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3/14/24: PI.E 3.14 – AGAINST ALL IDES W/ DR. SKY

Ron Patton | March 14, 2024

The digital calendar says that it is 3/14 and 3.14 is PI day. PI is a transcendental, irrational number that shows up in a surprising number of places. Beyond just being the Greek letter that symbolizes the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, PI is central to math, engineering, and the life sciences. Once we traverse past the Ides of March, we will see anomalous activity in the skies which include the sighting of a solar eclipse and the viewing of what is being called the Devil’s Comet. On April 8, 2024, another ‘Great American Eclipse’ will make headlines all over the planet. The signs of Sirus and the serpent Apophis have connections to the great war in heaven with the Dragon. How do we ignore the signs in the heavens? They were once foolproof oracles for the ancient soothsayers — is their wisdom and warnings of sorcery in high places still relevant today?  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Dr. Sky about PI.E 3.14 – AGAINST ALL IDES.



As a geek trying to keep up my Geek cred, I celebrate PI Day. The digital calendar says that it is 3/14 and 3.14 is PI day to remember how numbers and math and the sum total of the universe can be a bit overwhelming.

Hopefully, mathletes care about the numeric coincidence of the day — but traditionally at the office I go out and buy pies for the staff — or most recently Wes heads out and buys a monstrous pizza that is called a flying pie.

It is just an excuse to celebrate synchronicity — it is also Einstein’s birthday which I feel is appropriate.

Coincidentally 3.14 when held up to a mirror spells PIE.

Pi Day is worth thinking about, and not just because it’s a cute quirk of the calendar. PI is a transcendental, irrational number that shows up in a surprising number of places. Beyond just being the Greek letter that symbolizes the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, PI is central to math, engineering, and the life sciences. It’s been calculated out to 50 trillion decimal places so it can look like a pretty big deal.

PI day is officially recognized by the House of Representatives.

It is also the portent day of the Ides of March which is tomorrow March 15th.

he ancient Romans had a unique way of marking the days of a month. They did not simply number each day from the beginning to the end. Instead, they counted backwards from three specific points in the month: the Nones (which fell on the 5th or 7th day, nine days before the Ides), the Ides (which fell on the 13th day for most months, but on the 15th day for March, May, July, and October), and the Kalends (which were the 1st day of the following month).

So the Ides of March simply means the 15th of March. Originally, the Ides were determined by the full moon, which reflected the lunar origins of the Roman calendar. In fact, in the earliest version of the calendar, the Ides of March would have corresponded to the first full moon of the new year.

The Ides were considered an important marker for certain religious observances and political activities. Each of the Ides was sacred to Jupiter, the Roman’s supreme deity.

However over time and after the assassination of Julius Ceasar on March 15th — it is seen as a day of bad omens and warning. Many War campaigns are planned on March 15th –and are carried out after the date.

On the Ides of March, Caesar was scheduled to attend a meeting of the Roman Senate. Despite warnings from his wife and others about a possible assassination plot, Caesar decided to attend the meeting.

As he arrived at the Senate, he was surrounded by a group of conspirators, who proceeded to stab him to death. The assassination of Caesar marked a significant turning point in Roman history, leading to the downfall of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire.

While the Ides of March may be best known for the assassination of Julius Caesar, the significance and relevance of the day can still be felt in our times, as a reminder of the fragility of power and the consequences of unchecked ambition.

It is also very significant as the heavens are about to reveal their secrets and perhaps give us an apocalyptic performance in the days ahead.

History has shown us that the Ides became a turning point for war campaigns and bloodshed.

No one knows why March and April are the cruelest months but one can trace back in time to various calamities and a host of biblical prophecies associated with the month of NISSAN; generally, March and April.

Pesach is observed on the Jewish Calendar as Passover – the night when the destroying angel of pestilence took the lives of the firstborn at night.

The firstborn are associated with Aries and on the 15th day of Nissan the angel of death came and took the lives of Egyptian children. Hebrew homes were spared if they had ram’s or lamb blood spread along the doorway.

As the Ides are the times of the Seers and the Prophets– there have been many coincidences where well-known seers have predicted this time we are in.

Perhaps we can look as far back as the 1500s when Nostradamus gave a prediction of what most interpreters see as the times we are in now.

Nostradamus wrote down supposed visions of the future in four-lined poems known as quatrains.

The bulk of the prophecies were published in 1555 in the book, Les Propheties.

Many of the prophecies are linked to the stars, eclipses, and planetary passes of giant comets that affect us psychologically.

Duerng the Ides of March there is a lot of focus on the welfare of Presidents Pope’s and Monarchs.

Everything happening in politics today strikes me as tragedy – a medieval live action role play or melodrama or a Shakespearean epic that has not been written but can be compared to Julius Caesar and how that tragedy of government corruption put Caesar in his grave.

Julius Caesar was assassinated by conspiring senators, on March 15 in 44 B.C. Caesar became a dictator after causing a civil war. His rule, and murder, effectively ended the Roman Republic and changed the course of history.

What is most interesting is that in that play, much of what happens to Caesar is written in the stars. From the warning about the Ides of March to the seer Calpurnia warning about a comet seen as a bad omen for Caesar. In the play, she says to Caesar, “When beggars die there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes and Kings.”

Calpurnia was saying that when regular people die there are no signs, but when important people die heaven sends a sign in the form of a comet or some other heavenly portent.

There is also another view and that is when beggars die, those in power have nothing to fear but when a comet is seen beggars may rise up against their leaders in times of desperation and scarcity.

There is also that line from Cassius that says “ The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

In context, Cassius means that sometimes people have to take steps they think they cannot to avoid a terrible fate.

However in times such as the IDES war planners and politicians are secretly scheming and many who are part of the Luciferian secret societies know that many actions have more power when they are done when the numbers and the stars clash or coincide in an uncanny synchronicity.

We are soon to see anomalous activity in the skies which include the sighting of a solar eclipse and the viewing of what is being called the Devil’s comet.

On April 8, 2024, another ‘Great American Eclipse’ will make headlines all over the planet. The path of that eclipse will cross over the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. If you plot the paths of the 2017 eclipse and the 2024 eclipse on the same map, you will clearly see that they combine to form a massive ‘X’ right over the heartland of the continental United States.

The middle of the X is a place town of Carbondale, Illinois– which has been nicknamed “Little Egypt.”

How it got its name has a biblical source. It seems that in the mid-19th century, there was a famine in northern Illinois. Thankfully, there was a bountiful harvest in the South. So the people in the North said that they felt themselves like the children of Jacob who in a time of famine were forced to go down to Egypt to seek food for their families – and the Carbondale region which saved their lives became known to this day as Little Egypt.

There is also Makanda a small town in Jackson County Illinois that has been nicknamed the Star or Egypt. The star of Egypt is of course, Sirius.

The signs of Sirus and the serpent Apophis have connections again to the great war in heaven with the Dragon. In biblical parlance it is Micheal who slays the dragon or serpent — but in Egyptian history it is Apep was viewed as the greatest enemy of Ra, and thus was given the title Enemy of Ra, and also “the Lord of Chaos”. Apep was seen as a giant snake or serpent leading to such titles as Serpent from the Nile and Evil Dragon.

In ancient Egypt, Apep, the serpent of chaos and death, opposed Ra, the sun god, and was always trying to reach Ra’s sky boat to devour the sun — but in the end, Ra was always able to fight him off, and the sun would come back.

Of course this mythology is there to describe an eclipse –and the sign of Ouroboros the dragon who eats his tail.

If the tail were to snap the world would be eaten by the Dragon and cease to exist.

The Dragon eating its tail is also symbolized by an eclipse just before totality.

The darkness of the sol S-O-L or soul S-O-U-L will cast a shadow in April as it is known as the cruelest month and the bloodiest of months in our history.

There is also the theory that the paths of both the 2017 eclipse, the last eclipse that happened on October 14th of 2023 and the eclipse on April 8th — will create an Aleph — a Hebrew kabbalist symbol that resents sword of saint Micheal that kills the dragon. It is also a symbol of alpha and Omega — beginning and end.

As the eclipse begins the totality will first touch Eagle Pass Texas.

If the name of that town sounds familiar to you is because it is ground zero for the immigration problem, It has been the focus of the controversy where many believe that a civil war could break out as Americans are fighting what is called an incursion of illegal aliens.

Is that a coincidence or is it fate?

Again — the synchronicity of the very first city that the path of the eclipse is Eagle Pass.

We then see an example of coincidental Toponomy that Shelby Downard observed when he wrote is book about the King Kill 33 and that is the sun passes over Omen Texas and Whitehouse Texas.

Downard commented that n considering his data it would be helpful to consider a dictum of Einsteinian physics: “Time relations among events are assumed to be first constituted by the specific physical relations obtaining between them.”

My study of place names imbued with sorcerous significance necessarily includes lines of latitude and longitude and the divisions of degrees in geography and cartography

The eclipse passes over Eagle pass which is an Omen to the Whitehouse.

It is uncanny.

If you recall the 2017 eclipse had passed over seven different towns called Salem.

Was this an Omen for Jerusalem? We now see that after the great eclipse of 2017 Israel was attacked– and coincidentally an eclipse was seen on October 14th, 2023 7 years later — 7 days after the attack on Israel.

It is part or a darker cycle where people will pray for the end –and will not get the answer to their prayers. People today are so disenchanted with everything that they are praying for Armageddon to arrive.

But it already appears that symbolic Armageddon drills are already in the works for the immediate future with wars and rumors of wars.

More signs in the heavens are getting the attention of doom-saying pastors and prophets.

Comet 12P/Pons–Brooks, makes its way across the night sky this month into the next.

The comet, which has been likened to the Head of Satan due to its distinctive “horns” visible in photographs,

It has already captivated amateur astronomers with their specialist telescopes. However, it’s anticipated to soon be visible without the need for any equipment.

Its closest approach to the sun, at a distance of 72.5 million miles is expected on April 21, followed by a near pass of Earth at 144 million miles on June 2.

The once-in-a-lifetime comet will be located in the constellation of Aries, visible in the western sky shortly after sunset.

Again Aries is associated with Mars — the bringer of War and Micheal The Archangel the great slayer of the Dragon.

Eclipses and Comets as we pointed out earlier were seen by the soothsayers in Caesar’s time were seen as times where Kings and rulers Die on their thrones.

Of course Casar was assassinated in the times of great signs in the heavens.

It is also known that Babylonian soothsayers predicted the death of Kings and the falling of empires during eclipses.

According to Babylonian scholars, eclipses could foretell the death of the king. The conditions for an omen to be considered as such were not simple. For instance, according to a famous astronomical work known by its initial words, “Enūma Anu Enlil” – “When (the gods) Anu and Enlil” – if Jupiter was visible during the eclipse, the king was safe.

Again we harken back to Shelby Downard’s King Kill theory and how in times of strife and heavenly symbology the King does and is replaced by a new leader.

King Charles waited 73 years to become king, but 2024 has proven to be a challenging year for him after he was diagnosed with cancer. Aside from Charles’ condition, Kate Middleton stepped away from duties due to abdominal surgery.

As Charles focuses on his cancer treatments, royalists wonder if His Majesty can maintain control over the monarchy amid health crises, Prince Andrew’s ongoing scandals and the stain Prince Harry left on The Crown.

Before becoming king, Charles intended to have a slimmed-down monarchy, but his plans included his youngest child and Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expected to help the Princess of Wales and Prince William tackle senior royal duties, but the pair stepped down from their roles in 2020.

There was controversy recently about an Image that was released of Kate Middleton and her children– where social media had concluded that it was badly photoshopped.

The Associated Press and other agencies removed the picture from their sites due to the alterations.

Why was the image altered — and there were also rumors that she was no longer wearing her wedding ring.

There are also worries about President Biden and his ability to lead and the fear that when his time is up we will be led by Kamala Harriss.

We would see a substitute leader or the counterfeit savior fill in the space of a leader — King, President even Pope.

The substitute king ritual was an ancient Mesopotamian religious rite of human sacrifice, documented most clearly in Assyria, which was performed to safeguard the king from danger perceived to come from evil omens.

These omens were generally thought to arise from certain astronomical events such as eclipses.

Once a substitute was chosen he would be taken to the palace where he was washed, anointed, and given wine and food. He was dressed in the king’s robes and decorated with the royal diadem and other crown jewels then placed upon the throne.

The “substitute king” ritual involved the Assyrian monarch going into hiding for a hundred days, during which a substitute (preferably one with mental deficiencies) took the king’s place by sleeping in the royal bed, wearing the crown and the royal garbs, and eating the king’s food.

During these hundred days, the actual king remained hidden and was known only under the alias “the farmer”. The goal of the ritual was that any evil intended for the king would instead be focused on the substitute king, who was killed regardless of if anything had happened at the end of the hundred days, keeping the real monarch safe.

King Charles has certainly gone into hiding and what will become of Joe Biden if he is unable to continue his term because of his health and state of mind?

We have a president who rules mainly by decrees, a Congress that offers little resistance, and a court system busily embodying the latest ideologies.

Some say Biden is a non-player and that the government is run by the Deep State — or other political and military entities.

We know that governments repeatedly ignore or trample on the rights of the people, and actively abuse and mistreat the people. None of this is controversial.

History catalogs the machinations of liars, thieves, bullies and narcissists and their devastating effects. In modern times too, evidence of corruption and extraordinary deceptions abound.

We know, without question, that politicians lie and hide their connections and that corporations routinely display utter contempt for moral norms – that corruption surrounds us.

We know that revolving doors between the corporate and political spheres, the lobbying system, corrupt regulators, the media and the judiciary mean that wrongdoing is practically never brought to any semblance of genuine justice.

Put people in a place where they feel they are losing a grip on their personal freedom and watch them as their minds unravel and every programmed fear is exposed and every frayed nerve is left exposed, raw and ready to snap. When the nerves snap and the mind is open, what suggestion will enter in? What can possess it?

What course will the mind take? How do we ignore the signs in the heavens? They were once foolproof oracles for the ancient soothsayers– does their wisdom and warnings of sorcery in high places still relevant today?

We are having those questions answered every time we see the mainstream narrative reinforce the forecasted doom on the horizon.

When times become hopeless, the tragedies pile up and the morgues are full, the American people, maybe even the world will want a Savior or a Caesar.

Could there be a Brutus that could step in and change the course of the elective process?

Time will tell in these times of signs and wonders.



Steve Kates / Dr. Sky is a science journalist with expertise in the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation, and Weather. A true New Yorker, he got his start in broadcasting and television as a child actor in many commercials and print media. During college, his mentor was Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the discoverer of the then-planet Pluto. Continuing with his own broadcast shows, the Dr.Sky Show is heard on local Arizona radio and television stations around the nation! He continues as the “Astronomy/ Space” correspondent for the popular NYC radio station…Talk Radio 77 WABC, with his commentary and podcast – The Dr. Sky Experience. His email is For details about Dr. Sky’s “Shadow of the Moon” event in Texas, April 6-8, including the Texclipse Music Festival, go to You can also order certified eclipse glasses and receive a 10% discount.

Written by Ron Patton


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    March 18, 2024 at 4:53 pm

    Pi is the number of times ONE Trillion dollars will circle the globe at the equator when stacked like thin slices of bread or dominoes ready to tumble. Caesar comes from zar which
    means prince (Zar-Shalom, Prince of Peace)

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