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Ron Patton | March 15, 2022

It appears that the White Horse of Prophecy, the horse that represents plague, pestilence, and famine, is riding through the world. Conspiracy theorist, William Cooper, wrote an insightful book called, Behold a Pale Horse. More than thirty years since its publication, much of what he wrote is still relevant and indicates that the pale rider is here and that we should take heed. Cooper’s alarming publication spoke of future tense where we would face a cashless society, a socialist order that devalues work, the confiscation of weapons, and global leadership usurping the sovereignty of the United States. Doesn’t that seem congruent to what we are seeing today? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about TALES OF THE PALE RIDER.





It has been our charge from the beginning that the world is being changed in phases and that these phases are to somehow bring about a New World Order. The phrase New World Order is uttered reluctantly in our circle because of its right–wing crank origins. The idea of such an order is a reality; however, the popular theories surrounding it are so bizarre that it is reasonable to understand why skeptics want to poke at such an idea.

The skeptics can come off as being in denial when you put these theories and fears into an historical perspective and understand that there have been many attempts to centralize world power. In the realms of crank conspiracy yarns the United States is without blame.

The New Order as it is diagramed and explained is always the work of a secret society in cahoots with a fascist government willing to create a super police state that rules from a centralized location. This Order will allegedly eliminate our way of life and replace it with a form of secular humanistic socialism.

Many say that Satanist overlords paying homage to the great beast, the incarnate antichrist, will control this type of government. The words that express such a government are mixed and blended with religious fanaticism and millennialism. So much emphasis placed on trigger words like “antichrist” and “the beast” turns off those who wish to distance themselves from any doomsday dogma.

It is in its dogmatic and fanatical perspective that the New World Order is dismissed as a paranoid delusion.

However, if we pay attention to the words that are spoken by our leaders, and the actions taken we will see that there will be a time when we will exhaust our resources and we will become needy and desperate for a new way of life.

All of the resources that we need to sustain a comfortable existence will be provided by a leviathan government.

The love of Big Brother will become imperative. Your obedience will become mandatory, and your freedom will become a state of mind programmed by the puppet masters that know which strings can be pulled to get you to dance on the stage of a brave new world. What sounds like apocalyptic nonsense is now a blueprint for what is to come.

The other day someone sent me the murals that are seen at the Denver Airport and asked if I ever have done a show about them — I wrote back and said I have done several and I would do another one if it was relevant.

A reply came back — Clyde, I feel it is relevant and pointed out one of the panels showed a menacing figure in a gas mask that is wearing the hat of a fascist dictator. The figure is wearing a green heavily draped uniform. The choice for the color green, may or may not indicate the reference of that color being associated with one of the 4 horses of the apocalypse.

In the sixth Chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse, the scripture says that in the visions of John he saw a man sitting on a Pale Horse in the midst of the mobs waiting to conquer.

“And I looked up and saw a pale horse standing there. Its rider carried a bow, and a
crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain the victory.”

There continues a description of several horsemen who ride in the final days each horse having its own symbology. There is war, famine, pestilence and death. The horses also have colors. the symbolism of the horseman have been determined in many ways . The white horse is a horse of Conquest; this horse is the horse that the Muslim Mahdi, the antichrist or Jesus is supposed to arrive on. A Red horse brings war, the black horse brings plagues and the pale horse which is a deathly greenish white death horse.

Again, it is important to note that the pale horse has been called the pale green horse and its name has been taken from the original Greek Chloros. Chlorine is a pale green agent that is used in many chemical weapons.

Does this indicate that coming on the heels of the first three horsemen, the pale horseman’s arrival portends that more hundreds of millions will perish through the use of chemical weapons?

The mural at the Denver Airport seems to illustrate the same story as the menacing green phantom in the gas mask brings with him a large sword, and a gun. His sword pierces the heart of the dove of peace and upon his arrival we see that women and children fall dead at his feet, the result of what can be determined to be a chemical or biochemical attack.

The uncanny mural depiction of the deaths of women and children at the hands of a monster in a gas mask cannot be ignored and serves as a prophetic reminder of what the future may hold in a world where we are now being faced with the chemical threats.

It is imperative to understand that the use of chemical weapons in any instance can and will disrupt the already unstable balance of relationships essential for the stability of nations.

The question is what is at stake when chemical weapons are used? How many will die and what are the consequences. We have seen the death that has resulted from the chemicals used in Syria and on the Kurds. It seems that our leaders want to scare us into believing that Russia will use them in the Ukrainian war.

Last Sunday Tulsi Gabbard made a video claiming that there are 25 to 30 American-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine and called for an immediate ceasefire at the laboratories as they could spread dangerous pathogens.

Gabbard’s concern about the spread of pathogens is supported by fact—the World Health Organization called for Ukraine to destroy high-threat pathogens this week to prevent the spread of disease if a laboratory is attacked– however the media and her colleagues are now falling over themselves calling her a Russian asset because they say that there is no evidence to support the claim that the U.S. supporting biological labs in Ukraine.

The United States denies the allegation.

The media is now on the attack saying that Gabbard is spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory that was allegedly created by Russian Propaganda agents.

Gabbard spoke in Tucker Carlson saying:

“I have said that there are bio labs in Ukraine that have received U.S. support that contain dangerous pathogens that if those labs are breached, then we in the world is facing a potential future of pandemics, that this is a dangerous crisis that needs to be addressed immediate, these pathogens need to be destroyed.”

Utah Senator Mitt Romney has now called her a traitor for querying US funding given to Ukrainian biolabs – now at the mercy of Russia.

The metaphor of the white horse and the pale rider is not lost on those who know that when Mitt Romney, a Mormon ran for President — there was a swell of concern about a little known prophecy in the church called the White Horse Prophecy.

A Mormon author named Duane S, Crowther wrote a book called Prophecy Key to the Future. In the book, Crowther writes about a little-known prophecy given by Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith in 1843. The prophecy is known as the White Horse prophecy, where Smith had given some clear and very important prophecies about the United States. The Latter-Day Saints, according to the prophecy, would “go to the Rocky Mountains” and be a great and mighty people”, identified metaphorically with the White Horse described in the book of the Apocalypse The prophecy further predicts that the Constitution of the United States will one day “hang like a thread” and will be saved “by the efforts of a Mormon elder — or the elders of Zion.”

The same prophecy seemed to have been repeated by another Prophet of the Mormon Church, John Taylor. Taylor, the third prophet of the church once prophesied, “When the people shall have torn to shreds the Constitution of the United States the Elders of Israel will be found holding it up to the nations of the earth and proclaiming liberty and equal rights to all men”.

To defend the principles of the Constitution under circumstances where the “iniquity,” or moral decay, of the people has torn it to shreds might well require wisdom at least equal to that of the men raised up to found it. In particular, it would require great insight into the relationship between freedom and virtue in a political embodiment of moral agency.”

Mitt Romney when asked about the White Horse prophecy during his run for President became apprehensive and actually said that he has not heard of his candidacy even being connected to the Whitehorse prophecy and that the entire prophecy was actually rejected by the Prophet Joseph F. Smith, the son of Hyrum Smith, the brother of Joseph Smith.

Joseph Fielding Smith a Mormon Prophet gave a talk during the October 1918 LDS General Conference about the White Horse Prophecy saying that it was a false prophecy.

However, today it appears that the White horse of prophecy, the horse that represents Plague Pestilence and Famine is riding through the world.

One cannot ignore that fact that another book of Prophetic insight was written by Conspiracy theorist William Cooper called Behold a Pale Horse. More than thirty years since its publication much of what he wrote is still relevant and indicates that it appears the pale rider is here and that we should take heed.

Cooper’s book spoke of future tense where we would face a cashless society, a socialist order that devalues work, the confiscation of weapons, and global leadership usurping the sovereignty of the United States.

Though portions of the book are dated, some paragraphs can strike readers as eerily prescient.

Cooper described a CIA plan to induce in people, via drugs and hypnosis, the desire to shoot up schoolyards. Cooper said such incidents would hasten the call for gun control. “This plan is well under way,” he wrote. “The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

Cooper’s work describes a conspiracy that is timeless: Nearly all that has been told to you is illusion. If you think shadowy forces are pulling the strings, it is because they are. Don’t trust anybody and be on guard. Citizens must soon fight for what they hold dear.

Cooper saw his mission as increasingly urgent.

The fact that Cooper would die in a shootout with authorities seemed fated.

He never lived to see his prophecies come to fruition.

Famine. Plague and Pestilence have been all over the news as we are in a battle that some believe is the pretext for Armageddon.

In order to understand future events sometimes it becomes necessary to go beyond expected normal and find paranormal activity that is happening right in front of us,

We must admit that we are in a time where things are not normal and from there we may finally figure out the real truth is actually pieced together like a challenging jigsaw puzzle.

It is with careful study and comparison that we can reveal possible futures and diffuse the many weapons that are being used for our own destruction. There are bombs and weapons of conquest that we all fear and there is psychological warfare where clever propaganda and predictive programming indicate that what is to come is going to rough and that we have to endure some very precarious moments.

However, now the focus has been on Chemical weapons and genotype biological pathogens being used in the war. We are all focused on the Chemical labs that were revealed in a Senate hearing by Victoria Nuland — and now the controversy is the continuous reporting by the media of a false flag attack from Russia using biological or chemical weapons.

The idea is that Russia would blame it on Ukraine and that the reason is to gain sympathy for the No Fly Zone and more weapons from NATO.

World Economic Forum-linked Ukrainian activist Daria Kaleniuk went viral with her plea for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene militarily against Russian forces, and a recent poll by corporate media outlet Reuters found that 74% of Americans supported a no fly zone over Ukraine – with it remaining unclear on whether those polled were aware of the nuclear apocalypse that such a measure would entail.

Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg have made it clear that such a measure is off the table, each citing the global nuclear conflict that would undoubtedly follow as the reason.

Even Joe Biden in an eerie fashion kept on saying that this would mean World War III.

Though this may seem a reason to be optimistic that the current Ukraine crisis won’t develop into World War III however, it does not rule out the far more hawkish members of the regime change lobby seeking to carry out a false flag operation in Ukraine, one with the intention of implicating Moscow, and to push public and political opinion even more towards support for a NATO intervention, a tactic with very recent usage.

In 2017, the Syrian Arab Republic had been in the six-year-long grip of a Western-backed regime change operation launched in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s 2009 refusal to allow US-allied Qatar to build a pipeline through his country, one that would have undermined his relationship with key-ally Russia.

After which we would see the arming, funding and training of Wahhabi terrorist groups by the West and its allies, with the intention of removing Assad’s secular government and replacing it with a a NATO, EU. American friendly leadership.

In June 2013, Iran and Hezbollah would intervene in the ensuing proxy war at the request of the Syrian government, providing a key role in assisting Damascus in repelling the Western-backed terrorist campaign; what would perhaps be the most decisive factor in turning the tide of the conflict in the Arab Republic’s favor, however, would come in September 2015.

A Russian air campaign, again at the request of the Syrian government, targeting the terrorist groups, and which allowed Damascus to retake the vast swathes of Syrian territory which had come under their control, such as the key city of Aleppo.

With the Syrian regime change operation not going as planned, Washington’s Neocons would soon resort to desperate – and reckless – measures.

On the 4th of April 2017, a false flag chemical attack took place in the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun, the blame immediately being placed on Damascus and resulting in the then-US administration of Donald Trump launching cruise missile strikes on a Syrian government airbase three days later.

A highly provocative action, though one that just stopped short of the full-scale military intervention that the regime-change lobby had clamored for

Undeterred, the same tactic would be carried out a year later in the city of Douma, which again would result in the US, Britain, and France launching air strikes against Syrian government targets, also just stopping short of a full-scale intervention.

This is not to discount the grave seriousness of NATO launching a military strike against a Russian ally and the potential consequences that that action could have entailed – however, should a similar false flag operation take place in Ukraine, perhaps also involving chemical weapons or a nuclear reactor as Moscow itself has warned of in recent days, even a ‘limited’ strike against Russian military infrastructure would immediately place the world on an irreversible path to the gravest consequence of all – nuclear war or at least a nuclear accident.

Experts remain concerned the conflict could disturb radioactive waste being stored at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, sparking additional health and environmental disasters.

But in the not-too-distant future, the Covid 19 pandemic may take another turn as refugees have been displaced and are moving into other countries.

For these Ukrainians, the focus is escaping the Russian invasion bearing down on their country — not on dodging diseases such as COVID -19.

But as more than half a million people have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries, global health officials fear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be the latest reminder of a grim lesson — that war and disease are close companions, and the humanitarian and refugee crises now unfolding in Eastern Europe will lead to long-lasting health consequences, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Just as the U.S. has finally turned the corner on a wave of COVID-19 cases caused by the omicron variant, multiple countries in Europe are showing an increase in infections – fueling concerns about the possibility of another global surge.

The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Italy were among those that saw an upswing in cases this past week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Germany saw a spike in cases from a low of 1,570 cases per million people on March 2, to 2,330 cases per million people as of March 12, and cases in the Netherlands are up from a recent low of 1,956 cases per million people Feb. 27 up to 3,955 cases per million people March 12, the data shows.

Among the countries whose data has charted an increase in cases, some have also seen a rise in hospitalizations, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Ukraine experienced some of the world’s highest rates of coronavirus late last year and is flanked by countries with some of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe — raising the prospect that the movement of thousands if not millions of refugees could lead to surges of illness in neighboring countries.

As Russia’s military campaign accelerates, Ukraine’s hospitals are running out of critical medical supplies as travel is increasingly choked off by the conflict. The country’s health workers and patients are relocating to makeshift shelters, seeking to escape explosions. Meanwhile, officials at the World Health Organization, United Nations, U.S. State Department and other organizations warn of rising civilian casualties and new pressures on the region’s fragile health-care systems.

As we’ve seen in wars over the years, viruses and bacteria are happy to exploit those situations where human beings are put under pressure.

Refugees that are fleeing armed conflict can end up in overcrowded conditions and without sufficient water, food and sanitation. These factors increase the risk of outbreaks among a population that are already dealing with the trauma of forced displacement.

This seems to be a forgotten story — but indicates that the elite planners of this mess know exactly what they are doing — they are creating a vicious cycle that we may never escape from.

Using refugees to spread COVID-19 is just another form of biological warfare.

However, given the propaganda parallels in media, from governments with the current situation with Russia and Ukraine we are now seeing and know with near certainty that the pale horse chemical horrors are being used as bait.

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Jimbo

    March 21, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    The White Horse of the Apocalypse refers (only) to the antichrist’s going forward “Conquering and to conquer” with a bow in hand, BUT NO Arrows: He doesn’t come to power by military might (dunamis) but by exousia (authority). He’s a worshipper of forces/fortresses, and understands ‘dark sentences’ also disregards the affection of women (-Hal Lindsay’s commentary on Book of Revelation)

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