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2/18/22: OFFICER DNA

Clyde Lewis | February 18, 2022

It is sad to think that there are people who are gleefully supporting totalitarian mandates and DNA collection with faulty COVID tests which make the bogus claim of “saving lives.” Those DNA tests are part of an even bigger biological analysis for eugenics directives and our government tricked us all into complying by coercion and gaslighting. It is a dark and terrible thought that DNA can be used for what Hitler called the Final Solution. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about OFFICER DNA.



2/18/22: OFFICER DNA


Lately, I have been combing the news feeds for stories that are being ignored because of the talking points the mainstream wishes to focus on right now. It used to be that it was hard to cut through the COVID -19 stories because they were so pervasive but now all of the worry over it is subsiding and the news is particularly concerned with Russia and the imminent threat to Ukraine that has lasted three months — every morning I wake up and read that Russia is going to attack any moment now.

It looks as if Cold War intrigue is back and that Russia is all over the headlines along with the whole Russian dossier spy stories connecting Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and the usual cast of idiots spying on Trump.

Is a war being forged in order to distract from a cover-up?

Oh, the conspiracy theories that can be generated from this and for me – it is a tired old story that needs to be put to bed because there seems to be no desire to arrest anyone –especially the real criminals but of course, the focus is on Russia and Trump on the left side of the fence and Ukraine and Biden on the right side.

Leave it to me to come up the middle and reveal a creepier side to this rumor of war — and this creates an air of mystery as to what the plans are for the future.

Believe me this is a unique look as to what future warfare is going to look like and how a mass culling is not just a meaningless etching on the Georgia Guidestones.

We all know that in the year 2000, The Project for the New American Century produced a report titled, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, which contained a radical and belligerent extremist neo-conservative policy ambition for America.

Many of the officials who signed off on this document are the same people that have had a hand in throwing in a puppet government in Ukraine.

Their report called itself a “blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence… and shaping the international security order in line with American principles and interests.” The authors, showed their genocidal mentality when they stated:

“Advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare … to a politically useful tool.”

Again, this is not a conspiracy theory – this is documented. The plans that were being executed behind the scenes included a new Pearl Harbor as listed in the documents and genetic technology to be used in new biological weapons usage.

Now here we are almost post COVID-19 — and ready for war, but the looming question is what kind of war are they planning? Will it be a limited nuclear exchange or some other hideous plan where governments can use plausible deniability with some false flag attack that will kill millions of people.

Well I have some unsettling clues about what is going on and even in my research, I had to pause at how creepy it all sounds.

In 2017, the United States air force put out a request for samples of DNA and RNA from Russians and people of Russian descent. Their reasons were unclear. This story got very little coverage in the Mainstream media…none, in fact.

Vladimir Putin had mentioned it in a speech, and there have been articles in the alternative media that have mentioned it, and some international networks such as Russia Today but mainstream news? Totally silent.

The Air Force put out a request entitled “Synovial Tissue samples” needed:

The memo states that the samples “must be Caucasian and Russian”, and that they will “not consider” samples from Ukraine. Why would that be the case? People are theorizing it’s for bioweapons research, and that’s possible, there are other possibilities too.

None of them are benign.

The lack of coverage of this issue in the mainstream media, while predictable, still serves to highlight how little objectivity our notionally free press really have. Can you imagine the headlines if Russia, China or Iran’s military had started doing research on American DNA samples?

The hysteria would be deafening.

So, the question of course is why Russians an Ukrainians? Have they been developing a weapon that will target a certain ethnic group in Russia?

The genetic pool in Russia is very diverse. People who look 100% “Caucasian” can have past “contributing” ethnicities ranging from, say, Iran/India to central Russian indigenous tribes.

The only explanation that I could find for the collection of the Russian DNA was according to one report– that “researchers are using the samples to conduct musculoskeletal research aimed at identifying the different biomarkers associated with injury and were not targeting Russians with the study”.

The question is why would be so concerned about Russian bio markers and musculoskeletal injuries?

None of this makes any sense — unless you assume that they have developed biological weapons to target ethnic groups in Russia and not Ukraine.

I am sure there not too many biological markers that can differentiate between the two.

The only dark conclusion I can come up with is some planned genocide or even democide.

This is a dark and heavy subject to even talk about, let alone speculate about, without much coverage of this collection of DNA one can only develop some dark conspiracy theory about genotyping targets in the future.

Meanwhile, the CDC just admitted to something that the mainstream media has over looked and that we reported a long time ago. Now is the time as any to uncover the under reported news that I feel is important for you to hear.

If you took a COVID-19 PCR test, there’s a chance your swab may have been sent to scientists around the globe for genomic sequencing analysis.

The CDC in a statement said five to 10 percent of COVID PCR tests are sent to labs for mapping “genomic sequencing.” Genomic sequencing is a process used to analyze the genetic makeup of viruses. However, the announcement made by the CDC has sparked human DNA privacy questions.

People took to Twitter questioning the CDC’s motives, alleging that people’s DNA is being taken without consent.

So chalk one up for us — the conspiracy theories surrounding government DNA harvesting are true.

However, some doctors and scientists who wish to cover their asses are saying that PCR tests used for genomic sequencing help distinguish common variants of the virus, not human DNA.

Given the evidence we have discussed about the genotype warfare plans in the Project for the New American Century, if we consider ourselves to be responsible citizens who live in a democracy, it is unconscionable for us to simply ignore what appears to be a technocratic government that has run amok.

The debate over bodily integrity covers broad territory, ranging from abortion and forced vaccines to biometric surveillance and basic healthcare. Forced vaccinations, forced cavity searches, forced colonoscopies, forced blood draws, forced breath-alcohol tests, forced eye scans, and forced inclusion in biometric and DNA databases are just a few ways in which Americans continue to be reminded that we have no control over what happens to our bodies during an encounter with government officials.

“Guilt by association” has taken on new connotations in the technological age. Yet the debate over genetic privacy—and when one’s DNA becomes a public commodity outside the protection of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on warrantless searches and seizures—is really only beginning.

According to a recent story that was published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco Police used a woman’s own DNA—collected years earlier as part of an investigation into her sexual assault—to charge her for an unrelated property crime. What’s worse—it appears the S.F. Police routinely search victims’ DNA in criminal investigations.

This practice is possible because San Francisco has been storing DNA gathered from rape survivors in the same local database where it stores DNA from rape assailants and other suspects. The San Francisco District Attorney stated the database potentially includes thousands of victims’ DNA profiles, with entries over “many, many years.”

This is not the first time San Francisco has had problems with its DNA crime lab. In 2010, the SF Weekly reported the same lab concealed DNA mix-ups and lacked proper security practices to prevent contamination. And in 2015, a lab technician was found to have improperly analyzed DNA evidence in a murder trial, which caused the police to reexamine 1,400 criminal cases that were prosecuted in part based on that same technician’s DNA work.

The San Francisco police chief asserted this week that the lab’s collection practices “have been legally vetted and conform with state and national forensic standards.” However, local DNA databases like San Francisco’s are not held to the same strict laws and regulations as state and federal-level DNA databases like the FBI’s CODIS database.

This means that there is nothing to prevent local police and the DA from storing—and searching—DNA from nearly anyone who might interact with the criminal justice system. This includes crime victims, potential suspects who are never arrested or charged, people who have consented to have their DNA collected to rule themselves out as suspects, and even people whose DNA has been collected without their knowledge.

Even if police and prosecutors in San Francisco decide to limit the DNA included in the local crime lab database, this won’t affect similar “rogue” DNA databases in other parts of the country. In Orange County, California, the DA has a well-known “spit and acquit” program that offers to drop petty misdemeanor charges—like walking your dog off-leash—if people agree to provide a DNA sample for the local database. As of 2019, the Orange County database included DNA from 150,000 people who would not otherwise be required to give the state their DNA.

In San Diego, police were stopping juveniles and only letting them leave after they “consented” to the collection of their DNA, even though California state law strictly regulates and limits the collection of DNA from kids. (This practice was later outlawed by California state law.).

In New York, police collected DNA from 360 black men after a woman was beaten and strangled in Queens and later collected DNA from a 12 year old without his or his parents’ knowledge. None of this DNA can legally be entered into state or federal DNA databases—it can only be collected and then repeatedly searched—in local databases like San Francisco’s.

This case also highlights the problems with police failing to respect the scope of a person’s “consent,” and shows that, if police have access to data, they will find a way to search that data.

Imagine all of those spit collecting kits that people got for Christmas 3 years ago to find out what ethnicity or nationality their origins come from.

Think of the all of the vaccines that have collected DNA samples– all of the tests that also collect DNA — it is a dark and terrible though that DNA can be used for what Hitler called the Final Solution.

Meanwhile, 5 Million dead worldwide from COVID – 19 and countless others unexpectedly dying from the vaccine. Just short of the 6 million deaths that Bill Gates predicted would happen and yet no one even questions how he comes up with these figures and how he held a tabletop exercise just prior to the reports of COVID -19 were in the news.

The numbers matter immensely but very few people seem to want to hear anything that challenges their acceptance of the “official” narrative. Every time you mock or ignore well-documented discussion on this topic, you are showing zero concern for the tens of millions whose lives have been devastated thanks to lies and propaganda.

It is sick to think that there are people who are gleefully supporting totalitarian mandates and DNA collection with faulty COVID tests that make the bogus claim of “saving lives.”

Those DNA tests are part of an even bigger biological analysis for eugenics directives and our oh-so-caring government tricked us all into complying by coercion and gaslighting.

When one accuses someone else of misinformation or disinformation, he might not be claiming to know the truth, but he does claim to know what is untruthful.  However most of the time the person that accuses someone else of misinformation has no argument as to how they have come to the conclusion – it is only a passive aggressive and dangerous way of eliminating a difference of opinion or even the facts that make the claim unfounded.

If you want to accuse someone of misinformation or disinformation, then to maintain integrity, you should specify what that misinformation or disinformation is, and you must demonstrate why it is misinformation or disinformation. If you cannot point to any instance of misinformation or disinformation and why it is so, then, with all due respect, you should keep your mouth shut and stop repeating condescending lies that are put forward by the pious liberal media.

If one claims to know the truth from untruth, then that person must specify what she claims to be factually inaccurate. And surprise, surprise – most of them can’t.

Any idiot can shout out misinformation but if someone takes the time to research or is asking important questions that are vita; t for one’s  bodily integrity should be  the duty of some busy body to wrongly accuse them of spreading untruths?

Are questions untruths? Are questions Public Enemy Number One?

It appears so – and in the meantime, people are suffering because of it.

Some of the I-know-better-than-others crowd have called for censorship. Is censorship how humans arrive at the truth? Have the people who argue for censorship learned anything from how Communists or even Nazis furthered their agendas through coercion and extra judicial executions and show trials to silence those who question?

We are exhorted by government officials and government spokespersons to follow the science. But when do they ever bother to present the scientific evidence? Do they point to the independent peer-review science literature? Can we trust that doctors and scientists always get it right?

Should we follow the science that will surely lead us to democide?

We face a huge sociopolitical problem. Despite the mountain of historical and contemporaneous evidence that governments can and do intentionally harm us, it seems we are collectively incapable of grasping the reality of democide in the New Normal .

We wrongly assume that every policy is intentionally benign.

We must overcome this flawed and naïve belief. Until we recognize that there are those within government, and its wider partnership networks, that wish us ill we will remain unable to address the threat they pose to all of us.

We must seek answers from policymakers and malfeasance in office must be prosecuted wherever it is identified.


Written by Clyde Lewis


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  1. Jimbo

    February 18, 2022 at 8:32 pm

    eugenicide by euthanicide; vis-a-vis. — What did Thomas Jefferson say could again become necessary, involving “the ground” and “Tyrants” ?

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