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Clyde Lewis | February 10, 2022

The intentional destruction of farmland and destroying crops are among the oldest uses of food as a weapon. If you want to know if there is a conspiracy to constrain and limit resources, you are right and there is a reason for this — it is another example of problem-reaction-solution. If the elite weaponize commodities, then they will accomplish another part of their population engineering agenda which is culling through starvation — creating the peasant class. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with food industry expert, Joe Rieck about FOOD COURT – WATCHING YOUR PEAS AND CARROTS. 





In the United States, we have become accustomed to food cornucopia. Our markets are a constant source of amazement with a profligate variety of sources, supplies, and kinds of food. Our diet has a multitude of food paths. We have so much variety — so many brands and so many ways we can fill an appetite in this country but many people are realizing that it is costing more to do so and that most of the items they are looking for are missing or discontinued.

While we are told this is an inconvenience due to COVID-19 there is another way to look at what is happening and that is your government is pushing big business into weaponizing food in order to make changes to the western dietary intake.

A scarcity economy begins with inflationary hikes. Consumer prices surged more than expected over the past 12 months, indicating a worsening outlook for inflation and cementing the likelihood of substantial interest rate hikes this year.

The consumer price index for January, which measures the costs of dozens of everyday consumer goods, rose 7.5% compared with a year ago, the Labor Department reported.

Higher inflation is probably costing you nearly 300 dollars a month.

If you want to know if there is a conspiracy to weaponize resources — you are right and there is a reason for this — it is another example of problem action solution.

If the weaponize commodities, then they will accomplish another part of their population engineering agenda.

Culling through starvation– creating the peasant class.

One of the things that seems inevitable in this time is the possibility that we will face major shortages of some the things we like to eat. It is not like we haven’t been warned about scarcity– this was a major topic on my show for two years and in that time we have always urged people to be prepared by ordering food in advance and stock the pantry with non perishable items.

With all of the things that have transpired, from bad weather, wildfires, disasters and even food chain shortages — I often wonder what it takes to get people to invest in protecting their own food chain and the ability to have some kind of food that provides and calories necessary to survive.  I guess a lot of people need the mainstream media to convince them to start getting food stuffs for their family.

I mean you don’t want to be seen as a hoarder, right?

But in the end, those who are wise enough to prepare will understand that when food is weaponized, they will be okay — those who don’t prepare will realize that there are more ways than one to turn food into a weapon.

There are in fact only a few methods to weaponize food: to contaminate, to adulterate, or to take it away. And there are only a few ways to contaminate and adulterate food.

So the take away is going to be the easiest method of getting people to do the bidding of the government.

Methods of weaponizing food and choice of targets depend upon the motivations and objectives of the perpetrator.

The intentional destruction of farmland and destroying crops are among the oldest uses of food as a weapon. Destruction of farms, crops, and food supplies is a tactic of warfare between nations– it is a tactic of control imposed by governments who wish to wield power over their citizens.

Government responses to COVID-19 have contributed to a six-fold increase in famine-like conditions as global supply chains collapse, and field trials for gene-edited crops and farm animals begin.

The UN’s World Food Systems Summit convened last year , with Member States joining the private sector, civil society groups and researchers, to bring about “tangible, positive changes” to the world’s food systems — they believed that new food restrictions and eliminating certain things from the diet should be required for the sustainment of the public health.

Bill Gates, of course, has had a lot to say about food sources as he has poured money into GMO companies and has bought up farmland.

In less than a decade, Gates has become America’s largest private farmland owner, acquiring more than 269,000 acres of prime farmland in the US, including the 100 Circles Farm where fast food giant McDonald’s potatoes are grown. Gates effectively owns McDonald’s fries, it is just one part of his so-called commitment to public health.

Of course, I am being sarcastic but who am I to say anything against those who see Bill Gates the most influential player in global public health, following in the footsteps of his spiritual leader John Rockefeller, .

Shortly after World World 2, The Rockefeller Foundation set forth on a quest to bring about a transformation of world agriculture.

They did this, in part, by “socially engineering” the scientific culture to not only accept but promote the use of GMO foods and dangerous biotechnologies.

And now, they are at it again.

This new attempted policy change is outlined in a document titled “The True Cost of Food: Measuring What Matters to Transform the US Food System.

In the report, mention is made of both the Covid-19 crisis and the climate crisis, claiming that now is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to effect “transformative change” in food production.

The intended goal of the report is to uncover the “true cost” of food in the US, which is claimed to be at least $3.2 trillion per year, three times more than than $1.1 trillion that Americans spend annually on food.

Included in this “cost analysis” are things like diet-related diseases, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and reduced biodiversity. However, to understand the true agenda at play, one must read past the flowery language and popular buzzwords.

The report is the result of a collaboration between the Rockefeller Foundation, various academics from leading universities, the World Wildlife Fund and the True Price Foundation.

Most of the “costs” associated with the food industry can be traced directly to the Rockefellers themselves and their role in creating the current industrialized food chain that has not only wrought destruction on global agriculture but contributed to the explosion of chronic disease.

Well it should be noted that the King of Disease, Bill Gates is also the king of many of the foods and chemicals that contribute to food warfare.

Gates unabashedly he backs a confederacy of fast food brands that are killing more people globally than tobacco and driving those who survive towards the very pharmaceuticals which he also wheels and deals to the nearly 50% of all Americans suffering from chronic health disorders and comorbidities.

When it comes to fast food, Gates owns 7.8% of Warren Buffet’s investments in , Berkshire Hathaway, which controls 39% of the largest Subway fast food franchise and 9.3% of The Coca Cola Company.

That’s in addition to the Gates Foundation’s 16.8% stake in the largest Coca-Cola bottling franchise in the world, named for the fourth consecutive year, the world’s biggest plastic polluter.

But Gates’ environmental effrontery is only part of the problem. He also backs multiple ventures blurring the lines between food and tech, and if, indeed, Mr. Gates has his way, the food of the future will little resemble what’s served on our plate today.

That’s because his center of gravity is GMO’s. He owns 500,000 Monsanto shares worth a modest $23 billion, making him, by implication, the sworn enemy of everything under the sun organic and sustainable. There’s the Gates-funded Impossible Burger, made from genetically engineered soy and yeast, with its manufacturer, Impossible Foods, owning twenty five patents on artificially replicated cheese, beef and chicken.

Another Gates-backed start-up doing the rounds on the capital markets is Ginkgo Bioworks. According to their mission statement, Gingko will produce custom organisms, using cell programming technology to genetically engineer flavors and create ingredients for ultra-processed foods. Their plan is to license over 20,000 engineered cell programs to the food industry.

If, indeed, the agrifood tech ventures Gates is bringing to market continues to flourish, traditional diets will soon be replaced by lab cultivated meat and other Franken foods.

This type of food weaponizing is usually carried out be terrorists and tyrants that wish to eliminate their populations through scarcity — well perhaps the guilty should be charged — and the villains of scarcity are the same villains who brought is COVID-19.

As the processing and distribution of food become more complex and far-flung, people dependent upon others for their food supply are vulnerable to malnutrition and starvation, and to food-borne poisoning or infection.

Food is a natural vehicle for pathogenic microbes and their toxins. Contamination or adulteration of food and water for select target populations are the methods of tyrannical governments and terrorists groups.

And yet Gates and others push their scarcity moves on us in order to replace our culturally appropriate foods with peasant foods that are far from the naturally grown foods that we were once proud of.

Gates is transforming our relationship with how we grow food, only he’s weaving climate change and the new age mantra of ‘following the science’ into his worldview.

As you all know, there is growing vocal opposition to genetically modified foods because tampering with DNA is seen as adulteration, whereas selectivebreeding is not. Chemicals or infectious pathogens can be added at various points along the food path, including using water as the vehicle. The longer the distance between the gourmet and the point of adulteration, the more specialized the adulterant must be in order to be viable or to be toxic when eaten by the consumer.

Most if us fail to recognize that most of the dangerous food-borne pathogens and toxins are “natural”: produced by bacteria, algae, fungi, and venomous creatures that are normal flora and fauna.

So intentional contamination is hard to trace– but the willingness to adulterate food for the so called sake of environmental security causes food insecurity — organisms have been known to adapt to the human condition — but most of what is being created in the labs are creating problems for the health of everyone who is not wise enough to avoid them.

The weaponizing of food is important for population engineering.

The adverse health effects caused by the introduction of GMO crops into modern farming and the subsequent lack of safety testing cannot be overstated.

This agricultural transformation advocated for by Gates, the Rockefellers and the World Economic Forum , is one that seeks to increase industrialization, patentable crops and the consumption of lab-grown “meat, ” This stems in part, from the mechanical mind and its reductionist theory of food.

Furthermore, as is evident, the transhumanists seek to alter our perception of food from something that is grown naturally in the earth beneath our feet to something that is synthetically engineered in laboratories.

Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger have raised millions of dollars, promoting their concoctions on the basis of claims that “Lab-grown meat will replicate the taste and consistency of traditional meat”.

If taste alone doesn’t hook people in, they play the “climate change” card, touting the consumption of fake meat as “necessary” for us to avoid an environmental disaster.

Ironically, research indicates that the production of lab-cultured meat could require more energy than the preparation of regular meat. Adding to this irony is the fact that Gates, who lives in a 66,000-square-foot mansion and travels in a private jet, is himself a carbon super-emitter.

The Political Declaration of the People’s Autonomous Response to the UN Food Systems Summit in 2021 stated that global corporations are increasingly infiltrating multilateral spaces to co-opt the narrative of sustainability to secure further industrialization, the extraction of wealth and labor from rural communities and the concentration of corporate power.

They are looking into creating a peasant class and then eliminating them from farming and feeding the marginalized.

That is the goal as in the past 70percent of farming was left up to the peasant class… now the peasant class will be eliminated along with many of their farms.

The technocrats know that Smaller farms  are more likely to be integral to local markets and networks, short supply chains, food sovereignty, more diverse cropping systems and healthier diets.

But as the weaponizing of food persists the small farm will be the thing of the past and local famers markets will eventually cease to exist as new agri-laws will be critical of what are known as peasant farms.

Now, this ongoing threat form Russia and China also plays a significant role in weaponizing food and resources.

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to ration certain foods or that food programs in the schools change to meet new standards and lower food quality.

Already Public schools in New York are setting aside Fridays as required vegan diet days where students have no choice but to eat vegan foods for their school lunch  — or what are being called healthier choices.

The Friday lunch menus in New York City public schools are going to be vegan from now on.

The school district announced the weekly menu change on social media last week.

In a tweet, the district wrote: “NEW: @NYCschools cafeterias are going vegan on Fridays! Plant-based options in schools mean healthy eating and healthy living, and improving the quality of life for thousands of NYC students.”

For the district’s first vegan Friday, students were served “vegan veggie tacos” with tortilla and salsa, with broccoli as well as a carrot and lemon salad on the side.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who follows a plant-based diet himself, pushed for the weekly menu change.

For those who do not wish to participate — can have things like peanut butter, pretzels, and hummus.

Weaponizing food, food chain failures, forced menu changes and sanctions are all part of people control –it is a staple in eugenics directives and population engineering through starvation.

Time and time again, these supposed “conspiracy theories” about Eugenics programs and depopulation agendas get a snicker or two –and many say that they are non existent and are a ploy for preppers to encourage food preparation and food storage programs.

But history shows that time and time again they   end up becoming ostensible realities. The recent deterioration of diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia illustrates this point in spades.

According to a report from the Economist: “The USA is deliberately pressuring its European allies to boycott trade with Russia and China because, by so doing “its allies hurt their own economies, not those of Russia and China”.

What seems ironic is that such sanctions against Russia and China have ended up helping rather than hurting them. But the primary US aim was not to hurt the Russian and Chinese economies: US economic pressure is aimed primarily at keeping allied European and Asian countries within a US “protected” economic orbit. Germany, Lithuania and other allies are told to impose sanctions directed against their own economic welfare by not trading with countries outside the US dollar-area.”

This war talk is a set up to start the ball rolling for more world hunger and higher prices from gasoline to food.

The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 puts the once veiled facts surrounding organized efforts at population control into the plain light of day. Appropriately, many of the supranational non-governmental organizations, government officials, and magnates of industry who have been entrusted as the leaders tasked with constructing a pandemic response have evident ties to a worldview and political ideology that centers around the need population control enacted through global governance.

The idea that a globalist depopulation agenda would be the result of the die-off of billions and billions of people across the world, the actual realization of this pursuit appears to be much more subtle.

That realization is also becoming harder and harder to deny.


Written by Clyde Lewis


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  1. Jimbo

    February 10, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    Check out Hillsdale College “Imprimis” newsletter, December 2021 issue, for expositive article on the G.R.

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