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Ron Patton | December 26, 2022

In the midst of the holiday season, most of the country experienced a deep freeze called, Winter Storm Elliot. This brutally cold weather system had all the earmarks of a force-multiplied storm where chemical ice nucleation from chemtrails and electromagnetic generating weather makers pushed all the cold air from the Arctic into a warmer air mass, which in turn, caused high winds and tornadoes in some areas. If they have the means to convince you of Climate Change by spiking weather conditions into a terrifying winter wonderland, then why wouldn’t they use it? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with geoengineering researcher, Dane Wigington about TERROR IN A WINTER WONDERLAND.





One of the advantages of living in the Pacific Northwest is that the winters here for the most part are relatively mild. We have a snowstorm now and again, but in Portland we rarely see the temperature dip into the teens.

I remembered a Christmas when I visited my parents in Salt Lake City.  It was 25 degrees with frozen snow on the ground.  We boarded a plane back to Portland and right before we landed the captain said that it was raining with a temperature of 52 degrees.

That would warm my heart every time.  But this year something is wrong with the weather.  Our high temperature was 48 and when noon came on Thursday, it took about twenty minutes for the temp to drop to 32 and by sundown, the wind kicked up and the temperature dropped to 24 degrees.

Last Wednesday, we were told for three days that right before Christmas that we would see an Ice Storm and that most of the country would find itself in a deep freeze.

Most of the country?  It looked like the entire country was going to feel the effects of a whopper of a storm that was going to spread from Coast to Coast.

The Weather Channel called the storm “Winter Storm Elliot.”  Again, this storm has all the earmarks of a force multiplied storm where chemical ice nucleation from Chemtrails and electromagnetic generating weather makers pushed all the cold air from the arctic into a warmer air mass. Geoengineering operations are wreaking havoc around the world.

What is most peculiar is that a week before the massive storm hit the five to ten-day national forecast showed temperatures and conditions that reflected a normal winter forecast through the 27th of December.

Some of the most repeated headlines of “deadly” cold and “record” snow came from the exact region that 10 days before was scheduled to have likely record high temperatures

This is called weather and temperature whiplash and it is rare.

The cold air mass acted like a flash freeze it triggered a patch of wild weather and Tornadoes.  The whole time the polar vortex was sinking into the lower latitudes.

I saw that a polar vortex was stretched from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  It was also as wide as the Intermountain west to the east coast.

The whole affair looked a lot like what you would see in a science fiction movie.

As a matter of fact, on December 23rd. Hartford Connecticut TV Channel WFSB had a headline that sounded like it was taken straight from the Ice Age: “Governor warns people to get where they need to be before potential flash freeze.”

A flash freeze is what took out the Wooly Mammoth.

The headline also reminded me of the movie, Day After Tomorrow, which was a film based on the book “The Coming Global Superstorm” written by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.

The book spoke about how temperature changes on the planet would affect the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic drift, This would generate a cordon of warm water around the North Pole, which in turn holds in a frozen mass of Arctic air. Second, if the North Atlantic drift were to shut down, that barrier would fail, releasing a flood of frozen air into the Northern Hemisphere, causing a sudden and drastic temperature shift.

In the film, Day After Tomorrow, the super storm was a gargantuan cyclone bomb that looked like a massive cyclone or hurricane, with Barometric pressure so low that things would flash freeze because of wind chill.

In fact, in that fictional story, there were three huge counterclockwise gyres that formed across the globe.  That of course is all a Hollywood exaggeration — but what is most disconcerting is that the storm that we are experiencing now is most certainly a winter storm with a barometric pressure of a level 3 Hurricane.

The term Cyclone Bomb has been used a lot to describe these huge storms. But it certainly speaks loudly to me that it is a term of Weather Warfare.

It is like these bombs throw whole regions of the country into chaos and confusion followed by damage, death, and the report of Climate crisis.

Weather terrorists need an attention-getter –and this bomb was way over the top – to not be called out. I wish I did not have to clarify things but snow storms have predictably occurred throughout the North American winters—just in case Captain Obvious wishes to chime in.  But this was a Frankenstorm that was caused by Frankenskies where mad science weaponizes the weather.

There has never been a storm this fierce that I can recall.  This is most definitely not an exaggeration -and yes we all know that it is winter – but a massive storm over most of the North American Continent is amazing.

When Art Bell and Whitley Strieber wrote their book about weather control and climate manipulation – they left the room in their story to include tales of weather warfare and high-powered electric arrays like the HAARP project.  HAARP has been the subject often times touted as a weather and seismic control weapon.

The electromagnetic radiation used by HAARP can trigger an aurora borealis effect and also force-multiply storms up north.

Shockingly. Before this storm, it was reported that the HAARP Array has been active for the past few weeks. The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program technology is running tests before it is to be used y by NASA to decipher the interior of an asteroid…

An experiment to bounce a radio signal off an asteroid was scheduled for the day after the holiday weekend. It was listed that Dec. 27 will serve as a test for probing a larger asteroid that in 2029 will pass closer to Earth than the many geostationary satellites that orbit our planet.

This is the killer asteroid known as Apophis.

However, the HAARP Project will be aiming at a smaller Aten asteroid that will make an approach at 772,005 Kilometers.

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program research site in Gakona will transmit radio signals to asteroid 2010 XC15, which could be about 500 feet across. The University of New Mexico Long Wavelength Array near Socorro, New Mexico, and the Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength Array near Bishop, California, will receive the signal.

HAARP will transmit a continually chirping signal to asteroid 2010 XC15 at slightly above and below 9.6 megahertz (9.6 million times per second). The chirp will repeat at two-second intervals.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks operates HAARP under an agreement with the Air Force, which developed and owned HAARP but transferred the research instruments to UAF in August 2015.

The test on 2010 XC15 is yet another step toward the globally anticipated 2029 encounter with asteroid Apophis. It follows tests in January and October in which the moon was the target of a HAARP signal bounce.  We do not know if these tests were responsible for this bad weather – but it would seem that if the electromagnetic heat had something to do with pushing a force multiplied cold front south then this is why we had a storm that grew and spread the way that it did.

The force-multiplied storm brought more than a foot of snow and blizzard conditions to the Midwest, and the weather service warned of “life-threatening” wind chills for millions.

More than 90 million people were given winter weather alerts and more than 87 million were and still are under wind chill alerts. The alerts stretch across 37 states, dipping as far south as the Texas/Mexico border.

The number of people under winter alerts and wind chill alerts has grown to over 100 million people, or roughly a third of the US population, according to the National Weather Service.

The cold will arrived just in time for Christmas weekend, making this the coldest Christmas in roughly 40 years for portions of the Plains and Midwest.

Denver on Wednesday had a high of 47. Then in minutes, the temperature dropped at least 10 below zero. Then it dropped to -24 below zero.

United, American, Delta, Southwest, and Jet Blue have issued travel waivers for dozens of airports across the country from the South to the Northeast because in addition to snow covering roadways, low visibility could make air travel dangerous.

Thousands of flights had been canceled across the US, according to the flight tracking site, FlightAware, last  Wednesday evening well into the Christmas Holiday.

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport led the way, followed by Denver International and Chicago’s Midway International.

Cancellations at those airports have a wider impact because they are busy hubs where travelers often change planes in order to reach other destinations. Thursday is expected to be the busiest pre-Christmas day for travel.

The storm has had a cold treacherous reach.

The weather system was a “bomb cyclone” as it roared into Friday. A bomb cyclone is when a storm rapidly intensifies – and drops 24 millibars (a term used to measure atmospheric pressure) in 24 hours.

The storm reached the pressure equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane when it reached the Great Lakes, with the weather service describing the strength of the low a “once-in-a-generation” event.

Blizzard warnings were in effect for parts of the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan –Last Thursday into Friday. major cities like Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis, Twin Cities and Detroit are under winter storm warnings for heavy snow and near blizzard conditions.

Even in places where the snow has ended, strong winds continued to blow 30 to 40 mph across much of the Midwest and into the Northeast.

This creates dangerous wind chill. Check what the wind chill factor is where you are because sometimes the dangerously cold wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 5 minutes.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Wednesday declared a state of emergency due to the upcoming “historic low temperatures” across the state, with near zero or negative digit wind chills by midday on Friday.

Here in Portland. Mayor Wheeler also declared a state of emergency in anticipation of temperatures in the teens and dangerous freezing rain.

He declared the Emergency on Wednesday when it was a sunny clear day with temperatures in the mid-forties.

Portland’s National Weather Service office issued a flurry of weather watches, advisories, and warnings for the greater Portland Metro and Vancouver the next day.  The storm arrived at around 7 PM pacific time and with winds blowing up to 40 miles an hour delivered ice and sleet.  It did not snow in the lower elevations. It was a pounding of hard ice.

The winter sleet and snow mix lasted all night Thursday– but with microclimates there were areas worse off than the downtown area. It did it again on Friday—but after night fell, at around 11:00 PM things quieted down and by Christmas eve Saturday it was raining and 45  degrees.

The weather we have been having has been extreme. We have now seen spikes in dangerous weather in the United States and it is as if the timing of these storms and the intensity seem too prefect to be true.

Climate intervention operations are most certainly being utilized to control food supplies and thus populations.

No food. no people. Weather is now a culling device used with plausible deniability.

If anyone is willing to examine available data without ideology, bias, and programmed preconception they can see the we do not have long until converging collapse scenarios are upon us.

It appears so — but to say so makes you sound crazy even though we are hearing that science has been involved with chemtrail studies or the use of Stratospheric aerosol injection, pumping sulfides and nucleic ice into the atmosphere.

It’d actually be much cheaper and easier to artificially change the world’s climate than you probably think.

Kate Ricke, a climate scientist and researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told Wired that since geoengineering is actually so affordable, countries will inevitably choose to do it. However, the consequences of doing so might be — well, complicated.

To geoengineer the planet, all a nation has to do is inject aerosols like sulfates into the stratosphere. There the aerosols would disperse throughout the Earth’s atmosphere, where they’d would bounce back the Sun’s radiation — thereby, in theory, cooling the planet.

Conspiracy theorists have talked about chemtrails for at least two decades and have been told that they are crazy — and yet the answer to climate instability is to somehow lay down these trails to cool or even heat the planet.

Back on December 9th a science website called reported that Airlines and scientists are coming to a consensus that the water vapor trails created by airplanes at high altitudes may play a big role in global warming. That’s because those contrails, short for condensation trails, create clouds that trap heat in the atmosphere at the critical altitude where airliners fly.

In fact, contrail clouds may be a more significant factor in global warming than carbon dioxide or other fuel emissions, according to a European Union study measuring more than a decade of airline flights. It’s part of an emerging field of study in climate science called “effective radiative forcing,” which measures the total warming effect instead of the older standard of totaling CO2 emissions.

But this is only the tip of the Iceberg as we know that chemtrails or Stratospheric aerosol injections have been known to steer storms, and seed cold fronts for major storms hundreds of miles away from where they first were laid in the sky.

Chemtrails or Contrails present a new challenge, one outside of the traditional carbon emissions focus.

The airlines are now reporting that about 65% of jets flying at cruising altitudes of 30,000 to 38,000 feet create contrails, but most of those contrails dissipate within a few minutes and have little warming effect, according to Delta. About 10% of those are “persistent” contrail formations, hanging around for hours.

So now they admit that trails remain for hours, spreading into clouds and force multiplying their strength to create powerful spikes in the weather pattern?

While we know that there are condensation trails, the lethal trails that carry  Aluminum, barium, and strontium are being used for weather control.

Nasa has conducted tests using lithium and cloud seeding operations in China and the U.S.  have been known to use sulfides and nucleic ice.

Many people are unaware that Pilots and airlines know how to avoid making contrails, but they choose not to , Because we see them even in conditions where they shouldn’t be seen.

They don’t want to make a flight plan based on avoiding masking contrails when it would burn significantly more fuel.

So again the conspiracy theorists were right but it is only part of a more complicated puzzle. While contrails affect weather, chemtrails force multiply existing storm fronts.

Geoengineering results in worsening weather conditions in certain parts of the world. It can also cause a global reliance on geoengineering — which means if we’re ever unable to spray sulfates into the atmosphere, we could see mass extinction events and crops die out.

It is forbidden science to point out that since geoengineering is happening already in China and Russia — and even more forbidden to think that the United States is participating in weaponizing the weather — to extort money for green economies.

If we were to see the private industry get into the geoengineering business, the world would become an ugly place where a filmy veneer would stretch across the sky. In fact some say that with chemtrail spraying it is rare to see a blue sky anywhere.

This world is one where humans have decided to dim the Sun—just a bit—allowing less energy to reach Earth’s surface so that there’s less to be trapped here by rising carbon emissions.

Research into blocking the Sun is one of those very uncomfortable topics. The studies that have been done suggest it could pose dangers, including unleashing crop die-offs and essentially being impossible to stop once a solar dimming program begins.

There are real risks in not knowing what would happen in the model world where sunlight is dimmed. There’s real value in democratizing data access.

People like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates wish to geoengineer the planet and dim the sun. No one is stopping them — even though we are seeing the results from chemtrail spraying.

Dimming the Sun or Solar engineering seems to be one of the more popular ways to cool the planet.

It would involve shooting particles, probably of sulfur, into the atmosphere in order to blunt the warmth of the sun.

This would create the same conditions seen when a major volcanic eruption shoots particles into the atmosphere that can measurably cool the planet.

What could go wrong?

Blocking the sun is on the table, we’re told, because we humans continue to burn fossil fuels, causing global temperatures to keep rising.

So the time may come for a more drastic solution, at least according to a recent article in the New Yorker magazine about solar engineering.

But some scientists believe that humans shouldn’t mess with galactic ecosystems like this in the first place, according to ScienceAlert, an online publication.

They say that there’s no way to block the sun that would be fair and equitable to all the people on Earth.

And there could be unintended consequences.

Dimming the sun could affect monsoon seasons in Asia and Africa, damaging crops that feed hundreds of millions of people.

Solar geoengineering could alter the very light that plants feed on. It could also damage the ozone layer.

Fluctuations in global temperatures wrought by solar geoengineering could also lead to severe weather, including floods and droughts, in unexpected locations around the world, the magazine said. In other words, the very type of conditions that we’re trying to address by focusing on climate change in the first place.

There’s also concern about how fast temperatures could rise again were any solar geoengineering effort to be suddenly stopped.

This could also trigger acid rain.

And there’s worry about rogue nations getting ahold of sun-dimming technology and using it as a weapon of war.

Probably something that is already underway and this is why we are experiencing this irregular cold across the country.

I know that winter weather is frigid in the Winter, but a storm this size packing a low-pressure cyclone with it is uncanny. These types of storms form on the Bering strait, not the Midwest.

Back in 1976, it was reported that the U.S. had the idea to modify the weather of “enemy” nations in order to ruin their planting seasons, destroy harvests, and bring on famine.

The U.S. government, led by the Department of Defense, has been developing weather modification technology for some time, has applied it in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war, and may have experimented with it elsewhere.

The American military—and that of numerous other nations to whom this knowledge has been exported—now has the ability to produce intensified local rainfall by cloud seeding; to cause drought by over-seeding; to regulate fog, and snow. hail, lightning, and cloud formations; and possibly to divert the courses of tropical storms.

When the activity of this sort is combined with the extensive international use of weather modification for more benevolent purposes, it’s not too difficult to imagine that the constant tampering with the ecosphere may be at least partially responsible for the changeability, severity, and violence of day-to-day weather in Detroit and almost anywhere else these days. Typically, however, only after years of tampering has the government finally begun to study the possible long-range effects of weather modification on local and worldwide climatic conditions.

Among the most important centers of weather modification research are Cambridge Research Laboratories at Hanscom Field outside Boston and the Navy’s China Lake Base near Los Angeles. At least ten other nations have asked China Lake for assistance, and private weather modification concerns in the U.S. have contracted with at least 60 countries.

Although rainmaking experiments in the U.S. go back 80 years, weather warfare began to be taken seriously during World War II. Directly after the war, to the infinite disgust of Texas cattle farmers, the Air Force managed to repeatedly produce drought conditions in the Southwest. As private weather-making corporations began to spring up, and the government showed increasing interest, Cold War generals of course insisted that the U.S. should stay ahead of the Russians in the field.

In 1974, the Pentagon spent $21.3 million flying over 2600 rainmaking sorties over Indochina tween 1967 and 1972. They succeeded in increasing rainfall as much as 30 percent in some areas, softening roads, A causing landslides, washing out river crossings, and generally worsening poor traffic conditions.

In 1972, Radio Havana charged that the CIA had modified Cuba ‘s rainfall in order to ruin its sugar crop.

The U.S. has done considerable work with missiles, whose exhaust materials can change atmospheric temperature and electron density, thus affecting rainfall. The military has also looked into altering the ozone layer around the globe, which could lower temperatures and cause wind shifts—subsequently affecting rainfall, desert belts, and sea levels.

Again, NASA has experimented with Lithium rockets in order to manipulate the weather.

In 1973 Pierre St. Amand, Director of the Navy’s China Lake Base stated:

“Strategic use would be use that tended to upset set the economy of another country for a long period of time, or to cause extensive damage to the crops of that country . . . It might, to take a negative viewpoint, be advantageous to cause heavy rain during planting season to preclude sprouting and growth, and then to cause severe and protracted drought during the growing season in a country dependent on certain crops tor food and foreign exchange.”

it was after this that the Senate passed a resolution calling for an international ban on weather modification. It got no cooperation from the Ford administration.

Why would we attempt to outlaw weather modification if it didn’t exist?

Because in the wrong hands it could create superstorms and droughts that could trigger mass genocide.

If they have the means to convince you of Climate change by spiking weather conditions into a terrifying winter wonderland then why wouldn’t they use it?

I think they are, and it is working.




Dane Wigington is the lead researcher and administrator for the website He is also the executive producer for the groundbreaking climate engineering documentary film, “The Dimming”. Dane has a background in solar energy, was a former employee of Bechtel Power Corporation, and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has devoted the last 20 years of his life to in-depth research on the issue of covert global climate engineering operations and the effort to expose and halt them. His personal residence was featured as a cover article in the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, “Home Power”. He manages a wildlife preserve next to Lake Shasta in Northern California. Dane has appeared in numerous films and interviews in his effort to educate the public on the extremely dire environmental and health dangers we face from the ongoing global climate intervention programs.

Written by Ron Patton


This post currently has 8 comments.

  1. Robin

    December 26, 2022 at 6:13 pm

    To what end would “They” ,the diabolical Powers That Be, do such a huge incredibly impossible stunt?
    If “They” want to control is with fear, they certainly don’t have to use weather to do it. Take away electricity for a few hours a day, make sure grocery stores are empty of staples, and keep the wars and threat of new wars front and center in the never ending news cycles! Climate Change and Mother Nature are cousins, nasty, bitch kissing cousins!

  2. Rusty

    December 26, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    I don’t know which is worse, knowing that the power elites have the ability to manufacture weather events, and probably did, or thinking this could be related to and portend a coming magnetic pole reversal. Either way we’re screwed.

  3. Rusty

    December 26, 2022 at 9:19 pm

    Maybe this was just their trial run, if they do it again only make it even more intense, then we would have an Extinction event, a flash freeze. They really want it.

  4. SARGE

    December 26, 2022 at 9:30 pm


  5. Greg

    December 27, 2022 at 4:50 am

    Southwest airlines continues its mass flight cancellation. They say its because of weather and staffing shortages. The chief executive officer Bob Jordan says its the largest scale event he has ever seen. For the past few years I keep saying to myself what the hell is going on. It seems like things are happening all the time and being covered up. This world is full of lies. Everyone in the government and mainstream media are pathological liars. I also get the feeling that any day could be our last.

  6. Greg

    December 27, 2022 at 5:24 am

    A few days ago a company called Make Sunsets released balloons full of sulphur particles into the atmosphere. They called it an act of geoengineering activism. And they want to sell cooling credits. They admitted jokingly that they are part company part cult. I cant tell if this is real or satire.

  7. Steve Bodi

    December 27, 2022 at 4:32 pm

    I first heard about Chemtrails when I was in my 20’s I believe. Now in my 60’s and as many as I have told and offered proof, I was the conspiracy theorist in my neighborhood until one day the proof showed itself. I lived about 4 miles from Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, they also had an airlift wing on one section of the airport. When I used to go playing watching I noticed that a lot of the c-130s had numbers taken off their tails and were painted white and they had extra tanks under their wings and I couldn’t figure it out until later that day I saw him doing High passes over my house leaving Chem trails. The next morning there was a greasy oily substance on everyone in the neighborhoods vehicles, grass, rooftops, Etc. One of the neighbors was a science teacher in high school I need took some of the substance to school and found out that there was a high percentage of aluminum oxide but he didn’t have the means to identify the other substances. We complain to our local officials, state officials, even the airlift Wing at Mitchell Field and never heard a word.

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