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Ron Patton | February 1, 2023

The Tyre Nichols case looks like it is meant to be a psy-op — something that is called Camera Obscura which describes the contortions in the interpretations of ideology. It comes complete with an already assumed agenda that even though the officers were black men, beating and killing a black man, somehow has been blamed on systemic racism. With help from the media, “thoughtcrime” is now being sold to people without shame and normalized through semantics. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with law enforcement executive, Gregory Smith about LAST ACT OF COMPLIANCE – A BOOT STOMPING ON A HUMAN FACE FOREVER.







One of the most famous quotations from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is when O’Brien says to Winston:

‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.’

O’Brien has just told Winston how, in the future, all pleasure will be wiped out completely:

But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. 

The quotation in question, then, is a picture of undistilled power, control, and oppression: the key themes of Nineteen Eighty-Four and much of the work Orwell wrote in the wake of his involvement in the Spanish Civil War. As he put it in his short autobiographical essay ‘Why I Write’, ‘Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it.’

O’Brien’s image of a boot stamping on the human face forever is a reworking of a motif well-established in literature about tyrannical power.

We see the same in dystopian idea observed in the George Lucas THX 1138.

Robert Duvall’s title character, THX 1138, starts out as a soulless zombie absorbed by the commercialized world around him. One of the memorable scenes shows him in a sterile environment where his choice of entertainment is either a hologram of a stripper – or another choice a hologram of a police officer beating a man to death.

He chooses the police officer beating the man.

It must have been something that excited him more than something sexual.

Isn’t this what the liberal media does every time a black man is beaten to death or if there is a mass shooting.  It excites them because it is opportunity to push a political agenda and finger thought crime as the motive for these assaults on our country’s consciousness.

This has happened in the Tyree Nichols case where there is more at stake here than just the brutal murder of a man by police officers.

It all started when police officers claim they were pursuing a suspect vehicle for suspected reckless driving. At this point, we have no way to sustain whether or not that’s true.

But, a lot of people who’ve seen that body camera surveillance video say they show that first initial stop when the officers confront Tyre, they drag him out of the car and start yelling these conflicting and contradictory orders at him—”Show us your hands,” and they’re holding his hands, or “Get on the ground,” and he’s already on the ground.

And he says that, too. He’s says “I’m on the ground.”

He said, “I’m on the ground. I didn’t do anything.” I defy anyone to explain to me how he could have done anything to deescalate it. They pulled him out of his car. He’s trying to comply, but they won’t allow him to comply with some of their commands.

In all of the Police brutality videos I have seen, a group of officers will being down a suspect –and then they start barking out conflicting orders — and then keep repeating “Do Not Resist.”

Every video it appears has no context — and so all we see is the brutality — in every case we see the middle of the story– but in Nicholls case it appears we see the whole story.

None of the brutality is justified.

But I am sure there is someone who will say that it is because they either have racists tendencies or they are afraid that if they call out the brutality of some police officers it is always seen as an attack on all officers.

The job of a police officer is something I wouldn’t want and the bravery of many of them warrant a thank you now and again. We thank veterans for their service and I equally believe some officers deserve that as well,

The Tyre Nichols case looks like it is meant to be a psy-op — something that we can call Camera Obscura. It comes complete with an already assumed agenda that even though the officers were black men, beating and killing a black man it somehow has been blamed on systemic racism.

Again, how can a case be so contradictory that the court of public opinion can be gaslighted at the same time.

So we are to believe that the acts of these Black cops against a black man is because of White Supremacy.

This is where the media makes a tragedy even worse, by continuing an agenda against what is being seen.

Karl Marx had a terminology for that He called it Camera Obscura.

A camera obscura metaphor describes the contortions in the interpretations of ideology, and it’s also an interesting metaphor to think about how information is delivered to us from power.

A camera obscura receives an image from a tiny hole where the image is then projected in a state that is inverted and reversed, such is the perspective given to us by the powers that be where we are fed a myopic view and what is shown to the people is the opposite of what is really going on.

The pictures taken from the camera obscura of the ruling class are then captioned for the people by the corporate media and government PR providing obscured narration around the already obscured images which are carefully curated so that nothing is ever perceived by the people other than what is intended by the propagandist photographers.

The Public of course has a right to know — but we have to understand the video released showing Tyre Nichols being brutally beaten by Cops did not have to be released — now we have to ask what was the intent of those who released it –knowing full well the riots and anger it would cause.

Again was it an attempt at a psy-op and if so why did the media — push racial bias propaganda?

The actions taken by the police must be obscured to some degree –repackaged and sanitized and somehow made to be yet another racial issue. When it certainly shows that there are a small group of officers that have militant or gang-like tendencies.

I would conclude that what happened was akin to a gang hit –where there was a personal vendetta against Nichols — not some racist agenda.

In fact there were unconfirmed rumors that Nichols was having an affair with one of the officer’s wives .

The media and the family are trying to obscure these rumors.  The Media are hellbent on pushing the race agenda

The gaslighting would strike anyone in a mindset outside of an indoctrinated culture to be horrified.

It is blatant and confusing.

And when the events that occur every day in our society are thought of on a small scale without the socially applied labels, it’s clear to see the type of people we are truly dealing with, and why exposing  their system from power is likely the only option if the story of humanity is to have a next chapter.

Because these are not people acting in good faith; rather these are people who rule over us and tell the story to fit their various agendas. By now we should realize that they are addicted to power and will do or say anything to get another hit to satisfy their addiction.

Leaders of prominent news organizations are eschewing journalistic objectivity, claiming it is antithetical to a diversity of views in their newsrooms, according to a series of interviews conducted by two journalism scholars.

Former executive editor for The Washington Post, Leonard Downie Jr. and former CBS News President Andrew Heyward interviewed over 75 media leaders to gauge how the industry views the concept of “objectivity.” The media figures argued that journalists should include their own beliefs, biases, and experiences to convey truth, and that journalistic objectivity was either unrealistic or undesirable.

“Objectivity has got to go,” said Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Increasingly, reporters, editors and media critics argue that the concept of journalistic objectivity is a distortion of reality. They point out that the standard was dictated over decades by male editors in predominantly White newsrooms and reinforced their own view of the world,” Downie Jr. wrote. “They believe that pursuing objectivity can lead to false balance or misleading “bothsidesism” in covering stories about race, the treatment of women, LGBTQ+ rights, income inequality, climate change and many other subjects. And, in today’s diversifying newsrooms, they feel it negates many of their own identities, life experiences and cultural contexts, keeping them from pursuing truth in their work.”

“Journalists of color” and LGBTQ journalists said that reporting objectively “negates their own identity, life experiences and cultural contexts, keeping them from pursuing truth in their work,” according to Downie Jr.

Journalists believe objectivity prevents them from accurate reporting, as it bars them from channeling their background and beliefs, the survey found.

“It’s objective by whose standard? … That standard seems to be White, educated, and fairly wealthy,” said Kathleen Carroll, former executive editor at the Associated Press.

The media shouldn’t simply use “neutral language” by default, New York Times executive editor Joseph Kahn said. For instance, if there is undisputed evidence of racism or falsehoods, journalists should be direct with readers.

The Los Angeles Times allows their staff to write personal essays so they can share more of their identities, said editor Kevin Merida. Such essays appear on the first page, including a gay reporter’s story about marriage and the legalities of gay marriage.

USA Today has no problem allowing their reporters to write about their own experiences, so long as the stories aren’t too biased, said editor-in-chief Nicole Carroll. She also welcomes a diverse group of journalists to express their experiences when discussing newsworthy stories.

CNN has even claimed that they are changing direction on how to report the news– it is probably going to be more of the same bias.

If the Tyre Nichols case is any indication of the new direction of news — this is going to get ugly,

Just think of how this whole case was handled.

The police had said they were going to release the video of Tyre Being beaten to death after 6 p.m. Central time on Friday. It seemed like everyone was tensing and waiting for Friday night– it can only be compared to a world premiere movie on Prime time.

It was all everyone could talk about, like they created this anticipation–That was unconventional.

Then came the Neurolinguistic programming. The chief of police was saying, “You have a right to be angry about this video.” She went on CNN in the morning before they released it and said, “You’re going to see a lack of humanity.” I’ve never seen it happen in that order.

Does this seem bizarre to you?

You can be very cynical here and say that they’re throwing themselves at the mercy of the court of public opinion.

They did it to prepare for the onslaught of violence in the streets. They anticipated the outrage.  They wanted to give themselves some time to get into position and come up with an emergency plan to deal with the fallout. It was if they gave the people permission to be outraged. It was like they were setting up the confrontation.

Again this is too weird. It was certainly something akin to the bread and circuses of Rome.

The traditional image of the local beat cop serving as the community’s protector has in much of America been supplanted by that of the urban warrior, armed with cutting-edge gear and armor and who uses violence to establish order.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s and increasingly in the psychological aftermath of 9/11 until 2012, police officers had their initial training in a militaristic “boot camp” style that emphasized fear and strict behavior as a means of maintaining order.

Officers yelled and reprimanded new recruits during the “tune-up” training for failing to perform difficult, sometimes impossible, drills with overbearing threats. Rookies were expected to salute and maintain silence. Minor rule infractions were penalized with more yelling and intimidation.

You look at the video of Tyre Nichols stop and you determine that those police officers didn’t think of themselves as public servants. They thought of themselves as public warriors. And there’s nothing that Tyre Nichols could have done to prevent them from treating him in the way that they did that night.

To illustrate the point of their insanities it’s best to think of their actions on a smaller scale and ask yourself if these people and their social construct are something we can ever trust given their history and present state.

And will this system somehow turn things around and become the altruistic thing they pretend to be in photographs crafted by the camera obscura.

These psychopathic behaviors are everywhere and people will still treat this system and its horror theater with utmost seriousness.

Many of the problems we face are solvable, yet they persist, and it never seems to cross the mind of the common voter that these injustices persist precisely because those in power are doing something awful, the people simply cannot fathom that those they elect to rule or those they are commanded  to respect would act with such disregard for the well being for others.

The people buy into a society that has the worst kind of morals built into it and continue to pretend like there is something here worth saving. There is an unhealthy cycle in America that now is being sold.

They tell you it is a racist culture, a culture of brutality, and culture that is ungovernable. However they are now setting up the anger, giving you times to watch it as if it were a special sneak preview on Netflix.

Everything the social structure in a hierarchical form does is horrific and iniquitous while being normalized by way of semantics.

Do you honestly believe the media when they tell you that Black Cops attacking a black man is motivated by a racist culture?

Thoughtcrime is now being sold to people without shame.



As Vice President for Law Enforcement Education and Director of the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (ILEA), Gregory Smith is responsible for the overall management, operations, and curriculum development. As Vice President for Law Enforcement Education and Director of the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (ILEA). For more than fifty years, the Institute has worked to prepare course participants for today’s challenging management and ethical issues. Its programs and services focus on adapting successful private-sector models to set a standard of excellence for law enforcement.

Mr. Smith served as a Texas Peace Officer with the Baylor University-Medical Police Department in Dallas, Texas. He served in Patrol and managed the Crime Prevention and Community Services Section. He was instrumental in establishing numerous programs designed to reduce crime, prevent workplace violence, and mediate workplace and community disputes for the Baylor Health Care System.


Written by Ron Patton


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  1. Jim Pancaro

    February 1, 2023 at 4:55 pm

    What in the hell, were those policemen thinking (?), it is mind boggling. I’ll be listening.

  2. Greg

    February 2, 2023 at 4:40 am

    Off topic, but I just watched the groundhog Phil see his shadow on TV. That was a strange ritual. Men in black coats and hats were chanting 6 more weeks. The groundhog was taken out of a stump from hibernation and put on top of the stump where there were two scrolls. He looked at one more than the other and the president of the black coated men picked the scroll and gave it to another man who read it. It was a poem. They treated the groundhog as a deity. And there was a line of police standing next to the men in black.

  3. Greg

    February 2, 2023 at 4:47 am

    This may sound weird but the groundhog day ritual was similar to the Tyre Nichols murder. Also Tyr which Tuesday is named after is The Nordic god of Law and order. The story of Tyr is famous for the wolf Fenrir. The wolf bites off one hand of Tyr. This killing of Tyre Nichols seems like an occult ritual.

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