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Ron Patton | April 1, 2022

A recently leaked photo of a page from an alleged top-secret Pentagon report is raising some eyebrows in the UFO community. The document alleges there has been an observance of what is said to be a hybrid of synthetic and biological intelligence that may or may not be alien. It could be all part of a synthetic biological experiment using mechanical means and genetic engineering as science is now coming forward with how they will disclose the alien presence on Earth. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about EXOSYNTHESIS CONSPIRACY.





Today is April Fool’s Day — it is the 27th anniversary of Ground Zero and a day where some people still have the courage to do practical jokes even in the face of possible getting slapped down.

Back in 1995, I told my audience how appropriate that the first show be presented on April Fool’s Day as every day is April Fool’s and every night is Halloween on Ground Zero,

It was my way of expressing that old Fortean saying “I could be kidding but I am very serious about what I kid about.”

April fool’s day is considered a day of deception and that is why I want to talk about what a lot of people tell me is the great deception — which is all about the faking of an alien invasion for the benefit of the government’s New World Order.

While I do not dismiss the possibility that this can be done, because many postmodernists have said it would be a cynical act to either fake an alien invasion or even the second coming — i have a problem with everyone immediately using the default of something called Project Blue Beam — that first of all does not exist –but the technology to beam a holographic image into the clouds does.

The only thing I have a hard time with is that something as rudimentary as a Bat signal I really don’t think is going to fool anyone, especially those who are already waiting for the laser light show beaming into the skies.

The idea of social engineering an alien invasion is far more compelling –an so I would like to upgrade the idea into a more sophisticated view of how this can be done with real documentation — instead of theories about a government Project that does not exist.

There are far too many that do exist and they are far more horrifying to contemplate.

Especially if they are used to convince the world that they have in their possession alien technologies or even the upright walking alien specimen.

Tonight, we go deep into parapolitical history and cold war intrigue which of course is my favorite part of conspiracy lore. I want to inform you that this is not an April fool’s joke — although you may walk away thinking it was… because it is far too unbelievable for most people to even fathom.

In order to set the stage for our discussion I have to go back and remember an Outer limits episode called Architects of fear.

The episode deals with the idea that nations engineer events to control the population for the purpose of unifying the peoples of Earth against a common enemy.

The idea still seems vital to current politics when we consider the war in Ukraine, and the threat that is always on the table for Nuclear war. But the Outer limits episode deals with the topic of engineering an alien invasion — but it isn’t some holographic Hodge podge of ideas that are somewhat misquoted about Project Blue Beam.

Scientists alter a human biologically so that he appears to be alien.

This is something that is far more believable than having to artificially project something holographic in the clouds. There are so many people waiting fo this to happen — that it would be wise for the intelligence apparatus to find alternatives to socially engineer the public for a cosmic false flag — seriously there are far better arguments against this type of faking –and more complex methods like what were presented in the TV show Architects of Fear.

In the original “Watchmen” comic (set in an alternate reality 1985), one of the “heroes” commits what can be considered s a villainous act for the “good of all mankind.” He contrives an “alien invasion” so that the United States, the Soviet Union, and the rest of the world will join together in peace and harmony to protect themselves against the outside “alien threat.”

If the story rings familiar to some of you, it is because it is based on speeches given by Ronald Reagan in the real world, in which he said an “alien threat” would be the solution to uniting a hostile world.

Numerous “conspiracy theorists”, most notably former naval officer William Cooper, the author of the famed underground book Behold a Pale Horse, speculated that Reagan’s speech was an expositional public “debriefing” to prepare the public to accept a global government as a necessary response to an alien invasion scenario.

Cooper suggested that the U.S. government had been working on a fake alien invasion since the 1930’s, and that even Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds” broadcast was an “experiment” to see how the populace would react to such an event.

Cooper hosted a radio talk show, on which he predicted the gradual and pre-planned worldwide economic collapse an era of violent warfare and the eventual announcement of a planned alien invasion scenario.

Most of his information has proven to be accurate.

All except for the alien invasion –which most people believe is the next step in the social engineering process.

With the examples of how ways it is for the media to use propaganda to get people to shelter in place and even support a war — it will be simple to pivot again towards a possible alien threat.. it has become that easy according to those who have been observing this new war as a psychological operation,

.In order to convince people of the alien threat — they need some sort of proof, something they can see that does not look like it is some CGI effect.  The question is how do they pull it off.

Well it may be all part of a synthetic biological experiment using mechanical means and genetic engineering as science is now coming forward with how they will disclose the alien presence on earth.

A recently leaked photo of a page from an alleged top secret Pentagon report is raising some eyebrows in the UFO community. The document alleges that there has been an observance of what is said to be a hybrid of synthetic and biological intelligence that may or may not be alien — something that we will explain later.

The document is titled ‘Section V: Behavioral Data Analysis’ and describes a bizarre joint investigation conducted by the NSA, DHS, ONI and SAP, in conjunction with the DoD. During the investigation, these groups “conducted careful examinations of aggregated data and witness accounts” of various unidentified aerial phenomena.

In order to understand what it entails it as to be transcribed:

“Section V: Behavioral Data Analysis

Joint elements of ONI, NSA, DHS, and SAP cleared experts curated by the DoD have conducted careful examinations of aggregated data and witness accounts.

The scope of the referenced in this subsection refers to CERT class cases, which are in turn designated as such due to a common similarity in behavior with other high-credibility cases. As mentioned in section III, this class contains 1,292 cases and is the only class capable of receiving post-analysis treatment.

Behavioral Conclusions:

Data from Secondary Reference reports indicate a significant commonality in stimulus-response and lead to generalized conclusions of the nature of UA/SP cognitive processing.

Although the details differ, this body is reasonably confident that expert findings indicate some form of inorganic intelligence.

All cases where UA/SP contacts performed a reactionary behavior that was not immediate disengagement can be broadly described as displaying a sense of fear and curiosity.

Some data-backed witness accounts went so far as to describe the interactions as “playful… like a puppy” and “skittish but very aware, sort of like a parrot, actually.” This behavior is a primary indicator of CERT class cases and is not seen in cases that have been otherwise explained.

The report employed a blind study using known behavioral data processed through a customized AI, essentially reverse-engineering the thought processing using gathered stimulus/response data.

A DoD computing cluster ran a virtual neural network using the engineered processing system and found that UA/SP behaviors can be reproduced with 98.4% certainty in a closed processing environment.

The report concluded that the behaviors analyzed from such contacts exhibit AGI Strong and ASI Weak behaviors and can be reproduced with current computational systems. This report is significant as it indicates that extraneous processes found in organic life are not impacting behaviors. The elimination of these variables and the effect of maneuvers seen in Section II on chemical processes suggest that UA/SP contacts are either remote, autonomous drones or a form of mechanical life.

The Harmen-McCarren report uses the “1999 Discrepancy” to suggest an update may have changed the behavior and physical construction of UA/SPs, thus classifying them as drones deployed by an organic species.

Shibakoya responds to this claim, countering that a machine intelligence may react similarly to a particular stimulus and hypothesized that the rapid increase of flight performance might indicate a stepped virtual evolution process.

Likewise, Shibakoya extrapolates that the gradual shift in appearance and behavior of detected CERT cases may be an artifact of generational changes, with older models beings relegated to less involved tasks. The Harmen-McCarren and Shibakoya reports both propose that a potential.”

Before the alien sci fi Movie Prometheus was released in theaters there was a movie trailer that went viral on the internet.  It was a depiction of the fictional scientist Peter Weyland speaking at a TED conference in 2023 about the creation of Artificial Intelligence.

In the clip, Wayland has found himself at odds with the Vatican regarding nanotechnology, gene therapy, and eugenics directives. Weyland saw himself as a forward thinker and had controversial views about full spectrum control of a hostile planet declaring that if there was no air to breathe on that planet , then man would have the responsibility to create it.

He was speaking as if he was possessed with the spirit of Luciferian illumination declaring that man no longer needed to ask God for permission to create, but to know that he is a God and that it is time that man begins experimenting with the power of creating and destroying life.

He was playing the role of the serpent in metaphor harkening back to what the devil said to eve in Genesis:

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

Was the metaphor that was spoken of in Eden, and the promethean fire a metaphor for mankind’s penchant for wanting to tinker with God’s creation?

Well it appears that not only are technocratic scientists are observing the behaviors of what can only be described as a synthetic biological being — they have also announced that they have perfected  parthenogenesis.

This phenomenon, literally meaning “virgin birth,” occurs in some reptiles and other creatures — but never mammals.

Until now.

Asexual reproduction is not a thing among mammals. That changed when an international team of researchers managed to turn unfertilized eggs (oocytes) from female mice into actual embryos. All of them survived for a while, and one even made it to adulthood. Parthenogenesis happens when an embryo develops from an unfertilized egg, but sexual reproduction in mammals requires both male and female DNA.

This defied it.

According to a study recently published in PNAS, adds that “parthenogenesis can be achieved by targeted epigenetic rewriting of multiple critical imprinting control regions.

Why need Project Blue Beam when you can create virgin birth aliens in a lab?

Parthenogenesis does not happen naturally in mammals, and previous attempts ran into DNA glitches. Because mammalian conception needs genes that can only come from a male parent, the research team solved that by editing certain female genes with CRISPR until they were the same as if they had come from a male. They repeated the process with several eggs. These were then implanted into the female’s uterus and allowed to grow, and they went from embryonic to fetal stages to actual, living offspring, one of which was eventually able to produce its own offspring.

How a gene is expressed depends on imprinting, during which that gene is modified or altered, though the DNA sequence itself remains the same. Some imprinted genes are only expressed when inherited from the female while others need to be inherited from the male. The researchers had to be extremely precise with CRISPR editing. Deleting some genes can cause mutations that may end up being too problematic for an embryo to make it.

Move over Dr. Mengele — we have created the perfect alien golem — an alien Frankenstein that could easily passed off as an extraterrestrial –and in the literal sense it is as it is not created by natural earthly means.

We have been warned throughout literature that tinkering with the intricacies of creation is blasphemy in the eyes of the creator.  There have been many stories beyond the bible that have warned us about such experiments.

H.G. Wells who has been literally charged as a world planner and prophet has been at the forefront of writing stories that provide a narrative for the future. Wells predicted that in the future there would be an alien invasion, modern warfare happening by remote control, the detonation of atom bombs, and the perfection creation through eugenics and human experimentation.

These are all of the things that we are preoccupied with today.

It is as if Wells saw the future, and how all of these components will guarantee a world so traumatized that they will most certainly welcome our new alien overlords.

But are they truly aliens from outer space or are they created in a lab in order to convince the world that they are virgin saviors to bring us all together?

The truth is that perhaps this has been the plan all along — ever since L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons did their satanic sex ritual called the Babylon working –an attempt to bring the moon child into the world –a child that  looked very much like Lam, a large headed homunculus conjured by Alister Crowley.

This was also part of the Aryan Purity programs that were first introduced by the Nazis as they attempted to create a race of supermen that would rule on this planet as our new Gods.

According to Ralph Epperson, author of The Unseen Hand, An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History –we make a deal with our conscience to accept different views of history. We believe in the catastrophic or accidental view of history. Or we choose the other view which is the conspiratorial view of history.

In the catastrophic or accidental view of history we are led to believe that historical events, such as wars and revolutions were the direct result of some sudden or surprising event.

Sadly, most of us have been taught the accidental view of history. This view is reinforced throughout our lives by the controlled mass media. As a result, when most discover the conspiratorial view of history, the immediate reaction is shock, disbelief and a refusal to accept something other than they’ve been taught to believe.

World events are not simply circumstantial, but the result of an organized campaign by an elite group of unseen and widely unknown world leaders. Their beliefs in ancient symbolism, secret societal occultism, and ritual magic affect us all regardless of religious beliefs or practices.

True freedom comes when you realize that most of history has been structured and planned by a cryptocracy that pays no attention to morality or even what we call accidental history because they know that what they do is a gradual step by step process towards world domination.

Even before the end of World War II, the newly structured confrontation between the world of Communism and the West was the product of ex-Nazis who made deals with American intelligence in order to avoid hanging in The Hague. Nazi Intelligence operatives and scientists were brought to the United States in exchange for information they allegedly had about Russian plans to declare war on the United States.

This alone was the reason the United States employed enormous intelligence agencies like the CIA that had the power, invisibly, to wage underground warfare, economic as well as military, anywhere – including methods of warfare never before imagined. These conflicts had to be tactically designed as to not trigger nuclear mutually assured destruction or else tremendous loss of life could occur, and there was always the much-desired pocketing of trillions of dollars made in the manufacturing of war equipment.

It was at this time that the plans for the New World Order were being proposed.

The New World Order had been the vision of the Nazis and most of what they envisioned was a golden age of peace after a long-fought war to keep rogue nations in a collective and controlled under one government.

A world government. the Nazis had many ideas as to bring about the New World Order including the idea of a scorched earth policy pitting their enemies in Russia against the United States — claiming that they were plotting a nuclear confrontation.

The Nazi sympathizers in pour Intelligence apparatus created an excuse to bring to America, German scientists and intelligence officers through operation paperclip. Many of these Nazi sympathizers were well known in our history.

There are many things that these ex-Nazis taught our intelligence operations.

During World War II and almost two decades after, there were American elitists that shared many of the views of the Nazis. Many of them were champions of a New World Order. CIA director Allen Dulles was one of the chief enablers of Nazi intelligence within the CIA.

In the main lobby of the CIA Headquarters there is an ironic message that is engraved in the stone wall under the emblazoned seal of the eagle. The message says “And Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” The Truth. The words of truth on the wall of a building whose very job is to lie. Their job, according to former CIA Chief William Casey was to keep secrets not only from groups that would threaten the United States, but from its own citizens as well. We have been told the CIA was organized as a peacetime intelligence service.

In the beginning, it was clearly stressed by Harry S. Truman that the CIA was not a Homegrown Gestapo Agency that was spying and lying to the American people. But Cold War paranoia had set in and it fueled the new CIA. It was growing into a much bigger monster.

A Nazi sympathizing monster that was affiliated with covert ops, communications control and spin doctoring, and mind control experiments like MK Ultra. Not that the CIA even bothered to tell President Truman. They were given the reins of power and with a little twist were able to get virtually whatever they wanted. Truman later learned what the CIA was doing and realized that this mob was taking over.

Hitler’s spy master, Reinhard Gehlen developed the “Org” which consisted of hardcore Nazi spooks surrendering to the allies and then giving them information that would be the seeds of paranoia needed to create the Cold War. Remember, The United States saw the advantage of having Nazis working with the CIA in order to keep the momentum going of the anticommunist crusades.

The Org played a role in the creation of the “missile gap,” providing CIA with reports on Soviet missile developments supposedly based on contacts with German scientists captured by the Russians at the end of the war.

The Org played a major role within NATO, too, supplying two–thirds of the raw intelligence on Warsaw Pact countries. The CIA swallowed it up and believed in the Soviet bogeyman stories.

Gehlen was actually exaggerating the Soviet threat. He began a campaign of fostering paranoia in the West about a worldwide communist conspiracy. Gehlen’s strategy was based on the Hegelian dialectic. The more paranoia, crisis and fear of an invisible enemy, the more political space for Hitler’s heirs to move in and secretly reshape American democracy to become a fascist order in which government relinquishes civil rights and rules with an iron fist.

The CIA’s dependence on Gehlen’s information and his constant fear mongering was actually due to its being everything they wanted to hear. It compounded what they were already thinking by providing supposed evidence where there had been none. This made Washington a huge collective sponge for mountains of disinformation. It also increased spending on the Military Industrial Complex.

The United States and the Soviet Union were two sworn enemies of the Third Reich. The Nazi regime collapsed in May 1945, squeezed ever more tightly between two fronts the Soviet Union on one side and the United States on the other. Can we now see where the loyalties of the reformed Nazis belonged after World War II? It wasn’t with the US or Russia. Their loyalties were to Hitler and the destruction of the old Governments and people to make way for the New World Order of the Reich.

Hitler once stated that no German or even a citizen of the world should live without the blessings of the Third Reich and so he wished that upon his death the process would be carried out to wipe out most of the population with whatever means necessary.

These ex-Nazis were not only occupying places where they had control of the intelligence in political and international matters they also were proficient in applying scientific controls both in medical and matters of outer space,

Ex -Nazi Werner Van Braun of course comes to mind and his alleged warning to his secretary Carol Rosen that in the future that the government would state that there would be a threat from extra-terrestrial used in the future for government control and an excuse to put weapons in space.

He was stating that the aliens of course would be real, but the threat would be nothing but propaganda. but if you want to fake it is best that you make it — and making a true specimen in alien form would me more than ample evidence to get the people to believe.

Genetic tinkering and the science of genetic enhancement is now common and the guardians of morality are concerned about the science. American’s understanding of what is happening is limited to the notion of  man playing God and the consequences that come from horror stories that have not only been written as fiction but have become a reality with the memory of Nazi Sciences and doctor Joseph Mengele.

I know that the modern world would be shocked if someone like Mengele existed today, however there are stories that find themselves in the mainstream that make us wonder if the ghost of this notorious reaper is still alive, moving about in the shadows only to manifest in a heinous act of mass culling and torture.

From creating pathogens to aliens — the business is probably one of the horrors least talked about today.

It is said that while we have believed all of this time that the horrors of Nazi experimentation have died, the harlot that gives birth to these acts of horror is still in heat – and the demon seed of human experimentation can lead to socially engineering the alien threat.

Many scholars are now discovering in reputable medical literature multiple references to Nazi experiments, or republished works of former SS doctors. These studies and references frequently bear no disclaimer as to how the data was obtained. In recent years several scientists who have sought to use the Nazi research have attracted and stirred widespread soul-searching about the social responsibility and potential abuses of the data provided by these mad scientists like Josef Mengele.

If the experiments were conducted in an unethical manner can the results be considered scientifically reliable?

It is absolutely wrong to censor or destroy any of the data provided by Nazi scientists and some of the data can be used to save lives however there are some people who believe the benefits outweigh the unethical way it was obtained.

It is a case of opening the wounds of one nightmare to suppress the nightmares of what may come.

Exo-biological synthesis is a very real science and in my opinion, is one way that scientists and technocrats can fool you into believing in an alien threat.


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. J. Dothpathos

    April 2, 2022 at 12:46 pm

    If the mind is separate from the body as scientists are now proving,…??? If ethics are unique to humans…??? Are ethics what make humans, and separate us from the animals…??? Isn’t an unethical human an animal?

  2. Jimbo

    April 2, 2022 at 9:48 pm

    Read Timothy Alberino’s “Birthright” and check out UAP/UFO’s and aliens have been around a lot longer than the Nazi’s. Remember what the original “..falling like a bolt of lightening” was an observance of , and by whom(?)

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