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3/24/22: EMP CME M O U S E

Ron Patton | March 24, 2022

Yesterday, there was issued a CME warning for planet Earth. Solar flares, also known as coronal mass ejections, can cause storms when they hit our planet’s magnetic field. However, if you watch the nightly news, any extreme weather activity is said to connect to Climate Change while you hear virtually nothing about the geoengineering programs going on that can adversely affect weather. The global controllers are utilizing every tool they have at their disposal to distract populations from the wider horizon of unfolding and accelerating ecological collapse. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about EMP CME M O U S E.



3/24/22: EMP CME M O U S E


Just yesterday there was issued a CME warning for planet Earth. solar flares, also known as coronal mass ejections, can cause storms when they hit our planet’s magnetic field.

The sun has reportedly ejected a large mass of particles towards the earth and when this happens you can bet that there will be weather systems that will be affected, earthquakes happening and other anomalous earth activity.

When extreme sun storms hit – people begin to feel weakened, tired, some have heart problems and nausea.. that is if they are sensitive to erratic magnetic disturbances.

CME’s can cause power outages and satellite malfunctions.

So far in this wild sun cycle, there have been a few outages here and there but the major shake-ups have been few and far between.

This will be the 3rd time in the past week that a CME has almost landed a direct hit. Even a near miss can produce bright Arctic auroras.

A Carrington event would be a very inconvenient effect, especially in times when we worry about nuclear blasts and EMPs that can take out power grids and render our technology worthless.

But we can all add that to our apocalyptic Bingo card.

Add to that the extreme weather and Tornadoes that have been seen in Texas and Louisiana. Yes this is violent spring weather and it is to be expected but of course, the media loves to connect the dots between extreme weather events and catastrophic climate change by softly saying “isolated extreme weather events could be a manifestation of global climate change.

These things are scary and yes, they instill fear in the populace — for over two years we have acclimated to a life of fear and a sort of lingering collective anxiety. Fear is usually correlated with a reduction of critical thinking and greatly diminished opposition against the abuse of authority.

But scientists continue to take advantage of the anxiety and relish in their celebrity status as many people are now slaves in the lab coat cult.

Establishment scientists are service intellectuals who virtually never diverge from supporting power, who at best, look for sanitized and hypothetical “problems” that do not threaten hierarchy, and who feed their false self-image of relevance.

All one needs to do is to identify the pathetic recent historical record of science with regard to identifying or solving public health problems like COVOD-19 and environmental problems that are immediate and not the so-called hurry up and wait for approach to climate extinction.

We should be leery of all of this nonsense because there are many reasons why we are in these messes and why we fear the doomsday kill switch.

EMP CME M-O-U-S-E — the Disneyfied sanitized explanation by opportunistic scientists is not measuring up to the hype –and all of the provisions, vaccines and solutions are all based on hypochondria.

Yesterday I had mentioned briefly an article I read in Yahoo news. it was the worn-out warning that was headlined: “The world has less than 10 years to avert climate change catastrophe,” the report finds.

This headline has been around since the Carter administration and it appears that every generation is told the same thing all the time — that they best prepare for a climate doomsday and that we are the ones responsible for our own self destruction.

The pitch has always been for corporate interests and technocratic high priest to take hold of governments and through an umbrella of a global ecumenical brotherhood we will see an out of control climate become whole again.

The high priests explain that our certain extinction will occur from a rising sea level and changing regional climates. That these changes will cause mass migrations, ecosystem collapses, agricultural failures, famines, and disease. They also inform us that those who will suffer most are the most vulnerable inhabitants of the planet, as though this were a new feature of the effects of natural disasters.

Therefore, they urge, we must tax carbon emissions, apply cap and trade, and create a global carbon economy to limit CO2 in the atmosphere. And who better to coordinate it all than the World Bank, IMF, and the World Economic Forum, given their stellar records in managing equitable development on this planet.

Until then we will be bombarded with ads for electric cars, and we will be hit with the psychological cudgel of climate change propaganda in our TV shows and news programming.

Nothing could be more like a religious cult than this crazy movement. We are expected to accept that an essential and growth-limiting plant nutrient CO2 is a toxic pollutant, that the world will be destroyed because of our collective and intrinsic wickedness of emitting CO2, via floods no less.

But the idea that the end of the world will happen because of nasty weather should be the least of our worries as storms and earthquakes are common — but now we have advanced weapons that are used for weather warfare and we also have nuclear weapons that are of some concern because of the currents circumstances.

We are today threatened by nuclear war, a nuclear war that could wipe out mankind within a few days – yet we talk and demonstrate for climate change prevention, man-made CO2 reduction.

But don’t fret true believers, the Atlantic came up with an insipid article headlined:

“On Top of Everything Else, Nuclear War Would Be a Climate Problem.”

The author of the article — is incredulous if not moronic when he states the obvious:

“If you are worried about rapid, catastrophic changes to the planet’s climate, then you must be worried about nuclear war. That is because, on top of killing tens of millions of people, even a relatively “minor” exchange of nuclear weapons would wreck the planet’s climate in enormous and long-lasting ways.”

But yet the technocrats say that nuclear energy is called the clean energy we need to combat CO2 emissions — just don’t blow stuff up because if you do the forecast would call for heat at ground zero nuclear winter for the weekend.

Not to mention winds equal to those in a Category 5 hurricane, immediately flattening buildings, knocking down power lines, and triggering gas leaks. Anyone within seven miles of the detonation would suffer third-degree burns, the kind that sears and blister flesh.

That would be some radical climate change right there.

There is also the danger of EMP where a nuke just has to explode above an area and the electromagnetic concussion would create blackouts for miles — every electronic gadget would not be spared. This would mean certain death as we struggle to rebuild our infrastructure and live like the Amish.

What this climate movement doesn’t seem to understand, or those that manage it do not want the world to know, that climate is a complex structure of ever-shifting values and natural phenomena; that climate is influenced by many factors which are all inter-related and orders of magnitude more important than what man can ever contribute. There is the sun with its constantly changing eruptions and radiation emissions, perhaps the most important influence. Volcanic eruptions cool the planet with their Volcanic ash. A massive eruption of one of them; like the huge volcanic explosion i Tonga may produce a multiple of CO2 levels of what man produces in one year.

Then the oceans absorb CO2, they also emit CO2 – and most important according to a 30-year NASA study the oceans themselves change temperatures in natural intervals of roughly ten years, which is called El Niño in the Pacific and the North Atlantic Oscillation in the Atlantic. They are responsible for large-scale weather patterns, also orders of magnitude larger than what man could ever create.

And we should also be aware of what is not much talked about, that the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), have developed since the sixties a weather control program that functions with electromagnetic waves emitted in the Ionosphere, altering ionospheric temperatures to create specific weather patterns. The intention is to weaponize the weather so as to control entire regions by weather, floods, droughts, hurricanes… you name it. This program has been tested and applied during the Vietnam war, when it was capable to prolong and enhance the Monsoon season, so the paths the Vietcong used to transit from the North to the South were made impassable.

That is really man-made.

The program used to be called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and was stationed in Alaska. It has now nominally been dismantled, but continuously more clandestinely to be sophisticated enough to allow the US to control the world’s weather by 2030, according to the Pentagon.

There are now other weather control operations that are not at all talked about –even by well-known conspiracy theorists.

The High Altitude Meteorological Manipulation Energy Research (HAMMER) project began operations in the 2000; this program was opened with DARPA and with NASA’s cooperation.

While HAARP projects the ionospheric signals, they originate from HAMMER.

Solar Magnetic Amplification and Causative Configurator (SMACC) was a project that was established in 2002. It allegedly uses the power of the sun during high geomagnetic storms in providing the massive amounts of energy necessary, and in the right form, to power the HAARP-like transmitter arrays.

This project has worked more as a signal source and manipulation service for those signals sent to and through the electric transmitter array.

The ‘quality’, ‘quantity’, and overall integrity of waveform and value are critical to the success of the entire operation and projects beneath its umbrella. Funding for this and its subordinate projects comes from unknown sources.

However, one of the groups involved with the project is IARPA – the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity group which is a government agency nicknamed “The Office.”

Welcome to the cloak and dagger world of military weather warfare.

While most people familiar the HAARP project and is always a default explanation for unexplained weather or earthquake patterns; many are unaware that another more dangerous ionospheric heater exists in Russia called the SURA project.

Three plasma perturbations induced by SURA HF (highfrequency) heating have been selected and analyzed in detail with the DEMETER satellite observing data by instruments of Langmuir probe and ion analyzer.

DEMETER stands for the Detection of Electromagnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Region. It was launched in June of 2004 and ceased operation in December 2010. However, data has now been analyzed and the information has been made available through AGU 100 Advancing Earth and Space Science.

Since that time analysis has shown many types of ionospheric heating experiments have been carried out, and many interesting phenomena in the electromagnetic field and plasma parameters have been observed in the topside ionosphere by the satellite, typically from HighFrequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and SURA heating facility.

Plasma bursts are being detected coming from the SURA facility located near the small town of Vasilsursk about 100 km east of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, would have the same effects as HAARP, and can cause seismic movements in non-seismic areas – it also may be causing triggered mini quakes in the Midwest as well.

SURA is capable of radiating about 190 MW, effective radiated power (PRE) on shortwave. It is currently being operated by the Research Institute of Radio NIRFI in Nizhny Novgorod.

Current DEMETERSURA information that has been made available to the public shows that plasma density increases in the night hours, reaching 25–35% in amplitude, and during the morning or late evening hours the growth of plasma density in ducts was not higher than 1%. It was found that the mean size of the ducts along the satellite pass was 80–110 km.

The heating experiments also were observed the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program in order to evaluate weather effects from ionospheric heating.

It analyzed 100 experiments induced by HAARP heating, but these results exhibited a weaker relationship between largescale density plasma perturbations and HF heating induced by the SURA program.

It is well known that the electromagnetic wave from a powerful ionospheric heater propagates into the ionosphere along the magnetic field lines and gets absorbed in the lower ionosphere, driving ion outflows and leading to the formation of density ducts in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric ducting is a mode of propagation of electromagnetic radiation, usually in the lower layers of Earth’s atmosphere, where the waves are bent by atmospheric refraction.

Not only is the SURA program in operation, but much of the plasma bursts from the project are also affecting areas of the planet meteorologically and seismically.

It is very coincidental that both the Arctic and Antarctic had sizeable temperature increases and as the heat increased there were a number of earthquakes that hit areas that have been military targets for the Chinese.

A 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan last Wednesday night, killing at least four people and injuring over 100 others, and cutting power to millions of homes.

The quake hit off the coast of Japan’s eastern Fukushima prefecture, a region devastated by a powerful quake and tsunami 11 years ago that resulted in a nuclear power plant meltdown.

The quake was originally designated 7.3-magnitude but was upgraded to 7.4.

About an hour and a half after the earthquake struck, an 8-inch tsunami occurred along the coastline of Japan’s Miyagi prefecture, according to the agency, which urged people in affected areas to stay away from the coast.

A bullet train derailed near Fukushima as a result of the earthquake, but no injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, just days later Taiwan was hit by 6.7 magnitude earthquake causing bridge to collapse, buildings to shake.

Both Taiwan and Japan have been at odds with China in the pacific theater –and most definitely could be a target of the SURA array.

There is no proof that they are related but the mystery still sits on the possibility that if the technology is there China can use their earthquake machine with plausible deniability.

SURA even may be responsible for the abnormal heating of the Arctic regions and the movement of low-pressure systems from Siberia into the United States.

The military has been capable of setting up mobile weather control arrays for use as well.

Talking about military and climate – the wars and conflicts like the ones we are seeing in Ukraine, Yemen, and various other places around the globe cause more than half of the man-made CO2 emissions. This is a fact that may never be discussed in these UN-sponsored climate conferences — a strict rule imposed by Washington.

These are just a few climate-influencing elements, the composite of which is much larger than each one acting linearly on its own, because they are all inter-related, they are all acting holistically and dynamically – in other words, not predictably – and with a power orders of magnitude larger than CO2 by itself, let alone man-made CO2 which is but a tiny fraction of all greenhouse gases produced by nature. And these ever-occurring climate changes, are well controlled by nature, as NASA’s Earth Observatory found out by studying the oceans for over 30 years. They are kept in balance by our Mother Earth, no matter how much we would like to influence them.

However, if you watch the nightly news any extreme weather activity is said to connect to climate change and yet there is ample evidence to suggest that while the sun and other elements of the earth affect climate we are also seeing what is called geoengineering in order to give an example of extreme weather that is literally cooked up in some electromagnetic laboratory.

The global controllers are utilizing every tool they have at their disposal to distract populations from the wider horizon of unfolding and accelerating global ecological collapse.

Flash floods, flash freezes and flash droughts are now being predicted as proof of man-made climate change– but we can’t rule out force multiplied electromagnetic tinkering of the jets stream.

Last week temperatures in Antarctica were recorded at 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit above normal. In the western US drought is becoming more catastrophic by the day. In other regions of the US-engineered winter “weather whiplash” is becoming the norm.

the devastating storms that have triggered Tornadoes in the south are compelling –but it all seems like too much and too unbelievable — is it because more cameras are rolling or are we putting too much stock in climate fear-mongering even though we live on a violent planet?

Is it all geoengineering? No — not at all, is it sun storms and CMEs that create these conditions — in all likelihood, yes– should we dismiss all theories about weather manipulation because of this possibility? Not at all as it is evident that sun dimming and chemtrail activity is being used to steer storms, and create weather fronts that are forced multiplied by HAARP like arrays.

The climate engineers continue to dry and fry the US West while portions of the country further east are yet again being pounded with another weather whiplash. Tornadoes and violent storms are happening as they do on schedule but many of these storms are lasting longer and travel great distances — more so than they used to,

You can also bet that the other geoengineering plot will be more wildfires this year — they seem to be a definite part of the spring and the summers as again orange skies will dominate the west coast and dreadful smoky air will cause a cooling effrect and a lot of respiratory illnesses.

If this continues it will be a given that within that next 6 to 8 months we will be hearing about more people that have died from hunger, despair and suicide than from the COVID-19.

The Climate controllers will do anything to prove their point even if it means starving people to death.

We, the world, are facing a famine of biblical proportions.

This hunger pandemic will be under-reported or not reported at all in the mainstream media. In fact, it has started already. But the attention focuses on the chaos created by the privatized for-profit mismanagement of the health system-the wild weather and the miscreants who deny climate change.

They have already revealed their plans for a New World Order — they have already told you that they need to build back better — but what can they break in order to build it better?

They are committing mass genocide on a worldwide scale in proportions unknown in the recent history of humankind. And this to dominate a world under a New World Order, aiming at a massively reduced world population.

The self-imposed new rulers decide who will live and who will die. Their self-promoting do-gooder agenda – by Bill Gates and Co. – professes to reduce world poverty; yes, by starving and killing the poor as the prices of nutritious foods skyrocket because their geoengineering schemes have decimated crops, their wars will affect the food chain.

Bill Gates and others are already investing in climate altering programs, buying up farm land, and investing in pharmaceuticals and GMO foods.

Weather modification can be used defensively and offensively; to create droughts or floods, both of which have the potential of destroying crops – destroying the livelihood of the poor.

And if that is not enough, the 2010 “Lockstep” Rockefeller Report also foresees food rationing, selectively, of course, as we are talking about eugenics. Let’s not forget Henry Kissinger’s infamous words he uttered in 1970: “Who controls the food supply controls the people – the quote goes on saying, “Who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

This includes those that can control the climate and the weather as well.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 2 comments.

  1. James Sthrohline/James the golf ball guy

    March 24, 2022 at 4:35 pm

    Last nite over Houston Texas as far away as 45 miles there was a orange/red light seen and reported.could it of been cause the CME

  2. R.C. Gallagher, ME

    March 30, 2022 at 11:48 am

    An X-Class CME Carrington level event in a direct earth strike, will debilitate every Solar panel it encounters. The very extent we’ve gone solar photovoltaic “green” is the degree we’ll become non-renewably “dark” with powerless (lethal) aftermath.

    Competing CSP (concentrated solar power) CME/EMP “immune” technology (provided it’s outside any nuclear blast-radius), has been domestically ESCHEWED despite ability to support base loads up to 24/7 incorporating dual storage technology (Li-ON battery or/and MSS, molten salt storage) with UHVDC (ultra-high voltage DC) transmission, incurring minimal loss (compared to AC) -over ‘tens of hundreds’ of kilometers. ( Further, “lossless” transmission will occur when room temperature superconductors are progressively realized entirely removing distance considerations from energy economics equation..)

    China is proof of concept here, pursuing Gobi desert CPS arrays for powering China’s far distant cities, while they’re manufacturing solar panels for US! The CSP approach only awaits a dominant technology design to appear. The three generalized types are Linear-trough (Rankine-cycle based), Dish (Sterling cycle), Central receiver ( Brayton cycle; Alternately, liquid-MSS /Rankine).

    Earlier attempts with DSG (direct steam generation) for trough (in-series) arrays, produced non-stellar results. Oil being a conventional working fluid limits upper operating temperature, and plant thermal “Carnot efficiency” thereby.

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