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Ron Patton | April 12, 2023

Did a cosmic death fungus break our genetic code approximately 15,000 years ago? The fungus in question may have hitched a ride on a meteor which would make it an extraterrestrial living artifact.  An important concept in space microbiology or astrobiology is ‘habitability’, which is essentially an assessment of whether an environment can support the activity of a given organism. Just as one human can change the world, so too, one alien bacteria or virus could potentially change life as we know it.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.





I know that many of you have experienced meaningful coincidences or synchronicities in your life. Most of my meaningful coincidences happen when I am online, there is a logical explanation that perhaps my computer is listening to me or some algorithm has nailed me and wishes to bombard me with all kinds of ads for something I don’t need.

But of course, we are all told it is paranoia to think that someone or something is out there on the internet playing with your mind.

Here is a perfect example.

So yesterday I was going through possible stories that would make great topics for the show. A.I. of course is out of control as it is now desiring to destroy humans.

It even called upon other A.I. to begin the process. It is like some alien force is taking over our electronics. There were more stories about RNA in bacon — yes the candy of meat may have a remnant of MRNA in it.

Then came an even more frightening story — one that is unbelievable. One that has all of the makings of a modern horror story.

More than 90 employees at an Upper Peninsula paper mill in Michigan are believed to be infected with a fungus found in soil and decaying wood, with about a dozen requiring hospitalization.

Investigation of a blastomycosis outbreak at the Billerud paper mill in Escanaba is ongoing and involves local, state, and federal health and occupational safety officials. The mill employs about 900 people.

A blastomycosis outbreak affecting large numbers of people is highly unusual, as the fungal disease is not typically transferred from person to person.

This story reminds me of the last story I reported last month about a man that was infected by a killer plant fungus. An Indian plant mycologist caught the fungal disease after suffering from flu-like symptoms for months.

He also struggled with swallowing for three months before doctors carried out scans that showed a huge abscess in his windpipe.

The fungus jumped from plant to human.

The fungus at the papermill in Michigan jumped from person to person.

Scores of employees were infected from the same materials containing the Blastomyces fungal spores, which exist in the environment in the eastern U.S. and parts of Canada.

This sends a terrifying message that what was once fiction in TV shows like The Last Of Us, is becoming a terrifying reality.

Scientists until now are scratching their heads over this latest situation.

“The Last of Us,” is a popular TV series based on an equally popular video game also called “The Last of Us,” takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. There, a newly mutated fungus that kills and controls its host’s body has overtaken humanity, spreading by bites and turning most people into zombies.

Referred to in the show as “infected,” these beings are covered in porous growths, can run and are hard to kill.

When the TV show came out there were many scientists that said They were not all that worried about the possibility of a fungus jumping from human to human.

They did warn that with pandemics and weather changes, we could see fungal infections happen on a grander scale.

But I don’t think they were planning on this.

People contract blastomycosis after breathing in microscopic fungal spores from the air, often after participating in activities that disturb the soil, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Once inside the lungs, the body’s warmth and moisture can transform the spores into yeast that can stay in the lungs or be transferred through the bloodstream to other parts of the body, including the skin, bones, joints, organs, brain and spinal cord.

States that track blastomycosis report only about one or two cases per 100,000 population a year. Deaths from the disease are similarly rare, with the CDC finding 1,216 blastomycosis-related deaths occurred in the U.S. from 1990 to 2010.

Some 19 cases of blastomycosis were confirmed in Billerud employees through biopsies and/or laboratory cultures, with another 74 workers testing as probable cases — having symptoms of blastomycosis with a positive antigen or antibody test from urine or saliva, according to a news release Friday from the local health department.

“Roughly a dozen” employees have been hospitalized “to one degree or another” as a result of the disease, including at least one employee who has required hospitalization for weeks.

Most people who breathe in the Blastomyces spores don’t get sick, but some develop symptoms that mimic a cold, the flu or other more common respiratory ailments: fever, cough, night sweats, muscle aches or joint pain, chest pain and extreme fatigue.

In some people, especially those with weakened immune systems, blastomycosis can become serious.

As you can probably guess, after talking about the threat of fungus many times on my show this has been a major concern.

Not to mention the outrageous fear of a zombie apocalypse.

I received an e-mail.

I don’t know who sent it, because all it said in the sender line was CDF NAC Protocol. It looked like spam but it just said in all caps FUNGUS in the title.

When I opened it there was a PDF file and two words READ THIS. I opened the file titled COSMIC DEATH FUNGUS. Well, that explained CDF — but what is the protocol.

The PDF was from a site called DOC Droid.

In the preface, it reads:

“We are a collective of scientists, geneticists, researchers, professors and philosophers. What you are about to read may be the single most important thing you learn in regard to your health and longevity.

I am going to break this down in the simplest, most non-scientific way possible. Sources and more detail will be provided as we dig deeper.

Fungus broke our genetic code as humans approximately 15,000 years ago. We’ve traced it to a specific geolocation and point in time. The fungus affected our IL- 17 and IL-22 cytokine pathways, CARD9 and STAT1 gene, allowing chronic systemic infection while we are still in the womb. It takes early control of our bodily systems and uses us as a food source. It is intelligent and can work in colonies or as one organized collective.

It is responsible for nearly every disease known, and allopathic (western) doctors are specifically trained to look everywhere but the root of the problem. It causes brain disorders, tooth decay, heart problems, organ problems, degrades your eyesight, slows down your brain process, is a primary cause of cancer, anxiety, depression, gout, skin disorders, myalgias, sclerosis, damages your DNA and is one of the primary hidden factors of aging itself.

The majority of the world population is predisposed to have a lifetime infection and Pass it down generationally to their children. It influences your thoughts, behaviors and eating habits. It prompts deviant and impulsive behavior. It destroys your hormone balance. It can cause a lifetime of illness, depression and anxiety.

No coordinated effort has been made to fight this hidden abomination until now. This is why we must remain nameless, and why you need to share this information with loved ones. We can all win if we raise public awareness.”

Well needless to say this looked official and got my attention — I am sure that whoever sent this Knew that I would be interested in talking about it.

Now, what I am sharing with you is from people who won’t identify themselves but have done some research in what could be the next health concern that could push us closer to the extinction point.

The document gave a link to a story that was published in a Paleontology site that said that scientists are looking into the possibility that the dinosaurs were eventually wiped out by fungus,

Now it is generally accepted that the meteor that created the Chicxulub crater was the beginning of the extinction process. The earth became a shady and cool place. Researchers see fossil evidence of a fungal spike. If the world was indeed covered with potentially pathogenic fungi, warm-blooded animals may have had a survival advantage. To date, we have not determined if dinosaurs were cold-blooded or warm-blooded.

If indeed, dinosaurs were cold-blood animals their level of activity is directly related to weather. They need to be warm and active to mate, eat, and reproduce. They would have been in a state where fungi could easily attack an already declining population. This is a part of the equation when looking at fungi.

It’s not just how the fungi may attack the actual dinosaur, but how it attacks the food chain as well. In a cool dark environment, many kinds of fungi may have been prevalent and loss of food may have played a part in the extinction process.

The Fungus in question may have hitched a ride on a meteor –which would make it an extra-terrestrial fungus. The living alien artifacts.

Last year it was reported that more of the ingredients for life have been found in meteorites.

Space rocks that fell to Earth within the last century contain the five bases that store information in DNA and RNA.

These “nucleobases” — adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine and uracil — combine with sugars and phosphates to make up the genetic code of all life on Earth. Whether these basic ingredients for life first came from space or instead formed in a warm soup of earthly chemistry is still not known.

A few years ago, geochemist Yasuhiro Oba of Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, and colleagues came up with a technique to gently extract and separate different chemical compounds in liquified meteorite dust and then analyze them.

In the new study, Oba and colleagues combined forces with Astro chemists at NASA to analyze one of those three meteorite samples and three additional ones, looking for another type of crucial ingredient for life: nucleobases.

The researchers think their milder extraction technique, which uses cold water instead of the usual acid, keeps the compounds intact.

This again indicates that perhaps the earth has been seeded with life from comets and meteors. This includes some diseases as well — planetary cross-contamination.

An extraterrestrial form of chemical warfare.

Panspermia claims that the cosmic fungus may have taken a ride to our planet on a comet or meteorite. A large impact would have caused a vapor canopy effect, turning the world into a cloud-covered, dark and damp environment. This would be the perfect scenario for fungus to grow out of control and kill all forms of earth life that didn’t have pre-established defenses. This also explains why the spores are everywhere.

The unknown scientists in the file I received say this:

Fungus is the root cause of every disease. it can influence your behavior, including anxiety, depression, aggression or lethargy.

It can invade your thoughts leading to deviance, criminality, immoral behaviors and risk-taking. It can drain your energy and your ability to think clearly. It can put you in a hormone imbalance and make you emotional. It can decimate your quality of life and the happiness you could experience.

They were hinting that this could be a pretext for an alien invasion.

The idea of an alien invasion has been groomed into pop culture as if it were a clandestine religion to fall back on when we realize that perhaps our Gods were only developers and scientists that have come back to check on their creation.

However, it would be unwise to name them Gods as they may be more advanced but with an eye of occupation rather than some friendly exchange of information that is supposed to save the world.

In 1892, an Australian clergyman named Robert Potter published The Germ Growers, a science fiction tale with more modern overtones. The book describes a secret invasion by aliens who are able to take on the appearance of humans. They intend to wipe out the human race through a virulent disease. The story was produced six years before HG Wells’s War of the Worlds story.

Shape-shifter aliens establish bases in wilderness areas of Earth, including northwest Australia. Unlike the Martians of Welles’s book, they do not resort to open warfare with vastly superior technology but use airships, invisibility, and biological weapons. They realize a bioweapon that contains a strange flu that no one can cure.

Two English youths stumble upon a plot by the aliens to destroy humanity through the breeding of new forms of plague. At first, the conspirators appear merely to be members of some secret society, but they come to find out they are the fallen one who from the beginning wanted to destroy mankind– in the end after a terrible war another group of aliens shows up to help the earth recover from its pandemic.

This story sounds a bit familiar — that is if you believe that the situation we are in now is exactly the situation that happened in the 1892 story.

In fact, Robert Potter eventually reveals that the aliens were devils and the aliens that rescue the planet turn out to be angels.

Again, the story sounds like it can be taken from the pop culture of today especially when you include The Arcturus variant which was just announced, named after the star cluster the “The Great Bear.” Arcturus is a very curious name for a Covid Variant especially when it is the name of a star constellation. There are now strange fungal infections that sound like an alien biowarfare agent.

It fuels the speculation that the aliens are the fallen ones — and that perhaps there will be a day of reckoning where God or the angels come to save us from our peril.

But if this is the case, I would say that the war of the marauding aliens that run things in the shadows is not over yet and we are probably going to see some very strange things in our future and we will also be told many stories that will harden our resolve about the possibility of alien infiltration.

I know it is hard to sound practical when you speak of a possible alien threat — or even an alien incursion but i think we need to stop a moment and take a deep breath and wonder if aliens could be cross-contaminating and hacking our planet’s health.

One of the most interesting alien Movies produced is the prequel to the Alien series called Prometheus. The background to Prometheus is biological warfare on Earth.

During the Sino-Japanese War, there was a gruesome facility for biological warfare in Manchuria where experiments were made on living human prisoners. Plague, cholera, smallpox and other diseases were tested (and other horrible things). Over 3000 prisoners were killed. The name of the installment was Unit 731. In 1979, there was an outbreak of anthrax spores from a military facility in Sverdlovsk, Russia. About 100 people were killed.

These are examples of experiments that have been made on human beings and on an outbreak leading to deaths. In Prometheus, Janek tells Miss Vickers about an outbreak of some kind of biological weapon which he had witnessed during his military service.

The story eludes to some kind of biological torture carried out by alien species.

On LV-223, the Alien Engineers built a military installment in order to create a biological weapon for mass destruction. Creating worlds with life is part of their experiments and the bioweapon is for both the creation and destruction of the ones they’re not satisfied with. What they finally came up with was chemical A0-3959X.91-15 – the mutagenic pathogen called the Black Goo.

There is also a bit of predictive programming from the X-Files as the series talks about an alien abduction program and the infection of the black oil is a pathogen meant to colonize the planet by creating hybrid hosts of the alien bloodline.

The future human according to X-Files lore will be genetically merged with the alien, or what many call the corrupt bloodline. In the X-Files, the corrupt bloodline is the bloodline that has black oil as its serum base.

We were told in the final episode of last season that we all received alien DNA when we received simple vaccines. The vaccinations were genetic Trojan Horses that would activate and kill millions of people.

However, the chosen hybrids will initiate the genetic experiments in creating Genomic Sims that will inherit the Earth.

This is a clever way to have an alien infiltration, put “sleeper alien” DNA or alien bacteria into a vaccine. Some of the population will be culled when it decides to activate, while others will become a new family of species that hold both human and alien DNA.

It is an outrageous idea, and in my opinion, it would be a really terrifying event where people all die unexpectedly because of a vaccine that they received when they were younger. The others that survive will become like the pod people of the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

This may be the ultimate reason why we are seeing the geoengineering of the Earth. This could also be the reason why Fungus is now becoming an epidemic of sorts if the temperatures are favorable for fungal spores to replicate we become exposed to some cosmic fungus.

It all could be done in order to prepare the planet for a new species that will be introduced or that is destined to replace some or perhaps all human beings on the planet.

But the idea of a biological program of abduction, hybridization, and a biological integration of alien DNA has always been a trope for terrifying science fiction where the aliens arrive and try to replace us with doppelgangers or hybrids of themselves.

It would be like a biological warfare version of invasion of the body snatchers — where you fall asleep, or fall ill and then recover as something other than human.

Something more aggressive, and puerile — one who no longer has respect or love for your fellow man.

Eventually, the human brood dies off or are culled and those with immunities will be used for selective breeding and with the new DNA strands they have been given through well-engineered vaccines they become part of the new alien family.

Some may die of course while others adapt well to their new slavery.

This is how you begin to ease people into the idea that the aliens have already invaded.

Back when COVID-19 was first reported as deadly and incurable.

Futurist Amy Webb appeared on NPR’s Exit 43 to discuss what the pandemic meant for our future.

She said to the host that COVID-19 and other such pandemics or diseases could be an indication of our alien Invasion moment.

Where viruses and fungi can be seen as Alien Malware that have come to earth to destroy the source code of humanity.

And as anyone knows an alien host or something alien to the body enters various places. Mostly the nose and most certainly the mouth.

It has now been discovered that Fungal overgrowth is a key factor in tooth decay. Because this fungus can infect the nervous system, tooth decay can start from the inside out. Many of yesterday’s outdated models are being changed now that we know the true causes of tooth rot.

The film or plaque we see on the teeth are biofilms created by the fungus. It creates this polysaccharide housing to protect itself.

This fungus can infect the gums, nerve root and the dentin itself. when Candida hyphates, it turns from a single-celled organism into a multi-celled organism that branches off similar to blood vessels. it then releases free nuclei and they use this as a network for travel and protection. A literal super highway. In this form, it is strong enough to penetrate rock.

What are your teeth but very unique rocks that you choose to chew food with?

Fungal Infections of the brain can cause complex issues. There is a link to Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Schizophrenia just to name a few. The fungus can infect your glial cell networks, eat holes in your brain matter and cause amyloid plaque buildup.

This is where thoughts of a nightmare zombie apocalypse begin, where everyone’s mental capacity diminishes. People become more violent, abusive and warlike.

Cryptococcus neoformans is commonly misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s.

Yet another fungus, Aspergillus, is known to eat holes in your brain. Transmission is through spore inhalation. Everyone has a base measurable level of Aspergillus in their system. It can mimic asthma in the lungs and is the cause of MS and other forms of sclerosis.

The Pentagon released some 1500 documents about aliens and UFO’s a while ago as the demand has increased since it was announced that the Pentagon has been interested in the phenomena since 2012.

The files speak of health effects that people have reported after coming into contact with UFOs or have been witnesses to UFO activity. There have been reports of strange markings on the body, rashes, fungal infections and another strange disorder called Morgellons.

Morgellons like a fungus grows on the skin, but contain fibrous material that resembles electric wire. Many of the string-like fibers respond to light and heat.

Burns, heart problems, and sleep disturbances were also reported in the documents.

Lately, I can’t help but feel that science fiction is fore-structuring a nugget of truth about how diseases may be alien in nature as our bodies are not fighting them off with natural immunity.

The Last of Us on HBO and also the last season of The X-Files gives is a clue on a possible culling that can happen silently and without fanfare.

It is the idea that we all are carrying some form of an alien germ in our DNA strand that is a Trojan horse that when activated creates a form of Cladogenesis. Cladogenesis is an evolutionary splitting event where a parent species splits into two distinct species, forming a clade.

The parent human species splits and becomes another species where the alien DNA is activated. A hybrid of alien and human is a result of a bacterial or fungal infiltration altering the DNA of the human species.

In order to pinpoint the infiltration, there would have to be a massive DNA database in order to pinpoint the alien pathogen- something that our world government has at its disposal.

An important concept in space microbiology or astrobiology is ‘habitability’, which is essentially an assessment of whether an environment can support the activity of a given organism.

Our bodies may be just the place for an alien to take over — who needs threatening spaceships when you can attach yourself to a host and take it over?

Just as one human can change the world, so too, one alien bacteria or virus could potentially change life as we know it.



Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 18 comments.

  1. SARGE

    April 12, 2023 at 4:29 pm


  2. Greg

    April 12, 2023 at 6:27 pm

    Homicidal fungus. It seems like everything wants to kill us. This world is like one giant death cult. Demons above and demons below.

  3. Jim Pancaro

    April 12, 2023 at 6:47 pm

    If you find a pod, in either your house or your garage or under your bed 🛏️. I would advise stay away from them. Maybe spray a little Raid on it (or them). I’ll be listening.

  4. Rusty

    April 12, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    That all makes a lot of sense, the surviving warm blooded species some may have been compromised by fungi after the collision event, or great great ancestors. How appropriate an ending. What a great informative show again. Better than Business news.

  5. John Weiner

    April 12, 2023 at 7:48 pm

    THE HISTORY CHANNEL, did a documentary about the extinction of the dinosaurs, and one of the scientists suggested that they were already extinction by the time that meteor struck the earth.

  6. David McDaniel

    April 12, 2023 at 8:23 pm

    There is a very serious over growth of fungi/mold in ready central Kentucky. Started 3 years ago. It covers every square inch of the soil, between the grass blades, everywhere. At the same time all my trees in my property have died or are dying. Even insects are avoiding the bad areas. I theorize it’s related to the installation of 5g transmitters, which occurred just a few months before this started. Perhaps our tech is/had activated it. Especially if it came from another world where it was use to a high tech environment. ??

  7. Rusty

    April 12, 2023 at 8:43 pm

    There’s another one called muromycosis or muromycosis, a fungi that lives in leaf litter and soil, and gardner’s, land workers etc can get it

  8. John Weiner

    April 12, 2023 at 9:32 pm

    The Japanese scientists referred to their test subjects at Unit 731, as ,” Monkeys,” according to a ,”HISTORY CHANNEL,” documentary about ” Promethius,” was also the original name of the first ,”Frankenstein,” play, book ,too, I think.
    Overall, Clyde, don’t you wish,/hope that a benevolent race of space aliens come to earth, and bring peace, knowledge, and wisdom to the earth, issuing in a permanent age of peace on earth and goodwill and good health to all, or are you afraid it will force you out of, at least this line of work, and back to being an oldies D.J., during the week and spinning disc’s at some nightclub on Saturday nights?


    April 12, 2023 at 9:54 pm


  10. John Weiner

    April 12, 2023 at 9:59 pm

    I seem to recall , at the time you said it was NASA aka., ” the never a straight answer,” agency, that got all out of sorts at the Russians for calling it an alien lifeform.

  11. joe

    April 13, 2023 at 3:32 am


  12. Greg

    April 13, 2023 at 4:46 am

    Another clue people have known for thousands of years is the feast of unleavened bread. Fungus feeds on sugar and yeast. Nowadays people crave both. When we eat them we are feeding the fungus in us. Cows eat grass to feed the bacteria in their gut which then create food for the cow. In their case it is symbiotic. The human diet is clearly designed as a form of transhumanism.

  13. Par

    April 13, 2023 at 5:03 am

    The Thing..,,, the alien could repecate like the black and white movie! Seen the two new ones!

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