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Ron Patton | March 13, 2023

Last Friday, Silicon Valley Bank experienced a “bank run” as venture capitalists urged their clients to quickly withdraw their funds in order to save themselves. On Sunday, Signature Bank became the next casualty in the banking turmoil while several other financial institutions are also losing value and on the brink of collapse. We are now witnessing the restructuring of our monetary system in action – this is all part of a push for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) which will deliver the global governance of humanity into the hands of the bankers. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with financial analyst, Alan Johnson about BITE THE BULLET SWALLOW THE MONEY.





Just when you have figured out what you’re going to talk about at the start of the day, the news has another plan but I guess it is a bit snarky to say that we all saw this coming.

There have been many shows that I have done in the past where we have warned you that the legacy system known as cash is doomed to be replaced by CBDCs.

We are now witnessing the restructuring process in action.

Out of the blue, serious problems emerged in one of the nation’s top-twenty banks — Silicon Valley Bank, which grew exponentially during the tech craze in stocks.

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, for a period of time the preferred bank for start-ups, is the bitter fruit people have to eat –during the restructuring process of how we spend our money and how we the legacy systems of banking are being retailers to fit the needs of a cashless and digital token world.

The run on SVB started as venture capitalists urged their clients to quickly withdraw their funds in order to save themselves.

Three days prior to the second-largest failure of a US financial institution since the implosion of Washington Mutual in 2008, lobbyists for the banking sector had reason to gloat. They had the ears of a number of GOP lawmakers and were pressing the case that Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell had little reason to sharpen regulations in the industry.

Economists such as Peter Schiff are even more damning, claiming that the entire US banking sector is set for a cathartic clean-up that will be greater than that following 2008. US banks were holding “long-term paper at extremely low-interest rates. They can’t compete with short-term Treasuries.” In such an environment, depositors, in the pursuit of higher yields would initiate mass withdrawals, resulting in a tidal wave of bank collapses.

This morning Joe Biden tried to reassure the nation about the banking segment of the economy as his Administration announced over the weekend that it was bailing out two banks – Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank.

Biden looked exhausted as mumbled through his short talk about bailing out these two banks. While he was speaking Western Alliance Bank dropped in value.

Other banks also were dropping in value.

This is to be expected as confidence in the banks is now in question — it is terrifying to think that you can lose your bank account and be reduced to zero overnight.

To be honest the news is happening so fast I can hardly keep up.

As you may have already guessed bank stocks are failing.

Even too-big-to-fail bank stocks — as contagion fears build around the ongoing crypto crisis that began last summer that is refusing to settle down, but especially as it suddenly appears became a fact that Fed interest hikes have reached the point of suffocating speculative tech companies and taking out banks.

Silicon Valley Bank is a major player in the venture-capital realm where companies with promise but no profit financed their way along, covering their expenses with ultra-cheap credit that is no longer available.

These players are rapidly depleting the cash “burn” they raised and have stored in banks like SVB, leaving Wall Street to now worry that the run on SVB crash of SVB, as other tech companies try to protect what cash they have left, may be the emergence of something more ominous than what happened in 2008.

Numerous VC funds, including major players like Founders Fund, Union Square Ventures and Coatue Management, have advised companies in their portfolios to move their funds out of SVB to avoid the risk of being caught up in the potential failure of the bank. Having funds frozen at SVB could be deadly for a money-burning startup.

That is why in just one day we are already hearing cries for bailouts. Yes, once again, the big money is running to the Fed and Feds for bailouts– ever remember the movie It’s a Wonderful life?

Except in the modern 2023 version, George Bailey would be hiding under his desk asking the feds for a bailout.

Joe Biden and his administration acted quickly and this is commendable — but the question is whether or not the band-aid will hold everywhere else.

On Friday, a computer glitch left irate customers with incorrect and sometimes negative — balances and missing transactions.

Some customers started their Friday morning routines hoping to see their latest paychecks directly deposited in their accounts. Instead, they had negative balances, a number of customers reported on social media, and a message from the bank: “If you see incorrect balances or missing transactions, this may be due to a technical issue and we apologize. Your accounts continue to be secure and we’re working quickly on a resolution.”

This should be a warning that going completely digital is a recipe for disaster. There always has to be a paper-trail and something physical to refer back to.

The issue is one more reason people should keep cash on hand and invest in precious metals.

In the blink of an eye, a computer glitch or whatever, your funds are inaccessible. In a token Digi-dollar world you could wind up biting the bullet and swallowing your money.

Enter central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). It seems likely that these will eventually be brought in as part of a new monetary system. When people have lost almost everything– we will again will be told that we will own nothing and be happy.

But this – in the longer term – would lead to a digital prison: your carbon credit score and social credit score are linked to your ability to use your digital currency, your freedom of movement and so on.

The fiat currency system is dying. De-dollarisation is now underway and the US’s longstanding partner – Saudi Arabia – is turning to China and accepting non-dollar payments for oil.

The world is increasingly trading in currencies other than the US dollar. Global US hegemony rests on the dollar being the world reserve currency. This is coming to an end.

What CBDCs will base their value on remains to be seen.

COVID was an accelerator that saw entire populations cajoled into submission thanks to a crisis narrative. Integral to the plan is the eventual imposition of digital IDs.

Whether it is immigration, war, food shortages, fear of pandemics, potential cyberattacks, climate emergency or some other crisis narrative, one way or another, circumstances will be manipulated to engineer the introduction of digital IDs – precursors to CBDC servitude. A servitude linked to ‘smart’ city surveillance technology, net zero ideology and 15-minute de facto lockdown cities.

Central Bank Digital Currency is the most comprehensive, far-reaching, authoritarian social control mechanism ever devised. Its “interoperability” will enable the CBDCs issued by various national central banks to be networked to form one, centralized global CBDC surveillance and control system.

Should we allow it to prevail, CBDC will deliver the global governance of humanity into the hands of the bankers.

CBDC is unlike any kind of “money” with which we are familiar. It is programmable and “smart contracts” can be written into its code to control the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Policy decisions and broader policy agendas, restricting our lives as desired, can be enforced using CBDC without any need of legislation. Democratic accountability, already a farcical concept, will become literally meaningless.

CBDC will enable genuinely unprecedented levels of surveillance, as every transaction we make will be monitored and controlled. Not just the products, goods and services we buy, but even the transactions will make with each other will be overseen by the central bankers of the global governance state. Data gathering will expand to encompass every aspect of our lives.

This will allow central planners to engineer society precisely as the bankers wish. CBDC can and will be linked to our Digital IDs and, through our CBDC “wallets,” tied to our individual carbon credit accounts and jab certificates. CBDC will limit our freedom to roam and enable our programmers to adjust our behavior if we stray from our designated Technate function.

The purpose of CBDC is to establish the tyranny of a dictatorship. If we allow CBDC to become our only means of monetary exchange, it will be used to enslave us.

Be under no illusions: CBDC is the endgame.

Today, we use “fiat currency” as money. Commercial banks create this “money” out of thin air when they make a loan In exchange for a loan agreement the commercial bank creates a corresponding “bank deposit”—from nothing—that the customer can then access as new money. This money exists as commercial bank deposit and can be called “broad money.”

Commercial banks hold reserve accounts with the central banks. These operate using a different type of fiat currency called “central bank reserves” or “base money.”

We cannot exchange “base money,” nor can “nonbank” businesses. Only commercial and central banks have access to base money.

Prior to the pandemic, in theory, base money did not “leak” into the broad money circuit. Instead, increasing commercial banks’ “reserves” supposedly encouraged them to lend more and thereby allegedly increase economic activity through some vague mechanism called “stimulus” .

Following the global financial crash in 2008, which was caused by the commercial bank’s profligate speculation on worthless financial derivatives, the central banks “bailed-out” the bankrupt commercial banks by buying their worthless assets (securities) with base money. The new base money, also created from nothing, remained accessible only to commercial banks. The new base money didn’t directly create new broad money.

This all changed, thanks to a plan presented to central banks by the global investment firm BlackRock. In late 2019, the G7 central bankers endorsed BlackRock’s suggested “going-direct” monetary strategy.

BlackRock said that the monetary conditions that prevailed as a result of the bank bail-outs had left the International Monetary and Financial System “tapped out.” Therefore, BlackRock suggested that a new approach would be needed in the next downturn if “unusual circumstances” arose.

Well again we are seeing those unusual circumstances happening — and the fear of a domino effect is now keeping people on the edge of their seats.

Banks across America are sitting on $620 billion of ‘unrealized losses’ – assets whose value has decreased, but which have not yet been sold – the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation warned.

The revelation about the ‘unrealized losses’ will only serve to raise concerns about the U.S. banking industry.

The ticking time bomb is due to U.S. banks buying Treasuries and bonds while interest rates were low, but, with interest rates now rising, finding these bonds have declined in value.

When interest rates rise, newly issued bonds start paying higher rates to investors, which makes the older bonds with lower rates less attractive and less valuable.

Most banks and pension funds are affected.

Many institutions — from central banks, commercial banks and pension funds — sit on assets that are worth significantly less than reported in their financial statements.

The Federal Reserve statement said no taxpayer money would be involved. The Federal Reserve is not funded by taxpayers. Instead, it is funded directly from its own financial operations, via interest.

The cash will come from a Deposit Insurance Fund. The DIF is funded by fees from banks and interest earnings from DIF investments in government obligations.

The Federal Reserve Board yesterday announced it will make available additional funding to eligible depository institutions to help assure banks have the ability to meet the needs of all their depositors.

A move to make Silicon Valley Bank’s depositors whole without a buyer would probably require Congress to pass legislation drawing on an insurance fund paid into by all banks and backed by U.S. taxpayers — a fund that typically only covers deposits up to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s limit of $250,000.

But more than 90 percent of SVB’s accounts were over that limit. Critics of using the fund to help larger depositors argue that it would establish a troubling precedent, leading other banks in similar circumstances to expect federal authorities to swoop in and save them as well.

That could lead to a backlash, in an echo of the fury directed at government rescue measures for Wall Street during the 2008 financial crisis. But this time It WILL be the taxpayers bailing out the would-be lords of tech rather than the lords of finance.

Another possibility is that larger Wall Street banks, fearing wider contagion, acquire what’s left of SVB and make all of its depositors whole. That could be a tricky bet, however, and bigger banks might ask for the federal government’s help before agreeing to a potentially unprofitable purchase.

We are now seeing more and more evidence of a disruptive economy — that no matter how the left tries to shine it up — it doesn’t look good for the United States. Especially when we throw money at a war that really has no point– and we try to recover from a pandemic that leveled the economy.

You can’t expect the milk and honey to keep flowing when everyone is mesmerized by bread and circuses.

Banks are “strange” businesses and the more you think about them the concept is not so simple. In some ways, their business model is so simple to take deposits, lend money, and make the spread in between.

But not only is that simplistic, it misses the key ingredient, leverage. You cannot take enough deposits and lend them out “one-to-one” to make a reasonable return.

We keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result- like this recession is different to the last or the one before that one. Humans are the only mammal to trip over the same stone more than once.

Taking precautions to avoid making the same mistakes is now seen as “smarter than average”.

Informing people to diversify and to at least investigate options is important as we are about to make the conversion to the Great Reset.

As long as people allow totalitarian tyranny to exist, they are giving the cabal and its controlled governments the green light to keep on increasing their oppressive impoverishing, anti-humanity agendas and actions.

At first, it is a pandemic, a proxy war we throw money at, then increased prices, food shortages, scarcity, crumbling infrastructure and now the banks.

And we all know that the legacy system of the banks is threatened.

It’s the push for digital currency, more food scarcity, and more legislation that takes away more inalienable rights. Soon it will the weaponizing of food and water. Involuntary taxing and blocking personal bank accounts for any reason they come up with.

Then it will be arresting anybody for speaking out for any reason they declare unlawful.

The indoctrination process is ongoing and we can all put a smiley face on the harassment and bullying of those that speak against the corrupt system and the new reset,

Those not redeemable will be euthanized. There will be false flags along the way of this stepped-up totalitarian anti-humanity oppression, like limited-nuclear war, alien invasion, meteor/asteroid imminent danger that people will have to give up more inalienable rights to be protected from; what rights they have left if any. There will be a national gun confiscation scenario, continued focus on the Climate Crisis and all sorts of other traumas.

I find it baffling that so many people are so brainwashed that they give the green lighting to their oppressors to keep on keeping on. They are not only coming for the few inalienable rights you may have left, they are coming for everything you own, including your dignity, and they are coming for your money and your property and eventually your lives if you become their target.

This is not a conspiracy theory– time and time again, we see each bust cause more hardship for the average American. We cannot be secure in the idea that our money is always going to do for us what it does for the rich.


Alan Johnson is a conservative radio commentator who appears regularly on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis and America’s First News with Matt Ray, as well as other shows.  Alan is a serial entrepreneur and business owner providing financial and IRA services specializing in Precious Metals IRA accounts with the United Gold Group. His cell number is (323) 380-5485 and office phone number is (800) 753-8534. The website is

Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Karen Foster

    March 13, 2023 at 4:20 pm

    I’ll be listening. Alan Johnson is very knowledgeable and tells the truth about our situation. United Gold Group is an upstanding company; everyone I’ve spoken to there has been very kind and patient. Thank you for having Alan on again.

  2. John Richardson

    March 13, 2023 at 8:53 pm

    Alan Johnson has been very good to me and my Family , he helped me and my wife with our IRA, highly recommend him and his company

  3. joe

    March 13, 2023 at 9:49 pm

    THE Biggest SWINDLE & Con Man is Biden & Companies . his HANDERS The medias allow him to LIE Monday. ALL A LIE the banks are falling world-wide like Dominos .BUT BIGGEST CON Yet is cryptos like the PLANET Krypton is SUCKER IN Millions of FOOLS. as they inflated Bitcoin before the bitcoin Crash. all planned. world wide stings.. CHINA Brokers peace in Ukraine ,XI gets Nobel peace prize .CHINA BECOMES 1# world leader.IRAN sets off NUKE.becomes nuclear power teams up with Saudi Arabia Russia India China North Korea. new super-powers.AMERICA Slips Biden a mickey,,Harris Pres.. OBAMA & NEWSOM ticket 2024.. vs TRUMP & NIKKY… ANTI-FA C.I.A.& BLM socialist armies Return too vandalize USA. TEXAS,FLORIDA, secede from USA. others too follow. Ohio, Pennsylvania , CIVIL WAR maybe…???. United Nations lands troops on USA SOIL all hell breaks loose CHINA invades lands troops in Mexico ,Cartels rise up.Canada closes borders, British ,French ,Japan leave U.N. RUSSIA HITS Poland & Germany WORLD WAR DECLARED.. a miracle OCCULT Master of dark magics appears a PROPHET a false master of QLIPOTH KABBLAH ,,follow by a war monger DICATOR… he is follow By a master of Speeches NLP peace-maker THE RISE OF THE DAJJAL… follow by the false MESSIAH the ANTI-CHRIST 666 the devil SATAN fallen rebel from Dracos the fallen Sirus Dog Star system THE DRAGON him left LUCIFER…lord of light…

  4. Laura

    March 13, 2023 at 10:02 pm

    It seems like Alan does not know what Trump signed and boasted about what he signed into law. he campaigned on it before getting elected.
    Bernie Sanders says Silicon Valley Bank’s failure is the ‘direct result’ of a Trump-era bank regulation policy

    • Alan

      March 14, 2023 at 3:41 pm

      Hi Laura. , what do you mean I don’t understand what he signed into Law , I ‘m not sure you understand , however if you wouldlike to learn more feel free to call me.

  5. joe

    March 13, 2023 at 10:12 pm

    BUT before all this Housing crash,, rents drive 20 & 40 years olds into poverty levels GEN Z & Millennials can’t afford housing. TECH SECTORS layoffs 100.000 in 2 months. spreads world wide. The invisible Bitcoin back by lies liars media hoax as safe con trillions in real money to fake back by zero crypto SPECULATION LIARS conmen who will swindle before the GREAT RE SET Final phase, But don’t take my word invest in bitcoin, stock markets, houses and see what you get SWINDLE before THE CRASH… suckers you been warn.. look theres no jobs none .period only fast food or Uber eats delivery type jobs..or bars & waiter jobs..its all lies SLAVE WAGE JOBS YOU SERVE SOME BODY LOWLY human scum.

  6. joe

    March 13, 2023 at 11:57 pm

    FACEBOOK FACECROOK..META will bankrupt in a year as GEN Z X Y etc etc move on in life.. many mini AMAZONS & TELSAS will appear.. competition is next ,,as independent cafes, bookstores ,restaurants & bars become CASH ONLY MAKING CASH IS KING . freedom of upside down capitalist new orders..RETRO CASH

  7. John Weiner

    March 14, 2023 at 12:09 am

    Standing up to a despicable, despotic, thuggish, tinhorn, bully like Vladimir Putin is always worth it. Remember what President Kennedy said in his INAUGURAL ADDRESS, about,” paying any price, bearing any burden.”
    The reason they wouldn’t let you have your money right back, is probably because it usually takes 24 hours to clear. Whenever I make a deposit to my checking account, the statement always excludes the money I just deposited from my funds available.

  8. Greg

    March 14, 2023 at 4:41 am

    Because life is getting harder people will more willingly move to these 15 minute cities. They are actually like concentration camps. All big cities are like concentration camps. The rich and the government officials are in charge and their police are like the prison guards. The big problem for them is the fact that some states have huge rural populations. Populated states like new york also have large rural populations but have big cities scattered throughout like NYC, the capital region with Albany and other spots like rochester and buffalo. So it is like by design for people to go to these population centers and become slaves or be euthanized. During the beginning of covid they talked about locking down nyc, so if you were in there you could not get out. I would rather take my chances in the forest.

  9. Greg

    March 14, 2023 at 4:54 am

    Apparently the bankers have gone to multiple states recently and have talked with politicians about passing bills that will create a new definition of money and that will exclude cryptos like bitcoin but include a government based crypto. Governor Kristi Noem vetoed this bill a few days ago and called it an attack on economic freedom. But many other states introduced similar legislation all at the same time.

  10. joe

    March 14, 2023 at 7:37 am

    alas Babylon the great is fallen , hurt not the oil & wine. BITCOIN Con shell game begins= China OWENS 700% of all Bitcoins in the world watch how INTELLS wipe out bitcoin, just like Nord pipe-lines leaving U.S.A sole oil Monopoly ..hahaha check mate china .. you been suckers

  11. Jimbo

    March 15, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    All fiat currencies ultimately crash (Jefferson vs. Hamilton). The concept of Democratic Republic has roots in ancient Rome and Greece. Rome had ruling families rather than citizenry, while Greeks had a seed of self-destruction by majority vote, to plunder the public treasury.

    The only asset every central bank in every country holds in common, is gold. It follows that a basket of international currencies, as successor to USD reserve, will itself ultimately be supplanted by an international gold standard. Domestic intra-national currencies may persist for some time but implicitly need tether to gold.

    To quote Long John Silver, “Them that has the gold makes the rules.”

    Even as earlier USD “silver certificates” could be redeemed in silver, there would need to be a 1-to-1 associated conversion from physical gold coin(“bites”) into digital gold(“bytes”) for blockchain secured transacting. A gold-backed “bitcoin” comes close, by example.

    Bitcoin falls short, however, on transactors’ privacy (-required for “free market free enterprise”) due to essential open public nature, of blockchain security.

    The privacy vs. security conundrum resolves when a method of applying Rev.2:17, the final utterance of Christ to the church of Pergamum, is found.

    • Jimbo

      March 17, 2023 at 4:16 pm

      Platinum will never replace gold as metal money being in far shorter supply and having more acute industrial use. Interestingly, gold has outpaced rarer platinum in dollar-value and has met the test of time recognized throughout history, as money.

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