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Ron Patton | February 27, 2024

Landing 12 people on the moon remains one of NASA’s greatest achievements although the missions did not establish a long-term human presence. More than 50 years after the most recent crewed moon landing (Apollo 17 – December 1972) there are plenty of reasons to return people to the moon and set up a space station. however, we won’t be back until 2026. What has been taking place for decades is a form of mass hypnosis, manipulation, and indoctrination of the public consciousness. The reality is that there is more evidence to support the assertion that man never went to the moon, including the absence of stars in NASA photos and no blast crater under the lunar module. A simple camera pointed at the Earth from the moon would settle the issue, however, it is not going to happen. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about OPERATION GREEN CHEESE.



Landing 12 people on the moon remains one of NASA’s greatest achievements, if not the greatest.

Astronauts on the Apollo missions of the 1960s and ’70s collected rocks, took photos, performed experiments, planted flags, and then came home. But those stays didn’t establish a lasting human presence on the moon.

More than 50 years after the most recent crewed moon landing — Apollo 17 in December 1972 — there are plenty of reasons to return people to the moon to set up a space station but these latter attempts at going to the moon should be a piece of cake now that we are in what appears to a be a renaissance period in Space exploration — and we have been told that man will be back on the moon in 2026.

But I am not so sure, and we are at a point where one of man’s biggest accomplishments is no longer remembered, because of the major screw-ups that have been happening lately.

I have to say that it is anathema to have any doubt about the original moon landing. It is gospel to believe in the miracle of a capsule with technology similar to that of a toaster oven, successfully putting men on the moon and bringing them back safely.

Later, we had a shuttle program that is the equivalent of driving a bus some 400 miles up in space and it ended up being shelved after we lost 14 astronauts in the accidents of the Columbia and the Challenger.

It was 20 years ago that we watched the Columbia explode over Texas, raining down debris over the southern part of the United States.

In February of 2003, I was a board operator for a CNN network affiliate when a call came in telling me to be ready to clear the network for a tragic announcement from NASA — he said that within 15 minutes there would be audio sent down with the final words of the astronauts before their craft would come down and kill all seven on board.

After a seemingly successful launch, the crew spent 16 days in orbit and the 113th mission of NASA’s Shuttle fleet appeared to be going to plan.

But on re-entry over Texas, it began to shed debris across a wide area and went into a spin before breaking up, with the loss of all on board.

It was later revealed that NASA engineers spotted a large lump of insulating foam “the size of a suitcase” flying off the huge external fuel tank just after launch and hitting the attached Shuttle’s left wing.

This left us all wondering if the crew already knew they were doomed, but proceeded without letting on that their trip back was doomed.

Nasa chiefs ignored repeated pleas from the engineers for more investigation into the possible damage caused and suggested lives could have been saved.

The first reusable space vehicles, Nasa’s Shuttles had been flying since 1981 — with only one two-year break in the program, after one of them, Challenger, exploded shortly after launch in 1986, killing all seven crew.

Columbia’s doomed flight was originally scheduled for 2001 but was delayed 13 times over technical and safety issues before finally lifting off on January 16, 2003.

The launch seemed like a success and the NASA ground team breathed a collective sigh of relief.

But in detailed footage of the launch captured by 130 cameras, showed an anomaly — the crew was either unaware or they knew their fate.

It was impossible to see how much damage had been caused by the falling foam, measuring 27in by 18in and traveling at 750mph.

It was reported after the tragedy that the crew were eventually told of the damage on the eighth day of their mission — too late for repairs to be made, the crew assumed that the worry was a whole lot of nothing and that NASA was acting like a bunch of Chicken littles.

Eight days later, families gathered to witness reentry — the countdown began but there was no shuttle.

In Mission Control, where the Shuttle was no longer showing on screens, tears were streaming down the faces of the helpless team, while calls from across Texas reported burning debris falling from the sky.

During Columbia’s re-entry, hot gases had penetrated the damaged tile section and melted parts of the wing, which collapsed, causing the eventual break-up of the craft.

At the crew quarters, flight director Bob Cabana was forced to tell the families it was unlikely that any of the astronauts had survived.

Even after the tragedy, Shuttle program manager Ron Dittemore dismissed claims that the foam strike was to blame as “nonsensical”, because it was too light, but lab tests later proved it was capable of punching a hole in the insulation tiles.

Yes accidents happen, but I guess it became too much of a liability and with the moon being just a memory and no longer a quest, the Shuttle program was shelved — and true believers in the space program began to wane.

NASA has promised we will see US astronauts on the moon again soon-ish — maybe by September 2026 at the earliest, in a program called Artemis, which is set to include the first woman, first Black astronaut, and first Canadian to touch the lunar surface.

However, now the space programs around the world have to again explain some embarrassing moments where Lunar Landers can’t seem to land upright on the moon’s surface.

Recently the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched a lunar lander to the surface of the Moon, and things didn’t go according to plan. For a minute there, it seemed that the agency’s SLIM lander, short for Smart Lander for Investigating Moon, was dead on arrival.

In actuality, it just needed a little nap while waiting for more favorable conditions. After more than a week in stasis, SLIM woke up and was busily snapping pictures from the surface of the Moon.

The achievement made Japan only the fifth nation to successfully soft-land a craft on the lunar surface.

Something went wrong in the last moments of descent, and it wasn’t immediately clear what had happened. Mission controllers knew that the solar cells weren’t collecting energy from the Sun as planned, but it took days to figure out why. Over the first few hours, the lander’s onboard battery fell to 12% charge and JAXA decided to power the lander down. It was a strategic move, leaving enough energy in the batteries to power the lander back up if and when the solar cells caught light.

In the meantime, JAXA confirmed that SLIM achieved its primary mission, landing approximately 55 meters from its intended target, making it the most precise landing ever achieved on the Moon.

But — there was a problem — the Lander had flipped upside down.

That’s not what JAXA was hoping for– and lunar lightning strikes twice.

Intuitive Machines a company that had high hopes for an intuitive lander moon mission, again saw a failure as the once proud Odysseus landed on the moon and fell over.

The US spacecraft, made history last Thursday by becoming the first-ever privately built and operated robot to complete a soft lunar touchdown.

Steve Altemus, the CEO and co-founder of IM, said it wasn’t totally clear what had happened but the data suggested the robot caught a foot on the surface and then fell because it still had some lateral motion at the moment of landing.

Another possibility is that Odysseus broke a leg as it came down. Certainly, inertial measurement sensors indicate the body of the vehicle to be in a horizontal pose.

Whatever the reason for the unexpected landed configuration, radio antennas are still pointing at Earth and solar cells continue to collect energy to charge the battery system.

This morning it was announced that the Odysseus lander will no longer be able to charge its batteries by February 27 as sunlight stops falling on its solar panels.

Today’s announcement is a bittersweet end for a mission that survived tipping over on landing and the failure of a vital navigation system due to human error. When ‘Odie’ touched down on the Moon on February 22, it did so with the aid of a NASA experimental navigation system that had been patched into the lander’s software as the spacecraft approached the Moon.

It was an impressive bit of improvisation, but it turns out that the reason why this had to be done was due to a simple human oversight. The Nova-C class lander’s landing navigation system relied on lasers to estimate speed, direction, and position. Unfortunately, these lasers posed a hazard to the eyes of prelaunch technicians, so the system couldn’t be programmed to activate automatically. Instead, a physical switch had to be thrown before launch.

But, it wasn’t.

Though the IM-1 mission has been less than perfect and is ending over a week earlier than hoped, Intuitive Machines has emphasized that its landers are not one-off exploration vehicles. They are designed to be commercial workhorses for carrying payloads for government and private customers to the Moon at much lower costs than NASA vehicles, so the loss of one spacecraft on one mission is seen as an acceptable trade-off.

But do all these failures send a message to the people of Earth?

Does it cast doubt in a future where the Earth will be a space-faring planet?

It seems that the only successes we are hearing about are those that could eventually kill us as we hear rumors that Russia will deploy nukes in space.

Shouldn’t landing on the lunar surface today be, if not quite trivial, then at least straightforward? Hasn’t the rocket science of the mid-20th century become the basic knowledge of the 21st?

I know I have asked these questions before, but doesn’t it seem ridiculous to hear about missions to asteroids, and interstellar space — that seem to be successful, and yet 250,000 miles away there is the moon –and it has become a big obstacle when it wasn’t more than half a century ago that men High fived played golf and read the bible on the moon.

Excuses are wearing thin and other countries would have us believe that they are doing better than we are — even though we wrote the first chapter in the book “The idiots guide for going to the moon.”

Before the failures of SLIM and Odysseus we were recently talking about yet another failure– Peregrine, China and India have both placed robotic landers on the moon, Russia’s Luna 25 crash-landed last year, nearly 60 years after the Soviet Union’s Luna 9 nailed the first gentle touchdown. Landers built by private companies have a 100% failure record on the moon: and the Israeli Beresheet lander crashed in 2019,

The record is not looking good for the future of the moon –and the Peregrine failure set back the manned missions to the moon — now NASA says we will have to wait until 2026.

Given that a 2019 poll, conducted by YouGov, found that 29 percent of respondents 50 years old or younger expressed some belief that the U.S. government “faked the 1969 Apollo moon landing– these simple missions to the moon that have failed continue to add up — and it makes people wonder if the man mooned landing of 2026 will be safe or even a real mission.

Many skeptics point out the recent success of India putting a lander on the moon and claim that the whole thing was a bad case of CGI.

The India Space Research Organization (ISRO) informed the world that their Chandrayaan Mission-3 spacecraft landed on the moon on August 23rd, 2023.

Many claimed that the footage of the surface of the moon provided by the Chandrayaan Mission-3 spacecraft looked like computer video game animation from the 1980s.

The video proof they provided of the alleged landing was CGI animation. the videos of ISRO’s yellow-colored spacecraft were not intended as actual footage of the spacecraft landing but as a simulation of what was supposed to be taking place.

However, ISRO mission control was cheering and acting as if the lander footage was real. Their prime Minister was also on camera for his reaction –and he looked as though he was wondering if that was all. He did not seem to be impressed.

ISRO provide nothing – no visual evidence – no reference point in the picture or brief video that would justify in any shape or form their assertion that they landed a spacecraft on the moon.

Even though there is no point of reference in the picture or video, most people simply accept the narrative of the ISRO and the mainstream corporate-owned media. It is unfortunate that many people simply accept these images and videos without question. However, due to decades of analysis of the so-called NASA moon missions a notable percentage of the world population knows that the NASA moon landings were faked; or that some of the footage from the moon was faked, and that any claims of a moon landing should be scrutinized.

The amount of data indicating the NASA moon landings were faked is significant, yet, you are unlikely to find this data via mega-corporate-owned platforms, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., as all the major platforms utilize algorithms to decide what information will be presented to you, and what will not be presented.

Google has introduced algorithms intended to downgrade independent and alternative media… Freedom of Expression on internet-based news outlets is being routinely shunted by Google… Google is already helping the government write, and rewrite history. Here, from its transparency report, are some stats on the amount of information… wiped from the web-based on requests by U.S. agencies:… 1,421 requests for “content removal“, Google complied with content removal requests 87% of the time.

This online knowledge filtration has become very sophisticated and the technologies utilized like artificial intelligence.

Thus, what has been taking place for decades is a form of mass hypnosis, manipulation, and indoctrination of the public consciousness. This is, in fact, a central intent of the so-called elites controlling the corporate-media matrix.

The moon landing of the 1960s and the ones that followed are said to be proven by scientific methods — but there also has to be a little faith mixed in to cover the inconsistencies and now the failures of a new system that has forgotten the basics of going to the moon or even into space without destroying hardware or eventually killing human beings in the process.

The reality is that there is way more evidence to support the assertion that man never went to the moon than vice-versa, including the absence of stars in the NASA photos, and no blast crater under the lander module. A simple camera pointed at the Earth from the moon would settle the issue.

It’s not going to happen.

The NASA missions to the moon reportedly cost the US government, and thus the American taxpayer, in the region of $2400 billion, yet all NASA has to show for it is some moon dust and a few small rocks that they claim came from the moon. That is a lot of money to obtain a few rocks!

Sounds like quite a lucrative deal if you can get it. NASA must be very grateful that the American taxpayers have funded the organization for decades. If you live in the U.S. your taxes are funding these failures — is it worth it and is the money for space exploration going into the war chest to continue wars in Ukraine and Israel?

Sure there are budgets to be had for new Intuitive machines — but quite possibly these spacecraft are being built by the lowest bidder and it is beginning to show — casting a dark shadow over the future of mankind in space.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 8 comments.

  1. Rusty

    February 27, 2024 at 8:24 pm

    Just like the “nano-engines of creation” that were going to be infused into humans and attack cancerous targets and correct hornone and neurotransmitter balances, unstead, thevtechnologybis being pushed into surveillance, control, and aggression, the recent space and IP/AI advances of private industry to advance human communication etc are reserved instead for military projects with highest priority. Also, a lack of money and qualified personnel, it took billions of $ to land men on moon in 70s & do EVA maneuvers, now it would take trillions to yield substantial results.
    I think it was Aldrin who conducted the manual LEM landing.

  2. Rusty

    February 27, 2024 at 8:36 pm

    The whole culture isv different now, less commitment, less drive and sense of purpose, less piloting by the seat of your pants & too much reliance on computers, and faces buried in cell phone screens and following protocols designed by risk assessment directors instead of using independent thought

  3. Rusty

    February 27, 2024 at 9:05 pm

    That tape doesnt prove anything to me, they prob always assumed that everytime they talked it was being recorded. Oh, I forgot the Van Allen belt would have killed them instantly. (I Don’t think so). I suppose Frank Borman, Apollo 8 that just did a fly around, and sent back the first photos of what the earth really looked like from space, those photos were faked too. And they went to all the trouble of building a 400 ft tall liquid oxy/ kerosine fuelled rocket that had to be moved on the worlds biggest caterpillar tractor, all that was for nothing? Thevfact rhat nothing is happ ening in 2023 is due to many things, Covid, lockdowns, cost, not attracting the best and brighest orthose that can team work FTF. In fact I can think of a lot of thingsvthat we coud doin 1930that we could never do now– coud we build the Hoover Dam now, how about the motivation to build a Panama canal? Hell we coudnt even carry out the TVA project equivalent. We’re ruled by environmental, safety, and WOKE rules of behaviour

  4. Rusty

    February 27, 2024 at 9:17 pm

    Half the up and comingb engineers I’ve met could barely pass calculus or physics. Half the world’s population knows shit, incl google and their bs AI. Garbage in – Garbage Out

  5. David

    February 28, 2024 at 12:44 am

    Am I missing something?
    Your transcripts have been partially or in tonight’s case blacked out …
    I really miss them

  6. Pat

    February 28, 2024 at 11:48 am

    Rusty…, you made a lot of good points. Our whole culture is very different now……. Of all the cell phones, computers, and all the technology we had the last 50 years there’s nobody on the moon.. Where did all the footage go? Where did all the technology go? I remember as a kid, the family watching the moon landings on a black and white television set. My mom said they never went to the moon and that wasn’t a moon. She believed that the day she died. Take care enjoy life it’s way too short every day above ground is a good day

  7. Number 6

    March 1, 2024 at 12:21 am

    The fact that neither “country” contradicts the claims of successful human missions to the Moon means either that 1) humans have indeed gone to the Moon, or that 2) humans never did it, but “countries” choose to cover up (for each other), now why would they do that, their gods only know. Anyway, some say that a mirror’s been placed on the Moon, and a laser from Earth is pointing at it and reflects back in order to measure ~constantly the distance to the Moon.

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