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Ron Patton | March 22, 2024

While Elon Musk’s brain interface, Neuralink has garnered much attention recently, a U.S. official with knowledge of new potential cases of so-called Havana Syndrome said a steady drumbeat of cables has been coming in from overseas posts reporting new incidents — often multiple times each week. Havanna Syndrome or anomalous health incidents are the telltale proof of long-distance torture, by use of microwaves that can give the victim a concussion or “white brain.” Conversely, we are seeing exponential advances in the neural prototype synchron which is an advanced interface system that establishes a direct and symbiotic connection between the brain and Artificial Intelligence. There’s a delicate balance between improvement and loss, between gaining new abilities and losing our intrinsic nature. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with the host of the Curious Realm podcast, Christopher Jordan about TECHNOTRONIC GRAVY BRAIN.



It has been my observation that all of these socially woke moments we hear about are all sideshows to the main event and the paradigm shift that is taking place right before our eyes.

21st century seems to be all about these petty issues and not about future events that are going to swallow us up in one big gulp.

All of these social movements, gender misidentification complaints along with political derangement are all going to be speedbumps on the road to the future as the Technotronic era is quickly manifesting –and man becomes fully integrated with his cars, household appliances and computer networks.

I always wonder what gender we will all be then.

Perhaps that is why the agenda is for an androgynous sexless generation — because the virtual lives we will lead will all be some simulation and that would include sexual desire where there is no need for those nasty things like genitalia to get in the way.

What we can’t do in a lab — we can do by enlisting in a euthanasia program where many should choose to be free and take away their carbon footprint by just a little pin prick.

This is the science fiction world without the groovy pant suits and flying bubble cars.

We are living it now — surviving it is another story.

If it is war, if it is gender, race, class—it is all the same: It’s all about power. They’ve got it now. Don’t they?

We are being acclimated to the all-knowing technocracy where pharmaceuticals and implanted chips give you a gravy brain.

It is all because someone invented A.I. and has not decided on whether or not it will be our servant or our master.

This is why the bleating herds of sheep won’t respond to logic or reason. They don’t have to. They are spellbound. They are like deer in the headlights losing motivation and are chained to their technology.

Those who plan utopia might have acknowledged that getting there is a difficult task because it involves emotions and ideals that may run into trouble as people try and hold on to traditional social cohesion.

Do we blame this on AI — the attempt at making everything run on 5G and beyond? is there any proof that maybe the radiated smog of our electronics is responsible for all of our minds being basted in our skulls?

Sure there is — there is plenty of proof that this is happening.

U.S. officials told NBC News that as many as 200 Americans have reported experiencing neurological symptoms linked to Havana Syndrome. There are new possible cases on every continent but Antarctica.

Havannah Syndrome is believed to be caused by directed energy attacks.

A U.S. official with knowledge of new potential cases of so-called Havana Syndrome said a steady drumbeat of cables has been coming in from overseas posts reporting new incidents — often multiple times each week.

A recent and previously unreported incident in Berlin cut short at least one diplomat’s term in Germany, U.S. officials and others briefed about the matter said.

Another person who was briefed this month about recent incidents said, “It is global — but there seems to be an awful lot going on in Europe.”

Almost half of the possible cases involve CIA officers or their relatives, two officials said, while about 60 involve Defense Department employees or relatives, and around 50 were linked to the State Department.

U.S. officials have said they do not know what explains the mysterious neurological symptoms first experienced by U.S. diplomats in Cuba, and in public, they avoid using the word “attack” in favor of a more delicate form of Newspeak called “anomalous health incidents.”

U.S. officials have said privately that they suspect that Russia may be using a microwave energy device either to secretly gather digital data or to intentionally injure U.S. officials in a campaign of harassment, which Russia denies.

U.S. intelligence agencies have launched a significant effort to find new information. They are combing through data-seeking clues, including records of cellphone calls and geolocation data around the times and places of reported events.

Havanna syndrome or anomalous health incidents are the telltale proof of long-distance torture, by use of microwaves that can give the victim a concussion or “white brain.”

Leukoaraiosis is a particular abnormal change in the appearance of white matter near the lateral ventricles of the brain. It is often seen in aged individuals, but sometimes in young adults.

It can lead to problems with thinking, problem-solving, balance, and other symptoms.

Again this indicates that we are all waiting for our ticket to be punched by riding on the Gravy Brain.

We are not familiar with cognitive sovereignty because it has never really been a problem until now. With so many new ways of basting the brain we may have to write laws to protect the unlawful search or even seizure of the brain because of new technologies where the brain is targeted.

Elon Musk just shared stunning footage of the first person to use the Neuralink brain chip to control a computer cursor and play video games just by thinking.

The groundbreaking patient, paraplegic man Noland Arbaugh, 29, was seen in a video shared to X using only his mind to play a game of chess.

The patient was ecstatic as he demonstrated how he could move the video chess pieces without using his hands.. it was a feat of artificial telekinesis.

Appearing to still be baffled by how the groundbreaking technology was actually working, Arbaugh likened moving the mouse around the screen to using ‘The Force’ from Star Wars.

It certainly was a touching moment — and the event that will open a new frontier in aiding those with brain and spine injuries that leave them paralyzed.

At this moment Musk can shine again as a man who is a visionary — but how do we deal with those master manipulators that will take this technology and use it to enslave us?

In the realms of both technocracy and transhumanism, there is a shared belief, that science and technology are not just tools or conveniences, but rather the very keystones of a utopian future, and with it we will all be part of a perfect society.

It’s an alluring vision, an ambitious dream where the boundaries of humanity are not just pushed but entirely redrawn through the power of scientific management and technological integration.

Technocrats argue that politicians and traditional forms of governance are ill-equipped to handle modern problems. Instead, they advocate for a society governed by technical experts — scientists, engineers, and technologists, those who understand the intricate workings of complex systems, in energy, transportation, or economics.

Technocrats believe that through careful, rational, and scientific management of resources, a more efficient, equitable, and prosperous society can be achieved.

You may be now understanding why there is such a focus on scientism as true science is rejected and a more religious approach makes way for reverence to the scientists who like religious clerics demand that it be the main source of knowledge.

There is no need for faith in God — only the perfect allure and safety of science — but only dictated by the high priests of the craft appointed by technocratic godmen.

Imagine, for a moment, a world where humans merge with technology so seamlessly that the line between biology and technology blurs. Transhumanists dream of a future where we overcome biological limitations — where aging, illness, and perhaps even death are no longer inevitable.

But this vision, as inspiring as it might seem, is not without its critics. Ethical concerns abound. In a technocratic world, who decides what is efficient or equitable? In a transhumanist future, who gets access to these life-altering technologies?

There’s a fear that such a society could exacerbate inequalities, or worse, create new forms of division between the ‘enhanced’ and the ‘unenhanced’. Then there’s the question of humanity itself. In augmenting our physical and mental capacities, do we risk losing something essential about being human?

In our current era, we stand on the precipice of a future both unknowable and unfathomable, the neural prototype emerges not just as a breakthrough in artificial intelligence but as a harbinger of a new epoch in human evolution.

Elon Musk’s Chip breakthrough will continue to evolve exponentially.

At its core, the neural prototype synchron is an advanced neural interface system that establishes a direct, symbiotic connection between the human brain and AI.

This interface goes beyond traditional brain-computer interfaces by creating a two-way link, where both AI and human intelligence can interact, learn from, and augment each other in real-time. Imagine a scenario where your thoughts can directly influence and control an AI system, while simultaneously, the AI enhances your cognitive capabilities by providing instant access to a vast repository of knowledge and computational power.

Another company known as Precision Neuroscience has also announced that they too have successfully implanted a chip in a patient with Parkinson’s disease.

he brain-computer interface temporarily implanted on the patient’s brain was Precision Neuroscience’s Layer 7 Cortical Interface.

The device’s name is a nod to the six layers of the brain that work together to coordinate sensory inputs with motor outputs, translating, for example, visual and audio information into movement. The intention is for Precision’s interface to act as a synthetic seventh layer.

In the future, when the brain-computer interface is implanted during a dedicated surgery, its electrodes will be placed on the surface of the brain through an incision just large enough to accommodate the array. Its connector will attach to a package of computer chips about the size of 2 1/2 silver dollars stacked atop one another. The package will rest between the scalp and skull, with a wire running under the skin and down the neck, to an antenna and battery embedded in the chest.

The unit’s computer chips will connect wirelessly to an artificial intelligence app that will translate brain signals picked up by the electrodes into computer code, which would move a mouse, type words or perform other digital tasks.

These are amazing breakthroughs and a boon to the constant moves we make toward a transhumanist future.

Tt could revolutionize the treatment of neurological disorders, providing unprecedented insight into the workings of the human brain. In education, it could offer personalized learning experiences, adapting in real-time to a student’s cognitive state. In industry, it could enable more intuitive and efficient human-machine collaboration, breaking new ground in areas like robotics and automation.

The prospect of such intimate machine-human integration raises questions about privacy, autonomy, and identity. What does it mean to be human when our thoughts and decisions can be influenced or augmented by an artificial entity? How do we ensure the security and integrity of our most private thoughts when they are interfaced with a machine? These are questions that must be addressed as we navigate this uncharted territory.

Achieving a seamless and safe neural interface requires advances in neuroimaging and AI algorithms that are sensitive to the nuances of human thought patterns. Ethically, a global consensus on the governance and use of such technology is imperative to prevent misuse and to ensure that the benefits of these technologies accessible to all.

The neural prototype synchron and the brain-computer Interface is not just a technological innovation; it is a stepping stone toward a future where the boundaries between human and machine intelligence become indistinct. As we venture into this brave new world, it is incumbent upon us to approach it with a blend of awe, caution, and a deep sense of responsibility

There’s a delicate balance between improvement and loss, between gaining new abilities and losing our intrinsic nature. In their own words, technocrats view their approach as the “science of social engineering.” This phrase captures both the promise and the hubris of technocracy and transhumanism.

It suggests a belief in the power of science not just to understand the world, but to reshape it according to rational principles. Yet, it also hints at a kind of arrogance, an assumption that complex social and ethical issues can be engineered away as easily as technical problems.

Technocrats will perform miracles — such that it will be indistinguishable from what a God can do.

As we continue to advance technologically, these philosophies offer us a lens through which to view our future — a future that is as exciting as it is uncertain.

The challenge lies in navigating this terrain thoughtfully, recognizing the potential of technology to transform society for the better, while also being mindful of the profound ethical questions and social implications that such transformations entail.

The neural prototype synchron is a testament to human ingenuity and a reminder of the endless possibilities that lie at the intersection of mind and machine.


Christopher Jordan is the founder and host of “Curious Realm”, a program that explores interesting and unusual topics related to science, technology, history, and culture. Christopher creates informative and entertaining episodes that delve into various topics such as ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories, and futuristic technologies, interviewing experts, and exploring these topics in greater depth. Known for his engaging presentation style, making complex topics accessible to a wide and ranging audience. His website is His podcast is on Ground Zero Radio, Fridays from 5-7pm, pacific time.


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Jimbo

    March 23, 2024 at 12:06 pm

    Just think that 1 EMP or Carrington CME+ event in such an technoautocratic “bio
    (buy owe)-future,” would obviate everything and everyone so virtually conscripted into existential quadriplegia.

    While I do NOT believe that AI will ever be sentient/self-aware (ie: a man created life form), it may certainly appear that way to some in being the “ultimate idol” to worship. Yet, as non-living as the electrons or even photons pumping its inanimacy.

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