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2/17/22: WORLD WAR 404

Clyde Lewis | February 17, 2022

Last June, the World Economic Forum was discussing the Kill Switch on banks and regular web communications in order to control the narrative and the money. Well, we are now experiencing this technocratic control as individuals’ media platforms and bank accounts are being shut down and seized because of their political views. Having the diabolical elite wield so much power with their ability to create a 404 war needs to be analyzed and rectified, otherwise, we will see more abuses of our civil liberties and assets. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about WORLD WAR 404.



2/17/22: WORLD WAR 404


I wanted to begin by saying that last year we laid the groundwork reporting about future events that are transpiring now. I know many people decide immediately that when things are reported outside of the mainstream narrative, they are considered conspiracy theory but if you wait a few weeks or a few months everything becomes clearer.

The CIA controlled mainstream media has achieved a significant PR objective: they have made it socially unacceptable to believe that there is a conspiracy operating at the highest levels of our government. This puts those of us who do know about the plot at high levels in an awkward position: either we pretend that we don’t know what we know, or we risk being ridiculed and marginalized as a pathetic joke.

I think many people take for granted the information they get. Or there are people who say: “Well obviously if Clyde was telling the truth he would either be dead or shut down.”

Well – I am not dead, and there are worse things they can do to people. Take a look at what they have done to Alex Jones and even Joe Rogan.  I also have had my moments of persecution but I don’t make them a part of my show because I would rather do what I do and try to be as honest as possible but even that can get you in hot water.

Those in charge of the cover-ups have a very good reasons for launching an all out attack on conspiracy theorists.

I have always tried to be as independent as possible and still there are people that aren’t satisfied and want to undermine what I do as well.

He who defines the language defines the parameters of the debate, and so far the conspiracy theorists have been right and so being right is not always welcome.

High level government conspiracies definitely happen. This is why I am so confused as to why it is so bad to have a theory about a vast plot to deceive us or screw us over?

Whenever we do something, the government wants it always winds up being a deal with the devil.

One of the most annoying aspects of the current measures that are being implemented by our tyrannical leaders is that it is all for the greater good. It is as if governments and big companies were strict but caring parents, and we were just unruly or disobedient children who don’t really know what we want or need.

We let this get out of hand when we went along with all of the COVID 19 restrictions and now as we are trying to put it all behind us — there are those who still are trusting the government to guide us in other ways that before were considered off limits to government — something that was indicated by the constitution to be illegal.

Governments have always in the business of being annoying and nosey – “I’m from the government and I am here to help” was a scary sentence since who knows how long.

Unfortunately, it’s not just governments and big companies that are doing this.. Almost every institution in the culture is kowtowing either by government decrees or to keep being funded, to this literal “new world order”.

They keep telling us that we are all in this together, as if we all agree to marching single file over a cliff.

And so, in the name of “togetherness” they are seeing just how far they can go in oppressing the people and how we all comply without question their ability to make our lives hell.

None of this should be tolerated because of the old idea of the slippery slope.

Give the government and inch and they will not only take a foot, but an arm and a leg, you personal property freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms and your bank accounts.

Recent events have made us aware that the potential for communications financial interruptions or blackouts is undoubtedly on the rise. What a lot of people are now realizing, unfortunately, is that access to certain communications platforms and they digital currency is not a right and is not guaranteed. Many people have recently become comfortable with using only a few platforms for the vast majority of their communications.

But your money is something else entirely and now the elite know how to hurt the people and that going after their ability to use their money as they see fit.

Well, in a cashless world, where your money is entirely digital, you’re never more than a computer glitch or a power outage from going bankrupt. A hack away from identity theft. A forgotten pin from being locked out of your own money. A clerical error from the complete collapse of your finances.

That’s just minor accidents. There’s the more insidious side, of course – the side of the state.

When the state starts taking your money, shutting down ATMs and creating cyber false flags you realize that this is war.

This vulnerability is undeniable, and yet it is being actively encouraged all over the world. The “war on cash” is a fact of life. Hard currency is undermined at every opportunity.

In a cashless world, no one has anything, except what the bank says they have. And banks can lie, or make mistakes, or cheat, or steal. It’s practically all they do.

In a cashless world, every single payment you make can be traced, reported to the tax office, used to surveil your behavior, pinpoint your location or even create what the Russians call “Kompromat”. Blackmail material, real or invented, it makes little difference these days.

Deeper than that, in a cashless world, where your money is entirely digital, the state can take your money via the bank without your permission or even knowledge. Claim “back taxes” or levy fines or punish you for whatever petty reason they can think of.

And that’s just what they take out, but what about what they put in?

In an entirely cashless world, where the digital bank balance is the only truth, the state could cooperate with big banks in digital entrapment, or full-on digital “framing”.

Imagine waking up and finding that your bank account gets $100,000 dollars out of the blue. You wonder about the bank error and suddenly there is a knock at your door with DEA agents and SWAT teams storming your house looking for a meth lab. someone deposited the money and tried to frame you — mainly because you made a political statement or a sympathetic statement about Russia on Facebook or Twitter.

It is simple they deposit a large sum of money into your account from “a known drug dealer”, or “a terrorist front” or – of course – “the Kremlin”. They have an instant way to undermine their critics. .

This tool could be used to demonize, undermine or even arrest antigovernment voices in the media, or anti-establishment politicians.

Before all we had to worry about was the demonetizing of social media platforms and Facebook jail but now the banks and the technocrats is power can play dirty.

There would be no work-around, no safe-guard, no way to get “off the grid”.

An entirely digital financial landscape could only ever be considered “safe” in a world where big business and big government had proven themselves to be both competent and benign.

Sadly, we know for a fact they are neither.

A few days ago, I was on a prepper website where in the comments section someone had said that World War III is The Great Reset and that their goals are being carried out — many of them are being gradually introduced so that there will be no public panic.

They have made their plans very clear and that is to devastate the worldwide economy, force bankruptcies, unemployment, abject misery, famine, death by starvation, disease and suicide.

Hundreds of millions of people have already been affected by this “collateral” damage — that had its kick off with a biological attack that has crippled the world and continues to be a tool for control.

The war it appears is between the common people and what poses as leadership.

The diabolical elite of multi-multi billionaires has pushed upon us, We the People. We have reported that the Reset’s plan is to last an entire decade. The agenda is supposed to be completed by 2030.

If you try and research this plan, you are supposedly a conspiracy theorist and need to be cancelled or shut down.

The Great Reset has three major goals, all of equal importance massive depopulation shifting all assets from the bottom and the middle to the top; following the motto for the masses, at the end “You will own nothing and be happy”. That is Klaus Schwab’s conclusion for the completion of The Great Reset; and eventually we will see a complete digitized control over everything – money, mind, personal records and behaviors – a combination of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, and George Orwell’s “1984”.

In order to achieve digitized control this technocratic group has to remind everyone just who is in charge of the internet of things and how they can shout down websites and news hubs in order to control narratives and the flow of money to the average person.

The Cyber Policy Initiative emanating from the joint venture’s WEF- Carnegie Endowment report of November 2020, is contained in a paper titled “International Strategy to Better Protect the Financial System.” It begins by noting that the global financial system, like many other systems, are “going through unprecedented digital transformation, which is being accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.” It concludes with the warning that:

“Malicious actors are taking advantage of this digital transformation and pose a growing threat to the global financial system, financial stability, and confidence in the integrity of the financial system. Malign actors are using cyber capabilities to steal from, disrupt, or otherwise threaten financial institutions, investors and the public. These actors include not only increasingly daring criminals, but also states and state-sponsored attackers.”

A fully digitized monetary system has been on the WEF’s and IMF’s agenda for years. They cannot wait to implement it. So, if indeed, a cyber-attack on the western monetary system actually will take place, there is no question, who has planned and implemented it.

This should be heeded as we have been given a taste of things to come.

Ukraine accused Russia yesterday of being behind a cyber-attack that targeted two banks and its defense ministry, which the country’s deputy prime minister said was the largest of its type ever seen.

The Kremlin denied it was behind the denial-of-service attacks – which are attempts to overwhelm a website by flooding it with millions of requests – but the disruption reignited wider concerns of ongoing cyberconflict.

Meanwhile, Canada had to deal with their Prime Minister using a Kill Switch to deny people of their money.

Days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would invoke emergency orders to crack down on demonstrators by freezing their bank accounts, five major Canadian banks went offline Wednesday night, as customers reported their funds were unavailable, according to technology website Bleeping Computer.

Canadian Twitter users reported they couldn’t access their funds at the ATMs. One user took a photo of an error message at one of Royal Bank Of Canada’s ATMs that read, “Tap transactions aren’t available for this card.”

There were countless stories of banking customers who experienced trouble accessing their funds yesterday evening. No bank explained the source of the outrage, but essential to note the outage comes, as we said above, days after Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act.

The power gives the federal government direct access to banks to force any business conducted with Freedom Convoy protesters and affiliates to freeze their bank accounts. Trust in the banking system among depositors is crucial to prevent bank runs. Freezing accounts of people linked to the protests can incite fear.

Royal Bank of Canada,  Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, TD Bank Canada, and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce were all hit with unexplainable outages on Wednesday evening. Users began reporting issues with banks around 4 or 5pm ET, Downdector data showed.

Downdetector also reports a strange outage of Twitter accounts this morning.

On the web app users were seeing “Something went wrong, but don’t fret — it’s not your fault.” errors, while on mobile “Uh oh, an error was encountered. Try again.” errors are displayed whenever trying to read a tweet thread.

When trying to click tweets on the Twitter web app, the only thing that shows up is a “Something went wrong. Try reloading” error and a Retry button, with no sidebar menu and the user interface showing that the account has been logged out.

Users are also reporting that Twitter’s worldwide service disruption was  also preventing them from sending tweets, getting logged out, and, in some cases, not being able to log back into their accounts.

This is what we warned you about last June as the World Economic forum was discussing the Kill switch on the banks and regular web communications in order to control the narrative and the money.

If you want a taste of what the cashless society will be like — this is it . All of these attacks on the banks will make an excuse for the plan for a new and improved cyber utility where the monetary police state will implement a method to spy and report transactions to tax collectors and make it easier to seize accounts of those who are considered trouble makers.

For example The Minnesota Bank & Trust is terminating its business relationship with MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell. The bank called Lindell a “reputation risk.” Lindell has been very vocal about how he believes that the last election was not Legitimate and how  he believes Trump won.

Lindell added that he thought “someone” had “gotten to” the bank and motivated it to terminate its relationship with him.

The Minnesota bank and trust said they did want their reputation tarnished by association with Lindell and so they will cancel 9 accounts on February 18th.

Lindell says that none of them are connected to MyPillow.

The bank may not have wanted their image tarnished by association with Lindell but ironically, their name has been tarnished as a bank that will close an account based on political views.

It begins with one bank, one financial provider, and it trickles down to information sources and defunded platforms.

All until the website you use for information says 404 page not found. All until you bank cars are worthless or your Venmo or PayPal accounts are seized .

Hacking the supply chain and pushing economies even further into the abyss will force the hand of many countries in participating in a world currency — a cashless society. Most people wouldn’t like the idea of the government monitoring “all spending in real-time”, but that’s not the worst of it.

By far the most dangerous idea is that any future digital currency should be “programmable”. Meaning the people issuing the money would have the power to control how it is spent.

There is also the proposal of using an expiration date on all central bank digital currency which would prevent hoarding and of course saving money.

The drive for total digitization of everything, but foremost the western world’s monetary system, is an integral part of The Great Reset. It is supported, of course, by the banking and finance sector, including western central banks. Its implementation is to be accelerated by the covid-fraud, but encounters fierce resistance in many countries, especially in the Global South but also in the western industrialized countries, where intellectual groups realize what this means for the resources and assets worked for and owned by the people – it will be easily ‘expropriated’ so to speak, for example, for disobedience, as the control will be fully with the banks.

As we look at what Canada has done to the protestors or what has been done to Mike Lindell, we can see how politics cloud the issue of whether or not freezing protestors’ bank accounts is in violation of the constitution, and that is simply morally wrong.

Frozen funds could mean people can’t pay their rent or mortgage and end up homeless. It could mean not being able to heat their homes during the coldest month of the year. It could mean not being able to buy food for themselves or their families.

The protesters have not committed any acts of violence, or even threatened any. They have done nothing but exercise their right to peacefully assemble.

Mike Lindell has done nothing wrong — it is his constitutional right to question whether of not the last election was legitimate.

To hold this financial threat over people who peacefully protest is unforgivable. And it won’t stop here.

Now, the precedent has been set, in future other acts vaguely defined as “domestic terrorism” could incur the same penalty.

The specific rules don’t even matter, they will likely change based on what the establishment narrative demands, but the punishment will stay the same: Play along, or we’ll take your money.

This amount of control is exactly why they have been pressing so hard for a cashless society the last few years, and why that needs to be resisted at all cost.

Having the technocracy wield so much power with their ability to create a 404 war needs to be analyzed, otherwise, we will see more abuses of that power.


Written by Clyde Lewis


This post currently has 3 comments.

  1. Timothy Bonnin

    February 17, 2022 at 9:16 pm

    Do you walk in the will of God, Clyde? Walk as to be as you can, then God will to you, for you to know, can and will happen! Look to the best kof all of us! OK!

  2. Timothy Bonnin

    February 17, 2022 at 9:29 pm

    Clyde, the son of God, is asking the truth about you and the people you are associated with. Are you willing to subject yourself to be of God,Clyde? Wars of wars, Clyde? To be or not to be? Can everyone always be? I say yes! Me of the government, of the Earth, as it is, VA I’m not of the Earth, Clyde. But, we live as the world needs it to happen, lest the people do go against the will of the thing that are righteous, Sir. Get hot be with the many or with the few.

  3. Jimbo

    February 18, 2022 at 8:21 pm

    Truly an electronic panopticon where the chains are generally financial. THEREFORE, independent, decentralized e-money, that cannot co-opted or back-doored ( Bitcoin is prototype-paradigm ) is required; with security system over transactions plenarily implemented (ironically) under and by a cloak of (state level) government-imprimatured “anonymity” (Medical record verity, confidentiality, and security can also be similarly, protectively, panoplied). Constitutional basis for is found within the 10’th Amendment.

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