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Ron Patton | March 30, 2022

Recently, there have been videos and reports by people who are seeing bolts or pillars of light coming down from the sky that some say look like laser bolts or divine fire. Are these the “serpent ropes” that were talked about by the Mayans? The pillars of fire from the clouds were described biblically as a manifestation of God. Some are saying that it could be aliens or a rip in the sky that has opened up because of the firing of the Large Hadron Collider. What we could be witnessing is a cosmic alignment for the benefit of approximating our arrival into the new evolutionary process. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about NIGHT OF THE SERPENT ROPES.





Our world is fascinated by prophecies of doom. Every day the media carry reports of predictions that the next year, decade, century or millennium will bring untold disasters. From a reading of current news headlines, this is difficult to argue against.

Wars, rumors of World War III, diseases ready to be unleashed solar flares, shifting magnetic poles, astronomical alignments, recent political events, and, sadly, all-too-real natural disasters.

Even the current economic crisis has us concerned that the end is near.

Nearly 15 percent of people worldwide believe the world will end during their lifetime. Whether they think it will come to an end through the hands of God, or a natural disaster, or a political event, whatever the reason, one in seven thinks the end of the world is coming.

It is this concept of a new world rising from the ashes of the old that seems to resonate with people today. Some people will say nothing has changed — worries of the end times are a constant reminder of the fragility of our lives.

Back before doomsayers were talking about the world ending in 2012 — Terrance Mckenna was making the rounds talking about a theory he had called Time Wave Zero,

Time Wave Zero basically says time is like a tape that goes in a spiral. You know, like a tape for your classic 1990 camera, or even your toilette paper. Because time is a tape, it goes round and around and in every ‘spin’ it makes, some time will align itself with an event that happened before.

The Timewave Zero theory says that as time spirals sometimes years align and that catastrophic events align in time but each time they do they intensify.

Time is constantly being aligned with previous events, and well, nothing can be done about it.

This theory was being tossed around just prior to the December 2012 end of the world scare and many people who were seeing earthquakes and strange activities were thinking that things would intensifywhile others were firm believers that the due date was going to go as planned.

What was misinterpreted was that Time Wave Zero was based on the Mayan calendar’s prediction of Year Zero and the end of the cycle of creation or the time of no time, The time of the appearance of the “serpent ropes.”

According to the Mayans, the serpent ropes would lower from the northern regions of the earth. During these times mankind would see all sorts of peculiar activity.

I once asked a Mayan scholar what the serpent ropes were and he claimed that they were magnetic storms – that the serpent ropes were actually the magnetic field being disturbed – not unlike a polar shift or a geomagnetic storm that affects the cycle of creation.

He described them as pillars or whirl winds of magnetic fire and that people would see them and that this would be a sign that the end of the cycle of creation has begun — meaning that the world population would diminish, lower birthrate animal and insect extinction, fish and birds dying and disease spreading over the entire earth.

He said it will be a sign of the new earth — a time of no time like magnetic pulse levels us or pushes us into another version of earth.

The reason I bring this up is that recently I have been receiving videos and reports that people are seeing bolts or pillars of light coming down from the sky. These are not part of the aurora borealis but literal pillars of light that some say look like laser bolts or divine fire.

People spotted the mysterious red flaring column of fire over Houston, Texas the night of Wednesday, March 23, 2022. Others noticed it over Pearland, League City, Deer Park, and Missouri City,

A similar mysterious beam of light was also spotted on the other side of the world, in areas like Egypt, several days before.

There was a sighting of the same column light seen over the west desert of Utah. Another was seen moving back and forth over Las Vegas and last year another fiery column in the sky was seen over Northwestern Mexico.

Are these the serpent ropes that were talked about by the Mayans? Blogs are saying that it could be aliens or a rip in the sky that has opened up because of the firing of the Large Hadron Collider.

But sightings keep piling up.

Meteorologists are claiming that the sightings are merely lights bouncing off of ice crystals but how does that happen in a clear sky over Vegas or Southwestern New Mexico.

The sighting over Texas was on a cloudy day but the sightings in the middle east are also in clear skies.

Many remember the story out of Ukraine about the troops witnessing miracle lightning coming out of the sky — some say from a spaceship. The pillar of fire came down out of the sky and destroyed a number of tanks at the border.

The pillars of fire and cloud were described biblically as a manifestation of God described in various places in the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. The pillars are said to have guided the Israelites through the desert during the Exodus from Egypt. The pillar of cloud provided a visible guide for the Israelites during the day, while the pillar of fire lit their way by night.

The pillars of cloud and fire are first mentioned in chapter 13 of the Book of Exodus, shortly after Moses leads the Israelites out of their captivity in Egypt.

The whirlwind or the column that has been spoken of anciently has always been known as the carrier of humankind to the gates of heaven. It has been described as a simple vehicle capable of transporting humans to other dimensions and in some accounts to the presence of God himself.

Biblically columns of electrically charged clouds. Vortices of fire, and electrically charged columns of light that danced on the ground were re[orted to be able to part the seas and Kill the fish and frogs.

It has also been called “Elijah’s vehicle” a magnetically powerful column of electrically charged wind. It was seen as “Shining vesture”, a “Vehicle,” the “key to the kingdom of Heaven”, and a “Seal” of regeneration. It was called the whirlwind of fire, the Infernal Maelstrom, or a Serpent Rope.

They were called “fingers or god” that were believed to be piloted by the angels. They were a doorway to heaven a stairway used to climb to the sun.

I always wonder how many of these anomalies do not get reported and are more indicators that we are well on our way to the eschaton or the rapture or something else.

We keep hearing that our days are numbered. It is almost a given that we are doomed to repeat history — but this time the attempts at a scorched earth policy are destined to come to pass.

The mere passage of time—days stacked on days—carries neutral historical content. History measures itself in the birthing and discarding of ideas. In Hegelian terms, because historical synthesis in America is not happening — it is being prevented from happening because the cancel culture has seen fit to erase history and to cancel inconvenient history — including moments when we should have known better — and how we should no better by now.

In past shows, I have referred to the year 2022 as year zero. A year that would be indicative of a major transition into the reign of the antichrist. The current version of humanity just isn’t up to the task of running this planet or governing it. It is as if the entire species is shooting and asking the tough questions later.

We are in the midst of a massive gain of function experiment — more of a psychological operation where what we are seeing is going to be used against us, Something that will basically have us question our core beliefs.

It’s just one small experiment, but over the coming years there will be “surprises” that are likely to explode sending us kicking and screaming into a new and darker paradigm.

We simply do not know what we are doing nor do we seem to care about outcomes. We live in times of viral populous acceptance of ideas both negative and positive.

Messages no longer travel from mouth to ear. They travel digitally and conveniently from house to house via uplink. These viral ideas are visualized carefully placed through predictive programming and hyper-reality.

At times, it is uncanny how we can visualize something in a TV show or movie only to have it happen in reality later. TV and movies no longer borrow from reality; they are now making reality. When we see aerial views of major cities being destroyed by natural disasters and then are told that this major event is coming in a specified year, we must understand that this kind of imprint can actually manifest as something real and devastating.

Apocalyptic subject matter has always been tossed around since the 1950’s, however we are now seeing the Apocalypse loom large in the public’s imagination. With apocalyptic thoughts come apocalyptic imagery, and the manifestation of apocalyptic monsters and events which by the looks of the headlines are happening right on schedule.

We have discussed many times the thought that what we are experiencing is a synthetic or staged process where the powers that be are mocking true believers by giving them a few doses of apocalyptic trailers in the form of plague, famine and bizarre stories of satanic ritual and an alleged fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecies.

We have been bombarded with stories of the planet’s expiration date by scientists and how the only solution we have is to change the way we consume energy and how we need to reduce emissions.

But it appears that the Universe has other plans for us and there are yet other stories that tell the tale of the planet’s demise and the end of the cycle of creation.

We have been told that mortality rates of gone up and birth rates are lower. We are being told that people are confused about gender, younger people are abstaining from sex and couples no longer want to bring children into the world.

Our population is diminishing because of sophisticated warfare, and designer biological weaponry. The end of the world may sound welcome to some but to others, it is terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Exciting only when we see how it is taking its toll on others but many who are excited are not all that interested if they are the ones dying or in peril.

In 1997, just after the appearance of comet Hale Bopp, there was an urgent message that was sent out by the Hopi Elders regarding the future of the planet.

They claimed that there would be appearances of the red and blue Kachinas in space.

After the appearances of the Kachinas humanity would see strange things going on with the seasons, the trees, the bees, frogs, and other anomalies in the cosmos signifying the great transformation of human beings. The Kachinas have often been part of the ancient, native legends to describe anomalies in the heavens and shifts in the way humans interact with their world.

Further in the Hopi Prophecy, it was stated that after the appearances of these anomalies in the sky, the great war, perhaps World War III would be started by those peoples who first revealed the light , the divine wisdom or intelligence, in the other old countries like India, China, Russia, Africa and the Middle East.

Birds and fish would die off, an indicator that something is not right in the universe. Perhaps something has nudged the process and we are speeding faster to our fate.

Recently, many people watched in horror as a video out of Mexico shows a huge flock of birds fall to the ground littering the area with birds struggling to breathe. Scientists say that the birds lost their sense of direction and nosedived right into the dirt.

Many people are unaware that birds can see the earth’s magnetic field.

There’s also been evidence in recent years that, in birds, the cryptochromes in their eyes are responsible for their ability to orient themselves by detecting magnetic fields, a sense called magnetoreception.

Behavioral evidence indicates that there are magnetoreceptors in the beak of birds. These receptors include magnetite.

Behavioral studies support the involvement of magnetite and the trigeminal system in magnetoreception but clearly show that the inclination compass normally used by birds represents a separate system. However, if this compass is disrupted by certain light conditions or magnetic disturbances migrating birds can lose their sense of direction and fly headlong into buildings or even crash into the ground below them.

The magnetic field of the earth is erratic and the sun is again active with solar storms and CMEs that have been bombarding us. This can create weather anomalies, heat waves, severe storms, and the appearance of the northern light in southern latitudes.

Yesterday the sun erupted with 17 solar flares that are now heading toward the earth.

At least 17 solar eruptions from a single sunspot on the sun have blasted into space in recent days, including some charged particles that may create a colorful sky show on Earth.

The sun eruptions originated from an overactive sunspot, called AR2975, which has been firing off flares since Monday (March 28). We may soon see some moderate sky storms on Earth due to the stellar event.

There is no word on whether or not we will see disruptions with our electronics.

Meanwhile, something else happened that scientist were alarmed by. A few weeks ago, East Antarctica’s temperatures soared by 50F to 90F above normal.

A couple of weeks later East Antarctica’s Conger Ice Shelf about the size of Los Angeles completely collapsed and two additional calving events occurred at other glaciers, all in the same week.

When a shelf collapses, there tends to be an increase in the ice that flows from the land into the ocean, which leads to sea level rise– it also allows for fresh water to move through the oceans which could change the climate of Europe.

Scientists are saying that this is a direct result of climate change. But could it be something else?

Should we get the hint from the sun that the violent storms we are seeing are sending the signal that we are in the time of no time– The Night of the serpent ropes?

In one of my favorite stories “Childhood’s End” by Arthur Clarke, We learn that cataclysm, resurrection and evolution happens in cycles. There is a major event that happens to a civilization, a crisis that causes either change or chaos. The collective consciousness reacts to the event, creating what is called the “Overmind.” Some people who are affected by this critical mass of groupthink have premonitions of future events, sometimes dreaming or remote–viewing them.

The Overmind could very well be a trigger point in the collective consciousness that creates a psychological handicap. The Overmind could be the very point in which we subconsciously give up and understand that the days that we have on this planet are numbered.

We either prepare for the impact of what the end might be, or we become callous and marauding, allowing for the Overmind to take hold and become another alien thought process that rejects all reason in favor of the profane and predatory nature of mankind.

It seems with war and violence we have decided to take the latter.

We live in a mystical world and we all wonder what and why and where and how it will all end up. It all seems to be falling in line with what can be seen as sequential and prophetic mysticism.

Sequential mysticism is like poetry that captures you and you begin to see many loops of coincidences around you. It gives you an indication that there are powers beyond ourselves that are in control and that faith is always a good thing to have when faced with an uncertain future.

With the advent of Year Zero time cycles will appear to be changing.

It won’t be like the changing of the clocks for daylight savings time. It will change all for the benefit of fulfillment.

The earth itself will remain — and it appears to be in another part of the multiverse.

What we are witnessing is cosmic alignment for the benefit of approximating our arrival into the new evolutionary process.

It may bring a transhuman singularity or even an organic singularity.

So many things have happened to the earth in the past months and so many things are being given to us as warnings of what is to come. It need not be dire, but it will be a time where we will wonder how we make it through the years.

So prepare, be aware and take the time to consider your life. How fragile it is and how we somehow make it every day and how if all things come crashing down we have to have the courage to rebuild, rethink and realize that we have been given and opportunity to get it right no matter how long it takes.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 7 comments.

  1. Daniel Perez

    March 30, 2022 at 5:59 pm

    I’m wanting to read the script for tonight show I can’t listen on the radio anymore last night it was able to read how can I get the script to read 😇

  2. Jimbo

    March 30, 2022 at 7:03 pm

    Old Testament “Pillar of Fire”that lead the Israelites through the desert by night and as a Cloud by day, a manifestation of YWHW constant presence with them, did not behave like white laser fire bolts that reportedly destroyed Russian tanks in Ukraine. The World can best be described as being in a state of evil-ution or devil-ution. Either of which is an accurate description of so-called evolution: a fairy tale for “anything but a personal Creator to whom I’m responsible” adults.

    • Andres Segovia

      March 31, 2022 at 8:53 am

      One has to be in the moment to any relative awakening. The norms are now fifty million. XiPi believes his giant population will win, like in spreading khovd to Italy. Now is their time to take Vladivostok and three of Russia’s thirteen time zones. More is less than the size in geographical area of an averaged sized state of our fifty and is rocky and mountainous. Expansion is needed. Relieving this seismic population pressure will relieve tension on the earth, both political and psychological. Putin cannot fight a two front war on it’s vast expanse. He has left his flank and his military hasn’t any emotion to win any useless fight.

  3. Robert

    March 30, 2022 at 7:13 pm

    Clyd you have it all wrong you think he’s losing his mind President Biden has already lost his mind!

  4. Greg

    March 31, 2022 at 5:30 am

    In the movies biological outbreaks are eradicated by using nuclear weapons. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire so bright it turned someone into salt. It has been biblically promised to happen again. Now there is news from Russia that crop dusting drones could disperse biological weapons. The pentagon has been referring to nukes, chemical weapons, and biological agents as all potentially being used. Preparing your mind and spirit is even more important than stocking food. Gain knowledge and wisdom, search for truth and overcome your fears.

  5. Loretta

    March 31, 2022 at 6:20 am

    I listened to your show last night and felt you hit it on the nail again. In a previous show you talked about how in history sightings of “UFO’s” have been consistently seen before major human and natural events. I feel these are not UFO’s. They are exactly what you were discussing last night i.e. cosmic events. What they really all are whether sunspots, interplanetary shock waves or whatever cosmic conditions are affecting earth. And, I feel NASA and other space entities should spend more time researching this than the dust on some far away planet. In the last month alone millions of chickens and turkeys have been culled on farms in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas because of another outbreak of avian flu which is now being attributed to wild migrating birds. And, what is closest to the upper atmosphere where cosmic conditions would be strongest but wild migrating birds. Could explain what happened to the flock of birds that fell to the ground. And, like all natural occurrences these cosmic events happen in cycles. But, you know God has always worked within nature or as I have akways heard in church “God works in mysterious ways”. I didn’t see anything last night, unfortunately, except falling snow. Wish I could of though. I lived up near Glacier Park in Montana back in 1992 and saw the Northern Lights all the time as well as the beautiful star-filled sky as the sky isn’t obliterated by city lights. Thank you for your show last night and hopefully it will get people to thinking differently about all the strange happenings in our atmosphere. And, perhaps, part of the world reset will be a more complete understanding of how our world really exists in space and within God’s plan for the universe.

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