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Ron Patton | February 8, 2024

The World Economic Forum is pushing biometrics in order to remove the legacy system of regular banking. The rollout of digital currency has been delayed as Congress debates whether the United States infrastructure is ready for a total cashless exchange of money. The rest of the world is not waiting; in fact, we know that many countries are already beginning the process and many businesses are no longer taking cash. With the U.S. government looking to take greater control over our digital assets, Americans are looking for alternatives that offer greater freedom. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with precious metals specialist and industry analyst, Joe Zane Morgan about BIOMETRIC PRESSURE.



Advanced technology has been riding a wave lately with the Senate grilling of Mark Zuckerberg about harming children on his platform — to the successful chipping of a human courtesy of Elon Musk.

We see these miraculous breakthroughs as amazing and we are also guarded because we wonder about the morality and ethics of the push for a more transhuman world.

High-tech societies are particularly vulnerable to collapse due to their population being dependent on both the system and others to provide the basic items they need to survive in everyday life. Electricity, food, water, sewer systems, phone and computer connections, transportation, and healthcare fall into this category.

Just about everything else we have come to expect and experience as we go through our day depends on technology.

Life has become more complex as we transferred the tasks we did in the past to machines, and this could come back to haunt us. Our growing dependence on computers and devices such as smartphones and computers has dumbed down society. This has compromised the skills we need to endure and survive. We have reached the point where many people can not do simple math or read a map.

I can read a map but of course, my math weakness can all be attributed to my little friend, the calculator — courtesy of Texas Instruments.

Everything electronic we all know is vulnerable to a possible CME from the Sun or even an EMP detonated above a city. The grid can be attacked or hacked, and as many experienced during the deep freeze power and heat can go out at any time leaving the technologically dependent wondering how to function.

But that is only part of it.

Remember, even local governments urge people to prepare when a storm is forecast in the offing.

And of course this year I have been talking about Preparedness more and more — in every aspect from spiritual to material. But many people still don’t understand why they should prepare.

They all think that preppers do their thing because they are waiting for a nuclear war — and that the radiated food the hoard will be worthless.. but that is not the sole reason for preparedness.

Being prepared for an event that may never happen is both a pain in the ass and can be expensive. It also takes a great deal of discipline. Still, when all is said and done, it may be the most important thing you ever do.

Last weekend Liam wanted to have some chicken tenders from Dairy Queen up the road from our house. I hopped in the car to get them for him. I pulled up to the drive-through and made the order. When I got to the window I pulled out my debit card to pay for the meal. The cashier put a handheld card reader in my face and told me to tap my card on the screen.

When I did she pulled it back and said that the card was invalid. I said, it can’t be I just checked my account and there was enough money to cover it.

She then said — let me slide the card. She did and the card said Invalid. I was wondering what was happening. Something was wrong with my card. I then asked, could you type in the card number manually– she said no. I thought that was not true, you can that is what the keypad is for. I said to her, I will go to the ATM across the street and get her money.

I put the card in the ATM and got out 20 bucks. The card worked in the ATM — but for some reason was not working in the handheld card reader.

For the moment before I went to the ATM, I felt helpless. I was in a drive-through with other cars behind me arguing over whether my card was invalid or malfunctioning.

It would have been a lot less embarrassing if I had a few dollars in my wallet.

Turned out that the chip on my card was faulty and it needed to be replaced. I had the card for a long time and it started to wear down.

When this happened I also thought of what this would mean if I lived in a cashless society. It would mean that I would not be able to access my account — unless I had a failsafe.

The only thing I could think of was the inevitable Biometric route that the World Economic Forum is proposing to remove the legacy system of regular banking.

The rollout of digital currency has been delayed as Congress debates whether or not the United States infrastructure is ready for a total cashless exchange of money — or in these meaningless numbers that give you the power to buy goods and services.

The rest of the world is not waiting — we know that many countries are already beginning the process, and many businesses are no longer taking cash.

Australia has become the latest country to delve head-first into the first goal of the Great Reset, which is to digitize its citizens.

The Australian government recently announced it has set July 1st as the tentative rollout date for its nationwide digital ID. The exact date will depend on the timing of its legislation which is due to be adopted by the federal parliament.

The U.K. has made similar plans, which were made public last year in a document titled Enabling the Use of Digital Identities in the U.K.–the biometric move will also include the use of either chips or face recognition for banking and shopping.

Ethiopia, Nigeria, China, Ukraine, the E.U., and a host of other countries are in the process of digitizing their citizenry.

U.S., Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming have introduced Senate Bill 884, which would offer digital identities for all Americans, but thus far the bill has not been advanced through Congress. They are likely waiting for the opportune time, probably after some major cyber-disruptive event like that which has been predicted with the Cyber Polygon attack or what was seen in the Obama film “Leave the World Behind.”

According to a report by Biometric Update, Australia’s stakeholder-comment period for a sweeping Digital ID Bill came to a close in late January after receiving submissions from business and financial groups as well as civil rights organizations. The government is now consulting with the states, ChannelNews Australia reports.

Private organizations can apply to be accredited as digital ID services from the government’s so-called Trusted Digital Identity Framework. Among companies that have already received accreditation are Australia Post, MasterCard and OCR Labs. Banks, retailers and other institutions will eventually all be co-opted into this system.

The national digital ID will function like an expanded version of MyGovID, which Australians already use to access the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink (which delivers Social Security payments to Australians) and Medicare.

In other words, whether you need to pay the government or receive payments from the government, you will at some point be locked out of the system if you don’t have a digital ID.

All accredited digital ID systems will be expected to observe the same three levels of security standards with the highest one including registering user biometrics, such as a face, palm or eye scan.

Sounds very biblical to me — that is if you believe the old story of the beast, 666 and the number in the hand and forehead. That is a spooky adaptation –when you look at the big picture.

During the first phase, the government will work on setting up a regulator and expanding its use.

In phase two, local state and territory digital IDs will be used to access Commonwealth services while phase three will see myGovID used in the private sector.

In the final phase, Australians will be able to use privately created digital IDs that have received accreditation for accessing banking and government services.

This is part of the global digital reset that is coming to all nations. They will sell it by saying it’s for your safety and security. Part A of the globalists’ plan is for people to accept a biometric digital ID, and Part B will be to get them to accept a central bank digital currency linked to their digital ID. At this point, cash is eliminated, along with all privacy, and the full infrastructure for a one-world beast system will be in place. In other words, there will be no turning back at this point, meaning it’s time to exit the system completely or become its slave.

You will have a choice. If you choose to have your God-given identity as a human being digitized by the corrupt world system, there would be no reason why you would not accept the mark of the beast, if this isn’t the mark of the beast.

It will be your number exclusively for buying, selling, and doing all business under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

If they require you to digitize your identity and use a digitized form of fake money to buy or sell, then your God-given free will has at this point been hijacked.

It no longer exists under your control. You’ve forfeited your own free will to a demonic Tower of Babel system. Everything digital is virtual, not something tangible you hold in your hand like a Gold, silver coins, a card, or even paper money.

It can be programmed, meaning it can be turned on or off at the whim of an AI-driven social credit system built upon demonic algorithms.

You step out of line, perhaps refuse to stay up to date on your shots, and your money gets turned off. You criticize the government-corporate narrative online, and your money gets turned off.

You buy more meat or gasoline than you have been allotted by the system, and your money gets turned off. No more buying and selling for you. If that’s not a beast system, then tell me what is.

Is seeing this as the beast system, a cognitive bias? or would you agree that there needs to be some diversification of valuable objects that you need to have before the Digital ID system is implemented here in the United States?

In the United States, some businesses offer what is called a Palm Payment Option.

Amazon’s palm-reading payment technology was first introduced at numerous Whole Foods locations in California, enabling customers to pay for their groceries by scanning their palms at checkout terminals rather than using cash or a card. Panera Bread has been experimenting with Amazon’s cashless payment system as the war on cash marches on.

It is yet another version of a contactless Payment system that seems to be a remnant of the pandemic. It has been the standard of many businesses for workers to keep their distance from people who may be spreading Covid-19. Ironically I rarely see a moment where the touch screens are cleaned.

In a statement, the company said:

“Our philosophy has been centered around leveraging best-in-class technology to create a better Panera experience and using that to deepen our relationship with our loyal guests. Introducing Amazon One, as a frictionless, personalized, and convenient service, is another way we’re redefining the loyalty experience.”

The Sandwich and Soup Gods be praised, and your loyalty is recognized.

The adoption of contactless payment systems by corporate giants like Amazon and Panera Bread, both known for their massive loyalty programs, seems to signal a shift towards a cashless society.

The pivot toward a cashless society is clear as day. Perhaps the coin shortage during the pandemic was a pilot test. And anyone who dared mention a looming cashless society was deemed a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

Just remember who is also shaping the world and influencing corporations and politicians away from a cash economy. The Great Reset and the strategy of sustainability goals included the use of digital tokens or CBDCs.

The core problems of Central Bank Digital Currencies have been addressed many times on this program, but it may bear repeating these two facts – First, in a cashless society all privacy in trade is lost, and second, banks and governments will control access to all of your money. If such a system is allowed, it will act as a major stepping stone to technocratic authoritarianism.

It’s inevitable.

Most people think of the money they deposit into the bank as a personal asset they own.

But that’s not true.

Once you deposit money at the bank, it’s no longer your property. Instead, it’s the bank’s, and they can pretty much do whatever they want with it.

What you own is the bank’s promise to pay you back. It’s an unsecured liability, which makes you technically and legally a creditor of the bank.

And since the banking system is intertwined with the government everywhere, it’s only prudent to expect governments to place more restrictions on bank accounts as CBDCs debut.

This is exactly what happened in Nigeria.

Cash withdrawal limits and debit card transaction restrictions were imposed, among other measures. In addition, capital controls made it challenging to send money out of the country.

Now Australia sees this as good business — treating their so-called creditors as slaves.

The Australian government and central bank have been involved in a beta test for the past year with the proliferation of CBDCs in mind. Their partnership projects with the Bank for International Settlements and pilot programs with companies like Mastercard are about to wrap up this fall, and it looks as though Aussie bureaucrats are planning to implement their cashless system very quickly after the trial run is finished.

In defense of CBDCs officials suggest that Australians are already shifting into a cashless society, citing the fact that the population went from 32% using cash to only 16% using cash in three years. Of course, they don’t mention that Australia’s aggressive and draconian COVID lockdowns and mandates since 2020 pushed the public into relying more on digital and online purchases.

The same goes for the US. The Pandemic also pushed the public is order their groceries online and use express payments for pharmaceuticals.

Already, the top four banks in the country are removing over-the-counter cash withdrawals at most of their branches. “Special centers” will be put in place for “more complex banking needs including cash” but the overall trend will be the reduction of paper money, forcing the populace to go fully digital.

At my bank, I noticed that the banking staff onsite were talking about incentives of 500 dollars or more to trap people in trying a pilot program.

The use of CBDCs by the establishment to control the flow of money is tied directly to social engineering programs. As members of the World Economic Forum have openly admitted, governments could program CBDC usage to prevent purchases of items they deem to have a negative social impact.

These restricted items could be anything from ammunition to meat. In other words, they don’t have to officially “ban” certain products, all they have to do is make it impossible to buy them.

But the micromanagement goes well beyond this. There are plans to make CBDCs that “time out,” compelling the public to spend them before they expire. There is also the issue of social credit scoring, which has been established in China and is creeping into Western institutions.

What if one day the powers that be decide that certain speech and certain beliefs cause “harm” to the greater collective and must be suppressed through monetary penalties? This could result in limitations on how you can use your bank account every time you make a comment they don’t like on social media. Or, it could result in your account being frozen for some time until you publicly apologize for your statements.

It makes sense that Australia would be one of the first Western nations to adopt the cashless structure. The government was rather successful in enforcing extreme COVID lockdowns with minimal public resistance, to the point that citizens in cities were under house arrest and were not even allowed to go to the parks or beaches in many cases. It’s likely the establishment sees Australians as an easy target for the first volley of cashless controls.

I worry about this because there are times when I see Australia mimic the policies of the United States and vice versa.

It is like the hundredth monkey theory where the primates in control learn to wash their sweet potatoes the same way,

As CBDCs come to your neighborhood, you now know what to expect. Governments will probably mandate CBDCs as the “solution” when the next real or contrived crisis hits – which is likely not far off.

There’s an excellent chance more inflation and financial chaos is coming soon.

Are you ready for it?

That is the problem with being subjected to a New World Order.

It happens so fast because the window seems to be from now until 2030. This will speed by and this is why moves like this are the reason you should have currencies you can hold. This would include precious metals like Gold and Silver.

American society is unraveling and undergoing profound changes that will eventually upend markets and governance. We will come to realize society is transforming markets and governance, not the other way around.

We have the power to say no to these propositions — but there is no one at the moment who is organizing a protest against the technological stealing of your assets.

That is why it is the responsibility of every citizen to be aware of what is going on — and not indulge in the media paddy cake that is political porn.

The dominance of finance and corporate self-interest hyper-globalization has fatally undermined civic virtue, social cohesion, and the social contract. Rather than the market serving society, society now serves the market and finance in a painfully obvious two-tiered neo-feudal structure in which the few garner the vast majority of the wealth and political power.

The possession of high-tech power over finance and financial increase is a major withdrawal and can be seen as a constitutional intrusion,

President Biden already signed Executive Order 14067. This order is officially titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.

It was signed on March 9, 2022, and is the 83rd executive order signed by the President. The ultimate aim of the order is to develop digital assets responsibly.

Federal agencies have been instructed to conduct a comprehensive review of current policies relating to digital assets and suggest regulatory and legislative reforms.

This lays the groundwork for CBDCs.

While it is clear that CBDCs are coming, not all countries are going to go along with this, and thankfully, there are still countries with no war on cash and a cashless society.

With the US government, meanwhile, looking to take even greater control over even your digital assets, more and more Americans are looking for alternatives that offer greater freedom.

The future is a hard nut to crack ..but perhaps it is best to stay on the safe side and avoid as much as possible the temptation of biometric pressure.



Joe Zane Morgan is a Precious Metals specialist with United Gold Group and an industry analyst with experience in helping retirees move their IRA or 401K or cash accounts into tax-deferred precious metals. Their phone number is 800-753-8534 and their website is


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. SARGE

    February 8, 2024 at 6:21 pm


  2. Rusty

    February 8, 2024 at 8:29 pm

    Its a nightmare, and as you said it ultimately leads to population culling, their main goal “to minimize carbon, I.e. humans. Achieving that, it would be preceeded by increased surveillance, forced compliance, silencing of voices and uniformity of thought. If that’s not a Beast system , what is?
    Also, I do believe that 666 refers to carbon, its the only thing that makes sense.

  3. Rusty

    February 8, 2024 at 9:18 pm

    The best part of Australia was New Zealand. Them, Canada, and the UK all run by globalists, many are WEF members.
    Our govt.– our Current govt — is receptive to WEF goals. Elections still have consequences

  4. Pat

    February 9, 2024 at 6:32 am

    They want to chip people and give them identities. They got thousands of people come across the border every day they’re sending them all over the place. People last election were bitching, about showing ID for elections. It’s gonna be a hard transition to get rid of real money This global supremacy in 2030 I hope never happens We need to get away from the UN you’re right they can shut cards off anytime they want and you’ll be pretty hungry or thirsty if you don’t prepare for it. Better of extra food at home and ways to purify water. When all hell breaks loose from all these people coming across the border, lots of them are Chinese? Wonder what they’re gonna do.? We’re busting them all over the place all over the United States. You better be prepared for the worse. When the grid goes down, there’s gonna be a a lot of turmoil. Take care and enjoy our freedom when we lose the first and second amendment rights Hall lost. Take care day above grounds are a good day.

  5. Jimbo

    February 9, 2024 at 7:05 pm

    Texas is pursuing a “transactional gold” initiative that runs by debit cards backed with actual physical gold (and silver) as constitutionally “legal coin” tender. Stakeholders can convert from gold to dollars (visa-versa) at will, with low transaction charges, and any capital gains realized nontaxable just as when $1 bill gains strength in buying power.

    If this model can be promulgated beyond Texas, or as constitutionally legal tender can intrinsically cross state lines, CBDC will be obviated.

    Bitcoin could be both anonymous and a public blockchain vettable transaction, if alpha-numeric “US citizen” ID’s should incept, consisting of subset strings from person’s Surname and SSN. Such supervening personal and anonymous ID being innately “genuine and authentic,” is then registered by blind introduction from an individual’s PCP into a state database archive, utilizing of that state licensed Physician for legal imprimatur. Initially used to pseudo-encrypt patient medical Record, this locked in to only one person new sobriquet identification only they have attached to themselves, appears encrypted even though it isn’t. Public, yet anonymous and legitimate for plenary transactional use.

    A proposal to do that was found in prior decade legislation bill archive. (Michigan)

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