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Ron Patton | March 21, 2022

We are for sale, and we sell ourselves every day in the hopes of acquiring a wage that allows us to eat, sleep, and feed our families. Add inflation, high gas prices, high-interest rates, and scarcity, you have people who are beaten down ready to accept any solution — no matter if it goes against everything they stand for. Dehumanizing people has been a great tactic in getting people to conform. We are not only starving for food, we are also starving for love and something that can restore our faith in our humanity and even our country. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about HANGRY GAMES – THE SCIENCE OF SCARCITY.





I have had a weekend of watching a lot of dystopian programs that involve curses, plagues and how people have to make sacrifices in order to survive. The them of these programs have been adapt or perish and of course this is going to be the mantra for survival in this time of apocalyptic morality .

I have been watching the TV series, From and the last season of the Walking Dead.

Both are about people who need to survive by rebuilding their lives after plagues and scarcity and how people have to work together when they are displaced, becoming refugees in the world.

Dystopian narratives have long been an alluring and thought-provoking form of entertainment, especially for those who take an interest in studying social and political structures. From classics like Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New World.

The Hunger Games and Squid Game come to mind as modern tales that paint a picture of desperate people fighting for recourses and money.

Our lives are driven by fear. Fear leads us to spend and consume; fear leads us to withdraw from our communities; and fear leads us to apathy regarding our own social and political processes. This fear is conditioned as much as it is natural.

Fear motivates fight or flight — and it is fear that triggers turmoil including wars.

The other day when I did the show on the Joro spider, I received an email telling me that the show was inappropriate, because according to the author– “We are at War” and we need to hear more from you about what is happening.

I assured the listener that when something interesting transpires about the war, i will report it but their comes a point where all of the cheerleading becomes exploitive.

We are at that stage, in the mainstream media. We are at the point of overkill with the war and why we should be supportive, but in the need no one stops to think about the long term impact of what is underway.

It is not good — and we are about to see some horrible repercussions from this moment in history and it is very much a well-designed agenda to starve people into submission and provide them with a solution that is not at all good or comfortable.

As war continues to ravage Ukraine, Americans, particularly those who live paycheck to paycheck, are beginning to feel the financial squeeze on their food prices from the conflict half a world away.

It began with a rapid rise in gas prices. Now, with Russian oil banned in the United States and energy scarcity heightened globally, experts say shoppers can expect their grocery bills to rise in coming months – especially if Ukraine misses its wheat planting season.

Russia and Ukraine produce 25% of the global wheat supply, according to the Observatory for Economic Complexity. While neither of these countries export wheat to the U.S. directly, their absence from the global market is expected to strain supply and push prices higher.

All of this scarcity, from natural gas and crude oil to wheat and seed oil, will impact the cost of doing business for food manufacturers at home.

But the scarcity conspiracy has only just begun — if you are not finding ways to store food, or to find ways to cut budgets there are many things that are about to change the dynamic of the way we live in America.

If you need a refresher course as to what the plan is — I want to review it for you so that there is no mistaking the warnings we have been giving people not only this show but on Alex Jones Infowars and recently in the Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood.

I recently taped a show with Carlwood and while he may of wanted me to speak on paranormal news, I passionately unloaded various predictions about what is happening in the world and it was most certainly the release i needed in order to clear my conscience about what I am deeply feeling about what the plan is — and what we know about how the technocracy operates — they take and take and take and then they want you to do all sorts of things so that you can go back to depending in them instead of being self-reliant.

They are creating a codependent world — and they are creating scarcity do that they can provide “Green carbon free “answers to all of your worries.  This includes, GMO foods, a synthetic life where all you can do is to escape to the metaverse and ignore the ugliness of how the world continues to deteriorate .

I have pointed out many times that the agenda of scarcity can be traced to Karl Marx– but the godfather of starving the populace to control populations and weaponize necessities like food and water was the brainchild of Henry Kissinger.

On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.”

The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, National Security Study Memorandum outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine.

Brent Scowcroft, who had by then replaced Kissinger as National security Adviser (the same post-Scowcroft was to hold in the Bush administration), was put in charge of implementing the plan.

CIA Director George Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture.

National Security Study Memorandum 200 similarly concluded that the United States was threatened by population growth and that measure had to be taken to lessen the population of the United States or that we would be forced to regulate vital resources like food and water.

There were several measures that Kissinger advocated to deal with this alleged threat, most prominently, birth control and related population-reduction programs. He also warned that “population growth rates are likely to increase appreciably before they begin to decline,” even if such measures were adopted.

A second measure was curtailing food supplies to targeted states, in part to force compliance with birth control policies: he stated that “There is also some established precedent for taking account of family planning performance in appraisal of assistance requirements by AID U.S. Agency for International Development and consultative groups.

He stated that population growth is a major determinant of increases in food demand.

“Mandatory programs may be needed and we should be considering these possibilities now,” the document continued, adding, “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? … Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?”

Kissinger also predicted a return of famines could make exclusive reliance on birth control programs unnecessary. In other words, it would be advantageous to create famine in order to curtail birth and thus reduce the population.

Kissinger was clearly advocating starving people in the United States. The plan is underway and the war that we are blindly supporting and the pandemic that we have been groomed tio get used is playing a significant role in the second wave of the culling process that will end in worldwide civil upheaval and a World war that has already been started economically.

The tools of war are not as obvious as you might think.

Kissinger stated that resource depletion in the scarcity conspiracy would have to appear to be natural and quite possibly connected to an environmental impact on agricultural yields.

In case you had not noticed, there is a concerted effort to dominate an unsuspecting and unquestioning American public with a very specific reality that requires a consistent unanimity of thought.

That reality is necessary to continue the wars and global military dominance, to create severe economic disturbance and disparities; a reality that relies on disinformation and hypocrisy while stirring citizens into a frenzied level of confusion, worry and anxiety about the future.  A distracted population living on the edge is more easily stage managed to accept a further loss of civil liberties than a politically informed, diligent population of infinite consciousness.

The science of group think and social engineering is being used on everyone in order to move them form crisis to crisis leading to cognitive strains,

We cannot ‘think’ alone but under the discursive influence of others, many of whom with which on many things we come to agree, although we must at the same time, for the sake of finding our collective way forward to a more adequate understanding of ourselves and our world, be wary of deriving too much comfort from thinking too much as others do, that is to say, conventionally, however astute and sophisticated that general outlook or mindset might be.

This war in Ukraine has been all encompassing and it is becoming evident that this whol affair is poised to become a lynch pin in creating the never ending cycle of scarcity. Wars are not only devastating because of the death tolls and the tragedy involved, they also wreak havoc on the environment and can be seen as just another form of geoengineering.

One cannot help but shake one’s head in outrage at the long-planned nature of the wealthy global elite’s seizure of power under the guise of a pandemic emergency, a needless war, and the ultimate sell of Climate crisis that will include some dangerous geoengineering where fires, and the continued bombardment of chemical trails will disrupt the jet stream and give us devastating weather that will impact food supplies all over the world.

Science and politics shape the technocracy and there has been a concerted effort to use consensus group think to create calculated loss in order to not only cull the population, but leave those who survive fighting for every crumb and food scraps they can get.

If consensus is not science, the scientist cannot always avoid being under its sway and, moreover, if the ‘truth’ is eventually to win out over our collective cultural benightedness, it must eventually tempt and enthrall the reasoning assent of more than just a few and thereby itself become the basis of a consensus. If consensus is not science, science cannot for all that dispense with it.

The idea of apocalypse is a central tenet of human society. We’ve been taught about Armageddon, Kali Yuga, Judgment Day, nuclear holocaust, the end times, the four horsemen, and the Sermon of the Seven Suns. Hierarchical societal arrangements leave us feeling powerless. Exploitative systems leave us feeling hopeless. And the widespread deployment of fear ultimately keeps us in our place, and out of the business of those who own our worlds.

Behind all political battles, social critiques, and theoretical inquiries lies the most fundamental question: when left to our own accord, how will we interact with one another? How one answers this question usually goes a long way to how one perceives the world, and how issues are viewed and opinions are formed. To our dismay, potential answers are typically presented in dualities. Are we good or evil? Competitive or cooperative? Generous or greedy? Violent or peaceful?

What would push you into doing something completely out of character in order to survive or provide for your family?

A common theme among religion has been that human beings are “born into sin” and heavily influenced by “evil forces” to do harmful things. One who embraces this theme will tend to have less faith in humanity than one who does not. For, if we really are engaging in a daily struggle to resist the powers of evil, it is reasonable to assume that evil will take hold of many.

How can we trust anyone who, at a moment’s notice, could potentially lose the ability to act on their own conscience?

In a world bombarded with fear– we really need to start asking how are families and friends are doing — how they are holding up. People may be suffering depression and isolation in silence, they may be hungry or in pain — and this leads many people into the idea that perhaps they should just give up.

No one wants to admit that they have been mentally scarred by all of the events that are happening all at once.

We are not only starving for food , we are also starving for love and something that can restore our faith in our humanity and even our country.

We are a nation that is at war – not with Russia but with the power brokers who are pushing us to our limits — they want a world that in ungovernable so that a powerful world government can step in and guarantee a safer and sanitized world.

The fourth industrial revolution will be accepted under duress — the question is are you string enough to stand against it?

I am not at all confident that we can because of our codependence of the nanny state.

The American experiment appears to be over and whatever happens next is certainly an indication of dark days ahead with a plate of vengeance that will be served cold to those who tapped danced on that frayed nerve of those who see themselves as patriots.

The right or wrong here is not an issue – the fight is against a paramoral threat that is external and there needs to be a consolidated effort to restore our constitutional republic.

Science. Politics. Religion. Interpersonal relationships. There is no sphere of human study, thinking, belief or behavior that isn’t affected in some way shape or form by what we believe to be true or false.

That’s what it all boils down to. doing the work to understand ourselves and what we are capable of doing when times get tough.

We are constantly being presented with policies, ideas and perspectives that present this challenge to us in increasingly, significant and meaningful ways. And made all the more important for their intensity and wide-spread ramifications.

In this time of widespread tyranny, those who speak the truth are true heroes. Unfortunately, many seem to end badly, dismissed, imprisoned or suicided.

We have reached a point in this nation where the end justifies the means and in order to accomplish the goal of destroying our nation, an action of paramorality is in play.

It must be stressed that the paramorality in play is always an inversion of the prevailing morality that is also parasitic upon it — this is what Nietzsche called the slave morality. It is the morality forced upon those that will be reduced to peasants. Then we will see an apocalyptic morality that is ever present in our zombie fiction stories like “the Walking Dead” where the potential threat of flesh-eating zombie hoards become an afterthought to the clear and present danger of “evil” humans who are out to get one another.

It is paramoral– it is an apocalyptic winner take all morality at th expense of the weak and those that have not prepared for this inevitable agenda.

It is a particular type of perversion of morality that can feel more moral than moral but is, in fact, evil. This is because the paramorality acts in service to a pseudo-reality, not reality, and is thus the domain of psychopathy, which, when inflicted on the normal masses, is evil. The goal of the paramorality will always arise from and exist to favor people with particular psychopathologies who cannot otherwise cope with the discomforts of reality.

This implies that an ideological pseudo-reality’s most successful means of gaining strength is through appealing to the perceived victimhood of those people and whipping up the grievances of those who have suffered similar injustices with more dignity. When widely empowered, this should be treated as another symptom of impending civilizational calamity and a need to identify and reject the pseudo-reality manipulating these feelings.

Are we really drawn toward conflict? Must we compete with one another to survive? Is it appropriate to apply Darwin’s evolutionary theories in a social sense where the “fit” are meant to gain wealth and power over the “weak”?

It may seem a bit cliche to say that we have a choice but the agenda of the Great reset is to eliminate choice and become more dependent on a central bank and a global government.

We are for sale, and we sell ourselves everyday – in the hopes of acquiring a wage that allows us to eat, sleep, and feed our families. In the United States, the 46 million people living in poverty haven’t been so lucky. The 2.5 million who have defaulted on their student loans have been discarded. The 49 million who suffer from food insecurity have lost hope. The 3.5 million homeless are mocked by 18.6 million vacant homes. And the 22 million who are unemployed or underemployed have been deemed “unfit commodities” and relegated to the reserve army of labor.

Add inflation, high gas prices, high interest rates and scarcity and you have people who are beaten down ready to accept any solution — no matter if it goes against everything they stand for.

Dehumanizing people has been a great tactic in getting people to conform.

Dystopia in a future sense is no longer science fiction as Dystopia in the present tense is being seen by those who are old enough to remember an America that was completely different than it is today.

If it all goes as planned totalitarianism will replace nationalism and those that support totalitarianism will not even see themselves as authoritarian cultists.

It functions like a cult, totalitarianism. It creeps up on you, little by little, little lie by little lie, accommodation by accommodation, rationalization by rationalization … until one day you find yourself taking orders from some twisted little narcissistic nihilist on a mission to remake the entire world. You don’t surrender to it all at once. You do it over the course of weeks and months.

Imperceptibly, it becomes your reality. You do not recognize that you are in it, because everything you see is part of it, and everyone you know is in it … except for the others, who are not part of it.

But with enough tough love, they will soon understand the science of scarcity.


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Carlos cabrera

    March 21, 2022 at 6:27 pm

    Yes I believe there will be gradual increases in food and water scarcity and materials in general. This is in compliance to the limits to growth policies and zero growth policies of the club of rome, an insidious globalist institution whose ains is to reduce the worlds population in half by 2050. The elite of the club of Rome like prince Charles , Henry Kissinger
    and the lates David rockerfeller andborince bernhsrd we’re perennial pushers if the zero growth and limits to growth polucues.

  2. Jimbo

    March 22, 2022 at 8:11 pm

    The “Alpha and Omega” (Hebrew: Aleph-Tav ) has the first and last word over this world and new earth and heaven to come. NOT a beast world order system.

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