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Ron Patton | March 27, 2024

There seem to be a lot of machine failures and communication breakdowns during this time. Accidents involving heavy machinery, computers, and electrical grid failure are on the rise. On March 26, the Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore, MD collapsed after it was hit by the container ship, Dali, as it struck one of its support pillars. Sadly, there were several casualties. Although there is no concrete evidence of cyber terrorism, some investigators feel differently. Social media is inundated with synchronicities and numerology concerning this tragedy. Furthermore, we have been warned by politicians and military strategists of a “Black Swan” event. Could this be a prelude to bigger disasters, especially as we enter into a time of profound signs and wonders in the cosmos? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with cyber security and military analyst, James Ponder about BLACK SWANS REFLECTING ELEPHANTS. 



A few nights ago when we were talking about the eclipse with Dr. Sky it was brought up however briefly that we would be headed into what is called Mercury Retrograde. It was interesting that an Astronomer like Dr. Sky would bring up an astrology term.

But of course, we were exploring the chaos of the stars and the eclipse and how it would affect us and of course when Mercury in Retrograde happens — all havoc takes place with machinery and our ability to communicate.

Many astrology advocates believe that the retrograde motion triggers a cycle of misfortune.

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion which means it looks as if the planet is moving backward from our view here on earth. Astrologers believe that during this perceived backward motion, technology and communication could get disrupted.

Also, we are seeing that the Sun has been pushing gas and solar storms our way which also creates problems for radio communication and transmission.

Mercury is known by astrologers as the planet to rule expression and communication. It is thought that this retrograde motion will have a negative connotation in the astrological realm.

One of astrology’s most nerve-wracking events, researchers have closely analyzed what usually happens.

There seem to be a lot of machine failures and communication breakdowns during this time. Accidents involving heavy machinery happen, computers fail, and electrical grids fail,

Travel plans get disrupted, flights are delayed, emails are lost, and computer systems crash.

Sometimes there are major disasters that happen.

We discussed the pre disaster possibilities with the planet alignments, blood mons and the Total eclipse of the Sun on April 8th.

When astrological events happen — chaotic things happen on earth.

It looks as if we are already at the door as we have witnessed a major disaster in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday many Americans woke up to see the headlines about the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

All it took was one ship — a gargantuan one, to be sure — to knock the bridge down. The Dali, a 984-foot container ship, stacked sky-high with brightly colored steel boxes, looking like some fiendishly complicated Rubik’s cube, lost power and, as mayday calls sounded, crunched into the bridge’s south tower.

The destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge cuts off a significant but not vital highway corridor — there are other ways to drive from here to there, however slower or longer. But it severs a significant and vital maritime passage. Until the wreckage can be cleared — and it will be, of course, but until then — the port is stymied, shut tight, under blockade.

So far the incident has been declared an accident– however with Mercury retrograde on its way and several heavenly events –we can see that the idea that March and April tend to be disastrous is not some conspiracy theory — but tends to be a coincidence theory.

As we go about our daily lives, we tend to assume that our perceptions, sights, sounds, textures and tastes, are an accurate portrayal of the real world. Sure, when we stop and think about it or when we find ourselves fooled by a perceptual illusion, we realize with a jolt that what we perceive is never the world directly, but rather our brain’s best guess at what that world is like, a kind of internal simulation of an external reality.

Still, we bank on the fact that our simulation is a reasonably decent one. If it wasn’t, wouldn’t evolution have weeded us out by now? The true reality might be forever beyond our reach, but surely our senses give us at least an inkling of what it’s really like.

It has been said the world is ruled by symbolism and belief systems are affected by the unconscious mind and that deep within the resources of the brain are darker archetypes that can show up now and again.

Archetypes are programmed into us from the time we are children, and we recognize symbols and characters that may not be real in the material sense but can appear in dreams and mythologies that teach us a lesson.

The same goes for media and the various movies and TV shows that seem to give us shadows of the future through predictive programming or even what is called the revelation of the method.

We have talked about the Netflix film “Leave The World Behind” an apocalyptic movie produced by Barack and Michelle Obama.

There is a scene in the film, where a family is calmly sitting on the beach — the daughter sees a huge oil tanker out on the horizon. The tanker slowly moves closer and closer to the beach –the family realizes that it isn’t stopping and is eventually going to run aground on the beach. The boat keeps coming and eventually pushes umbrellas and crushes lifeguard towers as it continues to edge its way into the land.

The tanker has mysteriously lost control and it’s ability to stop.

This event of course was fiction, however, the Dali lost control and struck a pillar of the bridge causing it to collapse. This caused 8 people to fall nearly 200 feet into the frigid waters below.

The synchronicity of the Dali hitting the pillar and the synchronicity of the White Lion Oil tanker happening in a film a year ago has people making comparisons.

Many wondered what may have caused the ship to come in at 10 knots and hit the pillar. The video shows that the ship was having power failures before the accident.

A Oil tanker losing power and a Cargo ship losing power — In the film, this is what kicked off suspicions that an adversarial country decided to hack into GPS and other infrastructure beginning World War III.

While the internet was speculating about the possible jamming of GPS or other controls of the ship More than 1,600 planes were hit by a mysterious interference many fear was an attempt at jamming by Russia.

Planes flying over and around the Baltic Sea in northern Europe have been suffering technical problems caused by jamming since Sunday, with 1614 planes, mostly civilian, reporting problems since then.

While most of them appear to be taking place in Polish airspace, logs have reported that planes flying in German, Danish, Swedish, Latvian and Lithuanian airspace have suffered interference problems as well.

The planes appear to be suffering from GPS jamming, which can confuse pilots as this can make them believe they are in a different location than they actually are.

It would be interesting to see if this Dali cargo ship bridge disaster gets blamed on a “cyberattack” and all sorts of nefarious new things start to happen as a result.

So far there is no indication that any cyber terrorism has occurred but of course, there are a few people who have their suspicions.

General Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser said on X that he believes that is a Black Swan event.

“Black swan event” is now trending on X.

Last week, former Republican congressman Ron Paul went on former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s show and warned that Americans needed to prepare for some sort of black swan catastrophe – though he stopped short of claiming that the deep state would be behind such a catastrophe.

I believe in the theory of the black swan. It’s going to pop up and it’s not going to be controllable,” Paul told Carlson. “You have to understand what’s happening, you have to know what’s coming, it’s very, very dangerous, and that’s why I love to see smaller units of government.”

That is two well-known authorities warning of Black Swan events that lead to worse outcomes.

On CBS’s Face the Nation in December, veteran investigative reporter Catherine Herridge suggested that 2024 could see a black swan event, citing ongoing national security threat levels, conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, and continued polarization in the US. In January, Politico asked an array of experts, including technologists, historians and foreign policy analysts, to speculate on possible black swan events for the coming year.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a press conference that the incident will have major impacts on supply chains and the road to rebuilding will be expensive and complex.

The Baltimore bridge collapse was an “absolutely brilliant strategic attack” on US critical infrastructure– this is why many suspect that it was an act of terrorism.

It is the second busiest strategic roadway in the nation for hazardous material now down for 4-5 years – which is how long they say it will take to recover. Bridge was built specifically to move hazardous material – fuel, diesel, propane gas, nitrogen, highly flammable materials, chemicals, and oversized cargo that cannot fit in the tunnels – that supply chain now crippled.

Half a mile of bridge went in the river – likely you will have to build a new one. Also caused so much damage to the structural integrity of the bottom concrete part that you cannot see & won’t know until they take the wreckage apart. Structural destruction is likely absolute.

It has been proposed that whoever is responsible for a full moon so would have maximum tidal shift – rise and fall. Brisk flow in that river on a normal day & have had a lot of rain recently so the water was already moving along at a good pace.

Hit it with enough kinetic energy to knock the load-bearing pylon out from under the highway – which fatally weakened the span and then 50 percent of the bridge fell into the water.

Choke off Baltimore you have cut the main north-south hazardous corridor (I95) in half. Now has to go around the city – or go somewhere else.

An urgent “mayday” call from the Dali allowed first responders to shut down most of the traffic on the bridge, which carried more than 30,000 cars a day. Officials are investigating the incident but say they believe it was an accident.

Six people, mostly construction workers are believed to be dead.

Among those presumed dead are Miguel Luna, a father of three from El Salvador, as well as a 26-year-old and 35-year-old from Guatemala. The Mexican consulate in Washington said late Tuesday that the six missing workers included people from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Those who are aware of patterns were triggered by the word Salvador and the name of the ship Dali.

Many have mistakenly claimed that the ship was named after Salvador Dali. Dali however is a Chinese name but it still triggers the synchronistic thought of a painting that was created by Salvador Dali in 1945.

Dali painted “The Broken Bridge and the Dream”. He had this trick where he’d fall asleep with a key in his hand and when it dropped he’d wake and draw his dream, or vision of the future.

The broken bridge image is also part of the illusion of the revelation of the method… Dali and the broken bridge metaphor and the sad reality of the disaster happening later.

This is a key component of predictive programming, or fiction foreshadowing the future. This is why waking up means to become a lucid dreamer. To take back control of our visions to create the world that we want–it is like we are under a spell — and we see images and are triggered with words that create buried memories in time.

Dali coincidentally created a painting called “The White Lion” the same name as the tanker that crashes in the film “Leave the World Behind.”

The Dali had 22 crew members from India onboard, according to a statement from Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine. None were injured.

An inspection of the Dali last year at a port in Chile found that the vessel had a deficiency related to “propulsion and auxiliary machinery.” The inspection, conducted on June 27 at the port of San Antonio, specified that the problem concerned gauges and thermometers.

The Dali has had 27 inspections since 2015, according to Equasis. The only other deficiency, a damaged hull “impairing seaworthiness,” was found in 2016, at the port of Antwerp, in Belgium.

Again this I am sure will be brought up in the investigation as to why the ship hit the bridge — everything seems to be a mystery and of course, speculation runs wild when disasters like this happen.

But what is most interesting is how any speculating about what might have happened to the vessel has liberal columnists and others fuming about any suggestion of terrorism.

It is natural for people to question or otherwise make speculations about something that makes no sense. But again as with all other things we start to see a political backlash that turns the best stories into doggie dung.

The idea of silencing ideas always amazes me. Sometimes there are a few ideas that get rejected because people are too eager to believe the mainstream narrative.

Some are speculating that perhaps contaminated fuel could’ve contributed to the container ship “Dali” losing power.

According to a Coast Guard briefing report, Dali’s lights began to flicker about an hour after the ship began steaming down the marine channel out of the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

The vessel went dead, no steering power and no electronics,” said an officer aboard the ship.

“One of the engines coughed and then stopped. The smell of burned fuel was everywhere in the engine room, and it was pitch black,” the officer said, adding that the vessel didn’t have time to drop anchors before hitting the bridge.

Did someone intentionally put contaminated fuel into the ship contributing to the disaster?

Fotis Pagoulatos, a naval architect in Athens, said contaminated fuel could seize up the ship’s main power generators and result in a complete blackout and loss of propulsion.

During a press conference, Jennifer Homendy, chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, said an investigation is underway to review the vessel’s operations and safety logs and black box recorders to determine what happened in the moments leading up to Baltimore’s biggest industrial disaster in several generations.

Hours after the incident, the White House and federal government agencies quickly ruled out a cyber-attack or industrial sabotage as the source of the ship’s power loss. With an investigation barely underway, it would seem too preliminary to rule out those things.

It’s not yet illegal to have an open mind.

But it certainly get you some friction.

David Simon, the creator of Baltimore-set drama The Wire got on the internet to attack anyone who even tries to spin a conspiracy theory or even speculate beyond the framed narrative of the media.

In reply to a person who asked if it was “possible” the accident had been a “terrorist” incident, Simon wrote: “It’s possible that you’re a useless s***heel rando on an internet hell site speculating wildly and without regard to what is already known by authorities in Baltimore.”

He attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene who asked, “Is this an intentional attack or an accident?”, Simon called her “a complete sub-moronic pratfall of a human being”.

When a separate person shared the same conspiracy theory on X/Twitter, he wrote: “There are already video and radio transmissions online suggesting a series of power failures and loss of steering on the vessel. You can certainly speculate wildly and no one can stop you, but doing so doesn’t make you any less the a**hole here.”

Wow — it appears that Simon seems to know more than everyone else and this gives him carte blanche at being a colossal assclown.

However, you would have to be an absolute moron to not see that there are coincidences everywhere with this disaster and some may even lead us to unthinkable comparisons that indicate this could be a revenge situation.

In October of 2022, a giant explosion ripped across the Crimean Bridge, a strategic link between mainland Russia and Crimea. The bridge provided a road and rail connection between Russia and the Ukrainian peninsula.

It was a strategic hit that crippled Russia.

While limited vehicle and rail traffic resumed hours after the explosion, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov acknowledged the government had no timeline for restoring the 12-mile bridge to fully operational status.

From all of the videos that were presented by the media, there were plenty of observers online who saw the explosion and thought that it was fake or that it was deep fake propaganda.

I suppose that the overreaction would cause a backlash of criticism from those who observed the media and how they handled it but it certainly sent a message.

Just like with the Baltimore incident, the bridge was attacked and Russia sent out a public warning about what to expect now calling ot a different type of warfare. The Russians told all schools and businesses about civil defense preparation — all to make it sound as though they were on the brink of World War III.

The same is being said of the Dali bridge especially if it is found that the barge was sabotaged.

But again we go back to how the planets and the eclipse are all contributing to the psychological downfall of human beings.

We are less than two weeks before the most ominous sign in the entire history of the United States appears above our heads. The bridge was named after the author of the Star Spangled Banner –and raises the significance — of our national anthem and our national economy and infrastructure.

This is an important event — and may be the black swan event that they say it is.

The Biden administration insists that the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge was just an accident.

Perhaps that is true.

But every video I have seen shows that the cargo vessel that brought down the bridge had to make a very precise turn in order to hit the support structure that it rammed.

The Dali had an accident before the one that happened to the Key Bridge.

The Dali was involved in at least one prior accident when it collided with a shipping pier in Belgium.

That 2016 incident occurred as the Dali was leaving port in Antwerp and struck a loading pier made of stone, causing damage to the ship’s stern.

I think that it is quite strange that out of all the bridges in America it was one named after the author of the text of the U.S. national anthem that was hit.

If that bridge was meant to represent America, I think that it is a very bad sign that it just collapsed.

In less than two weeks, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will complete the giant “X” over America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started.

Many are mocking the long string of “coincidences” that we have been witnessing, but they are the ones who should be paying attention most of all.



James Ponder was in the Army from 1975 to 1987 as a Missile and Testing officer and Chief Data Officer. He was privy to Soviet tactics and strategies, Russian and Warsaw Pact equipment, and specialized in their nuclear and space systems as well as their deployment of forces.  In 2011, he was taught that the Iranian government-based cyber attackers were branching into all fields of attacks on Western sites (esp. US, UK, and Israel), including logic bombs, DDoS attacks, hidden malware, and ransomware. James is a co-founder of EMP Survival Systems.


Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 6 comments.

  1. Jane Legault

    March 27, 2024 at 10:00 pm

    Maybe the ship wasn;t named after Dali, but Sam Tripoli had a caller yesterday that referred to a Dali painting named “The Broken bridge and the Dream”. That painting is on the internet and it’s somewhat prophetic, when you count the number of lost souls/ghosts.

  2. Joe

    March 27, 2024 at 11:02 pm

    Just stupid negligence folks . idiots in the driver’s seat from Biden to Pope to locals police and politicians judges all corruption stupidity.. maybe the bible rewrite were doing the devil’s work.. King James version under penalties of death rewritten and before that the Vatican rewrote it how many now we enter into the age of aquarius.and A.I the age of anti Christ and false prophets . porn pedophile dark web drug’s pharmacy wall St greed is good.pagan istar Easter ritual.wars genocide of native people by Zionist n Ukraine criminals. Murders of People in Libya Afghanistan Syria Africa by united states’and UN imperialism at it’s best no chance of change. Bread and circuses and sports we done.. eclipses signs in heaven lol UFO in News earthquakes coming Be ready be ready..

  3. Pat

    March 28, 2024 at 4:32 pm

    Good show Clyde! I believe a black swan event could happen in 2024 for sure. You got thousands of unvented aliens crossing the Mexican border. Some terrorist. A country without borders is not a country. You got criminals cartel members, people let out of prison from all in the world. He got thousands of Chinese come across. How many are red army soldiers trying to infiltrate and disrupt communications water, sources electric grid? The people running this country are dumb as a box of rocks. Prepare prepare for the worst. It’s gonna be a lot worse than 911.! Freedom is slowly slipping away from the deep state. We need to protect the first and second amendment instead of constitution and standby the constitution.. I watched the film footage of the ship hitting the bridge. It sure looks to me like it was deliberate. It knew right where to hit was it a coincidence? Never know the truth.? The Chinese people who are piloting it. They could’ve shut the engine off and let it coast in turn. The engine on the federal government will never say it was intentional. Prepare prepare for a lot worse. Take care every day above ground is a good day

  4. Roberto Orona

    March 28, 2024 at 6:23 pm

    I watched a you tube video today “Canadian Prepper latest”. The person being interviewed said that if we go to war with China and/or Russia, we would loose power (electricity) indefinitely.

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