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Ron Patton | March 6, 2024

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is attempting to pass legislation that prohibits citizens from expressing an opinion based upon a religious belief. If passed, people can be arrested for quoting the Bible in public. This is an outright attack on religion. There are countless examples throughout history where religious persecution led to oppression and heinous massacres. We are now at a point in time where the Church of the State is being created and it is going to spread worldwide. An ecumenical one-world religion is coming to fruition which will violate our freedom to worship. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with researcher and author, Leo Zagami about THE PONTIFF’S NEW ROBES.



I don’t know about you — but I have been contemplating the end of days scenarios and all of the predictive programming we have been seeing with regard to the evolution of one way of life for another more cold and brutal one.

We al knew that the Godless times would eventually happen. This has been foretold in the bible, it has been said in a number of Haikus created by Nostradamus, and there have been various psychics and astrologers that paint a bleak end game if good people do nothing to protect their freedoms.

The current version of humanity just isn’t up to the task of running this planet or governing it. It is as if the entire species is shooting and asking the tough questions later,

Globalists are telling us or at least discussing that there is no God and that mankind is now on the road to Godhood because of its technology.

Perhaps humans are well on the way to becoming their own gods but at their peril.

We simply do not know what we are doing, nor do we seem to care about outcomes. There is no guide post, no apparent order, no compass and no one is listening to that small voice telling them that they are not in a safe place.

Belief and faith are absent in government, each individual or in something beyond oneself. We are learning a hard lesson that for them is not about faith or freedom — it is about control and order.

There are news items as of late, that are not making the mainstream news — and I believe that what I am about to report is vital –as many constitutional freedoms are being jackbooted every day and every moment –and it is being done by the well-known actors who have been ordained as agents for the world order and the world economic forum.

We see groups like the UN, the World Health Organization, and the World Economic Forum as a threat to American sovereignty, and if not you should because again their henchmen in government are well on their way to destroying the tenants of religion to replace it with a new form of worship –something that they claim is inclusive and more human-centric –or even transhuman centric.

The trouble on the horizon is that these organizations have no regard for human rights and freedom to worship.

They wish to organize and push scientism as the religion of the world — this way their causes and agendas of health and climate control will take precedence.

Primordial religions have always been about avoiding the calamities of climate: drought, fire, disease, war… But religion has also always been more than an individual alleviation of insecurity and guilt. It has been a stabilizing force in society’s dominance hierarchies.

Monarchs have always had symbiotic relations with organized religion, and that is no accident. Rulers gain perceived legitimacy, while the church-maintenance class gains high relative social status and privilege. In recent history, one might even argue that the downfall of the USSR was facilitated by a suppressed church.

Clearly, if a system can combine individual-identity-creating beliefs with the impression that the state is vital in defending those beliefs against outside threats, then one has a powerful entity that is directed and centralized, as long as it can all be maintained.

It appears the so called noble goal of the pushers of sustainable goals is to create secular and multi-cultural empire, to prevent dissolution.

We are about to see the murder of God in the marketplace.

Humans have always liked the big picture. For millennia, holy texts and epic poems have led listeners and readers from horizon to temporal horizon, explaining who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going.

What religion doesn’t explain science tries to fill in those holes in the script.

Narratives like to begin with the origins of life, the formation of the earth or even the moment of the Big Bang. Their efforts sell well, if not quite in biblical proportions. Big history, it seems, is big business.

Scientism, however, is becoming a political cult and many globalists have had their various agendas to abolish religion and replace it with a more secular view of mankind and its environment.

We are now at a point in time where the Church of the State is about to be created — and it is going to be spread worldwide as attempts to create an ecumenical church or abolish religion entirely is already being proposed in places like Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has passed numerous pieces of legislation prohibiting free speech in Canada, yet nothing has been as restrictive as Bill C-367, an amendment to the Criminal Code that will prohibit Canadians from expressing “an opinion based on a belief in a religious text. If passed, people can be arrested for quoting the Bible on Canadian soil.

Proponents are cloaking this attack on religion under the premise that it will curtail antisemitism. Yet, months ago, Justin Trudeau stood with Zelensky and the Canadian Parliament, celebrating a known Nazi war criminal, and even giving him a standing ovation.

This is an outright attack on religion. There are countless examples throughout history from every area of the globe where religious prosecution led to heinous massacres. Outright bans on religion start small, removing a provision or two, until the government deems entire groups of people a danger to society.

This legislation will prohibit Christians, Muslims, and others from freely expressing their opinions. They speak of banning antisemitism, but the law will also target Jews. Anyone expressing an opinion “relevant to any subject of public interest” based on a religious text will be considered a criminal, a danger to the new world order. For example, if someone says they are against child transgenderism, abortion, or anything that is not deemed acceptable by the Abrahamic religions, they will be accused of promoting hate speech and prosecuted for their religious beliefs.

Karl Marx deemed religion the “opium of the masses” that was intended to give false hope to the impoverished who should fill their hearts with hatred and entitlement. “The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions,” Marx continued.

What is happening in Canada will spread throughout the Build Back Better nations under the direction of the World Economic Forum. This is happening precisely on target with our model’s forecasts.

During the World Economic Forum in Davos 3 months ago Pope Francis sent a greeting of encouragement and support for their attempts at a New World order.

In a message to Klaus Schwab the Pope wrote that the group’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is an “important opportunity” in the wider attempt “to explore innovative and effective ways to build a better world.”

It is my hope, then, that the participants in this year’s Forum will be mindful of the moral responsibility that each of us has in the fight against poverty, the attainment of an integral development for all our brothers and sisters, and the quest for a peaceful coexistence among peoples,” wrote Francis.

Francis did not mention Christ, Catholicism, or the role of the Catholic Church in his message, but instead highlighted the role of the WEF in the global future.

Additionally, he made mention of a “fundamentally moral” aspect of the current “process of globalization” which is currently underway and which aims to “shape the future of the international community.”

Francis continued:

The process of globalization, which has by now clearly demonstrated the interdependence of the world’s nations and peoples, thus has a fundamentally moral dimension, which must make itself felt in the economic, cultural, political and religious discussions that aim to shape the future of the international community.

While not promoting faith or religion as an answer to society’s current crises, Pope Francis called on nations and businesses to promote “far-sighted and ethically sound models of globalization.” This would work put “power” at the service of “the common good of our human family, giving priority to the poor, the needy and those in the most vulnerable situations,” he said.

Urging businesses to practice “high ethical standards,” Francis also issued a call for nations to play a new role in international political development: “At the same time, there is an evident need for international political action that, through the adoption of coordinated measures, can effectively pursue the goals of global peace and authentic development.”

Many followers of the Catholic Church questioned the Pope’s stance on the World economic forum as Schwab’s second in command Yuval Noah Harari an Israeli historian rejects God, looks at humans as lower life forms , talks of depopulation and transforming human minds into programmable machine like platforms.

He speaks of how humans are controlled by algorithms and that there is no higher power guiding them.

This type of thinking has been embraced by globalist theologians to write God out of the field of theology. The lack of attendance in churches shows how increasingly difficult it is for theologians to make God relevant in an increasingly secular society.

Even after King Charles III was diagnosed with Cancer it was revealed that his son William did not share the same views about God as his Father and it is rumored that if he became King he would not want to be the governor of the Church of England calling into question his allegiance to God.

There is an old quote that I often say was made by Joseph Campbell and that it the way to kill a God is to ignore him.

Ask yourself if you are willing to continue hearing from politicians that they trust science over faith and that they do not strike a balance between them.

Keep in mind that we are forever heading towards what the apostle Paul called in the Bible — “The great Apostacy.” It is the great falling away from God in preparation to welcome a new savior for the Golden Age — or the fourth industrial revolution.

The Pope seems to be open to all kinds of transformations for a new ecumenical family of religions. His critics call it Christlam.

He has even stated that you don’t even have to believe in God to achieve salvation in this newer secular philosophy.

He addressed what he called “peculiar relationships” meaning homosexual relationships and that they may have the blessing of the Church.

Three weeks after announcing that Catholic priests could bless individuals in same-sex relationships, the Vatican published a clarification … following backlash — and even widespread confusion in many cases — from prelates across the world.

The , the Vatican said, was “clear and definitive” in regards to Catholic doctrine regarding church teaching on marriage and sexuality. Again, the Vatican said any blessings are for individuals — not the union — and must not be “liturgical or ritualized.”

Evidently, there is no room to distance ourselves doctrinally from this declaration or to consider it heretical, contrary to the tradition of the church or blasphemous,” the latest statement added.

Pope Francis on the feast of the Epiphany lamented the sharp division among Catholics of differing views, saying believers must imitate the three wise men in putting God at the center of their lives, rather than their own ideas of the faith.

Although Pope Francis did make statements in 2013 that were widely received as atypically inclusive of nonbelievers, many apologists say that he did not completely discount the necessity for a belief in God.

He reminded the faithful that even those who do not believe in God can ascend to heaven if they lead good and honorable lives. Later in the year, Francis would give an exclusive interview to an atheist Italian journalist, in which he called efforts to convert people to Christianity “solemn nonsense.” In an earlier homily in May, Francis would famously say: “The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ, all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists. Everyone!”

His indifference to globalism and his declarative statements against capitalism also have people in a quandary. Some are saying that he espoused communism and the global order.

Francis thrust the Church front and center into the climate change debate, effectively calling pollution a sin and citing a moral obligation for a binding international agreement to combat global warming.

Many say that the Pope has surrendered faith to science and technocracy. So has our government – the entire political process eschews God.

The Climate agenda has infiltrated the core of organized religion.

Who can deny that the globalist basic doctrines of “scientific humanism” or “atheistic humanism” currently dominate public education in America?

This, more than any other factor, has relentlessly changed our “Christian consensus” into a “secular consensus,” producing the moral meltdown that is rapidly destroying our people and our nation’s freedoms, integrity, happiness, and even safety.

We are certainly seeing an evolution of faith –and many will conclude that the changes are blasphemous — but there certainly has to be changes to accommodate everyone in the ecumenical church — or the church of the state.

This was always in the cards, of course. It was just a matter of time until we got here. But we went willingly — the devil never forces his way in — you have to be a participant and then once possessed, it will take a great deal of work to exorcise what damage has been done.

At this time in History it is vital to be acutely aware of how states play a significant role in determining which religions succeed and which ones fail.

How the state is violating not only free speech but the right to worship — how or what we are free to worship.

It is imperative to understand how democratic states may become harsh instrument of repression and even unwitting allies of partisan political interest groups seeking to restrict or discredit religious organizations.




Leo Lyon Zagami is a writer and researcher. He is known for a brilliant career as Leo Young in the media and music industry as a Record Producer, became quickly popular on the web in 2006, because of his direct involvement in the New World Order and Secret Societies known to most of us as the “Illuminati.”

Between 2009 and 2013 Zagami began publishing books in Europe and Japan based on a variety of subjects that range from the history of secret societies and the Vatican to geopolitical matters concerning the New World Order. In 2013, he collaborated with known Italian journalists, Ferruccio Pinotti and Giacomo Galeazzi, in drafting a chapter for their Italian Best Seller Vaticano Massone, which was released in May 2013, dedicated to the secretive world of Vatican Freemasonry.

Leo’s latest books, Confessions Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6.66, Volume 7, and Volume 9 published by Cursum Perficio in 2023, were written entirely in English, and not translated from Italian aside from Volume 8.

Leo travels around the world giving conferences after relocating with his wife to California in 2019 after suffering political persecution for his work in Italy.

His website is

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. SARGE

    March 6, 2024 at 4:48 pm


  2. Jimbo

    March 6, 2024 at 7:14 pm

    Do you think such a proscription would ever be used to constrain radical-Islam? Or just in true Christian expression cases??

  3. Jimbo

    March 6, 2024 at 9:29 pm

    (House of) “Windsor” was a surname change by England’s King George V during WWI, to disguise and hide their real (German) family name, “Saxe-Coburg and Gotha”

  4. Jimbo

    March 7, 2024 at 2:20 pm

    Karl Marx was not Russian but German, coming from a long family line of Jewish rabbis. He was the first one to attend public schools.

  5. Joe

    March 7, 2024 at 11:56 pm

    It’s okay the Old make way for new. New Pope new President . Etc etc. Cannot wait for November 9 2024 ..until then make sure that power grids do not fail like 1965 1977 black outs.. no mail in ballots. Need voter I.D. beware the Trojan horse illegal 4 reich armies. Fall of Rome cycles. Cause they the intell and left wing will steal election any way possible even killing thier OWN .blame MAGA etc . But world is watching closetly ..I think Trump will Win big. I think illegal out. Voter I.D becomes law. The movement for a trump too big…

  6. Joe

    March 7, 2024 at 11:56 pm

    It’s okay the Old make way for new. New Pope new President . Etc etc. Cannot wait for November 9 2024 ..until then make sure that power grids do not fail like 1965 1977 black outs.. no mail in ballots. Need voter I.D. beware the Trojan horse illegal 4 reich armies. Fall of Rome cycles. Cause they the intell and left wing will steal election any way possible even killing thier OWN .blame MAGA etc . But world is watching closetly ..I think Trump will Win big. I think illegal out. Voter I.D becomes law. The movement for a trump too big…

  7. Pat

    March 10, 2024 at 2:42 pm

    Joe, I hope you’re right. I hope Trump wins big. You need ID to get a credit card to get on an airplane to get a passport you have to show them. So why is everybody bitching about showing ID to vote. That’s the only way to have a fair election.. They force most of the country to get Covid vaccinated. They wanted you to carry a piece of paper ID so that you had it. I don’t know if it’s gonna be a fair election. I think it was stolen last time. Take care enjoy your freedom while we still have it every day above ground is a good day.

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