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Ron Patton | March 9, 2023

NASA orbit analysts are monitoring huge asteroids that will come relatively close to Earth in 2029 and 2046. The cosmos is changing rapidly as if there is something out there waiting to clean house in the galaxy. It is like the Universe is preparing for the coming of something so immense that we may not be able to withstand its power. The ancients saw signs in the sky as divine harbingers or warnings. Furthermore, the war in heaven is an event that we are told will repeat in the apocalypse and perhaps Planet X will be the existential threat in fulfilling this mystery. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with astronomer, Marc Dantonio about PLANET XISTENTIAL THREAT. 





Last month, there were many reports of strange explosions heard all over Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Many residents were concerned about UFOs and other space phenomena as there was no explanation given as to why these booms were heard.

Then there was proof that something was happening. A bright light fell from the sky over McAllen, Texas and what people saw was a huge meteor enter the atmosphere.

It was just another night when a meteor fell and of course, the moment is a white knuckle affair, and then everyone goes back to what they are doing.

But this time whatever it was hit the earth and was later found at the impact site.

NASA confirmed a meteor that was about 2 feet wide and weighed roughly 1,000 pounds fell in South Texas.

Experts believe the space rock broke into several pieces before hitting the ground.

Each time the rock broke apart there were explosions heard in the area.

Residents described windows rattling and an earthquake-like shake.

NASA released a map showing the strewn field or area where the meteorites likely landed.

The National Weather Service said the accompanying fireball was bright enough for satellites to detect it.

And the pilots of two aircraft reported sightings.

But a 1000-pound piece was retrieved in Starr County.

We know it is not the first time a meteor has hit the planet, but it is always interesting to hear of large pieces of a space rock being able to survive entry into the atmosphere.

After the event NASA published a story about a huger asteroid that they think might hit earth in 2046.

In fact, the asteroid allegedly is scheduled for a direct hit on February 14th, 2046.

A nice Valentine’s Day present if we live that long.

NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office said they have been tracking a new asteroid named 2023 DW that has a very small chance of impacting Earth on Feb. 14, 2046, when it passes the planet at a distance of about 1.1 million miles.

According to NASA, asteroid 2023 DW is roughly 162 feet wide (roughly as wide as an NFL football field) and will take 271 days to complete one solar orbit.

NASA orbit analysts said they will continue to monitor the asteroid and update predictions as more data comes in.

In about a month the public will forget about the announcement and move on — why should we worry about something happening in 2046 — when an even bigger rock may hit us in 2029.

On Friday, April 13, 2029, an asteroid called Apophis stretches about 1,100 feet across and will pass within 19,000 of Earth’s surface. That is below satellite Orbit,

That might sound scary, but scientists are positive that it will not hit Earth. Instead, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for scientists to truly understand asteroids near Earth.

For years though scientists have said that this huge killer asteroid would hit us — or debris from its passing could hurl huge rocks at us in its wake.

Now NASA scientists see it as an opportunity to study it.

Again, if we live that long.

The cosmos is changing rapidly as if there is something out there waiting to clean house in the galaxy. It is like the Universe is preparing for the coming of something so immense that we may not be able to withstand its power.

It was reported yesterday that top scientists at NASA have been left baffled by perfectly circular sand dunes spotted on Mars by its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter while taking pictures at the end of Martian winter.

The latest pictures of Mars show sand dunes, which are not unusual to see up there, but they are in the shape of perfect circles.

And this is what has left NASA baffled.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted the shapes as it studied how frost thaws at the end of Martian winter.

Earlier this year, the orbiter reported what looked like the face of a bear on the barren surface. Again NASA wrote it off as Pareidolia but still — it is uncanny.

Maybe it is a Martian version of a crop circle. Maybe it is a message about the Arcas, the ancestor of the Arcadians. Arcturus means Guardian of the Bear; the bear he is guarding is his mother, Calisto.

In Greek mythology, it was the home of the gods Hermes and the horned god Pan.

Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Boötes. Some have said that Arcturus may have planets surrounding it while others claim that Arcturus is the star that is the guardian of Nibiru.

During that last eclipse, there were skywatchers who snapped photos of what appeared to be a planet near the sun.  Many Nibiru watchers were saying that is was evidence of Planet X. Scientists dismissed the notion by stating that what was seen in the sky was the stars Sirius, Arcturus and Capella. There was also a rare appearance of Venus.

Depending on what you believe religiously Venus is a symbol of chaos and it goes by another name “Lucifer.”

Lucifer is the morning star, the light bringer and the herald to the greater light.

There is a theory that Lucifer was not always in the position it is in now – that perhaps it traveled the solar system from a place nearer to Saturn and when it moved through the sky it was seen as a comet – but a very big comet that changed colors form a hot white to a terrifying red.

It was seen by the ancients as a bearded Dragon and it was associated with plagues and war.

It is theorized that it was the pillar of fire seen by the Hebrews in Exodus.

All the calendars had 360 days before Venus passed by, then 365 after. And a difference of 5 days would become extremely obvious to an agrarian society in less than one person’s life span. So it is unlikely to be an error. All the stories about a god fighting a dragon, lightning bolts, and huge walls of water can all be tied into this theory. Even the pole shift or mountains rising out of the sea and a huge flood could be explained by Venus. It was said that at the time Lucifer or Venus crossed the sky it almost ripped the crust of the earth apart.

The planet was the god and its tail was the dragon. A show of lightning between the planet and the tail looked like gods fighting with lightning bolts. The tail was filled with carbon which was later confirmed in Venus’ extremely thick atmosphere; this tail covered the earth and created rainfall consisting of basically food or manna to the Hebrews who were now wandering the desert following a huge pillar of fire and smoke.

The idea of a fallen star and the signs of life from the dragon should not be ignored – there is methodical synchronicity as in the past many occult practitioners have connected Lucifer to the legendary planet Vulcan, Hercolubus, Planet X or Nibiru, comets, asteroids and prophecy.

The Bible is full of warnings of future comets or asteroid impacts, most importantly from Christ as found in the New Testament. Peter and Revelation that suggest a final cataclysmic event wherein the Earth is turned into a sea of fire and lava.

All of the signs pointing to the return of a winged planet — a planet that has all of the same characteristics as Venus — but appears out of nowhere in a time of judgment.

In the book, The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin it is proposed that there are messages that are encoded in the Hebrew Bible. The messages are purported to be hidden in the Torah, and can be deciphered by placing the letters of various Torah passages at equal intervals in a text that has been formatted to fit inside a computer matrix.

No one has really talked about the book in the 21st century – but I have it and thought I would look through it and see what I could find out about a rogue planet like Planet X, or Venus and Lucifer.

What I found was amazing and scary at the same time.

A computer was used to search for words in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal format. Skip sequence words are searched basically every other row or column is skipped and viable words are found. Many skip codes exist, like 4, 10, 50, etc. Words cross other words or are found in the matrix vicinity of other words. It is postulated that these word groups are related. Even the name given to the Sun’s dark star companion (Vulcan) is specifically mentioned in the Bible Code:

Morning Star, Dark Star – star/planet – star – Sun – companion – object – invisible/concealed – concealed – emerging – Planet amalgamation – granular/nuclear event – turmoil—fallen angel—fallen shepherd.

Tsunami – Vulcan – planet/star – India – Indian – Athens – Greece– stony – flaming – gigantic – flame – obliterate – flabbergasted – leviathan – Dragon –oblivion – overwhelming – impact

Incoming Asteroid – Vulcan – blaze – brightness – whole Earth – USA – impact – billion – missile – nemesis/vengeance – disaster/holocaust

A variety of events are also revealed, including victories and defeats of political figures, assassinations, atomic holocausts, earthquakes and comet/asteroid strikes.

Pretty basic apocalyptic mayhem.

With all of the cross-referencing, it would be hard to decipher what it all means and whether or not this will be our fate.

So why was I doing all of this research about Planet X, Nibiru and Arcturus?

Because Arcturus is known not only as the bear but it is known as the King Beast and the Hunter. It is a protector when worshipped and a destroyer when it is defiled or ignored. It sends with it a destroyer and a weapon that can have all of the attributes, of Venus, Lucifer, Vulcan and yes even Planet X, or even Hercolubus.

Hercólubus is also a giant red planet that supposedly will approach the Earth with catastrophic results, similar to the Nibiru/Planet X claims.

The approach of the rogue planet is supposed to be assured with certain signs that indicate its presence :

Its proximity will cause volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and ultimately — a pole shift.

It will also cause a deadly epidemic that “official science” will be powerless to stop.

It’s mentioned that the inhabitants of the earth are basically very well armed and prepared to war, so it would be better for scientists not to attempt to fight back against that planet.

Some have written off Hercolubus as just another name for Mars — but strangely everything is connected– but it is also interesting because of what has been happening in space and what has now been reported in the news about what scientists are saying about a planet that may be out there waiting.

The Jerusalem Post recently reported that A planet situated between Mars and Jupiter could eject Earth from the solar system and destroy all life on it, according to the findings of a new experiment.

The experiment was conducted by researchers at the University of California, Riverside, with the results published in a peer-reviewed study in the Planetary Science Journal on Tuesday.

Lead author Stephen Kane, an astrophysicist at UC Riverside, wrote in the Journal that the experiment was aimed at filling in two gaps in planetary science, the Post reported.

One of these is the gap in size between terrestrial planets and giant gas planets. The smallest gas giant is Neptune, which is four times wider and 17 times more massive than Earth, the largest terrestrial planet in the solar system, and there is nothing in between.

“In other star systems, there are many planets with masses in that gap. We call them super-Earths,” wrote Kane.

The other gap is the location between Mars and Jupiter relative to the Sun.

“The architecture of the solar system’s planetary orbits exhibits a substantial gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, populated by a vast reservoir of asteroids,” the study noted. “These features of the solar system architecture provide compelling evidence of past interaction.

“Planetary scientists often wish there was something in between those two planets. It seems like wasted real estate,” Kane wrote in the Journal.

The gaps could shed light on the evolution of Earth and the architecture of the solar system.

Kane ran dynamic computer simulations of a planet between Mars and Jupiter with numerous different masses and observed the effects of the planet on the orbits of the other planets in the solar system.

As Jupiter is larger than all the other planets in the solar system combined and its mass is 318 times that of Earth its gravitational pull is powerful enough that if a super-Earth or any other celestial object disturbed it, it would have a major impact on all the other planets. The presence of this object could eject Mercury, Venus and Earth from the solar system and destabilize the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, ultimately ejecting them into outer space as well.

Additionally, the super-Earth would change the shape of Earth’s orbit, making it much less habitable if not wiping out all life completely.

However, Kane found that if he reduced the super-Earth’s mass and put it directly between Mars and Jupiter, it was possible for the planet to remain stable for an extended period of time unless it was moved slightly in any direction.

“This work presents a positive aspect of the lack of a local super-Earth, in demonstrating the potential for orbital instability that such an additional planetary mass may induce,” the study read.

As you can see this is a more intense study of hypothetical planets and how they are or one may be less hypothetical than we thought.

This is not the first time that a sphere of great power was et loose in the cosmos. Biblical accounts of the fall — or even the war in heaven with Lucifer can be seen as a possible metaphor for the passing planet.

According to the book, Beyond Star Wars, William F. Dankenbring an apocalyptic minister writes that When Lucifer and his angels rebelled against God, there was a shudder – a paroxysm – in the fabric of the Universe! Destruction! Paroxysm! Chaos! For the first time, beings who had been “sons of light” turned to the “dark side” of the “force” – went astray in a massive but abortive rebellion!

Angels in the Bible are called “stars” (Rev.1:20). What happened in the rebellion of these “stars” was reflected in what happened to the literal “stars” – that is, the planets and heavenly bodies in our solar system! Wreckage! The massive tell-tale signs of awesome violence and catastrophe in the solar system reflect the debris and results from the initial WAR of the wicked angels in their first rebellion against God, and their subsequent attempts to thwart and destroy God’s plan on this earth for mankind!

The event which marked the rebellion of Lucifer was the creation of proto-Venus — a falling and cascading celestial body that left behind a tale appearing in the sky as a Great Dragon.

This Dragon drew with it other stars and the dust from the tail fell to the earth and other planets and brought with it wreckage and disease.

The apostle Jude also refers to the punishment that befell the angels “that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling” (Jude 6).

A much fuller account of the story is provided by the prophet Isaiah: … “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

In times of apocalyptic prophetic concern, there must be an important dialogue about how Biblical anomalies can be explained by scientific means. The ancients saw signs in the sky as divine harbingers or symbols. In some cases, comets or bearded “crossing” stars and planets were seen as dragons in the night sky.

The war in heaven is an event that we are told will repeat in the apocalypse and maybe Planet X will be the existential threat that will be key to its mystery.



Marc Dantonio has a degree in Astronomy and is the Mutual UFO Network’s (MUFON) Chief Photo/Video Analyst, host of SkyTour Radio on KGRA, and host and creator of the popular SkyTour LiveStream with Marc Dantonio, a group of LIVE deep sky Telescope observatories on YouTube where people can go on clear nights to watch beautiful deep sky objects materialize before their eyes in mere seconds courtesy of the SkyTour LiveStream Remote Observatories and their research telescopes from Meade Instruments Corporation.

Marc is the CEO of FX Models, a model-making and visual/special effects company specializing in digital/physical models, and organic visual effects in the film industry. He has an extensive work history discussing and investigating extraterrestrial life in the Film and Television arena appearing regularly on several networks and television series/shows on such networks as Discovery, Discovery Plus, History, Netflix, TLC and more.

Written by Ron Patton


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    Hey, how come NASA is mentioning the year 2046, this being 2023, so there’s the number 23. 23 and 23= 46. I’m listening.

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