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Ron Patton | March 29, 2023

On Monday, a school shooting occurred in Nashville, TN as 3 children and 3 adults were killed by a former student. This latest tragedy encompassed several alarming synchronicities along with elements of predictive programming. Suffice it to say, schools are no longer safe – not just because the physical welfare of the child is in jeopardy but so are their philosophical, ideological, and cognitive liberties under attack. Teachers are now implementing culture wars and political activism into the school system over what should be personal matters between parents and their kids.  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about APT PUPILS – TEACHER’S PET PEEVE.





We are now being inundated with the reports of the Nashville shooting and some of the weird timing and the numbers that bring us to studying the ideas of synchronicity and planning.  There was a manifesto we have been told and we have been given the theory that the transgender killer resented attending the school many years ago.

Nashville police told NBC News a sense of “resentment” might have played a role in the deadly attack.

That is a long time to be holding a grudge — but I am sure that it was difficult going to a Christian school having to hide the fact that she did not identify as a girl.

She identified as a man — and now we have culture war battles that are turning deadly and we need to be prepared for more.

Schools are no longer safe. Not just because the physical welfare of the child is no jeopardy, but so is their philosophical and ideological welfare and cognitive liberties are under attack.

More so now than ever before — because everything has to be political — and students are literally being caught in the crossfire and the negativity of the situation is ubiquitous.

It is becoming more normal to say that the future is affecting the present. Programming so-called future catastrophic events into the minds of the people silences all aspirations and dreams. It shatters the fragile soul and creates apathy for an existence that will have no hope and no savior. Government knows that the way to insure that the future remains frightening is to increase the police state, breathe new life into the criminal mentality, and infuse the zeitgeist with entertainment centered on police brutality, armed conflict, and death.

The government feeds you what is grotesque and some people accept it as sustenance. The consensus that hasn’t awakened is moving closer to an untimely demise. With a plague in the present and a famine on the way we see things deteriorate and we either panic or pay no mind to it.

It is either denial or ignorance.

Some say that Americans lack common sense, that they have been infantilized into not making adult decisions. They allow for the government to tell them what to do –and they allow the narratives of history and education to be warped by an out of control education system that indoctrinates rather than teaches.

A divided House on Friday approved legislation that would mandate that schools make library catalogs and curriculums public, and that they obtain parental consent before honoring a student’s request to change their gender-identifying pronouns, part of a Republican effort to wring political advantage from a raging debate over contentious social issues.

The bill approved almost entirely along party lines on a vote of 213 to 208, is a centerpiece of the Republican agenda that its sponsors call the Parents Bill of Rights Act. It has no chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate or being signed by President Biden, whose advisers say it endangers transgender children without actually supporting parents.

Its passage reflected the latest bid by House Republicans to focus on topics that animate the right-wing base by promoting what they cast as common-sense changes that could appeal to voters across the ideological spectrum. Republican proponents describe the bill as a measure “to ensure the rights of parents are honored and protected in the nation’s public schools,” and argue that the goal is to provide students the best learning experience possible.

Republican supporters say that it brings power back to the parents.

Democrats argue instead that the bill could create a legal basis for censorship in schools and book bans, and would create divisions based on sexual orientation and gender identity. During debate on the House floor this week, some Democrats dubbed the legislation the “Politics Over Parents Act,” calling it extreme and a vehicle to bring political battles over social issues into classrooms while attempting to codify parental rights that already exist.

What it is doing is bringing culture wars into the school system over what should be personal matters between parents and their kids.

Teachers should work with parents and keep their activism to themselves.

And if families want to take interest in what their kids learn it certainly should not have to be legislated.

But unfortunately times of change in this “I am right and you are not” society.

Truth as everyone knows is becoming a  whole lot of nothing, as what we have been taught has now been turned on its ear because of the so-called experts.

We have failed in most respects to weigh in other criteria in determining which side of an argument we stand on.

I usually pay a lot of attention to the underdog theory because those touting it have nothing to lose, whereas the established “truth” has a lot to lose if it fails deeper scrutiny.

The status quo is always well funded by people like George  Soros or Bill Gates and as we have experience a lot of what they open their deep pockets for always endangers us and endangers the survival of the republic.

We have been brainwashed into thinking that this administration in power is open to tolerance, for debate and discussion–when the reality is that all roads lead to oppression, censorship, and allowances for the extremists.

Those who have differing perspectives have been shouted down as liars and conspiracy theorists when all they want is the truth.

They need to learn that theories are just theories and that to pursue the truth is to do your research and weigh both the pros and cons of any issue, not just follow political whims that fit your political affiliation.

That is counterintuitive.

Much of what you know and understand is based on your framed narrative of reality, every myth you believe and every narrative that you cling to makes up who you are. As a man thinks, so he is. What he does with those thoughts is what gives him a consequence.

There is also the faith factor where much of what we do and think is also based on a very carefully programmed core belief system that dictates silently and proficiently some of our actions. Things like the golden rule and other such creeds apply in this realm.

So, we have a basic narrative that we keep as part of what makes us who we are intellectually and socially. Our morals are actually part of a core belief mechanism that is guided by religious and philosophical thoughts and what is left can be attributed to knowledge that has been provided by the education system.

I would speculate that most of the common core beliefs that most people have are based on knowledge gained while growing up and learning in the public and private schools system.

A lot of people do not know that the school system’s real job is not just to educate children and young adults it is a place where teachers and counselors are given the task of molding and shaping what is called “human capital.”

A quick definition of “human capital” is the “stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, cognitive abilities, embodied in the ability to perform labor to produce economic value.”

In other words, your children are to become programmed and indoctrinated by the system for them to have basic knowledge and to have value in the economic machine.

This has always been the game. The child must be brought into the system, and educated by the system for them to function in the system as to increase the system’s ability to guarantee the force of human labor.

In despotic systems, corrupt community leaders are well aware of how the education systems must be changed in order to shape both teachers and students into fixing a perceived “broken” education system.

When systems of communication and education are efficiently and heavily controlled, children will learn and accept as truth exactly what the few in control want them to.

Who is supposed to teach our children?

Well, it certainly has been said that learning and teaching should begin in the home. Parents lead by example, they teach basic things to kids.

But there are so many issues now that Parents have to be aware of all types of indoctrination that goes beyond reading writing and arithmetic –as teachers are now pushing their politics, their thoughts on Climate Change and gender identification. In some cases, they are even pushing their religious beliefs on kids.

This goes beyond what would be basic sociology topics which when I was in school opened my mind to all sorts of interesting beliefs.

But I was also taught discernment and was not being intentionally groomed to believe a narrative at face value, and not to believe in propaganda.

We are challenged every day with that now.

This is a challenge we are all faced with every day: if we do not do our research, and our general lack of specific knowledge, or even the intelligence, to make our empirical evaluation of opposing ideas, what do we do? Well, a large part of it is relying on “what makes sense to us” when either theory is explained. But of course, again, if we are not aware or continue to be relevant we really can’t put too much weight in a rather subjective evaluation.

Even accomplished scientists have a difficult time discerning truth from theory. And in fact, this “uncertainty” is the essence of scientific debate. If the best scientists in the world are still open to discussion and debate about opposing theories, then how can we close off a decision of one over the other to further scrutiny?

Yet some teachers will tell students that the science is settled about Climate change, that the science is settled on things like gender, and the science is settled on evolution and so forth .. this is the disconnect that parents have with the school system and the children that they entrust the teachers too.

Society has long debated this question, perhaps agreeing only on this simple truth: “Who teaches matters.”

Also, what is taught matters.  For years the legacy system has created a curriculum that is a one size fits all.

But now we are facing issues that deal with race and culture wars. It is hard to keep up with a basic narrative and history that changes on a whim.

Every state in America establishes its own criteria for public school teacher certification, effectively outlining the knowledge, skills, and attributes required for the teacher to stand in front of a class. These requirements are in place because it is largely through the efforts of classroom teachers that the goals of education are met or thwarted. A teacher’s ability to convey knowledge, to teach skills, to challenge, and to inspire students should determine who should teach our children.

Teacher dispositions are of primary importance in shaping the school experience of students by either broadening or foreclosing their opportunities to grow and be successful achievers.

When children are dropped off at school, the law says teachers must assume the role of ‘replacement parent’.

Under the Children Act 1989, teachers have a duty of care towards their pupils, traditionally referred to as ‘in loco parentis’. Legally, while not bound by parental responsibility, teachers must behave as any reasonable parent would do in promoting the welfare and safety of children in their care. The idea dates back to the 19th century when courts were first coming to terms with teachers’ responsibilities. It was during this period that case law established that a teacher should act “as a prudent father”.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 also requires schools to show a duty of care towards pupils’ safety and well-being, although not their ‘welfare’, in so far as this is practicable.

Teachers are very often unsure where the line should be drawn between the role of the teacher and that of a social worker. Indeed, teachers have increasingly become not merely educators, but also mentors in their pupils.

Teachers are often entrusted with confidential details of a child’s personal background, perhaps related to child protection issues and links with social services, or perhaps even through information volunteered by the family or the children themselves.

I have stated on my program a few times that I believe that children should be taught basics and that political biases and sexual and religious preferences are not appropriate in the classroom.

If the teacher wishes to teach history where politics are used, if a teacher wants to teach sexual education, or if the teacher wishes to take a sociological view on various religions in the curriculum I have no problem.

I just don’t think that a teacher in loco parentis should be cavalier with revealing personal things to students.

Religion, sex, and politics are not to be impressed upon students for preference.

I am sure many of the older generations had teachers who were Gay — or Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, but we were never taught by militant activists that want to indoctrinate the kids into their way of thinking.

There are teachers that wouldn’t even reveal that they smoked cigarettes on break. That’s how important it was for them to keep children from taking on bad habits.

This has changed.

Teachers back then would never dream of supporting things like Climate change protests, or studies in gender identification, or political activism against one party or the other.

Again as students, we had our suspicions of what they believed and whether or not they were gay — but it was none of our business.

We were students that wanted to good grades and if they were good teachers they focused on teaching.

Again without being redundant times have changed — and the children of this world have been taught to hate America and to resent their parents for contributing to Climate Change.

They resent the possibility of the world ending and so they don’t have goals or plans for the future.

Some show a sincere interest in how the world works and are considered by the so-called “powers that be” as “ideologically reliable” or “useful idiots” after years of relevant indoctrination in the education system.

This elite category of citizens learns how the world operates after getting to peek behind the curtain ahead of actually getting to play a direct role of some sort in managing this secret state of affairs. Sometimes average people learn about the truth on their own or through whistle-blowers, but it mostly remains obscured.

It is hard to find light to clean what is left behind by the elephants in the room. It is time to get a shovel because everything is piled up so deep and when things are deep you can bet that the deep state has created its masterpieces of scat.

The reactions to declaring America broken create several responses that tend to negate the complexity of what has destabilized the republic in the first place.

The truth is we are now facing the consequences of bad decisions, bad government, and a war within the intelligence apparatus of this country.

The first line of the intelligence is heavy on the education system and now a few teachers wish to push systemic racism, gender politics and climate change crisis management.

America is living through stressful times. According to the American Psychological Association, a majority of people from each generation would agree that the country is at a low point looking back on their life experience.

This even applies to the generation of 70 and 80-year-olds who witnessed such devastating events as the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor and the ensuing Second World War. Of all generations, it’s the gen X’ers who are most pessimistic about this time and age.

The next generations are lacking the ability to care, and there is a general sense of ennui.

The question is why?

This is an indication of limited perspective and a collective memory based on immediate recall – it does not measure up to the reality of why we continue to spiral into an abyss that is subservient to a manipulative oligarchy and out-of-control intelligence operation within our government that has been subverted for more than 75 years or more.

Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to the modern world in which everyone lives. “

While some claim to have solutions, others choose to contradict those priceless answers for political reasons. It is unfortunate to say that those who see it as getting worse are becoming the realists and those who chastise the many for being doomsayers are becoming just as annoying because they appear to have no semblance of survival instinct in this brave new world.

Behind the “glitz and glamour” of the “everyday life” that most people have been misled by the “deep state” and its perception management allies into believing is “real”, the world has been in the midst of a New Cold War since long before its seemingly official commencement in 2014 following the US’ simultaneous attempt to more openly “contain” Russia and China in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia

This is also taking place against the backdrop of profound civilizational changes in the information-communication, military technology, economic-industrial, and healthcare fields that will fundamentally revolutionize life as everyone knows it. The COVID-19 pandemic (regardless of whether one believes it’s real, fake, or exaggerated) ushered in a new era whereby “deep states” across the world are now actively working to indoctrinate everyone into accepting this “new normal” that was already a long time coming.





Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Pat

    March 29, 2023 at 4:54 pm

    I also heard of the. Purge. This weekend! Will it happen? Be prepared for the worst! Just can’t figure out , trans. Want to kill children? We surely in the last days!

  2. John Weiner

    March 29, 2023 at 5:26 pm

    Remember what Dr. Heldor said,” about, minding your p’s and q’s,”? I just heard that Pope Francis has been hospitalized with ,” an upper respiratory infection, not Wuhan Flu.”
    It was also reported that President Zelensky has reached out to Chairman Xi, for talks, so I guess we will see if Chairman Xi, is serious about trying to bring about an equitable conclusion to his buddy Putin’s war of agression in Ukraine, against Ukrainians; or like a naughty puppy who keeps biting at you until you put your finger in his mouth, then he backs away. Perhaps Chairman Xi will even take a walk with President Zelensky through the streets of Kyiv, the way President Biden did to view the damage his buddy Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine and Ukrainians has caused to Ukraine and its people.

    • Rita lloyd

      March 29, 2023 at 6:38 pm

      That was a phoney walk thru….you knew that right? Secret service would never allow the US president to walk around an active warzone!!!!

  3. Karen Ann Foster

    March 29, 2023 at 5:38 pm

    Teachers and kids need to be left alone. I went to Catholic school and you can bet nothing like this would never happen there. The nuns would beat you with there rulers or strangle you with their rosaries. On a serious note, truly a sad day, a sad week and a sad world we live in now. I thought I had missed the hell I saw coming when my children were small, and I did. But now my innocent grandchildren stand as tiny soldiers against the horror that is everywhere. Now I know why my son committed suicide five years ago; who would never be able to stand up to this. Looking forward to a great show Clyde.

  4. joe

    March 29, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    transgender POPE NEXT.. the TRIBULATION BEGINS its like watching the bad episodes of Dark shadows ,Star Trek ,lost in space

  5. Jimbo

    March 29, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    “Socialist-fascist” Hitler lay claim to that nation’s youth, overtly labeling them as his. There is a government agenda to overthrow the sovereign citizen enforcement Amendment, which immediately follows the First, also under siege. Our country as founded hangs in the balance.

  6. Alfred E. Newman

    March 29, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    I am glad you are Ok . man you got to watch out for those interear infections .Of all the radio talk show host Ive listened to the last fifty years of my 77 years on earth, you are the best as far as they go….i just renewed my subscription since I dont stay awake to listen ….but your reflections on the news is fantastic….yeah I got kicked off Telegram Aftermathmedia despite my appeal to the PTB , i dont even know what I done however I can still read and use emojs on Aftermathmedia Telegram . Please give Wes and Bill my regards as well as Bob Patton . i miss his manalogues he sometimes does after your broadcast airs? Prayers help ⏳👃

  7. John Weiner

    March 29, 2023 at 8:20 pm

    Voltare, a contemporary of Ben Franklin’s said ,” common sense isn’t so common.”
    I believe you spoke of censorship, again. Does this mean you restored my two comments from ,Wednesday, February 15, 2023?


    March 29, 2023 at 8:22 pm


  9. John Weiner

    March 29, 2023 at 8:37 pm

    Putin is the one bombing a whole country, Ukraine, committing Genocide; therefore, it is those who support him and his actions in Ukraine, who support Genocide.

  10. John Weiner

    March 29, 2023 at 9:18 pm

    Intimidating into attempted self censorship for holding views contrary to the narrative sounds like what has happened here from time to time.

  11. John Weiner

    March 29, 2023 at 9:56 pm

    According to one of those ,”Time Traveller,” videos your flying car is waiting for you in the year 2100. We would be, or have been 137 years old.
    I mentioned this Uri Besmonov interview weeks ago.

  12. Pat

    March 30, 2023 at 12:06 am

    Good show Clyde! In. School in my. Day! The teacher said. A short prayer we pledged to the. Flag, Learned. 3. Rs. Back then, You were. A. Man or. A. Woman. I guess time. Changers? For. The better or worse?

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