what has been called Unknown Interplanetary Material, plunged into Earth’s atmosphere and exploded about 19 miles above the Atlantic Ocean.

The explosion was detected 600 miles outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was moving at over 9.6 miles per second. It had a diameter of 23 feet and the energy released was equivalent to the detonation of 13,000 tons of TNT.

Once again, it was detected by its sound — it was not seen.

It was also reported a year later — it was kept a secret from the public.

But the latest event happened just after the eclipse — and since it did not affect you — you can say that nothing happened — just to save face.

I say that is something and it is just the tip of the Iceberg.

You may want to pop the popcorn — it is going to be a long night.

When looking around at all the remarkable things happening in the world –and how many things like an Eclipse, a devil’s comet, a blood moon, and a planet alignment make you wonder if we are all headin’ for Armageddon –do you ever feel like that haggard guy standing in city street wearing the sign that says “The end is Nigh?” it is not at all abnormal to have heightened awareness about what the earth is doing –how it changes and how it is full of surprises.

Crazy is now anybody on the street corner saying, “The End is Not Nigh!”

Politicians with green agendas are giving us 5 years before we all die of global heat — or the mad scientists are dimming the sun — why are they not crazy?

It is all crazy.

Those who are religious in some sense are waiting for the Second Coming or whatever end-of-time thing their religion believes because all the signs are there.

Those who are fanatically green are waiting for the world to implode from carbon emissions and Climate Change because all the signs are there. Those who are financially absorbed are waiting for the end of money as we know it and, therefore, the whole purpose of living.

And there is that old song “In the Year 2525” where they ask the question “If man is still alive, if woman can survive” — but the answer now is no man and woman will be gendered out of existence.

But there are some very strange things happening with the planet, things you may not know of — because it doesn’t put a dent in your day-to-day thought processes.

There have been many people who have expressed concerns about the Earth and whether or not it can sustain us shortly. I have said before that we have greater concerns with geoengineering than with the slow and gradual event of Climate change.

We have a planet that from time to time surprises us — and when it does many agencies monitor the planet’s activity and report anomalous activities. It is a wide planet to cover and somehow we can detect when instabilities are going on — if they become too close to extinction-level events this becomes a matter of deep core intelligence.

Many of us love science fiction. We like it better when science fiction eventually becomes a headline that makes it non-fiction. I particularly love it when speculation of mind materialism or when there is something that happens that further vindicates wild conspiracy theories.

Also, it is a lie that most conspiracy theorists don’t want to say I told you so — but secretly we love saying I told you so.

Sometimes though it is a little uncomfortable to witness some of the events that are predicted come true –and some of the anomalous situations that seem to have no explanation.

On April 9th, 2024 the day after the Solar Eclipse an ocean wave monitoring system called Ventusky registered an abrupt anomaly on its real-time maps. The anomaly appeared just north or Antarctica and was growing from the southwestern tip of Africa to the Northeastern side of South America.

It was something that resembled the red spot on Jupiter. This massive anomaly was growing to the size of Texas. According to the monitoring center, it was generating ocean waves that were measured at 85 feet.

At first, observers thought it was a glitch– some still claim it is– But then there were other strange anomalies happening at the same time this huge anomaly was spreading and growing in size.

It was official –whatever was happening it was a swarm of 80-foot waves that emanated from Antarctica and was rapidly moving north.

There are absolutely zero Tsunami Warning Buoys around all of Africa. If this incident follows the pattern we could see huge waves hitting the coast of Africa and eventually +20′ tall waves will make it into the Atlantic Ocean, to the USA, and to Europe, within the next few days.

This could be several things. An iceberg may have broken off from Antarctica, a magnetic dent happened during the eclipse or it was an accident from CERN or we were hit by an airburst or a direct hit from and asteroid or meteor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of South America to the West off the Coast of Concepcion Chile, Station 34420 – 119NM NW a buoy went into event mode, dropping thousands of meters in a few hours. Meaning a huge drop in ocean level.

This is documented by the NOAA.

We have many different type of Buoys that measure everything you can think of but what is most interesting is that the only Tsunami Buoy that protects NewYork and the Northeast coast has been offline since April 8th.

The day of the Solar eclipse.

One of the sites that tracks background radiation worldwide was also down coincidentally.

Is or was this anomaly part of a world extinction-level exercise?

These are carried out all the time — they are part of core intelligence exercises to test readiness for near-extinction level events.

The area has also been monitored for magnetic anomalies that are so dangerous that planes and boats are told to stay out. It is called the South Atlantic Anomaly.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is also of interest to NASA’s Earth scientists who monitor the changes in magnetic field strength there, both for how such changes affect Earth’s atmosphere and as an indicator of what’s happening to Earth’s magnetic fields, deep inside the globe.

Currently, the SAA creates no visible impacts on daily life on the surface. However, recent observations and forecasts show that the region is expanding westward and continuing to weaken in intensity. It is also splitting – recent data shows the anomaly’s valley, or region of minimum field strength, has split into two lobes, creating additional challenges for satellite missions.

Scientists are now warning that they have stronger evidence that there’s something unusual about the core-mantel boundary under the African continent that could be having an important impact on the global magnetic field.

Many alternative news sites have speculated that the Gulf of Aden vortex may very well be a “Stargate” opening up into our world from a dimension and/or world we know nothing about.

There may be more of these magnetic vortices that could be portals that create anomalous activity in the southern areas of the globe.

Researchers at Switzerland’s ETH Zurich and the University of Miami claim that oceanic “Black Holes,” or massive eddies, exist in the southern Atlantic Ocean.

An eddy is defined as “a current at variance with the main current in a stream of liquid or gas, especially one having a rotary or whirling motion.” The maelstroms are reportedly bigger than cities and are to water what Black Holes are to light.

In a paper published by George Haller, a professor at ETH Zurich, and Francisco Beron-Vera of the University of Miami in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, researchers claim they were able to track and define eddies or vortices on Earth.

By studying satellite imagery Haller and Baron-Vera were able to identify seven black-hole types in a group of eddies. They concluded that maelstroms have the same mathematical properties as Black Holes.

No word on why or how these “wormholes” are formed or what has caused them but it certainly indicates that something is happening to create echoes in transit through magnetic weak spots.

New Scientist magazine published a feature story on April 8, discussing some anomalous results coming from neutrino detection experiments in Antarctica, and what these could mean for a speculative cosmological model that posits there’s an antimatter universe extending backward from the Big Bang.

The story went viral stating that perhaps scientists had discovered a parallel universe going backward or upside down.

NASA later reported that the “parallel” universe discovery was an exaggeration.

However, in a quantum way, what is going on in Antarctica could be explained as an anomalous event that demonstrates an anti-universe dominated by antimatter, stretching back in time from the Big Bang and with spatial properties inverted to those in our own Universe.

It could be the equivalent of looking into the abyss.

This is something they do every day at CERN in Geneva and there is always the danger of an unstable particle turning into a quark — then growing in size until it dissolves or at worse turns into a black hole that would suck everything into it.

Could that anomaly also be a dent in the electro-magnetic field similar to the South Atlantic anomaly?

Scientists are saying that it is splitting and opening up over parts of Brazil.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a weak point in Earth’s magnetic field, and this could be a problem for the planet — and it is expanding.

Some believe it is part of the pole shift — but science does not confirm this is so — because they say the anomaly or some form of it has been around a long time.

Effects of the anomaly have been detected from China’s Great Wall Station and other research stations on King George Island than in other Antarctic regions.

The weakened magnetic fluctuations of the anomaly seem to reduce the amount of energy that can be put into the atmosphere by solar particles.

There may be feedback effects between the atmosphere and solar energy that further complicate the picture.

Who knows what caused this anomaly to form after the eclipse — and what will happen as investigators claim that it could trigger magnetic shift causing earthquakes and higher ocean waves by next Tuesday.

So far though there is no word from Africa as to what may be happening as there are no monitoring systems in that area.

There’s no one for maybe a thousand miles in all directions around the area, so there weren’t many people who would have seen it or heard it.

Whatever happened it happened literally in the middle of nowhere.

But it didn’t affect us — yet. Nothing happened that the news reported or will report yet. All we have is uninterpreted data that by all intents and purposes shows an anomalous magnetic eddy — or asteroid impact.

If you don’t see it you can pretend it didn’t happen. It all matters if it is observed — and all we have is data and a strange weakness in the magnetic field near an area where the field is weakest all the time.

We play god with the magnetic field all the time — and with the Eclipse it is just one more anomaly to drag through the magnetic mud — giving us all sorts of psychological anxiety.

Gavin Schmidt, Director of, Goddard Institute for Space Studies has said that we are now at a point in history where we’ve got a knowledge gap for the first time since satellites started tuning into the planet’s ecosystem. Of course, his fears are rooted in Climate fear -but tectonic and magnetic systems are also showing signs of wear and tear.

This admission by the nation’s top climate scientist, stating we may be in uncharted territory, is beyond disturbing, especially within the context of a chaotic system that, by all appearances, has gone off the rails.

If this is the opposite of the opposite of normal, or a “new normal,” then big trouble is already at the doorstep.

This goes beyond normal with an extraordinarily negative trajectory, but if it is now the new normal, what’s next?

More of a wild ride — and even if we are told we are contributing to it –we can always blame it on the billionaires who wish to carry out mad scientific experiments on the planet and then conveniently escape to Mars.

Isn’t this what everybody has been dreading for decades?

Wouldn’t this be seen as further proof that biblical prophecies may be accurate and that with all of our pushing of mother nature, we will nudge her into an eschaton?

Why are we doing this — and “because we can” does not count.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Jimbo

    April 13, 2024 at 5:08 pm

    “When these things begin to come to pass, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.”

    (are we there yet?)

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