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Ron Patton | March 22, 2023

When paranormal experiences happen and we are witnesses to them, it can be argued that it expands our sense of who we imagine we are and transforms our intimate relationship with ourselves. Many paranormal events are like whispers – they speak to us through EVP, telepathy, spiritual intuitiveness and synchronistic events. Ghost hunters and spiritual warriors have documented a realm or dimension that simultaneously exists next to ours. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with paranormal investigators, June Lundgren and Aaron Collins about HAUNTING SUSPICIONS – VEXATAR A SPIRTIBUS IMMUDIS.






Let’s face it: seldom does the evidence provided to support claims of the supernatural present clear, coherent proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that what is being represented is real. Among shaky videos of alleged “UFOs” with prolific in-and-out zooming, blurry photos of a blurry Bigfoot perhaps no “proof” of the unexplained is more consistently lacking–and prone to hoaxing–than those pertaining to ghosts and hauntings.

It comes with the territory as cable networks keep churning out ghost-hunting shows where the stars jump at everything from a burp to a bump.

Demons and ghosts are one of the hardest things to capture because you cannot just make one dance for you unless you summon one and most goat hunters aren’t willing to do that.

They just poke around dark places and look startled and somehow an hour of that is entertaining. Ghost hunting and demon summoning are not meant for hobbyists that treat the effort as you would fishing.

In fact, ghost hunting now is a lot like fishing — because in the end there are a lot of reality show ghost hunters that always talk about the one that got away.

Unless there is hard evidence, a recording, or a video then a story is just a story — and reality TV gives us a comical version of the really terrifying encounters that people have had with denizens of the darkness.

I just wish that many of these reality TV shows would get back to basics and realize the Ghosts and Demons have a rich history and may be key to some heard messages that are screaming from the grave.

It has caused many writers to use them in allegories about redemption and of course, the Bible is a great resource for all things supernatural.

I am sure you already have figured out that many times when I do research on my shows that I open the bible from time to time to check up on prophecy and how the book of the Apocalypse is becoming a very real horror story that is playing out in real-time in our modern world.

Revelations is truly a strange book. It’s been controversial since ancient times, and its place in the New Testament canon was hotly disputed during the 16th-century Reformation. Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli did not consider it apostolic, and John Calvin reportedly said, “The study of Revelation either finds a man mad or leaves him that way.”

Nevertheless, Revelations remained in the canon, every horrible prophecy of destroying angels, demons, wars, and the dead rising from their graves.

When hell is full the dead shall walk among us.

The last book of the bible says that although there will be “nuclear conflagrations, biological holocausts and chemical apocalypses rolling over the earth,” we need not worry because when things get really out of hand, Jesus will show up, in a deus ex machina, to fix everything.

Many generations of poets, novelists and movie-makers have found inspiration in its pages, and who can deny that those verses are colorful and dramatic? The bizarre imagery seems to grab hold of our imagination and perhaps it has triggered a thought contagion and that what is happening now is a retrocausal manifesting as the power of the human mind, and the groupthink may somehow nudge the powers of darkness.

So much trauma, darkness and dread have been known to trigger unwarranted catastrophes and turmoil.

There are many dramatic newsworthy stories that get little if any, coverage and without massive, ongoing coverage by the media– many of them that are avoided are the ones that take on a supernatural tone — it may be too creepy to consider that the end times can conjure demons and ghosts that do not wish to hide in the shadows.

I am sure many of them are in positions of power hiding behind masks.

There is a new film that will be in theaters soon called “The Popes Exorcist.” It is a film about the life of film about Father Gabriele Amorth.

Father Amorth was Rome’s chief exorcist from 1986 until his death in 2016 at age 91. As of 2013, he reportedly performed approximately 160,000 exorcisms during his career.

In 1990, the Italian priest co-founded the International Association of Exorcists. The organization now has several hundred members.

Father Amorth spoke about the many ways in which the demonic affects the world, including the possession of politicians and attacks on the family.

In an interview with the magazine “Maria Mensajera,” Amorth said “Everybody is vulnerable to the work of Satan” and that “the devil loves to take over those who hold political office.”

“Evil exists in politics, quite often in fact,” Father Amorth said. “The devil loves to take over business leaders and those who hold political office. Hitler and Stalin were possessed. How do I know? Because they killed millions of people. The Gospel says: ‘By their fruits, you will know them.’ Unfortunately, an exorcism on them would not have been enough, since they were convinced of what they were doing. We can’t say it was a possession in the strict sense of the word, but rather a total and voluntary acceptance of the suggestions of the devil.”

What he said was a warning many years ago about politicians and now as we see that President Biden and Former President Trump have both been involved in scandals that have us question their morality and exactly who they serve.

I have a haunting suspicion that Warhawks and others who delight in mammon and greed may be possessed in some way and their so-called leadership has contributed nothing to the spiritual health of our country.

Over one-half of young Americans 18-29 years old now believe in the idea that invisible, non-corporeal entities called “demons” can take partial or total control of human beings.

However, what is truly bizarre is that religious affiliation with young adults is declining around the world. I have often wondered why this statistic is so lopsided.

Is it because we are seeing more evil in the world than good?

Are people finding power and a new spiritual awakening as we are seeing and encountering more strange phenomena?

More people are now coming forward to talk about their abduction experiences. Being taken by beings that can only be described as aliens.

Some are calling them fallen angels and their agenda is to harm mankind. There are more and more reports of ghosts appearing out of nowhere and they are making impressive appearances on video and voices from those who have died are being picked up on recording devices, not to mention negative prompts in A.I. are conjuring demonic and corpse-like figures like LOAB.

Recently there was a report out of Arizona that on State Road 87 a truck driver spotted a ghostly figure standing in the road at about 2:30 AM on March 11th.

A video of the incident went viral on the internet – as it does appear that something or someone was in the road in the early morning hours.

SR 87 has seen its fair share of deadly car crashes as it’s one of the state’s main highways to get to and from mountain communities.

William Church the diver said that the ghostly figure was seen between Phoenix and Payson with no cars in sight.

Apparently, this stretch of highway has had many ghost sightings and encounters.

Another truck driver going south to Tucson claimed to have picked up a hitchhiker whose name matched someone who went missing back in the 70s.

Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors, and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. Mythologies, astrology, and prophecy both biblical and non-biblical shape the way we see the world.

Some of us hear voices that prompt us into avoiding accidents or give us guidance when we are in a conundrum.

Beyond the voices are the visions of precognitive and retro-cognitive dreams. In the ether of the subconscious, we replay all of the experiences we have had, and at other moments we have dreams that are precognitive that sometimes warn us of great danger.

Those visions that leap from the ether into our dimensional reality are apparitions, discarnate spirits, or telepathic or telekinetic impressions.

I am sure that someone you know or perhaps you yourself have had an experience you can’t quite describe accurately as it is so bizarre it defies explanation. We have covered stories dealing with ghosts and demons and all of the things that can keep you awake at night.

Lurking in the margins of our lives are experiences that cannot be explained. It can be theorized that these experiences remain in the margins for most parts because they shock us, confound us, and play with the mind in such a way that it makes us question mortality and why we were given the experience in the first place.

When paranormal experiences happen and we are witnesses to them, it can be argued that it expands our sense of who we imagine we are and transforms our intimate relationship with ourselves.

These experiences are unmediated manifestations of the dream-like nature of reality; we know that we are awake, but the experience can be compared to a dream or a nightmare.

For me, they are genuine wake-up calls to the fact that there is more to learn about the quantum entanglements which exist in the matrix we have constructed and there sometimes isn’t an explanation for everything.

Many people who have had these experiences in their lives have told me the paranormal event they were involved in has changed them to the very core.

After all, when you see or experience the unknown you can say that you no longer live in a disenchanted universe.

For the most part, many ghost investigations bring forth interesting moments that in my opinion don’t prove the existence of an afterlife, but they do show there are certain entities that lurk in other dimensions and that they use certain frequencies and surrounding sound to create a voice that can be heard, or use electrical manipulation to move objects – or even speak through mediums.

Many paranormal events are like whispers. They speak to us through EVP, telepathy, spiritual intuitiveness and synchronistic events. A synchronistic event occurs when we recognize that two or more causally unrelated events resemble each other and catch our attention.

Clairaudience is receiving messages in thought form from another frequency or realm. It is considered a form of channeling. The human body has always been known as a transmitter and it certainly has a frequency. Sometimes though, like the tuning of the radio, we can find an open channel that sends a message loud and clear.

Most of the time, the voices and movements of ghostly entities are harmless. They may be shocking at first, but for those who brave the haunted realms it all becomes routine.

That is of course until they have to fight a spirit that is feral or considered evil or demonic.

Make no mistake – there are those entities that decide that you have invaded your domain. They will turn violent and show anger.

Likewise, Father Amorth — the Pope’s exorcist has said:

Nobody, \not even himself, is “safe from the devil. Everyone is vulnerable.” “The devil is very intelligent. He retains the intelligence of the angel that he was.”

He knows who you are and knows of what your difficulties are and will exploit them until you give in to his wishes.

Those who have had deliverance experiences can attest to the fact that whatever demons possessed you – they can weigh you down until you either give up or seek spiritual and psychological guidance.

The belief in evil spirits has spanned thousands of years and they appear in literature as harbingers of doom and in countless religious pantheons as enemies of God. While individual beliefs may vary from culture to culture, they generally have one thing in common: if these evil spirits exist, there also exists a way to combat it.

For most people plagued with evil spirits in their lives the battle is left between prayer and God, but for the vast majority of belief systems, there are designated spiritual protectors tasked with the saving of souls; pastors, priests, monks, shaman, witch doctors, each of them with their own rules of engagement.

No matter the faith, it takes a certain kind of person to intentionally, and often exclusively, picks fights with evil spirits. Many believe they are chosen by a higher power for this purpose, while others simply do it for a thrill. Some feel a moral and spiritual obligation to cast demons from their fellow man.

There are others who see it as a way to connect with something tangible on a spiritual level.

Some see it as proof that it is good and evil in the world — something they need to feel in order to believe that it is real.

Many people remember Malachi Martin. He was another well-known priest that warned of demonic infiltration.

Martin believed that, thanks to his intervention in hundreds of possessions, he had drawn the attention of the forces of evil, who were just waiting for a moment to strike. In 1999, alone in his New York apartment, Martin fell. His fall occurred with such force that he died of a brain hemorrhage. He was 78.

From a religious standpoint, it is pointless to try and dispute the idea that evil spirits and their intentions are very clearly laid out in the Judeo-Christian faiths.

For those who believe that evil spirits are the “fallen angels” or the army of Satan, for people like Malachi Martin the dangers of dealing with these forces are so clear that they need no further explanation.

However, ghost hunting continues, and paranormal hunters or spiritual warriors have documented that there is a world that simultaneously exists next to ours.

The chase continues but what is the purpose? It appears to be a bit of fishing — laying out the hook throwing out the chum and snagging the shark.



June Lundgren is a psychic medium, international author, animal communicator, nurse, television personality, and Demon Seer. Her book, A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, was written to help people understand the paranormal.

If you are interested in learning about negative entities her book, The Dark Side of the Paranormal, has a lot of useful information. She believes that people need to know how to protect themselves.

June offers intuitive readings, perform house cleansing, soul retrievals, earthbound spirit (ghost) communication, and demonic removal.

Aaron Collins was 17 years old when he encountered his first “paranormal experience”. It was so terrifying that it not only shook him but left him with questions that began his curiosity and fascination with the paranormal. In 1993 he began a career in the security field which led to internal and external retail loss prevention investigations. Applying his investigative skills, Aaron co-founded NW Paranormal Investigative Team.

Aaron has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 20 years. In early January 2014, he co-created, co-hosted and produced Blog Talk Radio’s Paranormal Crossings which is a talk show focusing on interviewing professionals in the paranormal field as well as owners, curators and victims of haunted locations.

Aaron has interviewed people such as Psychic Mediums, Paranormal Investigators, Authors, Actors and more. He and his team’s objective is to help others that may be experiencing paranormal activity by using investigative skills, and technical and spiritual methods to determine the cause of the activity.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Ida Vreeland

    March 22, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    I’m glad your doing a show on spirits. I’ve had my own experiences and people dismiss it. I’ve been curious since my first experience as a child. I used to pray them up I call it. Then I met a man who did the same and my method was similar.

  2. joe

    March 22, 2023 at 8:32 pm

    YES the paranormal that CONTROLS the banks the stocks markets of the world ,that can create dictators Alexanders Caesars Hitlers GENGHIS World wars , that people sell their solds too.. that run the world the Bilderbergs Rothshields Masons CFR ILLUMANTI sATANIST DEVIL worshipers LUCIFERIANS .. 13 bloodlines vipers of VENICE ,, BLACK Noblity Black POPE UNDER WORLD ORDERS & SECRET Society

  3. Jim Pancaro

    March 22, 2023 at 9:22 pm

    I saw that video of the truck driver’s dashcam, and I saw what looked like a ghost to me. I’m listening .

  4. joe

    March 23, 2023 at 4:34 am

    LUCIFER SATAN OMEN 1 TO 3..DEVILS ADVOCATE .rosemaries baby.. 666.. BETRAY STOCKS BITCOIN satan rules mammon Judas betray JESUS today is JUDGEMENT. DAY.

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