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Ron Patton | March 7, 2023

A few weeks ago, Jesse Waters of Fox News did a report on alien abductions and electromagnetic radiation that have caused health problems with possible victims of abduction. He interviewed Thom Reed, who was at the center of one of the most amazing UFO sightings which occurred in 1969 and was located in the Berkshires – a rural region in the mountains of western Massachusetts where there were numerous witnesses. Reed has said the media over-sensationalized the incident and to this day, he is still trying to figure out what happened.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with UFO experiencer, Thom Reed about BERKSHIRES – NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH.





For nearly a century, intel gathering under clandestine programs — Project Mogul, Project Sign, Project Grudge, Project Blue Book, and Project Ozma had one guiding principle and that was blanket denial that UFOs which by definition were speculated to be off-world vehicles that may be piloted by ETI did not exist.

The stated goal of military programs was to investigate UFO sightings. The outcome was official excuses.

UFOs were reported to be weather balloons or streetlamps or migrating birds. They were illusions refracted by the natural world. They were fantasies of deranged imaginations.

They were not real.

Things have changed since 2017 when The New York Times blockbuster article  revealed the existence of the U.S. government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, created a decade earlier to analyze unexplained phenomena.

The Navy has since publicly verified three videos that show unidentified aircraft violating the laws of aerodynamics. Apparently, there are more.

What was once the stuff of supermarket tabloids is now taken seriously by politicians and scientists.

Now a well known movie director went on the record recently with his thoughts about UFOs.

Steven Spielberg the director of movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET the extraterrestrial was asked recently about his thoughts about UAP and UFOs since they are most certainly in the news and are trending off and on in Google searches.

During an interview with late show talk host Stephen Colbert, Spielberg revealed that he’s “insatiably curious” about UFOs.

He linked extra-terrestrial life to time-traveling Earthlings.

Spielberg said: “What if they’re not from an advanced civilization 300 million lightyears from here?”

He speculated: “What if it’s us humans coming back to document the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st century?

“They know something that we don’t quite know yet that has occurred and they trying to track the last 100 years of our history.”

Colbert quipped back: “Well, the hopeful part of that to me is that we survive.” Spielberg admitted that he’s never seen a UFO or an object that he couldn’t explain.

But, he said: “I believe certain people who have seen things that they can’t explain.

I always tell people that for me objects that fly in the sky that I can’t identify are not a matter of belief they are a matter of fact. If someone looks up in the sky and sees it as an alien ship then they have already identified it to their own interpretation.

The well-known anthropologist Margaret Mead has something to say about UFOs and the matter of belief in them that I think is important to share.

When asked long ago whether she believed in UFOs. She called it “a silly question,” writing in Redbook in 1974:

“Belief has to do with matters of faith; it has nothing to do with the kind of knowledge that is based on scientific inquiry. … Do people believe in the sun or the moon, or the changing seasons, or the chairs they’re sitting on? When we want to understand something strange, something previously unknown to anyone, we have to begin with an entirely different set of questions. What is it? How does it work?”

I have always said that the study of Unidentified Flying Objects or even aliens has nothing to do with spirituality, even though unfortunately there are people that want to somehow say they are angels, or fallen angels or demons.

Some say that they are entities that are here to guide us towards peace and tranquility even though most stories dealing with this phenomena are centered on war, abduction, physical torture, cattle and animal mutilations, biological experimentation and military collusion.

The more we are exposed to the declassification of some documents from our military and other government intelligence agencies, the more we realize that most governments are now or have been aware for some time – that extraterrestrial craft have either shown up here on Earth or have been observed and have crashed.

For a long time, the media and scientists have loathed the topic of UFOs and alien life for this very reason.

The military and the media have gone from criticizing the talk of UFOs and now have resorted to exploiting them in a way that appears to be a Psy-op.

The UFO/UAP subject is now becoming a subject of cognitive dissonance –and maybe it is being done by design.

After the so-called Balloon UFO fiasco, many pilots have now come forward to remind people, that their are UFO’s out there that certainly are not balloons and that they are most certainly advanced aircraft that have no real explanation.

Advanced objects demonstrating cutting-edge technology that we cannot explain are routinely flying over our military bases or entering restricted airspace.

247 new reports in the last 17 months are still unexplained and the whole Balloon incident has thrown off serious reports by pilots.

The Director of National Intelligence reported last month:

“UAP events continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace, highlighting possible concerns for the safety of flight or adversary collection activity.”

“Some UAP appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft, move against the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable speed, without discernible means of propulsion.”

The Navy has also officially acknowledged 11 near misses with UAP that required evasive action and triggered mandatory safety reports between 2004 and 2021.

Advanced UAP also poses a growing safety hazard to commercial airliners. Last May, the Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert after a passenger aircraft flying over West Virginia experienced a rare failure of two major systems while passing underneath what appeared to be a UAP.

Scott Bray, the deputy director of the Office of Naval Intelligence, testified before Congress last year that One thing we do know is these craft aren’t part of some classified U.S. project. “We were quite confident that was not the explanation.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio confirmed in a recent interview that whatever the origin of these objects it is not the U.S. military. “We have things flying over our military bases and places where we’re conducting military exercises and we don’t know what it is and it isn’t ours,” said Rubio, who is vice chair of the Intelligence Committee.

On February 16th he addressed the issue of Spy balloons and failed to address the UAP that exhibits advanced performance capabilities.

Where is the transparency and urgency from the administration and Congress to investigate highly advanced objects in restricted airspace that our military cannot explain?

The American public must demand accountability. We need to understand what is in our skies — period.

We are now all grown up — and we can handle the possibility of unknowns that could be form other planet or dimension.

How will this new task force be more effective than existing efforts if we are not being clear and direct about the scope and nature of advanced UAP?

There should also be a task force that can reopen what would be historic X-files that certainly have been part of the UFO discussion for many years.

Roswell, Rendlesham Air Base, the nuclear silos incidents at both Malmstrom and Minot bases– and many well-known abduction cases like the Betty and Barney Hill case. Whitley Strieber and Travis Walton’s well-documented encounter.

About 2 weeks ago Jesse Waters of Fox News did a report on alien abductions and electromagnetic radiation that have caused health problems with possible victims of abduction.

Waters interviewed Thom Reed, who I had the pleasure of meeting and hosting a panel with along with Travis Walton and Kathleen Marden who is the niece of Betty Hill, a well-known abductee from the Betty and Barney Hill story.

Thom Reed’s story in an amazing one because he along with many people in the Berkshires a rural region in the mountains of western Massachusetts witnessed a strange UFO and were all subsequently abducted.

Beginning on the evening of September 1, 1969, various people in the tiny town of Sheffield began reporting seeing a strange disc-like object with an array of bright lights underneath.

In some cases, more than one of these bizarre craft was supposedly seen, and in every case, they were described as completely silent. Over 40 people would report seeing this strange sight in the skies over the area, and many of the calls were made by frightened residents to the local radio station, WSBS.

Listeners said at the time that they did know that it was a UFO just that they were frightened by it because it did not look natural.

A whole neighborhood was witnessing what appeared to be an invasion.

One of the strangest cases on that evening was experienced by a young boy by the name of Thomas Reed, who was 9 years old at the time. On the evening of September 1, he says  that he was driving with his mother, grandmother, and brother when they all saw brilliant lights through the trees out over the road ahead as they were crossing a covered bridge, which got so intense the interior of the car was lit up as if it were daylight outside, and they could get a glimpse of a “a tarnished circular looking vessel.”

At the same time, they experienced what they describe as a sort of change in air pressure, and a feeling like an electric charge in the air. Then something altogether even stranger happened.

The family suddenly and without warning found themselves on the road over a mile away in the darkness, with people’s seats switched around. The strange craft was gone and they were in pitch black night. None of them could really remember much of what had happened during that missing time, but Thomas had fleeting, confused memories of it in his mind, like a half-remembered dream, including some sort of indoor hangar bay,

He said:

“There were lights that looked like fluorescent tubing inside this hangar. This hallway we had seen was circular with a Y-configuration almost to control the flow of traffic. This one room had a bowed-in wall that was rounded. This was not something that you would have seen in 1969 anywhere else. I have no idea where I was, but I know that what I saw was very different than anything I’ve ever seen today 54 years later.”

Reed would in later years admit that he had been abducted on several other occasions before that. Reed was not the only person to have such a strange experience at the time. Another odd case revolves around a boy named Tom Warner, who was claimed to have been taken aboard the ship in a beam of light right out of his home in front of his startled babysitter and would later say that he had had telepathic communications with aliens while aboard. Another girl named Melanie Kirchdorfer also claimed that aliens had taken her aboard their ship, and that while there she had seen other kids from her school in some sort of dazed trance. There were also many reports of people with missing time who could remember nothing of what they saw, and considering these were all disparate people who did not know each other all reporting more or less similar things on the same evening it is rather remarkable.

An entire neighborhood was abducted.

Kevin Titus, who was also just a child at the time. He says that he was in the nearby town of Great Barrington on that evening looking for a missing cow along with his friend. He would claim that they had come across the animal lying on the ground in a mangled state as if it had been ripped apart, yet there was no blood anywhere. As the two shocked youths looked upon that macabre scene, they were allegedly suddenly bathed in a bright, white light, after which they saw “a tortoise shell-shaped craft” hovering above for a moment before shooting off into the night.

The Great Barrington Historical Society has formally labeled it as an official historical “significant and true event.” — it was the first of its kind and there was even a monument erected to the incident in 2015.

Unfortunately, the monument was not liked or embraced by everyone in the area and was the frequent target of vandals until it was finally removed in 2019 after years of controversy and legal disputes surrounding it.

It generated at the time intense new reporting but it wasn’t until a report on unsolved mysteries did the mainstream media outside of Berkshires paid any interest.

The incident has been discussed in UFO circles, appearing on TV documentaries such as “Paranormal Paparazzi,” “Alien Mysteries,” “Uncovering Aliens,” “Ancient Aliens.”

Thomas Reed has said that the media over-sensationalized the incident and to this day he still thinks it os a bit ambiguous and he still trying to figure out what happened.

There were so many disparate people who did not know each other who reported pretty much the same thing at around the same time, which has propelled the case into one of the most notable of UFO history.

There are still many people that believe that it is a great leap against common sense to believe that somewhere out there in vast reaches of the cosmos is life. The idea that we are alone in the universe is a geocentric belief that has come and gone for nearly 2000 years and it appears that every millennium brings with it all sorts of ideas about what is out there and what it means to humankind if we discover that we are not alone.

Once again it is a matter of core intelligence, so everything that has been old school is becoming new again and all of the reports will most certainly be sanitized for the public.

While the new interest has its flair, the old-school intelligence still has its grip on the subject matter.

Time will tell if the new school of thought will break through the discord we are having at this time in our history.



Thom Reed is known for making UFO History. His family’s September 1, 1969, Off-World incident became the first to be officially inducted and formally archived into the United States as historically true by historians and the office of the Governor. The State induction graced the front page of the Boston Globe and was covered live by ABC News NY. His, Thom Reed’s – UFO Monument Park, located on Covered Bridge Ln Sheffield, MA 01230, is a popular filming location for shows.

Written by Ron Patton


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