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Clyde Lewis | February 14, 2022

Super Bowl 56 sent us the message that in the real world, politics are the new religion and war is how we spread the gospel. By constructing a direct analogy between ‘combat’ on the gridiron and combat on the battlefield while only showing the details of the former, the media’s presentation of American football encourages spectators to ignore the horrific reality of a possible world war by making it a sexy bread and circus escape. So what is the underlying purpose of the Super Bowl? To flaunt greed and power and send the clear message that those in power think you are stupid and will fall for anything. The propaganda in the commercials and half-time show were entrenched in scarcity and the technology we can use to escape it. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with esoteric researcher and author, Ryan Gable about UNNECESSARY SUPERBOWL EVIL.





Super Bowl 56. The Rams vs. The Bengals. Rams won. Yawn.

This year, there wasn’t all that much enthusiasm about the Big Game.

In my home, the pregame show was on in the background while we went about our slow Sunday affairs.  Around 3 PM, I came downstairs for the national anthem and the coin toss –from the very beginning of this annual ritual, the vibe was so plastic and Californian.

The female singers that sang America the Beautiful and the National Anthem were virtual unknowns to the older demographic, Even the production crew had no idea who they were.

NBC was introducing R&B singer Jhene Aiko — who was going to sing ‘America the Beautiful’ … shortly before country singer Mickey Guyton was set to take the mantle for the National Anthem.

While flashing a Jhene name graphic on the screen. Instead of her, they focused on Mickey — who was looking on from an elevated platform.

The slip up indicated ignorance, or they just could not tell the difference… but the message was universal for every age and that was obviously a call to war.

If the Olympics haven’t sold you on the New World Order, the opening of Super Bowl 56 was sending us the message that in the real world politics are the new religion and war is how we spread the gospel.

The war time wokeness pushes the themes of the struggles for gender equality, struggles for racial justice by athletes of color, and the commodification of sport.

From the very beginning we see politically correct pandering to avoid controversy– every “I” is dotted every “T” is crossed.  We see an Asian American female and a Black American female country artist singing beautiful renditions of both America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner while the audience is treated to cutaways of Military men and women that are stationed in Kuwait and flybys by advanced and less than advanced air force planes.

Using footage of Air Force fly-bys and on-the-field military ceremonies and cutaways are now the standard fare at sporting events in the U.S.  It is most telling that this was a subliminal sell of moving troops throughout Europe to defend our interests in Ukraine against the Russians.

Sports media constructs a seemingly natural connection between the hyper-masculinity of elite athletes and the ‘warrior ethos’ that underlines  the culture of the American military.

While the Olympics are a metaphor for the global planation– the Superbowl is war simplified.  A war game in embryo a metaphor that can enjoyed while eating chips and avocado dip.

Coverage of the Super Bowl first and foremost promotes a sanitized version of ‘war’.

For example, by constructing a direct analogy between ‘combat’ on the gridiron and combat on the battlefield while only showing the details of the former, the media’s presentation of American football encourages spectators to ignore the horrific reality of a possible World war by making it a sexy bread and circus escape.

The Super Bowl is also a ritual that attempts to demonstrate that individual athletes can overcome racism and prejudice through hard work, determination, and faith in American “democracy”.

It is all an advertisement for liberal inclusion even though the NFL is working through accusations of racism — and the ongoing controversy over players taking a knee to protest police brutality.

The sanitized textbook narrative of liberal inclusion at the game was evident when Billie Jean King was asked to do the coin toss.

Billie Jean King you may remember gave a shot in the arm to feminism by beating Bobby Riggs in the famous “Battle of the Sexes.”

She was also the president of the first ever women’s sports union and an athlete whose working-class background was a driving force behind her tireless struggle for pay equity in professional sports.

She was outed as a Lesbian in 1981, becoming one of the first athletes to be publicly outed as gay. When the news broke, she said her lawyer and her press representative urged her not to admit the truth, but King refused to deny her identity as a lesbian.

These subliminal political messages were all mixed and mingled with sanitized precision– not that it is good or bad — it is all part of the programming of the Woke class.

It is the NFL playing the political game to make nice with every political group that seems to be saying that they are seldom represented.

This is not something new –the Super Bowl is not just a game anymore — it is a ritual that in the case of Super Bowl 56 made vapid references to ‘tolerance’, ‘colorblindness’, LGBTQ and  “service to country.”

With so much demand for inclusivity and equality I question the sincerity of those who create this annual ritual.  Are they doing it because they truly believe in tolerance or are they just giving the illusion of tolerance to those who they secretly can’t tolerate?

I know that people want to believe it is just a game — but it is more than that.

It has always been my contention that the Super Bowl is an important ritual for predictive programming or the Revelation of the Method.

Over the years, however, there have been dime store conspiracy  theorists who give their observations, but when they lack an education in the esoteric it becomes a joke — and the mainstream decides to go on the attack saying that the analysis is based in some zany MAGA agenda or has a foundation in racism.

Well this year the Daily Beast already beat the conspiracy theorists to the punch by saying that anyone who tries to describe the event as some Satanic ritual is a racist.

According to an article headlined: MAGA Extremists Slam the Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show as ‘Satanic’– it appears that those who are behind the Stop the Steal campaign have a problem with Snoop Dogg and the halftime show.

According to the sensational article, it’s not hard to map the influence of QAnon onto the latest anti-Super Bowl crusade, nor the longstanding backlash from the right when black artists perform at the halftime show  In fact, this backlash “happens every time there’s a major Black artist performing at the Super Bowl.

Well, that is not at all correct.  There has always been the theory that the Super Bowl is a Bread and circus programming mechanism for the masses, complete with symbols that some people claim are Satanic or empowered by the Illuminati– no matter who performs.

Scenarios of fear have been rehearsed and produced for decades by the intelligencia and Hollywood on a multitude of issues, large and small.

They are rooted in a spiritually nihilistic political propaganda campaign that is exponentially increasing fear, anxiety, and despondency on a vast scale, which is its intent. Fearful people are easily cowered and controlled.

The elites know that regular people throughout the world are fed up with being subjected to violence and abuse in multiple forms, and if courage triumphs over their fears, they might join in worldwide solidarity and revolt, as they have been doing in various places recently.

To prevent this, the authorities must use terror tactics to divide and conquer them. If people dare to rise up and even question the propaganda, they have been and will be called terrorists and racists for doing so. Dissent is now equated with terrorism and thus it must be censored.

All this fear-mongering draws on people’s normal fears of death or imprisonment or even becoming a non-person.

But contrary to The Daily Beasts assertion that talking about the deep programming of the bread and circus ritual is racist — I see it as a necessary evil and so this is why the tradition continues,

The Super Bowl is beginning to look a lot more like a highly-designed psychological programming tool that can trick us to believe we have experienced something more significant than we actually have.

The technology used in presenting the Super Bowl continues to grow in sophistication as more powerful, new sources of actual manipulation and stimulation have become readily available.

The presenters of the spectacle are now blending the reality of the game, with ritual and possible predictive programming that can be used to insert ideas that in the peak of awe inspiring gaming, plant seeds that may grow into realities in the future, becomes familiar to observers.

Often, it is seen as fore structuring and social engineering that has a long-term impact that push agendas and steers the hive mind into changing their attitudes about what are considered normal social values.

When Tracy Twyman and I started doing analysis of the symbolism many years ago, there have been scores of others reaching for something to claim as Satanic — now, that Ryan Gabel and I have been doing the analysis, we have been looking at the commercials and the halftime show as an alchemical event –where propaganda and some esoteric symbols are subliminally included to show us a bot of what is coming for the near future and what themes the elite wish to push on the public.

It is not necessarily satanic — unless you see propaganda being used for crowd cohesion satanic and a lot of people do — and I or Ryan cannot change the court of public opinion.

In a nutshell the Super Bowl message this year was simply to prepare for the world to come.  A world where the metaverse and multiverse are keys to overcoming a major event that will reset the way we behave as Americans.

The message in the commercials and in the halftime show were simply messages of change — abrupt change that will be nothing more that world devoid of spirit but electrified and stale with new narratives to learn and new Gods to consider.

The commercials laid the groundwork for the thinkers who will be using the internet of things for money and cryptocurrency  matters and the peasants who will be forced to eat strange foods and live in the counterfeit of existence of Meta.

Case in point — the Uber Don’t Eats commercial where our intelligence is insulted with actress Jennifer Coolidge gets items that are not food in her Uber Eats order and asks “Does that mean I can eats it?”

The commercial then proceeds to look like something out ideocracy where people eat everything from a baby diaper to drinking dish soap. Even Gwyneth Paltrow eats one of her well-known candles and she says that it tastes like … well, we all know.

After the group continues eating everything from paper towels to sponges — we realize that Uber Eats now delivers other things besides food but in the process, we get the clue. People are stupid and in the future there will be things that you will be forced to eat — because there won’t be much on the shelves..

It was very uncomfortable to see kids drinking what looked like beer in a commercial for Liquid Death, a canned water that uses the slogan “Murder Your Thirst.” I thought that it was just a ploy to talk about getting rid of plastic since the water was canned in tallboy cans.. but no the website actually says . “Once Liquid Death reaches your Thirst’s brain, all of your Thirst’s memories will be replaced with repeating loops of its own head imploding.”

It is like Alice in Wonderland drinking the special elixir to have her mind open to new ideas,

If you think that I am reading something absurd in all of this — there is the Pete Davidson and football star Jerod Mayo commercial for Hellman’s mayonnaise.

In a play on his name and the shortened title for the condiment, Mayo frequently tackles individuals about to throw away food that can still be repurposed into other dishes using mayonnaise.

Another commercial that indicates that everything you eat can always be put in the fridge and later mixed with Mayonnaise so you don’t waste what little food you have left.

The commercial ends with a “Make Taste, Not Waste” statement—directly referencing Hellmann’s goals of reducing food waste. The brand works with Food Reform for Sustainability and Health, which aims to reduce food waste and losses, as well as promotes the use if “flexipes”—recipes that can revamp leftovers using its mayonnaise.

It can be seen as a foreshadowing of things to come where food is weaponized during scarcity economy and the challenge to make foods last for days.

It was also obvious that the whole “We are in this together” theme is not going away — as throughout the Super Bowl the words, ‘it takes all of us’ was seen in the stadium –meaning that there is more sacrifice ahead that we all have to endure together.

But endurance is in the eye of the beholder and the future is going to be a lazy one for the poor –and the elite will keep us busy with technology that will ensure an escape route when things in the real world get too ugly.

Cutwater’s “Here’s to the lazy ones” commercial gives us a clue of how languished we are as a people and that people will waste time in the future as they find ways to cut corners.

Another commercial that also illustrated this was the Expedia commercial featuring Ewen McGregor talking about how we need to start enjoying the simple things in life instead of regretting the extravagant things we buy and don’t need.

You see, those who make these commercials, the rich who own these companies don’t regard anyone below their class as real  human beings, so it doesn’t matter how condescending they may appear .

They hate everyone equally and are demanding that we stop being these gluttonous wasters of resources and start acting like peasants. Get with the program while getting on with the programming.

A commercial from Salesforce, the ‘new frontier’, suggested that we should take care of what we have before we look to Mars or the meta-verse.

But of course, there were many commercials about the multiverse and the metaverse.

Dr. Strange multiverse of madness trailer ushered in the the idea that there are many universes that we can discover and many many more worlds can be created in the metaverse.

Meta, the company that Mark Zuckerberg is taking a bath on, had a rather odd commercial about death and eternity in the metaverse. However, it was hidden by some strange Stuffed animatronic  dog that plays “Don’t you Forget About me” by Simple minds in a doomed Chuck e cheese like restaurant. It is a creepy reminder that what dies in reality can live on the metaverse.

The majority of the commercials were about Technology and that we are all going to have to pay for new phones and electric cars.  Silverado, General Motors, Kia, and Polestar all aired commercials for electric cars. Wallbox aired a commercial for a safe electric car charger.

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus were together in a commercial pushing the idea of buying a new phone because 5G is going to make your old phone worthless… 5G promises to make life easier which opens the door for crypto currencies and other electric gadgets that will make you a person who works smarter and not harder.

But it all comes with a price — advanced technology can have that big brother affect as Scarlet Johansen and Colin Jost appear in a commercial for Alexa and indicating that in the future the tech will be able to read your mind.

There were commercials that showed us a metaphoric view of the biblical rapture– the symbolism of commencement to a higher technological comeuppance

The eToro commercial showed people levitating as if they were being raptured. It came off a bit creepy.

And finally, Disney plus gave us an offbeat commercial about Goats. Including the Lion King Goat that of course brought back the idea that the demon Buer is again the demon du’juor. A goat and a feline or the horned beast and the lion or Tiger is was the theme as the Rams took on the Bengals.

Yes, there was a game to play and the imagery of the Horned rams and the Tiger or beast lends itself to imagery of Hermetic Arcana.

2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese Zodiac.  The horned god. Whether he is Aries the  ram, or Capricorn the goat, The symbolism of both beasts going head to head in the Super Bowl is the weirdest of synchronicities. The rams and tigers, the feline and the ram combined in the demon Buer.

The horned gods or Rams  defeated the Bengals or the Tigers 23 to 20.  As Super Bowl champions, the Rams were honored over the Tigers in the year of the tiger, having been given power by that beast.

This is a very interesting alchemical union and the symbology is not lost with those who have a Penchant for seeing the devil in details.

But we cannot allow ourselves to be co caught up in devilish cynicism that plagues us every year because it buries come of the other messages that are not that black and white.

The symbolism alone triggered a whole mob of internet sleuths to already label the half time show as Satanic – there are many wannabe conspiracy theorists that want to point out that the half time performance is drenched in Illuminati symbolism but it goes deeper than that and what is even more embarrassing is the way the analysis by some so-called conspiracy theorists has turned into nothing more than what I see as nothing more than amateur hour.

The whole Satanic Panic or the idea of using satanic mechanics to explain the ritual eliminates the subtlety of what can be seen as alchemical magic.

The Half time shoe featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar was obviously nostalgic with its focus on rap history and West Coast rap.

Even 50 Cent made an appearance although he appeared in a symbolic way — hanging upside down like the hanged man In a Tarot card deck.

Dr. Dre begins by turning up the volume with a close-up of a spider tattoo on his hand. The spider is the control system of the web.  The stage is set in the middle of what looks like a virtual city of lights that looks like a circuity board.

The artificial intelligence controls the web as does artificial intelligence control the matrix. Dr. Dre brought the world the most classic hip-hop artists, which makes him the grand architect, and a great God like Jupiter or Zeus overseeing the show from Mount Olympus in heaven. As the grand architect or Saturn, we once again have the astrological house in Capricorn the goat that oversees the material world.

The stage also is symbolic as it appears to represent the three tiered heaven and the redemption of the dead spoken of in the book of Corinthians.

In Chapter 15 of 1st Corinthians is says:

“There are also heavenly bodies and earthly bodies. But the splendor of the heavenly bodies is of one degree, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is of another.

The sun has one degree of splendor, the moon another, and the stars another; and star differs from star in splendor. So will it be with the resurrection of the dead: What is sown is perishable; it is raised imperishable.”

Other three-tiered Heaven myths are heaven, hell, and purgatory or limbo.

Some refer to them as heaven, earth, and hell. Others call them Earth, heaven, and the divine kingdom.

They are also known as the celestial, terrestrial, and telestial realms.

On the Tree of Life, heaven is the crown of Kether, Earth is the base of Malkuth, and Tiphareth is the point that links that which is above with that which is below.

It is in the middle of the astral realm of the moon, Yesod, and Daath, a passage across the abyss. Charon is the ferryman Psychopomp that carried the humans from the land of the living to the land of the dead– he also shares the same attributes as the demon Buer.

Although there are four worlds derived from the Tree with its 10 Sephiroth and 22 paths, there are three different divisions. The universe itself is generated from three veils. They are Ain (nothing), Ain Soph (limitless), and Ain Soph Aur (limitless light).

There were three components  to the stage –one was the moon or earth with Snoop Dog, Mary K. Blige operated in the degree of the sun with Dr, Dre and Eminem appearing as an angel.

50 cent hung upside down in the place of the lesser light as the area was colored red.

Interestingly, there were five total structures on the stage, relating to the five middle pillar spheres. Also interestingly, the domain of 50 Cent existed between the upper and lower, the divine and the material universe.

The upper stage is obviously Mount Olympus, the domain of the gods like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Mary J. Bilge, and Eminem. 50 Cent performed in what could be interpreted as limbo, simply hanging there upside-down waiting. Kendrick Lamar performed on the large cloth of Los Angeles from aerial satellite view, the earthly plane.

In Hell or the lower component, the hanged man resides.

The Hanged  man in the Tarot deck represents circumspection, discernment, trials, sacrifice, intuition, divination, prophecy. When Reversed it represents selfishness, pleasing the crowd, body politic.

There is a halo burning brightly around the hanged man’s head, signifying a higher learning or an enlightenment.

Joining 50 Cent below was Kendrick Lamar dressed in black and white with red lighting. He wore three gold symbols on his left breast and a gold cross on his right arm. He performed under a sign that read in the second major subliminal, ‘eve after dark’.

This, of course, is a club that was well known in Compton and where these rappers performed but it also has a dual meaning.

Eve After Dark is a term that can be interpreted as a Lunar eclipse — the Dark Night of the Soul. The lesser light. It has connections to the lightening, the Darkening and Solve et  Coagula– an alchemical term that means the changing of the body and the blood.

From the biblical fall of man, we have the doctrine of original sin, meaning the sin of Father Adam to his progeny. Simply put – the demonic conspiracy is a biological attack on humankind that throws mind, body, and soul into a state of despair and dread.

Every human has its designated “other” meaning – the darker self or the external darker entity or disease that has been there to destroy us from birth.

There is something that has been known as the “dweller” on the threshold theory “where it is said that there is an invisible malevolent entity that attaches to a human being. It is a creation that has been manifested by humans that is waiting to come down and reveal itself.”

Alchemy is best known for its belief that lead can be transmuted into gold. However, the transmutation of non-precious metals into gold is simply a metaphor for the soul being freed from a “dead, leaden state of mind,” to that of realizing its own light nature and that is derived from pure spirit.

The alchemists believed that the basis of the material world was a Prima Materia, or prime chaotic matter, which might be actuated into existence if impressed by “form.” The “forms” arose in the shape of the elements, earth, water, fire, and air. The Alchemists deduced that the limitless varieties of life were created out of the blending of the elements in particular proportions.

If we view the Prima Materia, the original state of matter, as being the original, pure, raw state of consciousness, from which all states of consciousness emerged, mineral, vegetable, animal, and human, and if we view the philosopher’s stone as the state of illuminated consciousness whilst in the earthly body, and as we see that elements can change when heated or cooled — can the same be said for the alchemical practice of transmigration?

The alchemical principal of “solve et coagula,” or dissolve and coagulate, has been used with several processes of purification in order to transfer the soul of one to the other.

The form of the soul is caught in at the time (the self) must first be dissolved in order to free the soul so that it can rise (in consciousness) to experience a purer and subtler form, which can then be re-coagulated and experienced as the “new self.”

In other words, you go to the Eve After Dark and resurrect to the light as the enlightened. But the light is from Lucifer.

It also should be Pointed out that Kendrick Lamar perfumed his hit song “Alright” — in which he mentions Lucy in the Lyrics.

“What you want you, a house? You, a car?

40 acres and a mule? A piano, a guitar?

Anything, see my name is Lucy, I’m your dog–“

Indicating you want to sell your soul? Lucy is there to give you enlightenment and whatever material things you ask for.

Furthermore, he continues in is song:

“I keep my head up high

I cross my heart and hope to die

Lovin’ me is complicated

Too afraid of a lot of changes

I’m alright and you’re a favorite

Dark nights in my prayers

I remembered you was conflicted

Misusing your influence, sometimes I did the same

Abusing my power full of resentment

Resentment that turned into a deep depression

Found myself screamin’ in the hotel room

I didn’t wanna self destruct, the evils of Lucy was all around me

So I went runnin’ for answers.”

Again, Lucy is Lucifer and in the halftime show Kendrick Lamar  performs  on the virtual earth which is Lucifer’s domain.

The moral of the performance and the lyrics remind us that the evils of Lucifer are all around us and to avoid self-destruction, you must go somewhere else for answers.

Is this a Satanic message or is it a message about the struggles of life and being beguiled with greed an power?

Isn’t this the entire purpose of the Super Bowl?  To flaunt greed and power and send the clear message that those in power think you are stupid and will fall for anything? Isn’t the propaganda for this years Super Bowl entrenched in scarcity and the technology we can use to escape it?

Aren’t they pushing the idolatrous religion of bio-security and transhumanism – this religion of fear goes much further and much deeper.

There is a drumbeat of fear-mongering so intense and constant that it is almost comical if it weren’t so effective in reducing people to quaking, frightened children.

I think it is self-evident to anyone who glances at the mainstream media that fear is their staple. The game they are playing is end game — there is no exit strategy unless you succumb to a cashless counterfeit existence or the Eve of the Dark.



Ryan Gable is a veteran radio personality and producer for his show, “The Secret Teachings.” His broadcast focuses on the Synchronicity and objective analysis of Alternative News, Health, History, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Philosophy and more, in the most distinct ways by finding parallels and patterns often overlooked.
Spending much of his life on air, and having written several books, Ryan has also been a guest on dozens of other radio shows and has had his broadcast aired on a variety of networks.

Written by Clyde Lewis


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    February 15, 2022 at 5:56 pm

    “Eye has not seen and ear has not heard, neither has it entered into the heart or imagination of man , the things that Christ has prepared for those that love him.” 1 Cor. 2:9

    Don’t leave earth without Him

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