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Ron Patton | March 27, 2023

As we approach the shadow of a profound planetary alignment, astrologers are seeing that a window between March 29th and April 7th will be very tumultuous in some parts of the world. Moreover, when wars break out, children die and thus, the spirit of Azrael and Abyzou, will be manifested. We are killing, starving and destroying the lives of the young and innocent. We are driving them towards a transhuman existence while reducing the population by culling them in the womb. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with esoteric researcher and author, Ryan Gable about  ABYZOU ANGEL OF DEATH – PRAY FOR THE PREY.





There are two types of historic facts: primary and secondary. The first are causal, the second are effect.  War is a primary historic fact: resulting in battles, mass killings, destruction, victory and defeat. The results are the secondary facts. In all primary facts you will identify the cause of war – power – as the motivation for war. That also points chillingly towards the consequences for the  human race.

There may be one more to add and that is the retro causal effect that we understood was happening in the future — and that it was affecting our present situation.

The seeds have been planted and the revelation of the method has been employed.

It has been seen in many forms — and now the drama wit the right propaganda is becoming more evident — and very prophetic in a bizarre way.

Is this cognitive dissonance or is something else in play here?

As I reported last week the seeds of propaganda have been planted and the world is flaring up again in the middle east. Paul Begley came on the show and Steven Ben Nun top give us interesting details on the planet alignments, and the exploding tensions leading to war in the middle east during Ramadan, Easter and Passover.

Today there was an article in Jerusalem post that showed a picture of a huge demonstration in Israel. People held up a large signs showing Putin, Trump and Netanyahu in Orange suits holding prisoner placards  with the words ARREST above their heads— and then below it NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

The Histadrut Labor Federation, Israel’s primary worker’s union, announced that the planned strikes and closures were canceled in light of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement that he would temporarily pause judicial reform legislation.

Over the weekend there was violence at the Al Aqsa Mosque,  Israeli forces raided the sacred site and forced worshipers out of the complex.

This place is of great significance to end times prophecy as  according to Jewish traditionalists the Third Temple will be built by the Messiah on this spot once the area is cleared or the mosque is destroyed., This messiah will not only be called the king of Israel but also high priest of the rebuilt Temple. To the Muslim Palestinians and their co-religionists worldwide, this is a Muslim shrine, the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the place where Mohammed mounted a white horse and galloped straight up to heaven.

A large number of Christian fundamentalists have also marked this spot with importance. According to a popular “dispensationalist” view, Jesus Christ will return to earth to do battle on the plain of Armageddon and triumph over the Antichrist only after the building of the Third Temple.

Extremists have wanted to destroy the Dome and the adjoining Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for the new temple.

There are many Jewish teachings regarding what needs to happen before the Temple can be rebuilt. In addition to things, such as the appearance of Elijah, the war between Gog and Magog, the in-gathering of the Jewish exiles to Israel,

Everything happening all at once gives the impression that someone or some group wants to nudge God into wrath by bringing forward ritualism that places us in the end times—signs and wonders and the numbers make it eerily synchronistic.

We have all been warned in our Sunday school worship that as the end times draw near, the devil seeks to destroy all that God has created and to bring as many human souls down to the pit as he possibly can. We see that human behavior has been coerced into becoming less sympathetic and more vengeful and hateful over the years.

Terms for these types of behaviors range from “moral insanity” to “social malignancy” and demonic possession.

Possession is the behavioral buzz word that strikes up visions of spinning heads and spewing of green vomit but that is all Hollywood. Some of those possessed are fully functional and are unaware that they have fallen for the Luciferian agenda.

The media tries to simplify our world into mini sound bites and visuals. They neatly put every issue and every crisis into a box and beam it into your home. There are stories about struggles against all odds, miraculous births, untimely deaths, and global conflict. I wonder if it ever occurs to the passive viewer that our planet is far more complicated than what they see on the screen.

Or that a thirty-minute news feed can’t possibly give them perspective on how the daily routine is affected by not only those things we perceive, but by those things that are entirely imperceptible. Cultural narratives are now easily hijacked –and we are learning that many of the things we thought have disappeared from the radar come back and haunt us –and in some paranormal way we realize now that the being afraid and angry has become resurrected American pastime.

The evidence for a dark order of demons working overtime is overwhelming. The dark command excels at obfuscation, masquerades, illusion, warped truth, confusion, false flags, committing crimes and letting patsies take the blame, calling evildoers good and the least evil bad, and setting others up.

We see Satan’s handy work when we hear of the various provocations, between police and the people they serve. We see the cryptocracy that is run by various Luciferian henchmen that resort to promising all manner of things which are sometimes but rarely delivered.

We can assume that the price of the soul is up for the highest bidder. We are now seeing that the tool of the threat of death is being used as a way for people to absolutely lose their humanity and it is effective as many people are now rejecting faith.

We, in the United States, have yet to realize both the futility and immense consequences of war — we store, manage and even give weapons to other countries and is the process we are killing children.

Atrocities of war accumulate, horrifically. We in the United States have yet to realize both the futility and immense consequences of war. We continue to develop, store, sell, and use hideous weapons. We rob ourselves and others of resources needed to meet human needs, including grappling with the terrifying realities of scarcity and the attempts for making the peasant class.

We have had administration after administration exploit children for votes — and all the while their policies and plans are the cause of mass starvation, and death in the United States and there are hidden totals of children that die in faraway lands because of war and lack of food and hygiene brought on by war.

Joe Biden of course was man who was sold to us as a man of peace and equality — but is terribly misleading and disconcerting because of his carefully measured words and mastery of equivocation and double-speak.

Biden’s remarks in times of tragedy seem to show an emotional detachment. He always seems to project a strange dissociation.

We are also watching children as young as 6 are being manipulated and eventually mutilated by complicit members of the Medical-Industrial Complex to fulfill a transhumanist agenda.

The medical association has now manipulated young children with gender dysphoria and have encouraged them to take puberty blockers or hormones or both during a five-year period.

This could be seen as a way to reprogram them with new identities where a boy eventually becomes a girl and a girl a boy.

We are also seeing Urinals is women’s restrooms, and tampon machines in Boys restrooms.

It is a re-education program to erase identities of children and have them make new ones.

That is why I find it ironic that last week Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of committing wide-ranging war crimes in Ukraine, including the forced deportations of children in areas it controls.

The allegations were detailed in a report released last Thursday by the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine, which said some acts may amount to crimes against humanity.

During the past year, Russian forces have reportedly abducted thousands of children from occupied regions of Ukraine and attempted to deprive them of their Ukrainian identity.

This is being labeled as an attempt of genocide.

Article II of the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention identifies five acts that qualify as genocide. The fifth act, forcibly transferring the children of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group to another group, concisely and accurately describes Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Kremlin officials described the abductions as a routine wartime security measure,  The UN is saying that this is a measure to abduct children and reprogramming them to become Russians.

One recent report published by the Yale School of Public Health in February 2023 identified a systematic Russian program to re-educate thousands of abducted Ukrainian children via a network of more than 40 camps and facilities stretching from Russian-occupied Crimea to Siberia.

Sounds odd– but they are saying it is punishable to abduct a child and change their identities.

Again timing is everything as we approach the time of Passover where the death of the firstborn children was one of the plagues of the Hebrews.

At this time of turmoil under the shadow of the planet alignment, Astrologers are seeing that a window between March 29th and April 7th will be very deadly for some parts of the world and again when wars break out children die — and thus the spirit of Azrael and Abyzou, Angels of death will again appear and take the lives of thousands.

Depending on the pantheon you subscribe to both Azrael and Abyzou were part of the angel of death or demon of the abyss responsible for the death of the firstborn.

In Ancient Egypt during the time of the great Exodus of the Hebrews the inhabitants would rely heavily on the Zodiac. The constellation Aries was considered to be its guiding force. Aries was represented by the Lamb or the Ram. Egyptians believed that all first-born were guided by Aries because it is the firstborn of the constellations, it is also the first and foremost sign of the Zodiac.

It has been tradition that in the time of NISAN and Aries that the God of Israel would show his power by commanding the Israelites to kill the earthly sign of Egypt’s god the lamb or ram. During the Passover God ordered that all first born be killed as well in the time of Aries. The first born would be killed who were under the influence of Aries– all who were under the influence of the Ram.

We read in the Book of Exodus that in month of NISAN when the full moon of Aries was about to appear in the heavens the righteous would be warned and the infidels would be given the warning that death would be at their doorstep.

The blood sacrifice would occur. War was at hand and the angel of war was about to arrive and smite the Egyptians.

There is a familiar axiom with many people who study the occult. As above so below

It holds the key to all mysteries. The message is in essence telling us that man is the counterpart of God on earth; as God is man’s counterpart in heaven.

We begin to see a great performance as signs and wonders appear and a terrifying replay happens to the children dying in war and how strange activities are happening that appear to be similar to what we have read in the bible.

Not only are children the focus of the arrest of Putin and the accusations of him erasing their ethnicity — there is a frightening story out of Arizona about how during on hour there were four babies that died mysteriously–and there was no evidence of foul play.

Three children died within an hour of each other in Phoenix on Sunday because they couldn’t breathe, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

The first incident happened just before 5:30 a.m. near Thomas Road and North 32nd Street. Officers and firefighters arrived and tried to treat a child, but the kid did not survive and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Officers responded to a similar call at a residence near McDowell Road and North 51st Avenue just after 5:30 a.m. Officers and firefighters found a “very young” child not breathing.

Firefighters treated the toddler and took the child to a hospital. The toddler did not survive and was pronounced dead at a hospital, according to Phoenix police.

A third incident happened at an apartment complex near Broadway and Price roads shortly before 6:30 a.m. There, officers found a child who was also not breathing. Firefighters arrived and treated the child before rushing to a hospital where the child later died, police said.

It is as if the angel of death was making the rounds again. The ancients were very aware of demins and destroying angels that would take the breath away from their children.

Abyzou in the myth and folklore of the Near East and Europe, Abyzou is the name of a female demon. Abyzou was blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy as she herself was infertile.

She has been depicted as a demon with reptilian attributes.

She was known as the child killer or the Killer of children. This demon was featured in the movie The Possession, It was the spirt that was imprisoned  in the Dybbuk box.

But there is far more to this story than just the metaphor of the demon who preys on children.  Mortality rates of children now are higher than usual. Also there have been more cases reported of stillborn babies as well.

Maternal mortality in the U.S. reached a high in 2021. Also, a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association found rising mortality rates among U.S. children and adolescents.

In 2021, the U.S. had one of the worst rates of maternal mortality in the country’s history, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report found that 1,205 people died of maternal causes in the U.S. in 2021. That represents a 40% increase from the previous year.

These are deaths that take place during pregnancy or within 42 days following delivery, according to the World Health Organization.

The U.S. rate for 2021 was 32.9 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, which is more than ten times the estimated rates of some other high income countries, including Australia, Austria, Israel, Japan and Spain which all hovered between 2 and 3 deaths per 100,000 in 2020.

There is just no reason for a rich country to have poor maternal mortality,

But of course these numbers reflect a post Covid Vaccine world.

Remember when Bill Gates gave his Ted Talk where he spoke of how to reduce carbon to zero and one of the ways to do it is with population control?

He said “If we really do a great job on New vaccines, health care, reproductive health services we could lower that by 10 to 15 percent.  This is what Gates once called the Final Solution in an interview with Steven Colbert.

Colbert had to correct him to ward off any conspiracy theories form pointing out his Malthusian slip of the tongue.

is it any surprise that the maternal death rate among Black Americans is much higher than other racial groups; in 2021 it was 69.9 per 100,000, which is 2.6 times higher than the rate for White women.

Just before Christmas, federal health officials confirmed life expectancy in America had dropped for a nearly unprecedented second year in a row – down to 76 years. While countries all over the world saw life expectancy rebound during the second year of the pandemic the U.S. did not.

Again this is after the arrival of the vaccines.

Across the lifespan, and across every demographic group, Americans die at younger ages than their counterparts in other wealthy nations.

How could this happen? In a country that prides itself on scientific excellence and innovation, and spends an incredible amount of money on health care, the population keeps dying at younger and younger ages.

I think we all know — and the media is silent on this matter –and the CDC and world health organization still encourage Booster shots for COVID-19 and have it required for babies being born.

There are also other reasons, people are dying or are being killed before age 50. The “Shorter Lives” report specifically points to factors like teen pregnancy, drug overdoses, HIV, fatal car crashes, injuries, and violence.

The United States has become a more violent place.

Patriotism, religious faith, having children and other priorities that helped define the national character of our country for generations are no longer important to Americans, a new Wall Street Journal-NORC poll finds.

The survey, conducted with NORC at the University of Chicago, a nonpartisan research organization, also finds the country sharply divided by political party over social trends such as the push for racial diversity in businesses and the use of gender-neutral pronouns.

Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them, and 39% said religion was very important. That was down sharply from when the Journal first asked the question in 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important, and 62% said so of religion.

But we no longer want to raise families or give birth to children.

The share of Americans who say that having children, involvement in their community and hard work are very important values has also fallen.

Only 23% of adults under age 30 said that having children was very important.

With these statistics demographically The United States is doomed. We are killing, starving and destroying the lives of children. We are driving them towards a transhuman existence and we are reducing population by culling them in the womb.

This is the spell of the demon Abyzou.

This appears to be a technocratic version of the Passover where we need to pray for the prey.

I know there are so many people that will tell you “I know I am right” when they wish to argue with you about politics. the bible, and science — but can anybody determine just how wrong we are, just how much we have been duped into marching towards death and judgment?

Why is everybody who has made a particular stance on all of this, so damn sure they are right? More importantly, why do they insist on denigrating anyone who is not on the same side they are on?

Minds need to be open now that the death peddlers have now succeeded and those who wish to erase your children are dominating the news.

They are all under the influence  of the child killing demonic forces that plagued the middle east during the first Passover. The demons that forced plagues and suffering on the people in order to gain their compliance.

We have a limited ability to understand all things considered.

Perhaps the end times is upon us and we are now too overwhelmed to stop it.

A person who has decided on differing perspectives from the mainstream, or differing perspectives from the alternate challenging position, are not always liars, but many are fellow searchers of truth, and should be treated as such—with respect and regard.

If we look at history there is always a pattern: every empire eventually faces the conflict it is trying to avoid – its own destruction.

Now we welcome it — and everyone thinks they are right.




Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show, “The Secret Teachings.” His broadcast focuses on the Synchronicity and objective analysis of Alternative News, Health, History, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Philosophy and more, in the most distinct ways by finding parallels and patterns often overlooked. Spending much of his life on air, and having written several books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of other radio shows and has had his broadcast aired on a variety of networks. He’s on Ground Zero Radio, Monday-Thursday at 10pm, pacific time and on Fridays at 10:30pm. His website is:

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. joe

    March 27, 2023 at 5:21 pm

    YES the time is at hand.. 13 TRILLION wipe out in CRYPTOS ,a EARTHQUAKE in world stock markets=plus 3 giant earthquakes,, yes Dark sinister forces at work…Lucifer makes his move..

  2. John Weiner

    March 27, 2023 at 5:26 pm

    I heard a news report over the weekend that there are many thousands of traumatized children in Ukraine as a result of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine and the Ukrainians.

  3. John Weiner

    March 27, 2023 at 8:27 pm

    Two wrongs don’t make a right; whether it is Vladimir Putin abducting Ukrainian children back to Russia, or transgendering children here in the United States of America.

  4. joe

    March 28, 2023 at 9:03 am

    March Mars 29 HITLER April 20….IDES of Mars began 15th March=Caesar= Passover=easter=new year pagan rites Pan HADES release Persephone fertility cults.JUDAS JESUS 666/ zodiac betrayals Biden Desantis of the saints in latin & Spanish. China takes Taiwan Formosa . DEMOCRATS Money laundering CIA scandal break wide open crypto banks expose ..Crypto DOT.COM Housing bubble crash. 30 pieces of silver Mammon kills Jesus ,v becomes GOD ON EARTH MONEY LUCIFER will set-up a phony Digital Empire BITCOIN crypto world wide then as he ALWAYS DOES HE will crash betray his followers destroy TRILLIONS of lives in VIRTUAL MATRIX world apocalypse

    • Jimbo

      March 29, 2023 at 6:55 pm

      Bitcoin’s strong in blockchain-fidelity. However, it’s pointless as a meaningful store of value, backed by solved esoteric math at the cost of ever increasing amounts of electric generation, some of it remaining carbon based.

  5. joe

    March 29, 2023 at 12:15 am

    ITS happening People are losing HOPE world wide , we don’t know if its Lock downs Covid 19 virus or vaccines side effects or EVEN 5 G 6g waves,, they going to tell you a Mag 10,11,12 earthquakes can not happen watch out GOD CAN DO ANYTHING.. a very bad feeling very bad. I and many people are starting too see Mandala EFFECTS.. we believe that like M.I.B Movies theres a mind wipe device…things being erased..elections,, sports,, too many events..too many events 9-11,, SUPER NATURAL EVENTS

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