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Ron Patton | February 28, 2023

The Iron Mountain Report is a controversial document published in 1967 that was supposedly produced by a group of high-level government officials and scientists. It allegedly outlines a plan to preserve and maintain human civilization in the event of a global catastrophe, such as nuclear war or environmental collapse. The question is, are we really on the brink of extinction or is all of the talk about doomsday events a product of Deep State greenwashing and fabricated threat assessments that are being used as condition tools for a global superstate?  Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with political analyst and historian, Dean Henderson about IRON WHORES.





 The idea of the Globalist Takeover is not an overnight process.  It has been in the planning for generations.  Throughout history, we know of conspiracies that were organized for the task of world government. There was the League of Nations, The U.N., The Council on Foreign Relations and many others.

For decades, US-NATO, allied and proxy forces, as well as mercenaries, have killed between 20 and 25 million people around the globe, in wars and conflicts – in the eternal war against “terror” – that was “justified” by self-inflicted inside job of 9/11, which led to the final phase of the PNAC – Plan for a New American Century – to reach Full Spectrum Dominance with a New Pearl Harbor.

NATO is now aggravating Russia pushing us ever closer to a Nuclear war and creating more reasons for the controlling of eastern Europe.

NATO is preventing the natural, relations and trading as equals within the huge continent, Eurasia, of which Europe has been artificially separated as a continent.

This tremendous landmass Eurasia, includes also the entire Middle East and connects to Africa. This enormous mass of land and people and resources wants their independence from the proposed world order offered by NATO, The EU and the United States.

They Want a World order as well – and all those hot-headed plutocrats will kill as many people as they can, and destroy as many resources as they can – so that they can protect the most valuable resources for them.

This is a war for the culture, the hearts and minds—and the restoration of a controlled tyranny not unlike Nazi Germany.

Europe, the European Union as it was conceived and is limping along today, has never been the idea of Europeans, but was born during WWII in the heads of the CIA, then transplanted into some “willing” European heads and then ‘defended’ by NATO – the “unifying force”.

NATO is holding it together, because the EU is nothing but a puppet of the Pentagon. It is Washington through the Pentagon, and through NATO that is running Europe.

We are now being told to pick a side and ask which puppet master is more inviting. Which puppet master is the one who will win the war?

When I watch the mainstream media, I often wonder who was the most influential individual that started America on its path towards believing lies about how the government upholds liberty and protects us all from threats to the constitution both foreign and domestic.

Someone or some advertising propaganda masters convinced Americans to give up their right to self-governance, self-defense, privacy, autonomy and that most important right of all: the right to tell the government to “leave us the hell alone.”

We labor today under the weight of countless tyrannies, large and small, carried out in the so-called name of the national good by an elite class of governmental and corporate officials who are largely insulated from the ill effects of their actions.

We increasingly find ourselves badgered, bullied and browbeaten into bearing the brunt of their arrogance, paying the price for their greed, and suffering the backlash for their militarism.

We are under the control of many entities all over the world. The European Union, NATO, The United Nations, World Health Organization, corporate drug cartels and many lobbyists seeking favor from world bodies like the Bilderberg Group and the World economic forum.

Our own President answers to a despotic synarchy.  A hidden hand that knows of the agendas that are being carried out within a short time.

The overt signs of the despotism exercised by the increasingly authoritarian regime that passes itself off as the United States government and its corporate partners in crime are all around us: censorship, criminalizing, shadow banning and de-platforming of individuals who express ideas that are politically incorrect or unpopular.

We relied on the government to help us safely navigate national emergencies terrorism, natural disasters, global pandemics, etc. only to find ourselves forced to relinquish our freedoms on the altar of national security, yet we’re no safer or healthier than before.

Almost every aspect of American life today is subject to heightened scrutiny and ham-fisted control. This is what happens when bureaucrats run the show, and the rule of law becomes little more than a grave threat for forcing the citizenry to march in lockstep with the government.

America has gone from being a beacon of freedom to a locked-down nation. And “we the people,” sold on the idea that safety, security and material comforts are preferable to freedom, have allowed the government to pave over the Constitution in order to create an open-air concentration camp.

Have you ever stopped to think just how long this country will take before it officially fades into history and becomes something different. Going from an independent powerful nation into a world dependent third world shell of what it was.

Even if you only looked at those things that are verifiable through mainstream media, you still have a clear picture of what is going down. Even if you want to diminish it by half, to feel better about it, we are still in trouble, and the world will be an entirely different place to live, probably in a very short amount of time. And that “difference” will not be good.

Maybe the speed in which it happens could be variable, and maybe the form it takes will string us out for a while and not seem as bad until many years pass. The world is already a mess, and again, most people think it just “happened” that way. This agenda has been in action for quite a while.

So, back to the question, how do we know? What are the talking points for the agenda?

Much of what is happening is detailed in what is called the Iron Mountain Report.

The Iron Mountain Report is a controversial document that was supposedly produced by a group of high-level government officials and scientists in the 1960s. The report allegedly outlines a plan to preserve and maintain human civilization in the event of a global catastrophe, such as nuclear war or environmental collapse.

The Iron Mountain Report was first published in 1967. It was purported to be a government document that detailed the findings of a secret study conducted by a group of experts tasked with assessing the future of the United States in the event of a catastrophic event such as a nuclear war. The report was written under the pseudonym John Doe, and its contents caused a great deal of concern and consternation when it was first released.

The central premise of the Iron Mountain report is that in the absence of war, governments need to create a new enemy to justify their continued existence and to maintain control over their populations. The report suggests that this enemy could take the form of environmental disasters, such as climate change or resource depletion, or a fabricated threat from extraterrestrial life. The report argues that without such an enemy, governments would be forced to disband and cede control to the people.

According to the Iron Mountain Report, the preservation of human civilization would require the creation of a permanent war economy, in which governments would allocate vast resources towards the production of military hardware and other infrastructure necessary for survival. The report argues that such an economy would be necessary to ensure that society could continue to function in the event of a global catastrophe.

The basis for the Iron Mountain philosophy mirrors the writings of Orwell where he says in a very prophetic way that when war becomes literally continuous, it also ceases to be dangerous.

“When war is continuous there is no such thing as military necessity.”

We have been subjected to the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war of inequality — almost every poly-crisis is seen as a war and there are plenty of experts and gatekeepers that will educate you on how these wars are fought and how the culture needs to be corralled into a society of equaled groupthink.

They call it wokeness — but it is a byproduct of the oppression of a tyrannical curtailment of public opinion. both reverent and irreverent.

Furthermore, Orwell states:

“Technical progress can cease and the most palpable facts can be denied or disregarded. As we have seen, research that could be called scientific is still carried out for the purposes of war, but they are essentially a kind of daydreaming, and their failure to show results is not important.”

Think about the statement for a moment — uncomfortable facts about the fallacies of Global warming or Covid-19   are disregarded . We have been admonished not to question the experts about what we consider to be best for our health and wellbeing.  Everything is militantly enforced. All thoughts, all actions, expressions are scrutinized and fact checked with bias leaning towards the party’s version of the so called facts.

Orwell foresaw the results of this when he said:

“Efficiency, even military efficiency, is no longer needed. Nothing is efficient in Oceania except the Thought Police. Since each of the three super-states is unconquerable, each is in effect a separate universe within which almost any perversion of thought can be safely practiced. Reality only exerts its pressure through the needs of everyday life–the need to eat and drink, to get shelter and clothing, to avoid swallowing poison or stepping out of top-story windows, and the like.”

The war he said is meant to be continuous in order to keep control of the populace.

The Iron Mountain report was established Towards the end of the Kennedy Administration and was rejected by President Johnson. President Johnson said that it would take at least 40 years to implement — and now more than forty years later we see that many of the subjects in the report have been applied for control of the world.

It is the original reset strategy.

The report goes on to suggest that certain social institutions, such as religion and the family, may need to be abolished or restructured in order to create a more cohesive society. It also argues that the population may need to be controlled, either through coercion or by limiting access to resources.

The Iron Mountain Report has been a subject of much debate and controversy. Some have dismissed it as a hoax, while others have argued that it is a genuine document that outlines a plan for maintaining human civilization in the face of potential catastrophe.

Supporters of the report argue that its proposals are necessary to ensure the survival of the human race, while opponents contend that the report’s proposals would lead to a totalitarian society.

Regardless of its authenticity, the Iron Mountain Report raises important questions about the role of government in preparing for and responding to global catastrophes. The report highlights the importance of planning for worst-case scenarios and considering the long-term consequences of our actions. It also underscores the need for transparency and open dialogue about the role of government in ensuring the survival of the human race.

The report also suggests that in the event of a catastrophic event such as a nuclear war, the surviving population would need to be controlled through strict measures, including the creation of a new ruling class of scientists and engineers who would be tasked with rebuilding society.

The report suggests that democracy would be incompatible with the challenges of rebuilding society and that a new form of government would be required to ensure the survival of the human race.

As a result of this control the rest of us will lose all or most of our freedoms, we will very likely be culled to a very small number, and that small remaining population will live quite restricted and difficult lives providing services, labor, and possibly worse, for the upper 10%.

The Report from Iron Mountain also proposes that the United States be disarmed, and it will be carried out in three stages. Internal security forces provided by the United Nations will honor and enforce a treaty that will be signed where guns must be surrendered by citizens in order to maintain peace.

In detail—the priority of disarmament comes from the idea that in an economic downturn gun crime will accelerate. Domestic Terrorism from fringe groups like the mob, unions, KKK, and black activist groups will set a precedent for disarmament.

One cannot just disarm the populace in a swift action. It must be done in a three-tiered fashion where citizens would hand over their guns willingly—or for the sense of patriotic duty or appropriateness.

According to section 4 of the plan it states:

“We have dealt only sketchily with proposed disarmament scenarios and economic analyses, but the reason for our seemingly casual dismissal of so much serious and sophisticated work lies in no disrespect for its competence. It is rather a question of relevance. To put it plainly, all these programs, however detailed and well-developed, are abstractions. The most carefully reasoned disarmament sequence inevitably reads more like the rules of a game or a classroom exercise in logic than like a prognosis of real events in the real world.”

Furthermore, we read that “It may now be possible to create a world government in which all nations will be disarmed and disciplined by a world army, a condition which will be called peace. The report says: “The word peace, as we have used it in the following pages, … implies total and general disarmament.”3 Under that scenario, independent nations will no longer exist and governments will not have the capability to wage war. There could be military action by the world army against renegade political subdivisions, but these would be called peace-keeping operations, and soldiers would be called peace keepers. No matter how much property is destroyed or how much blood is spilled, the bullets will be “peaceful” bullets and the bombs – even atomic bombs, if necessary – will be “peaceful” bombs. The report then raises the question of whether there can ever be a suitable substitute for war. What else could the regional governments use – and what could the world government itself use – to legitimize these moves?

They would certainly bring their views into the classroom, they would use media, the nightly news and as last resort encourage the clergy to inform and persuade their congregations to follow the new laws of the land,

However, there is also a section that states that if the religious authorities rebel there would have to be a way to expose religious organizations as corrupt and this way there would be no agonizing over the moral obligations of a government to religious freedom. If religion does not comply with the obligations of disarmament then they will be exposed as corrupt and there will be violence between sectarian factions.

The government can also exploit political and religious conflicts between rival religions.

This will create a need to protect those who worship and there will be and should be declarations by various religious authorities to disarm the citizenry.

This is a Hegelian way to disarm the public – exploit mass

shootings in relatively safe spaces, create a reason to enforce disarmament, ask for help from the churches — if they do not comply, then exploit violence against the various religions. This will force religious authorities to encourage disarmament.

Another way to keep the people caught up in crisis is to feed them with all sorts of doomsday scenarios according to the Iron Mountain Report.

It states:

Another alternative to war, and a crisis that could spark a demand for government protection and unity with a World Government would be a manufactured “space menace.”

“It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the “last, best hope of peace,“ by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by “creatures” from other planets or from outer space. Experiments have been proposed to test the credibility of an out-of-our-world invasion threat; it is possible that a few of the more difficult-to-explain “flying saucer” incidents of recent years were, in fact, early experiments of this kind.

If so, they could hardly have been judged as encouraging. We anticipate no difficulties in making a “need” for a giant super space program credible for economic purposes, even were there not ample precedent; extending it, for political purposes, to include features unfortunately associated with science fiction would obviously be a more dubious undertaking.”

There are threats that are far more pressing with regard to space anomalies and near earth objects that if detected could be used to urge world governments to work on eliminating the proposed threat.

Finally, another silent weapon in the quiver for the government is an environmental doomsday scenario according to the Iron Mountain Report.

“Nevertheless, an effective political substitute for war would require “alternate enemies,” some of which might seem equally far-fetched in the context of the current war system. It may be, for instance, that gross pollution of the environment can eventually replace the possibility of mass destruction by nuclear weapons as the principal apparent threat to the survival of the species.

Poisoning of the air and of the principal sources of food and water supply, is already well advanced, and at first glance would seem promising in this respect; it constitutes a threat that can be dealt with only through social organization and political power.

But from present indications it will be a generation to a generation and a half before environmental pollution, however severe, will be sufficiently menacing, on a global scale, to offer a possible basis for a solution.”

Keep in mind that both Kennedy and Johnson allegedly knew of the report and several other reports that were submitted as alternatives to war, alternatives that would be manufactured over time. Johnson believed that it would take at least a generation and a half to have a full impact on the people.

Statistically, a generation is about 30 years. Add another twenty years of chaos building and you get 50. The new generation would have to be convinced that an alternative form of government would have to be implemented in order to save the planet from scarcity and extinction.

The proposal was first created in 1961. Johnson received in 1966 and the public was aware of the report in 1967.

Proposals of a gradual bankrupting of the system, a three-stage disarming of the world, a manufactured environmental doomsday and the announcement of a “space menace” are all part of our lives today. It has been in our literature, and our news stories, and it is deeply rooted in the mass consciousness.

The question is are we really in the brink of extinction or is all of the talk about doomsday events in our future a product of Deep State greenwashing and fabricated threat assessments that are being used as condition tools for a global superstate?

Disarmament, space threats, incurable diseases, scarcity, and Climate disruption were listed as a “basis for a solution for control.”

While many of these threats are very real the exploitation of such threats are effective in moving the transition to world government, inevitable.

What it all boils down to is that according to the technocrats, we are our own worst enemy.

No matter what you call it, sustainable development, comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth; it all boils down to the ideology of Hegel: Problem – Reaction – Solution or Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis.

It simply thing that those who are behind the problem are the same people who spark a reaction and provide a solution that supports their agenda.

It has taken a generation to program the people in accepting alternative doomsday scenarios as a way of life. At this stage in our history, we are being told that there are deadlines that must be made to achieve a new form of government that would be very much like the communist platform that was created during the Chinese revolution.

You can call it the Build back better solution — or the fourth industrial revolution brought about by the Great Reset.



Dean Henderson is a world-renowned political analyst, historian, and author of seven books, including his best-seller, Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf. They are all available on Amazon in both print & Kindle formats. Over the course of his 30-year career, Dean’s work has been published in hundreds of print and online magazines and websites.

Among the early truthtellers to be ghosted and de-platformed by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, Dean’s Left Hook blog had millions of views when it was deleted by the NSA in 2014 and again in 2019.


In 2018, he delivered a speech entitled All Roads Lead to the City of London as part of the Confronting Oligarchy: Resisting Full Spectrum Dominance panel at the Deep Truth Conference in New York City.


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Pat

    February 28, 2023 at 3:28 pm

    This is underground complex in western pa. Wampum! On rt. 18. Also called the mushroom mine. Go for miles beneath the suface. Been three, Loaded with. Survival stuff. Day of dead. Was filmed there and. Witch hunter. Like a city inside control heat and air.

  2. Rusty

    February 28, 2023 at 7:57 pm

    It’s like a fungus or a cancer that spreads, insidious and relentless, can we stop it? The future isn’t set. We’re awake.

  3. John Weiner

    February 28, 2023 at 9:55 pm

    So glad to hear that you believe in the constitution and constitutional rights. Does this mean that you have, or soon will restore those two comments of mine that you censored- which I guess makes you a facist dictator based on your own definition-from your, Wednesday, February 15, 2023, program?
    You say you are big on studying history, in which case you should remember the 1930s, when another tyrant named Adolf Hitler was running roughshod all over Europe, while here in the United States of America there was an isolationist movement where people like you and Owen Shroyer, who back in the third week of January said he ,”doesn’t care if Ukraine is wiped off the map”. While Joe Biden was in Ukraine with President Zelensky Owen called them, ” war criminals,” yet it is Vladimir Putin, whom in , October ,2022, who admitted to a war crime when asked if he was sorry about all the civilian deaths, said ,”no, I have no regrets at all about it.” Too bad they didn’t ask him about the over two million Ukrainians, including over 300,000 children he had abducted back to Russia for enslavement and re-education. Owen also accused Biden and President Zelensky of starting the war in Ukraine, despite the fact that it was Vladimir Putin who invaded Ukraine; back in June 2022, while listening to the ,”WAR ROOM ” with Steve Bannon, he stated that ,”we never should have gotten in World War Two,” and that would mean even after the Japanese bombed us and their Greman allies declared war against us, to name a few, in spite of the fact that I heard that Hitler could have been stopped at Munich, and not to mention Neville Chamberlain claiming,” peace in our time.”
    As for the need to be prepared for war, the Bible states,” there will be wars and rumors of war until the end.”

  4. joe

    February 28, 2023 at 11:18 pm

    All troubles BEGAN & LIE with BRITISH =created MARX, funded.Hitler. DIVIDED world by creating Democracy & freedom, a false IDEAS… wHAT is freedom ??? LONDON && Venice ZURICH Gnomes vipers Break India=China=Middle East =Africa into how many war torn countries . Sent their British invasion of sixties drugs druid Black mass MUSICS… PSO-OPS MK = JF K=RF K=ML K=X MALCOLM..KKK X marks the hits. 1969 moon mets jets Knicks =??? NYC Miracle year…. Worst President Lyndon racist Reagan Drug gang .BUSH 1& 2…Obama the divider .Trump the big mouth exposer …. BIDEN the liar.. WORLD WAR is here Too LATE.. the DOOM DAY PREPPERS BE READY…stocks will be a signal…

  5. Greg

    March 1, 2023 at 5:24 am

    A lot of synchronicity. Train crash in Greece. 2 trains collide. Was one from an alternate version of earth? Like the tv show Fringe. Moscow is saying Ukraine brought in radioactive material from an Ohio company. Californium-252 Arrived in Odessa on Feb 19 and on Feb 16 In Chernomorsk near Odessa an unspecified radioactive substance was delivered. Radioactive monitoring devices were turned off during the offloading. Is there a connection between an Ohio company delivering radioactive material to Ukraine and the Ohio train derailment. It is suspicious that the train cars were not labeled as hazardous. It is like either there is a war going on here between secret services of different countries or other entities are interceding to control what happens in the future.

  6. SARGE

    March 1, 2023 at 8:29 am


  7. SARGE

    March 1, 2023 at 8:42 am


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